7 Female Idols Who Quit Idol-Dream To Live A Normal Life


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  • Pink LaMbOrGhInI

    I miss Yulhee, she was like underrated but hopefully she’s doing great and why is no one talking about Yulhee? 😕

  • Oro The Nymph
    Oro The Nymph Day ago

    Meanwhile older fans and fandoms are all 'Go on a date! Get married!' I wish...I'm a shawol. Need I say more?

  • M.K Gandhi
    M.K Gandhi Day ago

    According to KPOP Fans their Idol should marry them .. lol.. what a Kid mentality ..

  • yoonjung park
    yoonjung park 2 days ago

    hong yookyung!!!i miss you!😭go
    Bac to your home(apink)😘😭😍

  • Amy Kay
    Amy Kay 5 days ago

    Honestly. .imstill waiting for my bias to also quit..ill behappy if he chose love..the thought of him fighting depression or panic disorder in tha near future just breaks my heart! Idk..I just care more than just a normal fan...I want him to be safe! But in the mean time..I hope he lives a depression free life.

  • Chandheni Ganesan
    Chandheni Ganesan 9 days ago +1

    Why??? Shouldn't an idol get married and have a baby being a member of a group??Why do people criticize it?? Why are they so harsh?Is it a sin or a crime to be engaged in a Normal life???? It's only in east asian countries I here these evils.

  • Mimi Bera
    Mimi Bera 11 days ago

    South Korea is a peculiar country ever !!! Where Fan decide all things ... Whom they should date , should married and all the fucking personal things!!!

  • steven john
    steven john 11 days ago

    Most of the famous artist,singer and talkshow host are mostly married here in indo, to bad in korea is doom doing that.

  • Halo_of_Dreamz Dreamz
    Halo_of_Dreamz Dreamz 11 days ago

    Every Idol deserves to be happy, and to have a family. fans should support them no matter what their decisions are. it's annoying to see fans hating on idols for dating and what not... I may love yongguk but I hope someday he finds the girl of his dreams, gets married and has children. no matter what I will support all the idols😌
    Sorry to break the news to you fans but you will never date an idol so you probably should snap out of your fake reality and face the real one😂

  • miller chassis
    miller chassis 11 days ago

    I thought Choa left had a solo song
    then came back again.

  • Amanda Ribamar
    Amanda Ribamar 11 days ago +2

    I miss Sunghee so much, her voice. is the most beautiful thing in this world

  • Wakeshimutanemahazunakunamatittenopan

    Kara's Seunghee was so precious (ToT)❤

  • Stephania posy
    Stephania posy 15 days ago +1

    Before watching this video there was a resses pieces ad
    Ad: are u thirsty
    Me: no u are thirsty for trying to get me freakin thirsty
    Ad: bet your thirsty
    Me: you’ve got to be kidding me
    Me: people nowadays
    Ad: * finishes

  • Zoeie Lovesshipping
    Zoeie Lovesshipping 16 days ago

    the background music tho…

  • spasycah
    spasycah 16 days ago

    Soyul of Crayon Pop

  • Ms Azula
    Ms Azula 16 days ago

    It’s laughable when i read where it said “being a kpop idol is great” lol maybe the the only great thing is the money that comes with it. Everyone looks the same - same style same colorful hair they all sometimes sound the same and the girls look super thin i can see their bones nothing but marketing for their labels they always seem like they are controlled

  • Noteii Hrahsel
    Noteii Hrahsel 16 days ago

    Where's Kahi??

  • Karla Orozco
    Karla Orozco 18 days ago

    good for them.😊😊🔥🔥💖💖💖

  • Hiro Kai
    Hiro Kai 20 days ago

    These idols quit because they didn’t want to be slaves of the companies that owned their minds and Bodies anymore. They took control of their lives and more power to them for not selling out

  • Mariagrazia Giacomobello

    ..... Why didn't Jonghyun leave as well.....

  • Mey Haqim
    Mey Haqim 21 day ago

    Korean industry of suck.
    No humanity. Suck.

  • Bo Ko
    Bo Ko 21 day ago

    "Life as a K-Pop idol is great" LOL yeah right, 90% is poor after they leave kpop and have slaved away instead of living a life

  • Patrick Savage
    Patrick Savage 21 day ago

    Name of the background music?

