BATTLE AT MARULA (Lions vs Buffalo) (HD)

  • Published on Dec 2, 2010
  • As featured in the Nat Geo Wild series, "Caught in The Act"
    Epic battle between a pride of lions and a herd of buffalo. The lions catch a buffalo calf and the buffalo herd returns to rescue the youngster from the lions. The lions do not give up and chase the buffalo, the scene repeats itself in a similar situation to the famous "Battle At Kruger" video (minus the crocodile!).
    Possession of the buffalo calf changes hands between the lions and the buffalo herd a number of times, even the lion cubs try to help catch the buffalo calf!
    Filmed close to Marula Dam in the Sabi Sand Wildtuin, Greater Kruger National Park, South Africa
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  • Rob The Ranger Wildlife Videos

    Did anybody actually notice that the buffalo rescued the calf when the vehicles were close and lost it when the vehicles were far away?

    • Marc 0
      Marc 0 3 days ago +1

      Barbarian Armwrestling are you serious? what exactly is your complaint? i think you should take advantage of Robs safari so you can educate yourself. you understand the reason these parks exist, that all the safari companies exist, is to create a sustainable, co-existance. go drive a land rover over to the farmland, where they poison these cats, where they have almost single handedly, alongside poachers, rid africa of lions. it is the parks and the safaris and all of those who support them in one way or another that we have these amazing cats still, and why in many places, cat populations are healthy and growing. in between those park boundaries you do not see a healthy lion population. unfortunately we live in a world where money is a driving force. hence, you cant sustain in todays world by putting fences up and keeping humans out. there has to be a balance between human interaction, the education provided by that interaction, and funds, these three pillars are essential to saving these amazing animals. if you want to complain, go to a cub petting camp, talk to the farmers who poison these cats, ask your government to stop allowing game trophies to be imported, talk to these in the canned hunting industry, an industry fed by cub petting camps. don't complain to rob, and all of those who are shedding a positive light on these magnificent cats.

    • Chris Hanson Miner
      Chris Hanson Miner Month ago +3

      +XsiceGaming 😂😂😂

    • XsiceGaming
      XsiceGaming Month ago +10

      +Barbarian Armwrestling It took over 5 years for someone to answer this question hahaha

    • Barbarian Armwrestling
      Barbarian Armwrestling 2 months ago +2

      I guess that makes you feel better when cashing in on these safari's.

  • Ahsan Zia
    Ahsan Zia 12 hours ago

    Battle for survive in wild life.

  • Hamid Samii
    Hamid Samii 2 days ago

    سبحانك ربي

  • Marc 0
    Marc 0 3 days ago

    folks, a majority of these lions shown here are cubs. you are essentially watching a training session. they dont know how to kill efficiently at this point. hence, the males pawing at the kicking calf, or one of the smallest cubs trying to take the calf down by himself. the mothers are nearby somewhere, and could have ended it quicker. but didnt. at 37 seconds, you can observe one of the mothers disabling the calf.
    at 1:37 you see her trying to snap the spine. she knows what she is doing. and she is joined by her sisters in the effort to disable the calf to the point they could give their cubs, even the big sub adult boys, a chance to learn via experience.
    at 2:40, the main lioness is still there but has opened the door for the cubs to jump in. at 2:55, those are all cubs under the age of 2 with exception to the two mothers who are recovering from the experience.
    at 3:07, you can observe a rather amazing scene. the head lioness turns away from the buffalo, but she sees her son trying to hold the fort down. but he sees his mom turning away, and he too begins to turn away. this is when his mom nudges him via head but and then decides to sit in with him as a confidence boost and reassurance.
    the remainder of the video is of all the cubs trying to bring down a calf who is only at about 50% strength. this shoukd be the emphasis of the video. the lioness's were not going to allow that calf to be saved, period. the scene becomes dramatic because of the inexperienced cubs. the land rovers had no benefit on either side.
    these items should be the emphasis of these amazing uploads that rob provides us. quit discussing trivial, first world, ignorant topics. just watch, and try to learn something about lion behavior. their behavior is fascinating and has far more depth to it, far more sensitive, and involves much more caring and love for each other than we will ever know.

  • katahiro Kazumi
    katahiro Kazumi 6 days ago

    They're all payed actors, don't worry.

