I Try To Master Jacques Pepin's Perfect Omelet...

  • Published on Apr 7, 2018
  • Jacques Pépin himself answered here : tvclip.biz/video/wDl6MlgL8PM/video.html
    I tried to Master the Perfect French Classic Omelette. It took me 9 Omelettes, 32 eggs and 6 antacids. Here's a great pan : amzn.to/2qc2P5c
    Pre-order my COOKBOOK ! smarturl.it/frenchguycooking
    Support my work on : www.patreon.com/frenchguycooking
    Jacques Pépin Omelette Masterpiece :
    To get the right number of egg for your pan, the Omelet(te) spreadsheet is here : docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ZjSLqRVOSmLZtu7ZNG_GmFpgYE5znZqhGscuRKFWDNE/edit?usp=sharing
    The Twelve Commandments of the Omelet :
    * Optimal pan/eggs ratio
    * Whisk it, no lumps
    * Pan temperature (medium-hot)
    * Butter be bubbling not browning
    * Lil’ sound when pouring the eggs
    * Combo move, Pan back and forth + Fork’s eights
    * Shake flat, Shake Tilted, Take off the heat
    * Thin skin on top, easier to fold, Thicker at the bottom
    * Duck/moon shape
    * When TAP TAP, almost flat.
    * Seal it and or stuff it
    * Reverse hand
    Support my work on : www.patreon.com/frenchguycooking
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    and by Epidemic sound : goo.gl/NzwgrZ
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  • Xi WU
    Xi WU 2 hours ago

    Do any of you know what monitor he is using...? I just happen to need a similar one (which is floating and gives you a hight for your own laptop monitor)

  • Chris Jensen
    Chris Jensen 4 hours ago +1

    6:15: "Switched to dis wooden F**k"

  • Bill Carson
    Bill Carson 8 hours ago

    Well I had a go at the ultimate omelet. Bear in mind I am an engineer, I used a non stick pan, however the non stick was flaky, so 20mins with an angle grinder and wire wheel gave me a shiny pan. Four eggs beaten with cordless drill and wire coat hanger. 125℃ according to the laser thermometer, not hot enough? I missed a trick using the electric hob, I should have used a blow torch under the pan, can't beat real flame. Result ... "Scrambled eggs" Maybe a wipe with the lathe rag would have added a layer of oil to the pan and reduce stiction. I could only get the shape you managed Alex by using my hydraulic press and a machined mould. Can't post pictures here..... Baaaaahhhh

  • clip012
    clip012 Day ago

    You look like my Egyptian ex boyfriend

  • JacksonCA2
    JacksonCA2 2 days ago

    I’ve watched Jacques Pepin’s omelette video nineteen million times and I realize I’m just not coordinated enough. It’ll be on my 2019 resolutions. I’m wondering if my choice of olive oil instead of butter is a problem...

  • Bones
    Bones 2 days ago

    I got a random pan. Yeah that's not me knowing what is ahead.

  • Joseph Lariviere
    Joseph Lariviere 2 days ago

    Could you possibly do videos in French?

  • Ayexev
    Ayexev 3 days ago

    @_@ I admire your dedication to these eggs

  • Plaj3r
    Plaj3r 4 days ago

    Did you wash your hands after you touched your hair?

  • Francesco Graziano
    Francesco Graziano 4 days ago

    8:14 it got so emotional i needed a cigarette, instant subscribe, i love you

  • Rosa Argent
    Rosa Argent 4 days ago

    This guy is adorable!

  • 906tech
    906tech 4 days ago

    Do I try???

  • Edward Falk
    Edward Falk 5 days ago

    I saw that Jacques Pépin video and tried to replicate that omelette and got nowhere. You've given me hope.

  • netei
    netei 7 days ago

    save the drama for the lama. looks great. bon appetit

  • JOHN R
    JOHN R 8 days ago

    Easily the most entertaining cooking vid I've seen yet. And I'm not even an omelet guy.

  • Snacky McGoo
    Snacky McGoo 9 days ago

    Why does your wall have a gang of hateful racists on it?