  • Febriani Karmila
    Febriani Karmila 22 days ago

    Miss yulhee💕

  • RapIsDeadly
    RapIsDeadly 23 days ago

    Yookyung of Apink left because her father wanted her to be the center of the group...due to the fathers giving of money. The Agency called his bluff and Daddy pulled her out of the group. Bad decision Papa assfuck. Apink went straight to the top and have become one of the few iconic groups of all-time.

  • farrah james abdullah
    farrah james abdullah 23 days ago

    Its better for them..if they cant take all the tensions being in d industry, its better to walk out of it..live a normal life, not a celebrity...dont wait till u want to suicide bcause of depression..

  • Gaming Apple
    Gaming Apple 24 days ago

    Here i am wishing i could have date a kpop star... then i look at my self and im like... not going to happen :(

  • Mr Sausage
    Mr Sausage 24 days ago

    they got alot of money from singing .. and still want education ..
    well i cant sing .. i dont have dgree .. fml

  • Damon Crowley
    Damon Crowley 24 days ago

    What is the name of the song that you used for this video? 🧐 great video!

  • Trish F
    Trish F 24 days ago

    Didn’t know that u could get imprisoned for not doing military service

  • shiri peled
    shiri peled 25 days ago +1

    So sad that idols can’t get married or have a baby and still stay active in the group, In the music industry we have tones of artists that already got married and have children so why kpop have to be any different?
    I hope some day everything will change

  • back number
    back number 25 days ago

    kudos to them

  • Reika Takahashi
    Reika Takahashi 25 days ago

    because fans make them up and down once you make them jealous, no more benefits... depends on demand actually.. fans so sensitive is like the celebrity belongs to them.. they're God

  • Ipin slark
    Ipin slark 26 days ago

    u forgot Areum(ex t-ara)

  • Buttercup
    Buttercup 27 days ago


  • Bangbangboom51
    Bangbangboom51 29 days ago

    "Most" Kpop idols don't quit for them said reasons in this video. Try researching about the underground transactions that these Kpop idols have to do too keep their popularity stable. Most of them quit from mental breakdowns.

  • Just Mok
    Just Mok Month ago

    Very happy for each and everyone of them including Soyul of Crayon Pop. Always feel sorry that they'd contributed so much yet for most of them received so little payback. Good vid.

  • Jay weL
    Jay weL Month ago

    what will you lose when you become an idol?? FREEDOM and PRIVACY.. these are the things they can have once more if they quit being an idol.. geezz nothing is more comfortable than doing your own groceries without having to wear masks or being disturbed by fans.. simple life they say..

  • rea cuyopan
    rea cuyopan Month ago

    I salute Minhwan and Yulhee ... They showed to bashers that LOVE is stronger than anything..
    I don't know them but i really like that in the end they are getting married..

  • notsylvia
    notsylvia Month ago

    lmao it’s so funny how the world works. in the rest of asia, fans are totally fine with the fact that their idols have a family. but in south korea, it is a sin to be married and have a family. so funny.

  • alexandergoldman
    alexandergoldman Month ago

    Good for these ladies... One can only imagine the grueling schedule and the tax on the body and mind. Can't knock furthering education if that's what they want... wish them all the success. Great vid

  • Dominic Lorenzo
    Dominic Lorenzo Month ago

    There is more to life than the lights. 😊

  • Summer rose/ Pauline

    I'm really happy seeing sunye being happy 💖 that's all that matters to a true wonderful

  • Never Quit
    Never Quit Month ago

    i give these women credit for standing up for their own personal needs and wants. the music industry isnt for everyone. singers should be able to choose their own paths and desire and not be dictated by their contracts and management. it is a hard life. good luck to all keep ur head held high. there is nothing wrong when you know somethings is not right.

  • loren momo
    loren momo Month ago

    oh my girl jinE?

  • Stanford Lee
    Stanford Lee Month ago

    Finest mind

  • Stanford Lee
    Stanford Lee Month ago

    Choa got beautiful pure heart

  • Ruslan Invest
    Ruslan Invest Month ago

    Why music is a bit sad?

  • Cleiton Moura
    Cleiton Moura Month ago

    Remember that Crayon Pop is near to disband after Soyul's pregnancy.

  • Ronald Chan
    Ronald Chan Month ago

    Sunye appeared on “King of Masked Singer” recently. May be making a comeback?

  • i can’t think of a username.

    where’s jessica

  • Musshies Kaiser
    Musshies Kaiser 2 months ago

    education is more important than wealth and fame.