  • Mahad Hussein
    Mahad Hussein 6 days ago

    One of the females is extremely brave, I like that lioness amazing, but the 2 men are useless and don't know what to do and made big mistake about approaching Buffaloes

    • Marc 0
      Marc 0 3 days ago +1

      omg. those "men" are two year old cubs. you notice the mane? how it isnt developed? lions have a fully grown mane around five to six years old. these cubs have about 25% of their mane.

  • Mario Galicia
    Mario Galicia 6 days ago

    These kind of people don't have feeling one is suffering these evil will do samething to human..

  • Stanislawa Hulak
    Stanislawa Hulak 6 days ago


  • kong 5050
    kong 5050 7 days ago


  • Susana Alegre
    Susana Alegre 7 days ago

    Esses carros muito perto, caras a filmagem tem que ser bem afastado os búfalos são animais guerreiros mas assustados tudo isso tem que pensar.

  • Serengeti Lion
    Serengeti Lion 8 days ago

    God, I love lions and always glad they catch their prey. I also have empathy for any animal thats in pain.

  • Dwmwteio Martinez
    Dwmwteio Martinez 9 days ago

    Que poca madre de gente que los observa

  • Wilton Serrao
    Wilton Serrao 9 days ago

    Eu quero que esse leão coma o teu cu viadão

  • Herr Erol49
    Herr Erol49 9 days ago

    Fickt euch huren Söhne ihr guckt nur zu.

  • KC Bergen
    KC Bergen 9 days ago +1

    The buffaloes would have surrounded that pride of lions and rescued their calf earlier if the paparazzis hadn’t been so close. They blocked the buffaloes. Too bad, that calf will never survive those wounds.

  • marco cassani
    marco cassani 10 days ago

    Where si this piace?

  • Deepak Soni
    Deepak Soni 10 days ago +1

    Human being Have Disturbed Buffalos otherwise they could save her Child much earlier than this ..

  • mcpaplus
    mcpaplus 10 days ago

    Wish one of the lions would make a surprise attack on the dude sitting on front of the jeep.

  • gerardo contreras
    gerardo contreras 11 days ago

    Plenty of opportunities for just 1 of the lions to go for the wind pipe. I couldn't understand why they didn't kill it asap.
    The calf kept calling out which brought the adults back. So many lions were just hanging out too.
    Interesting video👍

    • JaY_tHe_ E_lemon_Ator.
      JaY_tHe_ E_lemon_Ator. 10 days ago +1

      This seems to be a very young pride as u see multiple males mature prides usually have one dominate male and large females that while go for the neck and won't let go until last resort knowing a quick kill is the best

  • jane mkala
    jane mkala 12 days ago

    Too much interference from the human instead of letting nature take its course.The lions had very poor hunting technics. If it wasn't for the jeep to assisting the lions then there could be no kill...Too boring to watch!..dislike it.

  • Hamad Irshad
    Hamad Irshad 13 days ago

    I never understand why they don't attacking camera man and other people on open jeep

  • K Monk
    K Monk 15 days ago

    8:25 now let's see, where were we?

  • Обычный Человек

    Молодняк неопытный. Учится. Обычно они душат, чтоб не мучилась, но это увы урок, как забивать жертву

    • Красная вишенка Вова
      Красная вишенка Вова 14 days ago

      Обычный Человек у Буффало кожа толстая и его очень сложно задушить и дело не в том что его задушили или нет а в том что львы игрались с ним!! Хотели убить то убили бы быстро

  • A G
    A G 15 days ago +5

    damn, respect to all Buffalos.

  • نور سنشي
    نور سنشي 15 days ago +1

    تدخلات المصورين غلط😢

  • sinan kizilay
    sinan kizilay 16 days ago

    schot of lion .

  • DW DW
    DW DW 16 days ago +1

    Don’t lions usually go for the neck? Weird

    • Yankeesfan10234
      Yankeesfan10234 15 days ago

      Not if there’s no threat from the kill itself, meaning this was a buffalo calf, so it posed no threat to them whatsoever. They will go for the neck if it is larger prey, to basically prevent it from kicking and injuring the lions.

    GODSWILL CHILAKA 16 days ago

    So hard to watch with that deep wound!