  • Alex Stars 94er
    Alex Stars 94er 9 days ago +1

    You are Amazing that is what i call a perfect Omelette nice. ❤️❤️❤️❤️👍👍

  • Alasdair Smith
    Alasdair Smith 10 days ago +8

    Next you should try the Omurice, famously made by chef Motokichi Yukimura. It's a challenge but I think you could do it. Good luck!!!

  • Matthew Guzman
    Matthew Guzman 11 days ago

    How many omelets did you eat lol

  • Sebastian
    Sebastian 13 days ago

    I like the scientific, humorous touch in the videos, but still serious in getting good results. A very charming and sympathetic guy. Love that channel.

  • 42kami kun
    42kami kun 13 days ago

    well now, you just opened my eyes on the subject of omelet... I need more eggs XD

  • Observatoire
    Observatoire 14 days ago

    Very interesting!

  • chye fong
    chye fong 15 days ago

    Any chinese comment here?hey?

  • David Spidel
    David Spidel 15 days ago

    Hahaha! 1:52 says it all!!

  • Natt 774
    Natt 774 17 days ago

    I wish I was as excited about doing my excel hw.

  • nmvp1258
    nmvp1258 17 days ago

    A spreadsheet for making eggs............... lmao you are on a whole other level.
    Congratulations, you did it!

  • PatrickAllenNL
    PatrickAllenNL 17 days ago


  • Joel Costa
    Joel Costa 21 day ago

    After cooking the perfect omelette, I was waiting for a scratch sounds at the end and a "damn, I forgot the salt again".

  • Tymdek
    Tymdek 21 day ago

    Salut Alex!
    I tried to make an omelet and with your instructions I almost got it perfect on my first try :D
    So thank you very much for making this video, it really helped!
    Greetings from Germany :D

  • Logan C
    Logan C 21 day ago

    Cool vid!

  • Metatronic Mods
    Metatronic Mods 22 days ago

    1:44 Did the greatest omelette chef just use a metal fork to stir in a nonstick pan?

  • Eichi 78
    Eichi 78 23 days ago

    Did you eat all your "failed" omelettes? Would be good for muscle growth 😝.
    Well done in the end 👍🏻👍🏻

  • roussille
    roussille 24 days ago

    Saw a comment you left on NerdWriter and now I am hooked on your channel! haha Great content

  • Chantelle Roche
    Chantelle Roche 24 days ago

    Loooool! I love watching him😹😹😹


    You forgot the number 13 on your fridge list: "love"

  • Odd-Arne Oseberg
    Odd-Arne Oseberg 25 days ago

    Just get some, strawberries, blueberries, vanilla, maple syrup and a blender. Done.

  • verde04 04
    verde04 04 26 days ago

    you made one in your first video

  • Javier Garcia
    Javier Garcia 26 days ago

    Freaking Awesome Love your Channel. Fantasrico.

  • turbohc
    turbohc 27 days ago

    I think his video was very accurate and informative (Pepin), so learned it pretty quickly :) I love food and dont want to seem like a jerk, just think this wasn't so hard. Peace and love to you all!

  • Mark A
    Mark A 28 days ago

    I went through the same struggles to get the omelette perfect

  • Stephan Couderq
    Stephan Couderq 29 days ago

    I vrill say dis nicely bat I fink the esthetiques are less important as a component to the final composition.

  • Anonymous Person
    Anonymous Person Month ago

    Propane vs butane vs gas...?

  • Christian Holmlund
    Christian Holmlund Month ago

    9:16 "Do you want to see my big omelette?" Kappa

  • Kae Fajardo
    Kae Fajardo Month ago

    I was so proud of Alex when he did it...

  • Dictionary Pictionary

    no pans were harmed or injured during the making of this film, although one was jibbed