  • An Angry Man
    An Angry Man 2 months ago

    Who give a rats ass for these tiny eyes ugly yellow motherfuckers who feel so inferior about their looks that nearly all of them use plastic surgery to appear beautiful what kind of FUCKED UP SOCIETY ND RACE have such norms ..bloody crypted koreans dog eaters

  • curse Love
    curse Love 2 months ago

    that is korea for u if you dont fallow the promoter order or the company order they will drop u the only thing the company care adout is how much money they can make off u 😈 this girls r smart they use them comapny when they did not need them any more they just drop them 😁 and move on with their life

  • vulture cyclops
    vulture cyclops 2 months ago

    smart girls

  • I use to be Him
    I use to be Him 2 months ago

    Good for them. I hope Choa finally agrees to go out with me 😜 life in the spotlight isn't what it's crack up to be I'm sure. We just know the fantasy side of it.

  • jimin's smol hands
    jimin's smol hands 2 months ago

    *i hope all of these female idols will always be happy*

  • liana yunos
    liana yunos 2 months ago

    In my country, if we found out our celebrity have a lover, most of us would tease them (in a fun way) and find their shy and blushing moments adorable.. especially when they are dating fellow celebrity.. we support their relationship a lot. some even sponsor them with grand wedding

  • Crayo Popp
    Crayo Popp 2 months ago

    Choa living as a rich man's girlfriend is not exactly normal life

  • FIGHTFANNERD9.I'm Gay for Moonbin

    most shocked about Eunjin & Choa they liked what they did

  • Anynomous Ahgase
    Anynomous Ahgase 2 months ago

    honestly I'm still heartbroken from eunjin leaving but I really hope she's happier now. Have a good life eunjin😭🤗

  • ryehaaan
    ryehaaan 2 months ago

    eventually you gonna leave the industry after 10 years but not everyone can do that.. they just become weary

  • justiady kalvianto
    justiady kalvianto 2 months ago

    I really miss Choa the most. she's my favorite female idol!
    too bad that she had to leave. but maybe for the good.
    i bet lotsa these female idols were all caught up in the "sponsorship" deals.. that's why lotsa them battle depression, anxiety etc etc..
    and maybe that's when they decided to leave. because the industry is "dirty"

  • Clarissa Pigato
    Clarissa Pigato 2 months ago


  • elif cakmak
    elif cakmak 2 months ago

    Don’t you think you should say “ordinary” instead of “normal”...?

  • MsTravelTheWorld
    MsTravelTheWorld 2 months ago

    Good for them! K companies should not treat their artists not like humans! Otherwise, suicides, injuries, damage to their health both physically and mentally, lots of problems. It's very sickening...

  • Sal 64
    Sal 64 2 months ago

    Eunjin TT

  • Kailyn Night
    Kailyn Night 2 months ago

    Chaos entertainment company said not too long ago that she’s still with the company, just with with AOA, and will make solo music on her own terms and own schedule. I hope that’s still true and we can see more of her soon 💕

  • Hanv Bon
    Hanv Bon 2 months ago

    opposite of them I want 2 be a K-pop idol

  • denise fowler
    denise fowler 2 months ago

    I dont understand all the thumbs down for this post. celebrity life obviously is not for everyone or we all would be famous. Some Koreans act like you chopped off someone's head if you dont tow the line !!!

  • NCTzen Ahri
    NCTzen Ahri 2 months ago

    Miss choa😢💕

  • she won young
    she won young 2 months ago

    Nah Sunye didn't quit her fake ass took advantage of contracts not once, but TWICE. Most recently she announced her joining a new company, plans to return to the industry... and then right after announced that she's already well into pregnancy again. So she basically hasn't done any real work despite being under contracts twice since leaving WG... smdh

  • dhoycetwisc
    dhoycetwisc 2 months ago


  • Virgin Lee
    Virgin Lee 2 months ago

    While in taiwan there's this girlgroup named 'SHE' been going on for 17years long and still receive a LOT of love even tho 2 out of 3 member is married (1 divorced after, the other has kid and brings him to concert)
    No drama, no antis, just happy idols being their own self, turning from girls to women, being loved by people and receives so much prayers for their happiness
    Hope K-netizen can learn from taiwan's, be4 another jonghyun happens

  • Elena Zoey
    Elena Zoey 2 months ago

    Yulhee is very beautiful

  • Musical Death
    Musical Death 2 months ago


  • gcf guk
    gcf guk 2 months ago

    after all living a normal life is the best

  • Lost in Alola
    Lost in Alola 2 months ago

    Can we give these amazing women a round of applause for pursuing their goals. 👏👏🙄

  • Dani In
    Dani In 2 months ago

    I always still wonder how different/popular KARA would’ve been had sunghee stayed a member... she looks almost exactly like taeyeon but has such a deeper and richer voice, so who knows honestly??

