Post Malone Takes Jimmy Fallon to Olive Garden

  • Published on Oct 12, 2018
  • Jimmy has never tried the Olive Garden before, so Post Malone takes him to experience his favorite restaurant the right way.
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    Post Malone Takes Jimmy Fallon to Olive Garden
  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 15 081

  • Estelle Lauzon
    Estelle Lauzon 3 hours ago

    "Jimothy". This guy is hilarious, polite and a gentleman

  • Erin van Dijk
    Erin van Dijk 10 hours ago

    Pizza time

  • The Auto Hot-Shot
    The Auto Hot-Shot 12 hours ago

    Post Malone is amazing his music is some of the best and he is an all around decent person.

  • gilda zamani
    gilda zamani 16 hours ago +1

    His birthday was July the 4

  • aestheticllxma
    aestheticllxma 17 hours ago

    I love post Malone so fricken much

  • Aquabob68
    Aquabob68 18 hours ago

    nothing is free tardo

  • Kelloggs701
    Kelloggs701 19 hours ago

    Post malone is such a cutie. I love him. I love to meet him one day or go to his live shows at one point. POST MALONE ❤❤❤❤

  • Nina ْ
    Nina ْ 19 hours ago

    Post wearing Marlyin face is everything

  • Nelda Hunter
    Nelda Hunter 22 hours ago

    omg Austin Richard Post is the most adorable fucking human being ever!!!!

  • Moises Prudencio

    I always thought post malone was a asshole but never mind.

  • Moonlight Star
    Moonlight Star Day ago

    Post Malone and Jimmy are giving me Asian mom vibes about the free stuff

  • Rwar DINO
    Rwar DINO Day ago

    Is it just me that saw Post Malone blush when he said he was passing the slogan onto him!?❤️ #Truelove

  • MrXMighty32
    MrXMighty32 Day ago

    bro they seemed so stoned throughout the whole thing

  • Chris Allen
    Chris Allen 2 days ago

    This is hilarious

  • Luz María Torres II García

    I’m kinda sad they didn’t get the soups lmao 😂

  • Avishka Mathew
    Avishka Mathew 3 days ago

    I thought this was real and tried it in real life.
    boy, I was wrong!

  • djdrj
    djdrj 3 days ago

    Wth - are they playing the Spiderman 2 video game pizza time theme at 6:59?

    WYNAR TH A.R.T 3 days ago +1

    Sadiya. I really really miss u

  • Robert Swinda
    Robert Swinda 3 days ago

    Drugs are great on a controlled level

  • Carson Logue
    Carson Logue 3 days ago

    My aunt was this dudes server at a outback 🤣🤣

  • s1anjungkook
    s1anjungkook 3 days ago

    You can't snort the wine - Jimmy Fallon

  • Boa
    Boa 3 days ago

    I love the way Post puts the napkin on his lap. He doesn’t look like a guy who would know whaat to do with one.

  • Studded_ Hpankypoo
    Studded_ Hpankypoo 4 days ago

    Coooooooooooolllll my two favourite people in oneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    LK EDITS 4 days ago

    Isn’t he cute

  • Dorian Brecevic
    Dorian Brecevic 4 days ago +1

    😂😂😂 Post said "Grazi" to waiter when she brought the salad,he was trying to say thank u in Italian and failed' it's Grazie😂😂 just sayin

  • 3ternal Witch
    3ternal Witch 4 days ago

    Post Malone is so cute. I never knew until now

  • NOT Mushroom
    NOT Mushroom 4 days ago

    I did the butter thing except there wasn’t any butter

  • POISED_ NoVa
    POISED_ NoVa 4 days ago

    Bruh I ain’t Cappin I just learned that my gym coach went to high school with postmalone

  • SavageSenpie GT
    SavageSenpie GT 4 days ago

    I hate olive garden...

  • Zombie3110bd
    Zombie3110bd 5 days ago

    I still think Post looks a bit like Chris Pontius.

  • Breanna 05
    Breanna 05 5 days ago

    Legen has it I still watch this at least once a week. Words can not explain how happy this video makes me for some reason. Posty and Jimmy are the ultimate father and son.

  • Maria pia Camporeale
    Maria pia Camporeale 5 days ago +1

    Fuck off in Italy this food doesn't even exists

  • EnterNameHere
    EnterNameHere 5 days ago

    Thats a big ass wine tasting!

  • Hawk Hawkins
    Hawk Hawkins 5 days ago

    Oh man I've watched this twice and I love it

  • F I N N
    F I N N 5 days ago

    Who else thaught that Jimmy fallon was the man from Shazam?

  • Benjamin Haase
    Benjamin Haase 5 days ago

    What happened to Posty's accent?

