I Got Surgery to Look Like My Snapchat and Facetune Selfies

  • Published on Dec 6, 2018
  • In an instant, social media can change the way you look by using Snapchat and Instagram filters and apps like Facetune. Smoother skin, a different nose, plumper lips -- no problem. But what happens when you want to look “filtered” all the time?
    Broadly follows two women on a surgical journey to perfect themselves: one who has yearly nose and lip fillers and the other who prepares for a rhinoplasty.
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Comments • 6 896

  • محمد & TINA
    محمد & TINA Day ago

    Whoever photoshop their pic. They are liars and mentally sick! How the hell they can live a fake life and post fake pics? Dont the feel ashamed of them self? How do they sleep at night? Woman who photoshop their self. Dont deserve for real man. They deserve anfake man with fake banana down there

  • Onyinyechi U
    Onyinyechi U Day ago +1


  • NoNameNoMore32871

    Damn and I thought I had low self esteem...I ain’t got nothing on any of these chicks. Gonna pray for em.

  • Panda Squad
    Panda Squad 2 days ago

    You need surgery on that fucking chin

  • Lar Chayada Ocabetivalcsoirrab

    No need to surgery, I'm contented 😊

  • ky fife
    ky fife 8 days ago

    Its mental

  • Olivia 19
    Olivia 19 8 days ago

    They'll judge you for your looks and judge you for changing them...

  • elusive reveries
    elusive reveries 14 days ago +1

    can't blame her. I'm ugly af without the filter.

  • JLew
    JLew 22 days ago

    Did the doctor at 1:15 just say that snapchat filters represents a healthier version of body image ?!!! Wow ...

  • Aura Fizzy
    Aura Fizzy 24 days ago

    These beautiful girls hating themselves, like damn makes me feel like im extra ugly 😭😭

  • Paulo Raposo
    Paulo Raposo 26 days ago

    this is a scary world we live in.....

  • Kelly
    Kelly Month ago

    FIX WHAT'S INSIDE. Omg. This was yikes to watch. Just like she is addicted to facetune, she will find more to fix with surgery...it is also addictive.

  • Kyleigh
    Kyleigh Month ago

    The self-esteem of women and girls is such a huge problem that Photoshop just does more harm. Do I like everything about my face and skin? No, but I don't let people's Photoshop'd fake pictures impact that. It's partly a choice to not let fake pictures influence you but it is harder to do if you already have a problem with how you feel about yourself. It's heartbreaking to see these girls so consumed by a picture.
    The one girl admits things are a band-aid but so are those lip fillers. Things, no matter if it's shoes or that nose job, will only fill that space so long before you need to find another band-aid.

  • Jennifer S
    Jennifer S Month ago

    She is ridiculous 😂😂😂

  • Getmypastamasta
    Getmypastamasta Month ago

    How about get a life?

  • Chu Ming Min Luftig

    *my back hurts from editing my photos* says the people with scoliosis

  • Niharika
    Niharika Month ago

    *"Might as well get therapy?"*

  • Jaqueline Janosi
    Jaqueline Janosi Month ago

    I wonder if the inventors of Facebook and specially Instagram ever think about the ways they affected a whole generations' mental health. On the other note, in this specific case these procedures are actually erasing ethic features, that certainly is a dubious message.

  • H B
    H B Month ago

    This is insanity. I definitely do not blame them, because the feeling of inadequacy is literally fuelled into our minds the second we're born. It's so crazy to see a video like this and then two seconds later, seeing a video about children dying from starvation in third world nations. What the fuck has the world become?

  • Maxie Suzie
    Maxie Suzie Month ago +2

    I thought her old nose looked cute and unique, now it just looks like everyone else’s

  • Lindsey Stein
    Lindsey Stein Month ago

    This is crazy and sad. Goes way beyond just taking some selfies. I’ve never even used a filter before and feel like that’s a rarity, especially being 32.