    BENITO CARDOZA 17 days ago

    estos piche turistas de mierda grabado un búfalo luchando x su vida les parece gracioso. aber que fuera uno de ellos aber si lo grabarían igual pobres pendejos

  • Tom Patterson
    Tom Patterson 17 days ago

    Well the Buffalo would have got to the calf sooner but the assholes with there radios scared them off are you riding around with a bunch of sick people who get off on seeing animals killed next time it happens turn the radios off and give the animal a chance you get your jollys off sick people injoy watching sick people

  • иван попов
    иван попов 17 days ago

    Полная хуйня для извращенцев

  • Amir McDowell _
    Amir McDowell _ 17 days ago +2

    That lady doesn’t know what she’s talking about lol

  • I B
    I B 18 days ago +2

    Não sejam burros, é um grupo jovem de leões, da para ver pelo macho do grupo, eles pegaram esse filhote de búfalo parq os filhotes darem o golpe de misericórdia e o matarem. Pode parecer triste e cruel pra nós, mas é uma questão de sobrevivência para qualquer espécie caçadora ensinar a prole a caçar.

  • Archibald Doogan
    Archibald Doogan 19 days ago

    Seemed like a skinny group of inexperienced lions. But they were persistent!

    • Rob The Ranger Wildlife Videos
      Rob The Ranger Wildlife Videos  19 days ago

      That's exactly it. The older, experienced, lioness only stepped in at the end, she was letting the youngsters learn.

  • Charles Charles
    Charles Charles 19 days ago

    Female lions they seem to be so much more show more courage then the male lions they could take down 1000 lb bull but they seem so afraid of a 200 lb hyena why is that they so afraid of hyenas the male lion she like you only care how about having sex with the female lions that feeling his belly himself the Cubs don't matter to the male lions he don't care if they eat he is full did he go walk away the male lion to me are the weaker link he will fill his belly it did the hyenas would take over the rest of the food he don't fight them off I have seen one day a hyena just snatched up a lion cub the male lion did Eva try to save the cub he just walked away like nothing happened I truly believe get the leopard you stronger than the lion they just don't have the backup power like the Lions do Bike Week dates Kroger I seen a leopard by himself killer alligator in the water and take them off the water a male lion could never do that why is that

  • Cocohontas Puffs
    Cocohontas Puffs 20 days ago +5

    9:02 "Don't sass me booy! EAT YA FOOD AND BE GRATEFUL!"

  • Chris Hanson Miner
    Chris Hanson Miner 21 day ago +5

    I'd like to say a big thank you for your expertise to all the experts in wildlife in the comment section. Maybe one day I'll become an Expert in Wildlife too just by commenting on wild life videos.

  • sasiwarin duriyaphan


  • sicelo zulu
    sicelo zulu 21 day ago

    Who notes that lion break baffalo leg

  • Johny Osorio
    Johny Osorio 23 days ago

    Apartensen estan estorbando.
    Ponganse más lejos.

  • Rowland Nkweyagae
    Rowland Nkweyagae 23 days ago

    Buffaloes can be very stupid

  • Black Mamba
    Black Mamba 25 days ago

    Show this video to those motherfuckers who don’t believe in evolution

  • Soobat Sommm
    Soobat Sommm 26 days ago


  • A Ben Allal
    A Ben Allal 27 days ago

    09:03 Why kicking the cub?

  • Julian Velasco
    Julian Velasco 27 days ago

    Tuff lil fucker

  • hehexd
    hehexd 27 days ago +1

    AT LEAST lions kill the pray before eating it. Wild dogs and hyenas eat them alive...

  • Ray singh
    Ray singh 27 days ago

    Love you

  • Scotty
    Scotty 28 days ago +7

    why do the people stay so close?

  • Abenrizzla Rizla
    Abenrizzla Rizla Month ago

    One of them male lion Is abitch lol

  • MedSou
    MedSou Month ago

    99% of *You* won't read this but...
    You are the 1%, *Have a good day* ❤❤❤

  • NuclearNuke41
    NuclearNuke41 Month ago

    Animals must have high pain tolerance or something, they get there stomachs ripped open, there still able to flee and kick and not make any agony sounds, while if a human gets his arm chopped off, the human rolles on the floor and screaming in pain.

    • Scotty
      Scotty 28 days ago

      anything living can go into shock, humans do the same and you stop perceiving pain the same way.

  • Juares Zacarias
    Juares Zacarias Month ago

    Mas esses turista atrapalha os búfalos defender seu companheiro


    at least the buffalo gave the calf a couple of shows persistence is key....