  • Timmothy McCandless
    Timmothy McCandless 5 days ago

    Would have been better if it wasn't all staged

  • Yeeted Weave :/
    Yeeted Weave :/ 5 days ago

    Bruh I love post Malone 😍😗✌🏾

  • Tech Domain
    Tech Domain 6 days ago

    Calling a waitress "Ma'am". That is a rare personality right there.

  • atomic sprinkles
    atomic sprinkles 6 days ago


  • Frizzy B
    Frizzy B 6 days ago

    Pause at 0:43 and look at post malone

  • Burl Salvatore
    Burl Salvatore 6 days ago

    I like watching my baby posty and jimmy together

  • B Squad
    B Squad 6 days ago

    Anybody notice that Post Malone has really good manners

  • Vin Davis
    Vin Davis 6 days ago

    I’ll remember to try that grape wine when I got back to Olive Garden with my friends 🍷👍🏾

  • Albert Hayman
    Albert Hayman 6 days ago

    Love u guys... Thank you so much... Cu soon x

  • Aaron Lin
    Aaron Lin 6 days ago

    And it’s cold?

  • Small bottle Of bleach

    yalll tell me post malone is LEFT HANDED

  • Brandie Meinert
    Brandie Meinert 6 days ago +1

    Those bread sticks need Alfredo sauce next time!

  • af 17
    af 17 7 days ago

    The waitress is freaking😍

  • Emma Sellers
    Emma Sellers 7 days ago

    This is a brands biggest dream

  • 유정원
    유정원 7 days ago +1

    씨발 존나 귀엽누ㅋㅎㅋㅎㅋㅎ

  • splish splash duck swag

    didn’t take me tho. i love olive garden.

  • The Band Soul
    The Band Soul 7 days ago


  • The Band Soul
    The Band Soul 7 days ago +1

    I think Post has some more skins on his tattoo.

  • Gissel Calderon
    Gissel Calderon 7 days ago

    That’s the perfect date❤️😃

  • pineapple flamingo
    pineapple flamingo 7 days ago +1

    I see a father and son relationship

  • Summer Douglas
    Summer Douglas 7 days ago

    This was the best lol I saved it

  • Jhené K
    Jhené K 7 days ago +1

    PLEASE BRING TYLER THE CREATOR TO STARBUCKS 😂😂😂😂 He was fired from there and i really wanna see him messing around with the drinks!!!!

  • Mason D
    Mason D 7 days ago +2

    The birthday thing killed me

  • Amanda Noelle
    Amanda Noelle 7 days ago +20

    post malone has the most genuine heart i’ve ever seen. don’t judge a book by its cover.🥺

  • greenbean chickenbean

    The wine was probably grape juice.

  • Jacob 52
    Jacob 52 7 days ago +1

    I’m weird but I order Alfredo sauce on the side and dip my breadsticks in the sauce

  • Liam Krez
    Liam Krez 7 days ago

    Post is such a cheep skate

  • Jennifer Silva
    Jennifer Silva 7 days ago

    Life of the rich and famous...”I’ve never been to an Olive Garden”.....umm that’s a fancy Italian restaurant for us average people haha

  • Monique Gerald
    Monique Gerald 7 days ago +1

    I love Post Malone’s personality. Even though he’s constantly sipping on Bud Light!😂😂. He has a good heart.

  • Howard Blaylock
    Howard Blaylock 8 days ago

    Never understood the link between wealth and exspensive food. Steaks go from $25 to $75 when that $75 cow was no LeBron James of the farm. I wish this video was in Mexico and they would have only paid $3

  • Dark Knight
    Dark Knight 8 days ago +1

    Post is such a sweetheart!🤩😍😂
    Post:Aww Jimmy😂😂😂😊😁

  • Alfredomenico Giancarlino

    People should not be allowed to call this an Italian restaurant

  • Hans Zuerner
    Hans Zuerner 8 days ago +1

    Should have got the alfredo dipping sauce for the bread sticks... but the sauce ain't free

  • Kayla Holland
    Kayla Holland 8 days ago

    Chur when U collaborating with nicki again??????????????

  • Joey Carter
    Joey Carter 8 days ago

    Why have i watched this more than 5 times.

  • S R
    S R 8 days ago

    Favourite video of all time. I’ve re watched this an unhealthy amount of times.

  • Aryn Mosadeghi
    Aryn Mosadeghi 8 days ago

    0:43 when I see my crush

  • Ethan Flores
    Ethan Flores 8 days ago +6

    I think Post Malone got really drunk during the dinner. He got full of wine, not food 😂

  • Vixky Rodela
    Vixky Rodela 9 days ago +1

    7:09 7:15 omg!! I'm deeeeeeaddd