  • Kayla b Bones
    Kayla b Bones Month ago

    I live in New York I work for yelp and I’m tired of editing my photos because my back hurts?! GIRL get some therapy self love is what you need seriously!! It’s very sad and I just downloaded Facetune because I wanted to see what it’s about but you gotta pay so I’m gonna stay ugly and broke I guess when I take photos lol

  • Jordie Neumann
    Jordie Neumann Month ago

    k why in every vid where a girl is like "im a social media star ⭐️ " they show her insta and she's using the nashville filter at 100% intensity

  • ryte
    ryte Month ago +1

    the way she edits her pictures is irritating

  • Mercgemi
    Mercgemi Month ago

    Watching this makes me want to get a nose job even more I mean I hate my face and especially my nose but when I saw the woman get her nose injected and the pure happiness in her face I felt like crying cause I want to feel like that woman I want to be happy whenever I see my face

  • Avani Green
    Avani Green Month ago

    that's so funny...i have almost the exact same nose as this girl, and I've had partners or dates over the years tell me they love my nose in total unexpected, out of the blue quiet times. One doesn't really expect their nose to be attractive or draw male attention. It's actually great to have this girls' pre-surgery type of facial symmetry with a few unique aspects, showing your face is still what you're born with....I think the overly "perfect" surgery faces look like what you see on all the blonde Pamela Anderson wannabe's in post-90s porn, with the boobs, lips, nose jobs, blonde, hair extensions, orange tans...it's GOOD to look unique and different, not like you're following anybody else's formula but your own.

  • Isabella M
    Isabella M 2 months ago

    Imo Zamira's natural nose is so harmonious with her facial structure and other features and she is just gorgeous, but she seems to be going into the procedure with a healthier mindset than the first girl and I'm glad she can breathe better as well 💕 Nothing but love to the both of them.

  • jfour2zero
    jfour2zero 2 months ago

    7:08 that’s sad. This convo. Stop comparing yourself to people on Instagram! Look how damaging it is! You shouldn’t feel shitty because you don’t compare to someone on social media or live up to others leisure’s. Who cares! You are you and that clearly is what makes us, US! Look how boring it all would be if we were all the same and looked the same. The beauty community is already stagnant because of that!

  • Russian Roulette Obscured

    Bitch ya still look the same

  • Russian Roulette Obscured

    This is so stupid and cringey . It is body healthy to face tune?!

  • Russian Roulette Obscured
    Russian Roulette Obscured 2 months ago +1

    Why does everyone like the doctor for example use Kim Kardashian as an example of beauty in the first sense...
    "Not everyone is a Kim Kardashian..."
    Like.. well good ! I don't find Kim Kardashian all that attractive. She is overly conensusly looked up to.

  • Cuppa Tae
    Cuppa Tae 2 months ago

    The chick who works for yell reminds me of Lauren from 90 day fiancee lmao.

  • jisooo kim
    jisooo kim 2 months ago

    I came across this because I was think of getting plastic surgery to look like my snapchat filter because whenever the filter is on I look 1000000000x better

  • Just Using
    Just Using 2 months ago

    I wonder if plastic surgeons were paid less if they’d agree so hard with the procedures they do on people.

  • Mimi Mimista
    Mimi Mimista 2 months ago

    I think everyone here who is talking about her have a perfect nose u dont know the pain

  • Mina Blue
    Mina Blue 2 months ago

    It's not her, it's the color filters she's using on her photos.

  • Melanie Baxter
    Melanie Baxter 2 months ago

    This is so disturbing. I couldn't even finish watching this video. What is won't with people?

  • Buffy Star
    Buffy Star 2 months ago +1

    Dude, my nose is huge and looks like ass. Actually, my nose is bigger than my ass.

  • person with cute doggo pfp

    This vid makes me so mad and really sad. I wish i can be as beautiful as they are and they are over here complaining for a little thing.

