I Try To Master Jacques Pepin's Perfect Omelet...

  • Published on Apr 7, 2018
  • Jacques Pépin himself answered here : tvclip.biz/video/wDl6MlgL8PM/video.html
    I tried to Master the Perfect French Classic Omelette. It took me 9 Omelettes, 32 eggs and 6 antacids. Here's a great pan : amzn.to/2qc2P5c
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    Jacques Pépin Omelette Masterpiece :
    To get the right number of egg for your pan, the Omelet(te) spreadsheet is here : docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ZjSLqRVOSmLZtu7ZNG_GmFpgYE5znZqhGscuRKFWDNE/edit?usp=sharing
    The Twelve Commandments of the Omelet :
    * Optimal pan/eggs ratio
    * Whisk it, no lumps
    * Pan temperature (medium-hot)
    * Butter be bubbling not browning
    * Lil’ sound when pouring the eggs
    * Combo move, Pan back and forth + Fork’s eights
    * Shake flat, Shake Tilted, Take off the heat
    * Thin skin on top, easier to fold, Thicker at the bottom
    * Duck/moon shape
    * When TAP TAP, almost flat.
    * Seal it and or stuff it
    * Reverse hand
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  • doug russell
    doug russell 13 hours ago

    to me a perfect classic omelette is 3 egg ham onion and green pepper a western omelette

  • doug russell
    doug russell 13 hours ago

    put N egg in D pan i didnt realize this was an algebra equation

    STEVE MOTOCRAYZ 2 days ago +1

    Chapeau , Owlyx...!!

  • Martin
    Martin 2 days ago

    HOW HARD IS IT?!!?!? DON'T USE METAL IN NON-STICK PANS ffs the non-stick is plastic and the metal removes it, witch makes plastic end up in your food.

  • Lensflair
    Lensflair 3 days ago

    Most American restaurants who serve “meatballs” constantly harp on about how they got the recipe from their nonna in the old country blah blah. Wouldn’t it have been easier and cheaper therefore to hop on a €30 flight to Naples for a day...?

    • Nav Bravic
      Nav Bravic Day ago

      How out of touch are you that you think a flight from america to Naples is 30 euro? Also, how is flying to europe to search for a new generations old recipe cheaper than using the one you already have? Also, why tf are you talking about meatballs??

  • Cindy D.
    Cindy D. 3 days ago

    Impressive I must try this also I will go buy eggs.

  • Tim Lewallen
    Tim Lewallen 3 days ago

    That look on Alex's face at 1:53 when Chef Pépin folds that omelet out of the pan is priceless.

  • nondrinking irishmexican

    nicely done Alex

  • David Markva
    David Markva 5 days ago

    Can you make japanese omurice

  • Sandra Valdez
    Sandra Valdez 5 days ago

    Great video. Entertaining. Omelettes are ok . How about soufflés & escargots????

  • Romesh Bhat
    Romesh Bhat 5 days ago

    Raw omelette

  • Chris Case
    Chris Case 6 days ago

    FWIW after using the ‘dual action’ of scrambling the eggs while shaking the pan, I figured out that sliding the pan on the stove actually serves two purposes- yes it keeps the whole omelet moving while it’s cooking, but (I think) more importantly it gives you a very good read on exactly how much the eggs are setting up, so how close you are to the not where the eggs will be too cooked to easily shape into the bottom of the pan.

  • advantager355
    advantager355 6 days ago +1

    At least Alex didn't make fun Jacques' accent.

  • sk8rdad
    sk8rdad 7 days ago

    too much heat and use a spatula, not a fork!

  • Shinjini Sur / The Great Kind

    subbing because you made a spreadsheet!

  • Boss Hog
    Boss Hog 7 days ago

    Your eggs are a hell of a lot better than his.

  • TheGamerClamer
    TheGamerClamer 9 days ago

    be brave

  • Ella Jonth
    Ella Jonth 9 days ago +4

    He’s the Casey Neistat of the culinary world

  • Дмитрий Кузнецов

    all the way I was like GET THE CAST IRON PAAAAAAAN!

  • Cosmo Kramer
    Cosmo Kramer 9 days ago

    Yeah yeah

  • Larry Zhu
    Larry Zhu 10 days ago

    very nice

  • Martin Tide
    Martin Tide 10 days ago +2

    Find someone that love you like the way this guy try to master this omelette, nice content

  • Akın Sıms
    Akın Sıms 10 days ago

    Is that Jesse Wellens

  • Shi no Kami
    Shi no Kami 10 days ago +13

    "Do you want to see my big omelette?"
    I don't think a proposal like that would have solicited a response LOL

  • Scott Swan
    Scott Swan 11 days ago

    A great homage to the greatest, Jaques Pepin.

  • scgrigsby
    scgrigsby 11 days ago

    I love this guy :) He is funny, friendly, no arrogance, respectful and if you watch enough of Jacques Pepin videos Alex maybe on his way to being the chef that follows in Jacques footsteps !!

  • dejugulators
    dejugulators 12 days ago +1

    I actually got chills as you folded up that final omelette in the lip of the pan. Damn. We’ve all been there and we’ve watched his video over and over. Bravo!!

  • Lawrence Petersen
    Lawrence Petersen 12 days ago

    Tries it at home, fails.