  • Aleyna Tilki
    Aleyna Tilki Month ago

    Oy oy nece amasiz olumdu uyazik heyvan

  • Sebastião Lima MS
    Sebastião Lima MS Month ago

    Búfalo é um animal covarde, em um rebando mais poderoso, deixa os leões matarem um integrante.

  • Judith Campbell
    Judith Campbell Month ago

    Crazy takedown! Amazing footage
    Thank You Rob for sharing ❤️

  • c4binF3v3r
    c4binF3v3r Month ago

    Being eaten alive, once again. That is nature. Red from the blood of preys. It's neither right nor wrong. It is what it is. And it had always been like that. Get used to it.

  • Hussain Baig
    Hussain Baig Month ago


  • Hussain Baig
    Hussain Baig Month ago

    Quit wrong

  • Jake Gao
    Jake Gao Month ago

    Go lions

  • Arce Mongui
    Arce Mongui Month ago

    por colocan los carros al pie de la pelea para correr los bufalos

  • Саид Тайсон

    Люди пидарасы..нахуя вмешивайтесь суки...вас бы пидарасов на съедение львам...ну вот на какой хуй вы туда подъехали пидарасы...буйволы может спасли теленка если б не вы

  • edwin omondi
    edwin omondi Month ago

    That vehicle interfered with the rescue

  • Dennis Kettinger
    Dennis Kettinger Month ago

    Horns are useless

  • Mr Poschi
    Mr Poschi Month ago +1

    Amazing Video! Thats Nature 😍

  • ggg's fan
    ggg's fan Month ago

    If I where witnessed this encounter..I swear to god..that these lionesses would have left hungry ...

  •  Month ago

    Buffalo kicks lion in the face !!!!!

  • Bicarbonate Soda
    Bicarbonate Soda Month ago

    Buffalos are on the payroll. Tourism earns much money. Come. Lookie. Lookie.

  • Chloe Bell
    Chloe Bell Month ago

    There is nothing romantic about Africa, that calf was in agony and complete terror, as has been the story for all time. Africa is a violent place filled with beasts killing each other day and night in order to survive. What a very cruel system the food chain actually is.

    • Chloe Bell
      Chloe Bell Month ago

      +Rob The Ranger Wildlife Videos Yes I believe that you are correct just as long as it remains politically stable and free of disease in your proximity.

    • Rob The Ranger Wildlife Videos
      Rob The Ranger Wildlife Videos  Month ago

      i think I'm safer where i am thanks, Animals can easily be understood, humans a lot less so.

    • Chloe Bell
      Chloe Bell Month ago

      +Rob The Ranger Wildlife Videos If this is honestly your concensus I am certain that you should leave the willds of the Bush before you go deeper down that rabbit hole. seriously.

    • Rob The Ranger Wildlife Videos
      Rob The Ranger Wildlife Videos  Month ago

      +Chloe Bell the whole world was full of beasts killing each other day and night until we humans managed to wipe most of them out, now we have to make do with killing each other to make up for the lack of violence in our natural surroundings...

  • Sinar Sham
    Sinar Sham Month ago

    Uhhh predator v prey.. Never ending..

  • Dave Treen
    Dave Treen Month ago

    Put up a good fight

  • Alex Lopez
    Alex Lopez Month ago

    Son unos estupidos ..ese búfalo hubiera sobrevivido ...estupid tourist

  • nap Zilla
    nap Zilla Month ago

    die buffalo kid harhar

  • Jeremy Mccardle
    Jeremy Mccardle Month ago +1

    @9:02 the young male told his little bro to get the hell away from my spot man 😆

  • minotauro4516
    minotauro4516 Month ago

    The wild behavior sees interesting, but very cruel. What would happen if the victim were a human being? What could one feel if one were eaten by lions, when one is alive yet?
    I do not to say. I sometimes, I think lions, tigers, cougars, jaguars and other depredators should not exist. Every time they are too close of us. Many modern cities have already received visits of dangerous wild animals.
    We have to be ready in order to face so dramatic and cruel situations. They are powerful animals, we need weapons that causes huge pain or simply infallible weapons to eliminate to them inmediately.

