Papa John's Hilarious Instagram Stories

  • Published on Dec 14, 2019
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Comments • 311

  • bubble butt
    bubble butt 13 days ago

    papa johns bulge

  • Olivia di Napoli
    Olivia di Napoli 19 days ago

    0:33 the n-word in china basically just sounds like ‘ummm’

  • IronWarlord
    IronWarlord 29 days ago

    He's just out on the street doing Papa shit

  • Greased Lightning
    Greased Lightning Month ago

    He’s worth PERSONALLY almost a billion dollars. Nobody cares.

  • Moody Humor
    Moody Humor Month ago +6

    Side note but Hila saying “tummy” is the cutest thing I’ve ever heard

  • Fatty Lucas
    Fatty Lucas Month ago

    Shoenice shoenice shoenice

  • Hoi Koi
    Hoi Koi Month ago +1

    He said they deliver mattresses and just like they deliver a quality pizza they give a quality night sleep

    DRAMA L!VE Month ago

    Im just here to lure a wild shoenice in. I wonder if one will bite.

  • Tucker Stafford
    Tucker Stafford Month ago

    Shoenice should become H3’s drunk idiot reporter

  • Dan Berry
    Dan Berry Month ago +2

    Get Chris D’Elia on as much as possible

  • CocaineJayy
    CocaineJayy Month ago +1

    china dgaf

  • Task
    Task Month ago

    get a pizza get a good night sleep. yeah...i need that right now. a whole fuckin pizza to myself and i’m gonna eat half of it and just fall asleep right next to the remaining half. that’s what being an adult is all about. freedom to make irrational choices. thanks papa bless for the inspiration

  • Alex Coast
    Alex Coast Month ago

    0:36 I definitely think a good deal of reckoning has come to China this past year..

  • Shane Berry
    Shane Berry Month ago +20

    Like Papa John, Chinese people don’t like black people either.

  • theUnknown08
    theUnknown08 Month ago

    I did it! Made it on the podcast! :)

  • Susan Iru
    Susan Iru Month ago

    Ethan you're getting fat while Hila continues to radiate beauty

  • Противник Твой

    OK boomer

  • Michael Thomas
    Michael Thomas Month ago +4

    Those are Sherwin Williams shirts, Papa must be getting his house painted or something.

  • R L
    R L Month ago +2

    Soooo it’s definitely become time to get a restraining order against Shoenice, right?

  • JasonTheWorldisYours

    Funny stuff 👍🏿

  • Billy Kinopio
    Billy Kinopio Month ago

    He is so pathetic

  • Bimm BeckBimm
    Bimm BeckBimm Month ago

    Papa's secured a brand new bag

  • Scar
    Scar Month ago +3

    not really inaudable i heard most of what he said. they deliver mattresses

  • Izzy Maly
    Izzy Maly Month ago

    Definitely Domino's

  • Reigns
    Reigns Month ago +1

    Shoenice incoming

  • jaimeterronfraile
    jaimeterronfraile Month ago +1

    Maybe is your friendly Mexican pizza joint Domingo's pizza ?

  • jaimeterronfraile
    jaimeterronfraile Month ago

    Papa, the chub 'n tuck original gangsta

  • luke dough nelly 2
    luke dough nelly 2 Month ago +1

    better pizza better ingredients papa johns

  • JP Raps
    JP Raps Month ago

    Dan needs to put Ethan in his place with all his Controversial B.S.!!! Ethan’s gonna ruin the great gig they all got goin on here!!

  • Jack Hoffmen
    Jack Hoffmen Month ago +1

    Pj big daddy garlicky sauce

  • Kari Lehterä
    Kari Lehterä Month ago

    What was Ethan going to say about Brexit. That what im wondering?

  • Tyler Pedigo
    Tyler Pedigo Month ago +1


  • instasnap tv
    instasnap tv Month ago

    Jews love seeing a white guy being psychologically tortured by the media as racist

  • Evan Sennett
    Evan Sennett Month ago +1

    I met Papa a few times. Every time he did that pat-on-the-back-and-bounce thing. Every. Time.

    • Evan Sennett
      Evan Sennett Month ago

      @Thiky Guess I'm a Papa magnet.
      . . .
      But seriously, he sponsored a middle school sports team I was on in Louisville.

    • Thiky
      Thiky Month ago +1

      how the hell did you meet him a few times, most people have met him 0 times

  • arcadable
    arcadable Month ago +13

    He's literally inaudible, why would he upload this

      TEN INCH TAINT Month ago +1

      Yea he's just clueless as to social media. Gotta love this guy tho. Actually irl he's probably a scumbag, but watching him is funny.

    • Michael Thomas
      Michael Thomas Month ago +4

      It's one of those things where he's the one who said it, so when he listens back to it he can make out what it says so he's like "it's not so bad! go ahead and throw it up on the instagrams, they'll be able to make it out"

  • Madeline Harper
    Madeline Harper Month ago +1

    Papa John and Shoenice could be great friends if Ethan had them meet each other!