  • Mohammed Anam
    Mohammed Anam 13 days ago

    This is the first video i saw from your channel it was in my recommended. I thought you were imitating pepins accent 😂. Congratulations you just earned a subscriber

  • I’m with the Band 🎶

    My mom is Mexican, she makes under cooked eggs so well that when I started making eggs in culinary school I perfected the skill in less than minutes. Only flaw was I like to use oil and French cooking is with *shit ton* butter...

  • Tim Lam
    Tim Lam 13 days ago

    Am i the only one that see a piece of hair when he cut the omelette 8:55 ?

  • cookie -
    cookie - 15 days ago

    how tf u verified as alex

  • Attune Flows
    Attune Flows 16 days ago

    a quick stop from the video, shouldn't you consider a non stick pan first? then discuss about the ratio between the pan mesure and the ... omelette? just saying tho

  • Jason Cazes
    Jason Cazes 17 days ago +1

    Love this video. How many attempts did it really take you? Just tried this several times and failed miserably every time.
    Update. The pan is everything. My nonstick coating had worn off. Bought a new one and lowered the heat to medium-low and got closer.

  • Sublab arriving
    Sublab arriving 17 days ago

    Idk if this significant or not but an experienced sushi gourmet eater would test a good sushi restaurant s by asking a tamago sushi (the egg sushi)
    I just wanna say that , mastering cooking egg is really international acknowledged skill .

  • 1daftpunk
    1daftpunk 21 day ago

    I think something to consider for the spreadsheet is the size of eggs being used
    I found that 4 eggs (size 7 - large) in a 24cm pan was too much. 3 eggs was ideal - not by any means perfect to the level of Chef Pepin or even to Alex’s version... but I’m getting close

  • Nichole Peters
    Nichole Peters 22 days ago

    He would be so proud of you! 😆😆😆

  • Frode Haugsgjerd
    Frode Haugsgjerd 23 days ago

    I went trough the same evolution a few years ago. I ended up making a two egg version in a slightly smaller pan, because my other pan is just too heavy, and I've never been satisfied with the glase I'm able to get when I season it. When that pan is well seasoned I can flip the omelette out in one motion. I prefer to cook them a little bit harder to get a bit more colour, but finish when it is still not cooked through on top. I stir with a fork, and start the flip with a thin stainless spatula.

  • Fabian Lefebvre
    Fabian Lefebvre 23 days ago

    to make a good omelet you have to stir / mix the eggs for a long time. Make the batter fluffy. Get some air into the mass

  • Mustaqim Taqim
    Mustaqim Taqim 23 days ago

    When a geek make an omelette 😁

  • Corporatizm
    Corporatizm 25 days ago

    Jacques Pépin could a good brushes drummer.

  • Snakeweasel
    Snakeweasel 25 days ago

    whats the song at 8:15?

  • Sjors van rijswijk
    Sjors van rijswijk 25 days ago

    what a rollercoaster. love your sense of drama.

  • Lorilei Mathisen
    Lorilei Mathisen 26 days ago

    Bonjour Alex, I just found your videos, enjoy the 7 or so that I've watched, enjoy the torture. Please let me know your thoughts.... there was no mention of whether the eggs were cold or room temperature, and no shot of salt being thrown about. I use only sweet butter but maybe yours is already salted.. Pepin added salt and pepper. Thanks, LM

  • wesley32186
    wesley32186 26 days ago

    Slow mo set to Vivaldi always gets me going lol

  • maddog
    maddog 26 days ago

    Haha jokes on Jacques I cook perfect french omelets every morning but cant cook hardly anything else. Lol

  • Mike
    Mike 26 days ago

    One word: practice. How do you think Jacques got so good at it?

  • Ellen McIntyre
    Ellen McIntyre 26 days ago

    Love you, Alex- Very amusing & informative...I always use tarragon in my eggs- just sayin'. And you accomplished perfection!!💓💓💓

  • Dylan Prodon
    Dylan Prodon 27 days ago

    Does anyone know the full name of the song @8:41 ? It's driving me crazy

  • Lp Langlais
    Lp Langlais 27 days ago

    Trop cuite

  • Mark S
    Mark S 27 days ago

    Coincidentally I stumbled across Jacque Papin’s omelette video a couple weeks and have been trying the same thing!!!

  • SN AYZ
    SN AYZ 27 days ago

    I love you 😭😂💗💗💗

  • s3cr3td00rindar00m
    s3cr3td00rindar00m 27 days ago

    Ok you bought me. Where I shall suscribe?

  • H.
    H. 27 days ago

    An Excel spreadsheet to fry an egg. This guy is a genius!

  • Josh Manuel
    Josh Manuel 28 days ago

    You don't tell him Do you want to see my big omelette😁😁😁.

  • Sock Boi
    Sock Boi 28 days ago +1

    you versus the omelette she told you not to worry about

  • Wim Van Leuven
    Wim Van Leuven 29 days ago

    I have no idea if this vid will be any good, but the hilarious thumbnail's what drew me in. Who's with me?

  • Guy Uberti
    Guy Uberti 29 days ago

    LoL this video was so good, but the mashed potatoes you did takes the win 🤣

  • Vod Kanokers
    Vod Kanokers 29 days ago

    A wooden fock? 😛

  • Bacon Persuasion
    Bacon Persuasion Month ago

    My best omelets come from stainless. Non stick pans are a laze way to cook.
    Edit: Could be good but must try for myself.