7 Female Idols Who Quit Idol-Dream To Live A Normal Life


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  • Crayo Popp
    Crayo Popp 13 hours ago

    Choa living as a rich man's girlfriend is not exactly normal life

    FIGHTFANNERD9 18 hours ago

    most shocked about Eunjin & Choa they liked what they did

  • Anynomous Ahgase

    honestly I'm still heartbroken from eunjin leaving but I really hope she's happier now. Have a good life eunjin😭🤗

  • ryehaaan
    ryehaaan Day ago

    eventually you gonna leave the industry after 10 years but not everyone can do that.. they just become weary

  • justiady kalvianto

    I really miss Choa the most. she's my favorite female idol!
    too bad that she had to leave. but maybe for the good.
    i bet lotsa these female idols were all caught up in the "sponsorship" deals.. that's why lotsa them battle depression, anxiety etc etc..
    and maybe that's when they decided to leave. because the industry is "dirty"

  • Clarissa Pigato
    Clarissa Pigato 3 days ago


  • elif cakmak
    elif cakmak 4 days ago

    Don’t you think you should say “ordinary” instead of “normal”...?

  • MsTravelTheWorld
    MsTravelTheWorld 6 days ago

    Good for them! K companies should not treat their artists not like humans! Otherwise, suicides, injuries, damage to their health both physically and mentally, lots of problems. It's very sickening...

  • Sal 64
    Sal 64 9 days ago

    Eunjin TT

  • Kailyn Night
    Kailyn Night 10 days ago

    Chaos entertainment company said not too long ago that she’s still with the company, just with with AOA, and will make solo music on her own terms and own schedule. I hope that’s still true and we can see more of her soon 💕

  • Hanv Bon
    Hanv Bon 12 days ago

    opposite of them I want 2 be a K-pop idol

  • denise fowler
    denise fowler 13 days ago

    I dont understand all the thumbs down for this post. celebrity life obviously is not for everyone or we all would be famous. Some Koreans act like you chopped off someone's head if you dont tow the line !!!

  • Ahri charms Mingyu
    Ahri charms Mingyu 14 days ago

    Miss choa😢💕

  • TaemyYong
    TaemyYong 14 days ago

    Nah Sunye didn't quit her fake ass took advantage of contracts not once, but TWICE. Most recently she announced her joining a new company, plans to return to the industry... and then right after announced that she's already well into pregnancy again. So she basically hasn't done any real work despite being under contracts twice since leaving WG... smdh

  • dhoycetwisc
    dhoycetwisc 15 days ago


  • Virgien Lee
    Virgien Lee 15 days ago

    While in taiwan there's this girlgroup named 'SHE' been going on for 17years long and still receive a LOT of love even tho 2 out of 3 member is married (1 divorced after, the other has kid and brings him to concert)
    No drama, no antis, just happy idols being their own self, turning from girls to women, being loved by people and receives so much prayers for their happiness
    Hope K-netizen can learn from taiwan's, be4 another jonghyun happens

  • Elena Zoey
    Elena Zoey 15 days ago

    Yulhee is very beautiful

  • Musical Death
    Musical Death 15 days ago


  • gcf guk
    gcf guk 15 days ago

    after all living a normal life is the best

  • Misanthropy Google it
    Misanthropy Google it 15 days ago

    Can we give these amazing women a round of applause for pursuing their goals. 👏👏🙄

  • Dani In
    Dani In 15 days ago

    I always still wonder how different/popular KARA would’ve been had sunghee stayed a member... she looks almost exactly like taeyeon but has such a deeper and richer voice, so who knows honestly??

  • TaehyungieLovah0221
    TaehyungieLovah0221 15 days ago

    Good on them. They deserve the best.

  • KarmieKarmieChameleon
    KarmieKarmieChameleon 15 days ago

    I'm relieved that these ladies decided to turn away from the limelight and not end their life like those who couldn't endure the pressure anymore. Korean fans should realize that idols are humans too. they deserve to love and be loved, to continue schooling or do whatever they want as long as they do not harm another being.

  • Summer Purple
    Summer Purple 15 days ago +1


  • 7 subs but no videos?
    7 subs but no videos? 15 days ago +1

    Wouldn't blame them

  • Tala Chazali
    Tala Chazali 16 days ago

    Being an Idol is technically their JOB, a PART of their life. They should be able to build a family and live a “normal” life without quitting their JOB. Let’s say you’re an office worker but then decided to get married and have kids, would u leave your job for it? NO cuz it’s just a PART of your bigger priorities in life. Seriously can’t believe they have to drop everything they’ve ever worked for just cuz they want to live a normal life

  • Lavely Code
    Lavely Code 16 days ago

    Sunye is back!!