  • vulgarfvckr
    vulgarfvckr Month ago +4

    "everybody needs a good nap and a good pizza" is what he says, I think?

  • mckell shio
    mckell shio Month ago +1

    As a worker of papa johns I’m very excited for his appearance on the h3 podcast.

    • JukeboxWithJay
      JukeboxWithJay Month ago

      mckell shio lol 💯

    • mckell shio
      mckell shio Month ago

      JukeboxWithJay I can agree on that . 😆

    • JukeboxWithJay
      JukeboxWithJay Month ago

      mckell shio Im just givin you a hard time you good. Can’t say the same for y’all pizza tho

    • mckell shio
      mckell shio Month ago

      JukeboxWithJay NO I DO NOT SAY THE N WORD.

    • JukeboxWithJay
      JukeboxWithJay Month ago

      mckell shio that wasn’t a no

  • juniper quaintrelle
    juniper quaintrelle Month ago +1

    Imagine having your entire life destroyed and simultaneously becoming a meme cause of it. I wouldn't be acting this cool about it.

    • juniper quaintrelle
      juniper quaintrelle Month ago

      @ParadiseNMH sure he has money, but that's not what brings true value in his life, he lost the company he built and his wife divorced him then made a fool of himself and the world cant stop laughing. Trust me he's crushed inside.

    • ParadiseNMH
      ParadiseNMH Month ago

      juniper quaintrelle he’s still worth hundreds upon hundreds of millions. Dude doesn’t have to worry about a damn thing lol.

  • Hip hop Herbytown
    Hip hop Herbytown Month ago +1

    #papajohnsfordominos let’s start the movement!

  • Hip hop Herbytown
    Hip hop Herbytown Month ago +4

    What is the exact date he’ll be on the podcast?

    • John Carlos
      John Carlos Month ago

      H3 will now be known as The Papa John's News Network PJNN

  • Connor Smith
    Connor Smith Month ago +1

    Just here to see if shoenice actually lived in Saratoga New York before

  • Donde Freeze
    Donde Freeze Month ago

    Shoenice, please, you're scaring the children (and adults).

  • Sara Forney
    Sara Forney Month ago

    Shoenice where are you buddy

  • Amy D
    Amy D Month ago +1


    A KID CALLED FINN Month ago +1

    Can we ban shoenice from commenting

  • Oooo A
    Oooo A Month ago

    Ethan, you have Zach, Ian, and Dan working for you, and none of them could figure out how to adjust the audio on a video to make it louder or more audible? What are you paying these bums for?!

  • Lucas
    Lucas Month ago +106

    I couldn't hear anything else than "they deliver meth" lmao

  • Thedoc 88
    Thedoc 88 Month ago +2

    Everyone knows that Papa Ethila is better.

  • Juke
    Juke Month ago +12

    Papa just wants to be loved like we all do

  • Harry Truman
    Harry Truman Month ago

    I’m about to follow papa right now 😂

  • Shoenice Official Channel

    i just got back from kim kardashian vagina was fuckin huuuge !

    • SHELDO
      SHELDO Month ago

      Hahahahahaha omg shoenice you are really something else

  • Neal Dawson
    Neal Dawson Month ago +6

    I think that shirt is actually a Sherwin-Williams (the paint store).

    • Neal Dawson
      Neal Dawson Month ago

      Shoe! Idk whether to be in admiration or digust.

    • Shoenice Official Channel
      Shoenice Official Channel Month ago +3

      i love paint !!! mmmmmmmm i just got back from kim kardashian vagina was fuckin huuuge !

  • Subi WRX
    Subi WRX Month ago

    What did papa john say that is bad ?

    • Shoenice Official Channel
      Shoenice Official Channel Month ago +1

      !!!!!!!!!!!!c i just got back from kim kardashian vagina was fuckin huuuge !

  • Nyarlathotep the Crawling Chaos

    I can confirm, Papa John is a deity in China.

  • Fred Tucker
    Fred Tucker Month ago +5

    H3 employees please look into Trisha Paytas video called H3 called me hot she begs to be on show again. React to it please!

  • BamBam Bigelow
    BamBam Bigelow Month ago +33

    Papa John might be awkward, but that man knows how to build a business/make a fortune.......

    • RottenHopper
      RottenHopper Month ago +1

      So he has right to flex on Domino's haha

  • Walker G
    Walker G Month ago

    China is extremely extremely extremely racist towards black people. What the papa said would have no effect on China unless he disparaged the Chinese people

  • Sir Charles Sinderhorn

    PJ sucked up to Winnie the Pooh and transformed Papa Johns into a premium pizza in China.

  • Liam Callaghan
    Liam Callaghan Month ago

    papa john is a blessed papa