Plans That Didn't Go As Expected

  • Published on Nov 2, 2019
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    Lots of plans don't go as expected. Lets find out about some of the worst fails. Here are some hilarious plans that didn't go as expected.
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Comments • 647

  • Sniff Heinkel
    Sniff Heinkel 2 days ago

    What makes the water jetpack one even more hilarious is that the guy who said "starts right now" totally sounds like a fairy.

  • wojtekpolska
    wojtekpolska 2 days ago +1

    The Christopher Columbus statue is actually pretty cool. it was rude for US to turn it down :/

  • Ashenicky2009
    Ashenicky2009 4 days ago +1

    The one about the guy's hat, those people and the dog over reacted so damn bad lol. Wonder what they would have done if they saw how people dressed now a days lol. And people make fun of millenials lol. My generation might be weirdos but at least no one tramples a child because someone decided to stand out from the crowd lol.

  • amber pikey
    amber pikey 5 days ago

    The hat one sounds so fake no hate

  • trethestar
    trethestar 5 days ago

    Even God hates Barney.

  • joearc 13
    joearc 13 7 days ago

    Ronaldo statue was just a prank dude..

  • OwO rainbow
    OwO rainbow 8 days ago


  • lynx mines
    lynx mines 8 days ago

    Hahaha... Okay harold your a human😉

  • cesar Rod
    cesar Rod 8 days ago +1

    That last one with the drowning had me laughing 😁😂🤣 love these kinda vids!

  • the snaps team
    the snaps team 9 days ago +1

    11:17 im sure that statue must travel around the world finding a home

  • Idiotic Munchkins
    Idiotic Munchkins 9 days ago +4

    4:02 why does the guy in the middle look like Donald Trump

  • Kiki Martinez
    Kiki Martinez 10 days ago +1

    11:40 its true i am from puerto rico and i see the statue some times

    HEY LOVE 10 days ago

    good thing the ring didn't choke her to death...

  • Mini Marc
    Mini Marc 10 days ago +2

    4:02 looks like Donald trump in the middle

  • Layne Van Voorst
    Layne Van Voorst 10 days ago +1

    1:36 are you allowed to show that on youtube?

  • Hi I lIkE MeMeS
    Hi I lIkE MeMeS 11 days ago +2

    4:00 the man in the middle of the picture. Looks like trump....

  • Whild Hair83
    Whild Hair83 11 days ago

    AVGN reference was dope! 👍

  • Nax EU
    Nax EU 11 days ago

    @5:05 😅 Guday m8

  • Wolfie Playz
    Wolfie Playz 11 days ago

    4:36 That's his left arm -_-

  • Jamie Passard
    Jamie Passard 12 days ago +1

    1:38 he forgot to censor his balls

  • indy aka encore
    indy aka encore 12 days ago +3

    i respect the "Men in uniform" one.


  • Panda Craft
    Panda Craft 12 days ago +3

    I know the statue I used to live in Puerto Rico is big tho

  • Jason Chen
    Jason Chen 12 days ago

    10:30 the poor Russians trying to be friends 😔

  • Phantom_Dweeb706 BRUH
    Phantom_Dweeb706 BRUH 13 days ago

    4:04 is that Trump?

  • Daniel Zuñiga Gutierrez
    Daniel Zuñiga Gutierrez 13 days ago +1

    Should have ran the clip when Trump walked in a kindergarten classroom trying to surprise the kids with a head of state visit just to turn their moment into a hell on earth evil experience.

  • Sharna Afroja
    Sharna Afroja 13 days ago

    Glash defrection of light dew high dra drean

  • Sharna Afroja
    Sharna Afroja 13 days ago

    Gg hey gd y te te bd had Ug Rx EST US yd’s duck fuck tu f f Ug r

  • TheTimeTraveler2025
    TheTimeTraveler2025 13 days ago

    She swallows...

  • flaming roch
    flaming roch 13 days ago

    Back in the day protests involved firearms. Now, people get together to make fools of themselves. The elites are masters of social engineering

  • _rapid_
    _rapid_ 14 days ago

    Go to 1:39 it’s weird

  • Devilmaster 6x6
    Devilmaster 6x6 14 days ago

    1:55 now that’s called Dino on the loose

  • Victor Guns55
    Victor Guns55 14 days ago

    why did you NOT censor that part that have the **** you know >:(

  • Diary ofthe MOAB
    Diary ofthe MOAB 14 days ago

    #1 is quite similar to a building in Oklahoma City. Will Rogers World Airport's namesake was killed in a plane crash in 1935. Well done OKC...well done.