  • Byron Greenberg
    Byron Greenberg Month ago

    Good eggsample

  • Byron Greenberg
    Byron Greenberg Month ago

    You funny

    RK LMBD Month ago

    M. Pepin: "Next is to bone out a chicken". Are you taking the challenge? :)

  • Kayleigh Saum
    Kayleigh Saum Month ago

    The day your video was released, I had already been practicing this omelette, based on the same Jacques video, like my life depended on it. Every day for a couple weeks, I made at least 3 omelettes for practice. I make smaller omelettes (two jumbo eggs in a pan that's approximately 7", maybe 8"). I use a ceramic coated nonstick pan (it's one of those speckled ones, made in Italy, I picked it up at Marshall's because I needed a good egg pan that can handle HIGH heat... the nonstick coating on the type of pan you use isn't really made for high heat, though that's not to say it won't work for a while!). I also found that using a fork to stir/scramble messed up the shape and generally produced a messier-looking omelette, though again, it can be done. It just isn't the easiest way, nor the most consistent. I had a way easier time using a long and narrow spatula or a spurtle. Finally, you need to WORK QUICKLY. It's really easy to brown the omelette more than desired if you pause, need to clean off a utensil, set the pan back down on the heat for even 20 seconds, etc. Hope this helps someone!
    TLDR: 1) use a ceramic-coated nonstick pan so you can heat the pan enough, or else this method won't work, 2) use a long and narrow spatula or spurtle for the stirring/scrambling motion, 3) work quickly, or else the omelette will brown.

  • Alessio
    Alessio Month ago

    food and Vivaldi > porn

  • Matthew Schreiber
    Matthew Schreiber Month ago


  • Trash Ogre
    Trash Ogre Month ago

    Really dude? You're overthinking it. Watch Jaques do it. Hot pan, lots of butter. After pouring the eggs in the pan, mix them until the consistency is like milk or cream, then quickly fold it. Prepare to get it out of the pan, because it's all about timing. The heat of the stove doesn't cook your food. The pan does. With a cold pan, you'll fail every time.

  • FrnchFriez
    FrnchFriez Month ago

    Can you do one with the asian guy making omurice or something like that? I cant seem to grasp it :(

  • Bryan Vo
    Bryan Vo Month ago

    Hey Alex! You should try doing an omurice challenge. It's almost like a Japanese variant of this recipe. It's really gorgeous when it is perfected, try looking it up!

  • Carl-Étienne Tremblay

    Putain mon gars, j'adore tes videos, ca me donne espoir hahaha. Mon omelette elle ressemble pas a ca du tout...

  • Antony Weber
    Antony Weber Month ago

    Isn't this the same as the omurice Omelett?

  • Jonybear DIY
    Jonybear DIY Month ago

    is this math class

  • MerchantMonk
    MerchantMonk Month ago

    I watched his video and went through 2 dozen eggs... i never got it 100%, but yours looks amazing.
    I need a better omelet pan!!

  • Christopher Mangels

    Thank you! 1 Try, 4 eggs and a never used non-stick pan: not the perfect shape but still heaven on earth...

  • FrankyBoy
    FrankyBoy Month ago

    I applaud you my friend.

  • vovole1
    vovole1 Month ago

    Jacques Pepin Jacques Pepin Jacques Pepiiiiiiiiiiiiiin
    hahhaha putain il y a qu'un français pour chanter comme ça ça m'a fait marrer

  • Tomy Rottman
    Tomy Rottman Month ago

    you have serious problems

  • SenshiBuredo
    SenshiBuredo Month ago

    Isn’t this Japanese omurice?

  • Philipe
    Philipe Month ago

    2:00 when the inner french comes out, voila!

  • Silly Wizard
    Silly Wizard Month ago +2

    Math conquers everything!
    Einstein would have approved of this approach to the “perfect omelette” and universal harmony that comes with it.
    I think your egg equations should be printed on every egg carton!

  • John Chase
    John Chase Month ago +5

    No need for the damn spreadsheet. Come on man. Idgaf how many eggs or what size the pan and no Chef should. Ridiculous ! The technique does NOT depend on such scientific nonsense.

    • david sandlin
      david sandlin 9 days ago

      John Chase you realize that’s all just part of his shtick right. Don’t overthink it it’s just entertainment.

  • John Chase
    John Chase Month ago

    Couldn't be easier. You call yourself French !?

  • Zimbaa
    Zimbaa Month ago

    His voice is annoying

  • Zumar
    Zumar Month ago

    Will the quality of the eggs effect this dish?

  • buzz kirschner
    buzz kirschner Month ago

    yes. it is an art. took me the better part of my youth to learn the proper technique for making a French omelet.lol. i don't eat them much anymore though

  • hurtig heinz
    hurtig heinz Month ago

    3:20min Wait? That's just scrambled eggs! What's the difference in your opinion between an omelett and scrambled eggs? I always thought there has to be cheese in it to call it an omelette and you only use the egg white(+some sparkling water for more volume) (Yes, I'm German. Probably a barbarian in your eyes.)