  • Sonsarae ronnow
    Sonsarae ronnow 16 days ago +1

    Very brave of all of them to leave a life that is like living in a cage. Good luck and lots of encouragement for their new found freedom.

  • Entropy3ko
    Entropy3ko 16 days ago

    ChoA leaving broke my heart... she is so talented!

  • scully junior
    scully junior 17 days ago

    I rather see my idols being happy and being healthy that all that matters to me even if they leave the idol life that cool with me that their decision if your a true you support them if their getting married or even decide to take normal jobs

  • Taekgukk
    Taekgukk 17 days ago +1

    Im glad they all quit their idol life, now they can be happy and live freely

  • Once Upon A Blink
    Once Upon A Blink 17 days ago

    What the hell?! You have to go to jail if you dont go to the military?! Bullshit

  • Adenizio Henrique
    Adenizio Henrique 17 days ago

    What is the song?

  • Merrill Guice
    Merrill Guice 17 days ago

    Wrong on APink. The poor girl was thrown out by her agency head because her popularity with fans was less than the others. The story of quitting to go to University was media play. Her father went live with the truth and media was full of it for weeks. Her father is wealthy, so she did not suffer materially.

  • hslpt3
    hslpt3 18 days ago

    wait... i remember back then there's quite buzz/rumour abt Yookyung kicked out by her agency or sth n her dad made some statement... or sth... don't really remember but other oldie kpopper might've heard? n seems mostly quit bcuz pregnant/getting married... Sunghee was really a shocker though(the reason given was she did badly at studies.. but it was rumoured that religion was also a reason) ... bcuz... i bet none fans back then could imagine KARA without her since she's the superior main vocals... n i remember feeling bummed they replaced her with members who can't fill the main vocal void n even had to change concept from cool kickass/matured to super childish/cutesy... at least Jiyoung's a decent singer... didn't know that abt Sunghee's husband tho... err...

  • Ashley Starlight
    Ashley Starlight 18 days ago

    Why is there sad music? These people are living the life they want, thats not sad.

  • Cali Ross Cañete
    Cali Ross Cañete 18 days ago

    I dunno if it's only me but I noticed that some International fans are hoping that their faves to be in a relationship and are willing to support for the happiness of their faves but there are some knetz who doesn't want to see their faves in a relationship... Why can't we just be happy to whatever life they choose? It's their life not ours. /sigh

  • # kyeorie ;
    # kyeorie ; 18 days ago +1

    Jine (former OH MY GIRL) too ;-;

  • Christophel Ienawi
    Christophel Ienawi 18 days ago


  • SuchMahChicken :-/
    SuchMahChicken :-/ 18 days ago

    Choa Iiss he so much

  • Asyraf Muhammad
    Asyraf Muhammad 18 days ago

    You forget about crayon pop?

  • XSquishy LandX
    XSquishy LandX 18 days ago

    These K-Pop fans are just jealous b*tches who give so much fks about someones dating life. Like bruv *leave them be*

  • town tea
    town tea 18 days ago

    Include Hyeyeon of GUG9DAN on the next list please. She left yesterday or so :(

  • nelly lynna
    nelly lynna 18 days ago

    The reason why most of the idol left their group to pursue their education is because education in Korea is very important. If let’s say their group fame didn’t last Long they can’t find proper jobs. The education cert in Korea is very important when finding a job . Just like it is here in Singapore. It is a smart move.

  • Thee Awesomest
    Thee Awesomest 18 days ago

    Aoa had the biggest lost. Choa outshined all the memebers with her vocal. Losing the main vocalist who cant be replaced is really bad. I hope that one day Choa will return to Aoa as the main vocalist again. She was the reason why i listen to aoa only. Other than that Kara lost their main vocalist. Her vocals were stronger than the rest and she also outshined the members. I know that Kara is big but if Sunghee didnt quit Kara wouldve gotten bigger and didnt disband.

  • moomoo ice-cream
    moomoo ice-cream 19 days ago

    Left entertainments to study...great lady then get married...!!!!thats life..not putting make ups and all...great choice...

  • TT’s Universe
    TT’s Universe 19 days ago

    Wouldn't Kahi count on this list? She left the entertainment industry and got married with 2 kids

  • Ajiex TheThird
    Ajiex TheThird 19 days ago +1

    thumb for JYP that let they artis married while still in promotion while cube kick out they artis for dating lol

  • Shahla Alawi
    Shahla Alawi 19 days ago

    Well they are human too. Instead of criticizing them for leaving, ask for improvement of their conditions. They are practically treated like merchandise and profit by their agencies.