    • Fr3akyBeelie
      Fr3akyBeelie Month ago

      Damn you are fucked up in the head. Weapons to cause them immense pain? Psychopath. Predators are incredibly important to keep the food chain and therefor the ecosystems alive, killing them would kill all animals and plants on this planet. They avoid big cities anyway because they know how dangerous we are. And the ones who come too close do so because they can't find food anymore in their natural habitat that WE destroyed. If there is anything we should do it's to help them get back a normal and stable ecosystem to live in, instead of fantasizing of how to slaughter them.

    • Jeremy Mccardle
      Jeremy Mccardle Month ago

      why don't u volunteer , sign some wavers and get out there. I wanna see it on utube!!!!

  • jeff sorbo
    jeff sorbo Month ago

    Just once I want to see the idiots watching get mauled to death.

    • jeff sorbo
      jeff sorbo Month ago

      +Fr3akyBeelie You're wrong I wouldn't go. There is no value in it.

    • Fr3akyBeelie
      Fr3akyBeelie Month ago

      You would be watching aswell if you were there. The animals don't care for the tourists so there is no reason not to watch it, considering that it's an incredibly exiting event to see for your average city human.

  • It's not gonna happen

    My hats off to the buffalo, they tried

  • Nubia Oliveira
    Nubia Oliveira Month ago

    Muito barulho aff


    4:12 hes thinking help i bet. jesus

  • Van Edi
    Van Edi 2 months ago

    Omg just shot him and end it the suffering...

  • New York 516
    New York 516 2 months ago

    That calf was as good as dead anyway

  • Michel Colmar
    Michel Colmar 2 months ago

    Exterminez toutes ces saloperies de Lions !!

  • Michel Colmar
    Michel Colmar 2 months ago

    HE ! Les frustrés de la culotte dans les véhicules,venez donc participer à la curée ! Pauvres types,abominable ! Honte à vous ! SHAME ON YOU !!!!!

  • الاء جمال اسماعيل

    poor calf😭😭😭

  • oscar ables
    oscar ables 2 months ago

    Im happy that the lions will eat you all bastards.

  • ابراهيم ابو احمد

    This action is unacceptable to humanity

    • C C
      C C 2 months ago

      are you stupid?

  • Jackson 83
    Jackson 83 2 months ago

    lol i love it how the big male takes a cheeky swipe at the youngster as he wades past him at 8:06

  • Luke R
    Luke R 2 months ago

    I've noticed in many different safari videos the guides refer to lions and buffalo in a different language when talking on the radio. Why is that, and what language is that?

  • Luke R
    Luke R 2 months ago

    1:10 jesus christ these lions cut it way too fine when deciding when to jump back when the buffalo attack. That lion was just a few milliseconds away from being hooked by that buffalo horn.

  • JL Diaz
    JL Diaz 2 months ago

    Progressive Liberal "people" would rather see a baby get butcherd instead of an animal...!!

  • Flxrida Bxy
    Flxrida Bxy 2 months ago +1

    1:12 istg Cape buffalo are like the biggest pussies of the wild that it’s almost disappointing like how you gonna pull up then run away tf!? U got horns, strength, and a mass amount of family lol nothing can stop them at that moment but the logical

  • Jesus S
    Jesus S 2 months ago

    Common lions , you wastin my time,just start eating the buffalo alive.i want to see blood and guts.

  • Strc Strc
    Strc Strc 2 months ago

    Заебись. Подъехали вплотную на машине что бы посмотреть как львы едят живого теленка. Кто здесь животные? Возможно телёнок остался бы цел если бы люди не вмешались

  • Walter 777 Smith
    Walter 777 Smith 2 months ago

    Because of you Dickheads bufelo could save there own sooner

  • Mohammed ali
    Mohammed ali 2 months ago +1

    The camera guyz and tourists blocked baffalos for good fight.. Are u guyz too got buffalo brains.

    • Rick B
      Rick B 2 months ago

      Agreed. See my comment above.

  • mohamed Salah
    mohamed Salah 2 months ago +2

    صلى على محمد

  • Collins Amponsah
    Collins Amponsah 2 months ago +2

    Togetherness is the key, the buffaloes did well

  • Madalena Enes
    Madalena Enes 2 months ago

    Ola ...
    A Brigitte Bardot esta vendo..🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Robert Lulek
    Robert Lulek 2 months ago

    Bunch of chickenshit buffaloes

  • Robert Lulek
    Robert Lulek 2 months ago

    the cape buffalo are so stupid they don't realize they outnumber the Lions and can crush them if they wanted to if they all ganged up if only they had brains