Bathing in 250 lbs of Prank Poo Spray! | Cleaning up with a Guava Juice Box!

  • Published on Apr 22, 2017
  • We made some Poobleck, filled up the tub, and jumped in! We used 250 lbs of Liquid Ass. It was really smelly!
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    When your prank skirmish escalates to a prank war, reach for a bottle of Liquid Ass.
    Its pungent odor will turn any territory into no-man's land for about half an hour. Each pump aerosol unit emits a spray featuring the stench of the most horrifying and dreadful human waste imaginable. A meager whiff is powerful enough to stop you dead in your tracks.
    The stench of Liquid Ass is most aptly compared to that of the essence of a mayonnaise factory waste room where someone dipped bone char into crude oil and let a cat fart on it.
    Liquid Ass smells so horrific it's hard to believe it's non-toxic. Made in the USA!
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