  • Shahla Alawi
    Shahla Alawi 19 days ago

    Well good for them. They all seem very happy, getting higher education, making a family and such.

  • Nun Puia
    Nun Puia 20 days ago

    words can't describe how much I miss Eunjin 😫😭😭

    TOP KBUZZ NEWS 20 days ago

    Having a normal life is the best thing ever to be desired. You will feel real happiness in front of you.

  • mymydelilah
    mymydelilah 20 days ago

    Couldn't blame them.. LIFE in the limelight is too NOISY.. out there LIFE is TRANQUIL.

  • jessica kitty
    jessica kitty 20 days ago

    On DIA when the group members was posing on the staircase the background is the same in kimi no na wa's ending

  • Hobi’s Flower
    Hobi’s Flower 20 days ago

    I wouldn’t want to be an idol either. Your company controls a lot of what you do, and it’s so hard because you not only have to be talented, you have to look the part. You wouldn’t have a normal life. So I respect idols who handle it well everyday, but I also respect those who decide it isn’t for them. Also, the artist who left to further their education make me so proud. Like yes girl, go get that education.

  • cindy huiqing
    cindy huiqing 20 days ago

    Well sometimes they were mistreated in then entertainment industry so thats why they want to leave! But welp! As long they are happy with what they are doing now, than that is more important than anything!

  • Sonnenanbeterin1991
    Sonnenanbeterin1991 20 days ago

    Sad to have to do this nicer schedules would help too

  • Azra Ratisya
    Azra Ratisya 20 days ago

    Korean fans is suckk...👎

  • Garrett Gilley
    Garrett Gilley 21 day ago

    Didn't Choa's little sister get accepted into a music school in Japan right around the time that she announced she would be taking time off.

  • KL Cassidy
    KL Cassidy 21 day ago +4

    Smart ones will quit K-pop for a better future, better to quit a fake industry that mistreats and takes advantage of young kids, don't even pay them well.

  • Ligaya Tapoc
    Ligaya Tapoc 21 day ago

    Being a kpop member is not easy.too much pressure maybe they can't bear the hardship of becoming a kpop idol or they have problem in their health.Good luck to all of them.Coz they found the courage to quit and live a normal life.

  • S Lee
    S Lee 21 day ago

    Your information for Sunye is wrong. She lives in Canada

  • Bj User
    Bj User 22 days ago

    Great decisions further education is the best cause work as celebrity just like a contract which if it expire you will jobless.

  • Kassh AP
    Kassh AP 22 days ago +1

    Jisoo looks like Jisoo

  • Sheki ArmyXOnce
    Sheki ArmyXOnce 22 days ago

    I salute Hyuna and E’Dawn for slapping their love for each other to their haters.

  • Me Qi
    Me Qi 23 days ago

    What is the background music at 2:48?

  • ʙᴜʙʙʟᴇ ᴛᴇᴀ

    I honestly would love to see idols date more, they are held up to unrealistic expectations and it's getting even more tiring to see..

  • Baekhyun byun
    Baekhyun byun 23 days ago

    I think JISOO looks like JISOO from BlackPink 😂😂

  • gitu aja
    gitu aja 23 days ago

    Then we have Taeyang and Hyorin. God bless them

  • Hikmahuddin Hasbullah
    Hikmahuddin Hasbullah 23 days ago

    no wonder why emir kim hate his country mates so much..

  • Keith Tumaque
    Keith Tumaque 23 days ago

    Wow. I didn't knew about Choa, she's my fave member in AOA tho but I haven't got any news about the group since 2017.

  • goldendiamondable
    goldendiamondable 24 days ago

    happy for these girls they knew it media is fake and not good. but real normal life is more precious. kpop is junk

  • th k
    th k 24 days ago

    somi tease

  • No Name
    No Name 25 days ago +1

    JinE From Oh My Girl aswell 😭😭😭

  • Prateek Jain
    Prateek Jain 25 days ago

    Korean fans are vicious. I don't want to criticise any country's culture or people but Korean fans are most vicious fans. You can't even call them fans they are crazy people

  • CrystalVeemo Woomy
    CrystalVeemo Woomy 25 days ago

    I hope these idols are happy for a normal life.
    Wonder girls will live in my world forever.