  • Kaian凯安
    Kaian凯安 Month ago

    "Do you want to see my big omelette?"
    I nearly died😂

  • Carlos Morales
    Carlos Morales Month ago

    Habría sido gracioso que en el minuto 9:00 dijera: "Olvidé la sal", Should be funny if in minute 9:00 you say: "I forgot the salt"

  • Johnny Rab
    Johnny Rab Month ago


  • pabli7o
    pabli7o Month ago

    Try to cook chef Motokichi's omurice (Japanese egg dish)

  • David Gray
    David Gray Month ago

    This is great! Every time I make an omelette, I try to remember each step and specific action. I'm getting closer. Not quite right, but it's slowly getting me used to making softer omelettes. I also add a load of cheese in lieu of having chives handy.

  • MrTaarga
    MrTaarga Month ago

    mais pourquoooooi tu forces ton accent ? :o sinon bien joué

  • Tomas Sakatani
    Tomas Sakatani Month ago

    Probably my favorite video by you

  • "Semper Grill'n"
    "Semper Grill'n" Month ago

    Wow!! You did it! Looks delicious!

  • Shrek
    Shrek Month ago

    I need to buy some chives

  • Mars Attax
    Mars Attax Month ago

    That was FANTASTIC!!! I am a culinary instructor and have used Pepin's video for years as the benchmark for omelette making. No-one, myself included, has been able to master the 'Classic' yet, like you have! BRAVO!!

  • sunnybification
    sunnybification Month ago

    That looks incredible!

  • Gerdur Gunnarsdottir


  • Jake Smith
    Jake Smith Month ago

    Inside should be the consistency of dog drool. You are so close, but still a little overcooked. That is usually a matter of taste however and most people prefer country style omelettes anyway.

  • Tripp Brogden
    Tripp Brogden Month ago

    Is that a hair at 8:55

  • Janet Williams
    Janet Williams Month ago +1

    "Next is to bone out a chicken." Ha ha! I'd like to see that happen. Probably too complicated, right? BUT -- you have a reply from a very distinguished chef! Fantastic! Well done, you!

  • HDSpuerstar
    HDSpuerstar Month ago

    this dude just used equations for a fucking omelette what even is the world anymore wtf

  • SUperD 007
    SUperD 007 Month ago

    Good come back at the end 👍🏻

  • SUperD 007
    SUperD 007 Month ago

    Too high on the heat. Not enough butter. Crappy pan.

  • devo1785
    devo1785 Month ago

    As someone who prefers the country style (I am lazy before coffee), the "Classic" deceptively simple in concept and very finicky in execution.

  • iibiggie
    iibiggie Month ago

    ah a classic? good test

  • Windell Reneau
    Windell Reneau Month ago

    Beautiful finale! I found myself that slightly lower heat in a roughly 10 in. pan, 3 eggs works best for me, constant stirring and silicone spatula. Next time will be with chives though, in honor of the Maestro. A little American ingenuity from a guy with a little French heritage.

  • Robert Hahn
    Robert Hahn Month ago

    You forgot to tell us how to do the Omelette properly

  • corndogs68
    corndogs68 Month ago


  • Joel Perez
    Joel Perez Month ago

    Love the videos man keep it up, great content.

  • Just Random
    Just Random Month ago

    Ahmm .. maybe you should rephrase your tweet " do you want to see my big omelet " come on man 😂

  • majkel acar
    majkel acar Month ago +31

    I like your reactions. “Light, fluffy, not seasoned, I forgot the salt, Aww I forgot the salt!” 😂

  • prodigalus
    prodigalus Month ago

    AAAAAHAHAHAHAHAH i _LOVE_ the Chef's Table part. 😂😂😂

  • Aleksa Alaica
    Aleksa Alaica Month ago

    Hmm just tried to cook it now. Stirring is the key part. Getting color is easy and they do feel fluffy and have amazing texture, never knew that there is thing for a omelette to taste good. After all, i do feel satisfied as I cooked something that tasted way better than my classic omelette.