  • person with cute doggo pfp

    The thumbnail makes me so mad. She id beatiful and her nose was ok in the first place. God help me please. I wish to be as beautiful as that lady.

  • Destined4Greatness
    Destined4Greatness 2 months ago

    I can't relate to this at all. However, it is interesting. Hope they achieve true happiness.

  • Terry Velasquez
    Terry Velasquez 2 months ago +2

    3:54 thank me later 😏

  • Marian Romarnyuk
    Marian Romarnyuk 2 months ago

    To much bla bla bla!!!

  • Miria Falter
    Miria Falter 2 months ago

    This is sooo scary! What a sick generation ia growing up out there... instazombies.. no personality, no strength, no friends and fake lifes. Go get hobbies, meditate, travel far- see what other types of problems are out there. Poor spoiled kids. Sooooo sad. They want a boyfriend but listen girls. Its more possible to find a perfect guy with an imperfect natural nose whilst beeing fun and able to love yourselfe in a healthy way. U just convert to a million double uniform girls and only artificial boys would like u... keep your natural beauty and be proud of how the universe created u. Its shocking how blind these girls are... sorry for my english I am German ;-) peace and love for every natural "imperfect" noses out there

  • Gimp Tigger
    Gimp Tigger 2 months ago

    The surgeon disgusted me...”like she REALLY needs it 👁👄👁....she really really needs it” headass she made the mom so sad I haven’t in all my years seen a more superficial surgeon.. I’d NEVER let my child go with such a doctor

  • Honeysuckles In winter
    Honeysuckles In winter 2 months ago

    0:36 With what money????? Aren't 18-23 year olds broke af

  • Carla Mendoza
    Carla Mendoza 2 months ago

    She is so stupid. At least, the teenager is more at peace and will stop for now. The other one she basically is saying, “ I will never have peace with my looks” WOW now I know why her boyfriend broke up with her because she is useless

  • Sarah El Faize
    Sarah El Faize 2 months ago

    It’s sad that they still want to edit their faces after all of this

  • Alissa Anderson
    Alissa Anderson 2 months ago


  • Gremy Saint
    Gremy Saint 2 months ago

    Fake people doing fake things . No wonder why nobody values life anymore . Looks and money are all that matters . And these chick's complain about being single and nobody loves them . Well maybe if you loved and accepted yourself first , this world would be filled with more live . But until then . Enjoy being fake and always wondering , where's the love . Besides the fake love from strangers on tweeter and fuckbook.

  • Fluffy296
    Fluffy296 2 months ago

    I like her nose the way it is (before surgery)

  • Purple Noodles
    Purple Noodles 2 months ago

    I feel the same way tbh:/

  • Jake
    Jake 2 months ago

    Capitalism make us believe that we are not good enough and we need to fix our body to be "perfect" just to make us spend money, but everyone is different and perfect the way they are.

  • Madeleine Somsel
    Madeleine Somsel 2 months ago

    the problem isn't social media... its that all these girls are so insecure, just want love, and need some serious therapy. the girls talking at the table saying seeing other girls sharing their travels is like a "fuck you" is so sad. I wish these women would stop comparing and love and appreciate each other more! also. hearing her say she can answer dms NOW that she's changed her face makes me so sad. she was beautiful before and if she doesn't see that, I don't think its the best time to be in a romantic relationship. these women are so mentally unhealthy

  • Max Gallow
    Max Gallow 2 months ago

    God this is so unhealthy. So sad. So Shallow.

  • Haide Segura
    Haide Segura 2 months ago

    stupid and superficial people

  • 01yala
    01yala 2 months ago

    Marla look very very good before , charming !

  • Mosammat Akther
    Mosammat Akther 2 months ago +2

    That surgeon was too enthusiastic.

  • baba
    baba 2 months ago

    This is so sad because I feel the same about myself.

  • Rob Nolan
    Rob Nolan 2 months ago

    Her nose was actually unique and made her unique and beautiful..now she is not special