  • M .E.
    M .E. 15 days ago

    The bay of pigs invasion

  • The Monster 2.0
    The Monster 2.0 16 days ago +7

    Imagine the conversations of him with the other cell mate
    Criminal: I got in for murder. What about you?
    Him: I dressed up in black and white to celebrate hamburglars day

  • Westland views
    Westland views 16 days ago

    Amazing fails

  • Carter Girotti
    Carter Girotti 16 days ago

    The Christiano renaldo face was a joke done by a celebrity on him i believe it was james cordon who did it

  • Adam Roberts
    Adam Roberts 16 days ago

    08:30 It's called an Italian deserter; not an additional Liechtenstein soldier. Just saying.

  • Siege God
    Siege God 16 days ago

    I know a plan that went horribly wrong, Germany tries to takeover the world, instead world takes over Germany.

  • Derrick Perez
    Derrick Perez 17 days ago

    Well the statue of Columbus final home of puerto Rico actually makes perfect sense since.. it was Puerto Rico. The D.R. and all those islands he first discovered as the "Americas" well with p.r. being a u.s territory. My point is he landed there first before Florida or any part of the continent of America. And the natives there as the story goes were taino Indians.. my relatives

  • Alexander McLucas
    Alexander McLucas 17 days ago

    Id totally would wear a top hat

  • CandyPopPastel
    CandyPopPastel 17 days ago



  • Pektas1234 Gaming
    Pektas1234 Gaming 17 days ago +1

    Be amazed is Turkish fo you guys that dont know

  • Itz Me The Homie
    Itz Me The Homie 17 days ago

    I knew Barney and cat and the stoopid hat r trying to kill us!

  • [•]valintin[•] -
    [•]valintin[•] - 17 days ago +1

    *An extra extra large girlfriend*

  • Timothy McGregor
    Timothy McGregor 18 days ago +1

    BE AMAZED, I just wanted to let you know that your videos are great and I love watching them. They are educational, entertaining, and funny. But some of the pictures you put in your videos are very inappropriate. (Don't click on this if you don't want to be scarred for life) 1:35 Please stop putting naked humans in your videos that clearly show their private parts. You've done this more than once.

  • Pablito Kalamares
    Pablito Kalamares 18 days ago +1

    Barney just trying to become godzilla bru

  • PRO’s Gaming
    PRO’s Gaming 18 days ago +10

    Plans that didn’t go as expected
    When Germany decided it was a good idea to invade the USSR.

  • Gonzalo Escobedo
    Gonzalo Escobedo 19 days ago +3

    The last one, OMG....THAT WAS THE BEST ONE!

    • David b
      David b 5 days ago

      Harold Halt didn't die from drowning he went missing while swimming. The man was a very good swimmer. Some conspiracy theorists claim he was abducted by a russian sub. My guess is a great white shark as no body was ever found.

  • Cat
    Cat 19 days ago


  • Doug Holman
    Doug Holman 20 days ago

    Dogs can yell ???

  • Corn Jacknife
    Corn Jacknife 21 day ago
    Please do watch this Song Cover of Amber Run

  • Kingsley Chizzard
    Kingsley Chizzard 21 day ago

    To infinity............ & the POND! *jetpacks into the water*
    Also, did you know that Christopher Columbus (I think) tried to invade Russia during the winter?

  • Laura Barragan
    Laura Barragan 21 day ago

    Rip barny

  • Jason Moore
    Jason Moore 22 days ago

    Columbus didn't discover America so why would we want it

  • Lacy Randolph
    Lacy Randolph 22 days ago

    Wrecked those influencers lol

  • Irmalover
    Irmalover 22 days ago

    It's been discovered that even Michelangelo didn't give David a perfect face.'s-David.-Shaikh-Leonard-Amodeo/523909a79c48e4e83426bdbddd4ff04afec82ff8

  • Sean C
    Sean C 22 days ago

    I think it's a bit unfair to criticize that guy with his chainsaw sculpture. You could replace real Melania with the sculpture and it's extremely unlikely Trump would even actually notice. In fact you'd only even know about it at some point afterward when he'd be blowing up Twitter, bragging about how he finally got laid.

  • Barney The purple dinosaur

    Ah I remember that day I was inflated and I rampaged the Macy’s parade

  • No Idont
    No Idont 23 days ago

    Harold Holt disappeared while swimming his body was never found so to say he drowned is a lie, If you said he was suspected of drowning that's fine. However it is also suspected he was abducted and that is more widely believed by officials and was not widely known by the public.