  • carlodeth besmonte
    carlodeth besmonte 25 days ago

    careers are everywhere.. but making your own family is one hard career.. its a choice. and a really good choice.

  • Dewayne Carpenter
    Dewayne Carpenter 25 days ago

    They left out Becka from After School

  • bluternate poquim
    bluternate poquim 25 days ago

    sometimes being a celebrity is a good one,fame and fortune but in the end a simple life without glitz and glamour is the true happiness of your life.

  • graciela vila
    graciela vila 27 days ago

    At least they are happier now

  • Jung Yoo Rim
    Jung Yoo Rim Month ago

    Woah I've never heard of this at 0:56 ... can someone elaborate on it?

  • Grace Ellen
    Grace Ellen Month ago

    Sunye my queen!!

  • Jade P
    Jade P Month ago

    JinE of Oh My Girl should be in this article hehe

  • F T
    F T Month ago +1

    I think at least one of the reason why kpop industry not want to get their celeb pregnant/wife is because of body changes and time management

  • adi
    adi Month ago

    it's ok if they wanna leave the spotlight, it's better for them to find happiness than being in a stressful and pressurising industry

    • adi
      adi Month ago

      tbh these like korean over obsessive rude fans need to stop being shit to idols and need to stop treating them as property. it's damaging to our fandom and it's disgusting how we treat others sometimes, go treat people the way u want to be treated or just stfu. yes you can reform but please don't be rude to our idols. they work so hard to make a living out of this industry and they are surviving the reality of it, imagine if u were in there. BOI U WOULDNT STAND A CHANCE K

  • Núria
    Núria Month ago

    (after earning enough money to live without working)

  • Stan BTS&SVT
    Stan BTS&SVT Month ago


  • gsdRoyce02
    gsdRoyce02 Month ago

    honestly AOA without Choa does not feel the same its centered around Seolhyun now

  • Girl's Day Fandroid

    You should add JinE from Oh My Girl. She was the longest trainee for WM but left in 2016 cause of health reasons, but officially left the group last year she also did a hand written farewell note to Miracles. Read here if you like:

  • amos wang
    amos wang 2 months ago

    Lee ga eung, former after school. Recently back on produce48. After dominating top5 in early weeks , she failed to be one of the 12 members Izone (produce48) on the final episode.

  • j-hope's personality
    j-hope's personality 2 months ago

    댓글들 보니까 또 알못 외퀴들이 싸질러 놓고있네 ㅋㅋ 보나마나 동남아겠지
    아이돌이 연애해서 인기 떨어지는거야 당연한거고 일본은 우리보다 더심해 이 병신새끼들아
    공부하겠다고 나가고 임신했다고 나가고 결혼한다고 나가고 이런걸 왜 한국팬들이 문제라고 떠들어 대냐
    공짜로 올라가는 유투브 조회수 말곤 k팝에 1도 도움안되는것들이 오지랖은 시발
    일뽕인데 k팝 빠는 끔찍한 혼종 동남아 새끼들 그냥 일본 가수나 빨어
    시발 8천 규모로 콘을 잡아도 적자나는 답도없는 지역에서 사는 주제에 배놔라 감놔라 쩔어요 하여튼
    이게다 동남아 새끼들 멤버로 받아준 회사들 잘못이다 받을거면 베트남 정도 받든가 특히 태국좀 그만 받어 시발 무개념천지 좆같은 팬덤 ㅡㅡ
    아 물론 태국 아미는 아주 훌륭합니다. 갓세븐 팬덤도 클린한 편이고 근데 리사 악개들이 일당백으로 나대네요

  • Sera
    Sera 2 months ago

    Oh i thought Sunye lived in Canada.

  • Youtube Watcher
    Youtube Watcher 2 months ago

    I mean,who wouldn't want to live a normal pife..free from hate

  • Tae Min
    Tae Min 2 months ago

    Eunjin 😭😭

  • Travel Gamer
    Travel Gamer 2 months ago

    3:26 The girl is from Twice the girl is Mina not Yulhee

  • Shin Koihime
    Shin Koihime 2 months ago

    Dara next...married life and babies...

  • Luv Sweetee
    Luv Sweetee 2 months ago

    4:20 whoa she looks like Chanmi of AOA here

  • Cardi B
    Cardi B 2 months ago

    What do you mean by normal people? Everybody is normal..

    • Robert Swartz
      Robert Swartz Month ago

      I can honestly say that no one has ever accused me of being normal.:)

  • T E A
    T E A 2 months ago +1

    *I miss them all, BUT YPU FORGOT JinE! ;0*