  • TaehyungieLovah0221
    TaehyungieLovah0221 2 months ago

    Good on them. They deserve the best.

  • KarmieKarmieChameleon
    KarmieKarmieChameleon 2 months ago

    I'm relieved that these ladies decided to turn away from the limelight and not end their life like those who couldn't endure the pressure anymore. Korean fans should realize that idols are humans too. they deserve to love and be loved, to continue schooling or do whatever they want as long as they do not harm another being.

  • Summer Purple
    Summer Purple 2 months ago +1


  • YOUR T R A S H
    YOUR T R A S H 2 months ago +1

    Wouldn't blame them

  • Tala Chazali
    Tala Chazali 2 months ago

    Being an Idol is technically their JOB, a PART of their life. They should be able to build a family and live a “normal” life without quitting their JOB. Let’s say you’re an office worker but then decided to get married and have kids, would u leave your job for it? NO cuz it’s just a PART of your bigger priorities in life. Seriously can’t believe they have to drop everything they’ve ever worked for just cuz they want to live a normal life

  • Lavely Code
    Lavely Code 2 months ago

    Sunye is back!!

  • Sonsarae ronnow
    Sonsarae ronnow 2 months ago +1

    Very brave of all of them to leave a life that is like living in a cage. Good luck and lots of encouragement for their new found freedom.

  • Entropy3ko
    Entropy3ko 2 months ago

    ChoA leaving broke my heart... she is so talented!

  • scully junior
    scully junior 2 months ago

    I rather see my idols being happy and being healthy that all that matters to me even if they leave the idol life that cool with me that their decision if your a true you support them if their getting married or even decide to take normal jobs

  • Taekgukk
    Taekgukk 2 months ago +1

    Im glad they all quit their idol life, now they can be happy and live freely

  • Once Upon A Blink
    Once Upon A Blink 2 months ago

    What the hell?! You have to go to jail if you dont go to the military?! Bullshit

  • Adenizio Henrique
    Adenizio Henrique 2 months ago

    What is the song?

  • Merrill Guice
    Merrill Guice 2 months ago

    Wrong on APink. The poor girl was thrown out by her agency head because her popularity with fans was less than the others. The story of quitting to go to University was media play. Her father went live with the truth and media was full of it for weeks. Her father is wealthy, so she did not suffer materially.

  • hslpt3
    hslpt3 2 months ago

    wait... i remember back then there's quite buzz/rumour abt Yookyung kicked out by her agency or sth n her dad made some statement... or sth... don't really remember but other oldie kpopper might've heard? n seems mostly quit bcuz pregnant/getting married... Sunghee was really a shocker though(the reason given was she did badly at studies.. but it was rumoured that religion was also a reason) ... bcuz... i bet none fans back then could imagine KARA without her since she's the superior main vocals... n i remember feeling bummed they replaced her with members who can't fill the main vocal void n even had to change concept from cool kickass/matured to super childish/cutesy... at least Jiyoung's a decent singer... didn't know that abt Sunghee's husband tho... err...

  • Ashley Starlight
    Ashley Starlight 2 months ago

    Why is there sad music? These people are living the life they want, thats not sad.

  • Cali Ross Cañete
    Cali Ross Cañete 2 months ago

    I dunno if it's only me but I noticed that some International fans are hoping that their faves to be in a relationship and are willing to support for the happiness of their faves but there are some knetz who doesn't want to see their faves in a relationship... Why can't we just be happy to whatever life they choose? It's their life not ours. /sigh

  • # kyeorie ;
    # kyeorie ; 2 months ago +1

    Jine (former OH MY GIRL) too ;-;

  • Christophel Ienawi
    Christophel Ienawi 2 months ago


  • SuchMahChicken :-/
    SuchMahChicken :-/ 2 months ago

    Choa Iiss he so much

  • Asyraf Muhammad
    Asyraf Muhammad 2 months ago

    You forget about crayon pop?