INCREDIBLE!! Boeing 747-400 MEGA SPLASH during thrust reverse - EVA Air Taipei Landing! [AirClips]

  • Published on Jun 7, 2016
  • The Boeing 747-400 is a major development and the best-selling model of the Boeing 747 family of jet airliners. While retaining the four-engine wide-body layout of its predecessors, the 747-400 embodies numerous technological and structural changes to produce a more efficient airframe. Its most distinguishing features versus preceding 747 models are 6-foot (1.8 m) winglets mounted on 6-foot (1.8 m) wing tip extensions, which are found on all 747-400s except for Japanese domestic market versions.
    The 747-400 is equipped with a two-crew glass cockpit, which dispenses with the need for a flight engineer, along with more fuel-efficient engines, an optional fuel tank in the horizontal stabilizer, and revised fuselage/wing fairings. The aircraft also features an all-new interior with upgraded in-flight entertainment architecture. As on the 747-300, passenger variants include a stretched upper deck as standard. The model has a maximum capacity of 660 passengers with the 747-400D variant, and can fly non-stop for up to 7,670 nautical miles (14,200 km) with maximum payload, depending on model.
    Northwest Airlines first placed the 747-400 in commercial service in February 9, 1989. The 747-400 was produced in passenger (−400), freighter (−400F), combi (−400M), domestic (−400D), extended range passenger (−400ER) and extended range freighter (−400ERF) versions. The last 747−400, a -400ERF, was delivered in 2009. The 747-400 is the second-most recent version of the Boeing 747 family, having been superseded by the improved Boeing 747-8.
    Thrust reversal, also called reverse thrust, is the temporary diversion of an aircraft engine's exhaust so that it is directed forward, rather than backwards. Reverse thrust acts against the forward travel of the aircraft, providing deceleration. Thrust reverser systems are featured on many jet aircraft to help slow down just after touch-down, reducing wear on the brakes and enabling shorter landing distances. Such devices affect the aircraft significantly and are considered important for safe operations by airlines. There have been accidents involving thrust reversal systems.
    Reverse thrust is also available on many propeller-driven aircraft through reversing the controllable-pitch propellers to a negative angle. The equivalent concept for a ship is called astern propulsion.
    EVA Airways Corporation (pronounced "E-V-A Airways") is a Taiwanese international airline based at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport near Taipei, Taiwan, operating passenger and dedicated cargo services to over 40 international destinations in Asia, Australia, Europe, and North America. EVA Air is largely privately owned and flies a fully international route network. It is the second largest Taiwanese airline. EVA Air is headquartered in Luzhu, Taoyuan City, Taiwan.
    Since its founding in 1989 as an affiliate of shipping conglomerate Evergreen Group, EVA Air has expanded to include air cargo, airline catering, ground handling, and aviation engineering services. Its cargo arm, EVA Air Cargo, links with the Evergreen worldwide shipping network on sea and land. Its domestic and regional subsidiary, UNI Air, operates a medium and short-haul network to destinations in Taiwan, Macau and China with its main hub in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. As of January 2015, EVA Air is the 3rd safest airline in the world, with no hull losses, accidents, or fatalities since its establishment.
    EVA Air operates a mixed fleet of Airbus and Boeing aircraft, with Airbus A330, Boeing 747, Airbus A321, and Boeing 777 airliners primarily used on passenger routes, along with Boeing 747 freighters used on cargo routes. The airline was one of the first carriers to introduce the Premium Economy class (called Elite class in EVA Air), which it debuted in 1991. Elite class is onboard Boeing 777 and selected Boeing 747 aircraft.

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  • Mza
    Mza 3 days ago

    wtf why did the engines pulled back?

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    Joey Stickfigure 9 days ago

    787 much nicer plane to fly in. Loved the ol' 47 but 78 my new favorite.

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    Jessica Xx 16 days ago

    Woah! Say if I had no idea what that was I’d be freaking out if I was on that plane😭

  • Locelk
    Locelk 18 days ago

    I mean I’m not a pilot but I know one thing the 747 is a flying beast!

  • Charles Rhodes
    Charles Rhodes 23 days ago

    Engine wobbling ! 😎

  • Lil andrei's CHANNEL

    2:50 wow that's cool

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    That was cool

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    Eva air

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    What country are you now already

  • David Michaels
    David Michaels 2 months ago

    Excellent piece of engineering

  • N Baker
    N Baker 2 months ago

    That was cool splashing up water

  • Music
    Music 2 months ago

    Why did the slats retract after the touchdown?

  • corrioliseffect
    corrioliseffect 2 months ago +5

    Reverse thrusters; so cool. I need to get me some of those...

  • Clim-28000
    Clim-28000 3 months ago

    it is answered my question ... why plane engine open during landing? the splashback. It's reverse the engine trust and slow down the speed.

  • Captain Steven Markovich

    Outstanding 👍👍

  • LIGO
    LIGO 3 months ago

    Love ladin' in tha' capital city during rainy season! HEeeeHAAaWww! :) God bless the R.O.C. ! :)

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    Pretty cool! Thanks for sharing!

  • Gabriel Jimenez
    Gabriel Jimenez 3 months ago

    Is there any Eva air in infinite flight? Am trying to find it and I have infinite flight plus what is the state name?

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    super reactor

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    welcome to Taiwan!

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    Yeah , that was so fucking cool👍

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    Welcome to Taipei

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    nice landing.

  • Tony
    Tony 4 months ago

    SKY QUEEN - BOEING 747 !!

  • yuan Lin
    yuan Lin 4 months ago

    In fact, the correct name of the airport is Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport.

  • Mario leon
    Mario leon 4 months ago

    Why does the leading edges of the wing fold back like that while the reverse thrust is engaged? I get if they stayed perpendicular to the surface of the runway to create a drag force, but they fold all the way underneath to become almost parallel to the runway surface, what gives?

  • Troy Carlson
    Troy Carlson 4 months ago

    Was the plane that bumpy

  • KLM boy Boeing 747-8
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  • LiveNayuta
    LiveNayuta 4 months ago

    Outer engine (No.4) is VACUMing splash of inner engine (No.3). Monster!

  • Hunter Of Liars
    Hunter Of Liars 4 months ago

    Goods video, by the way.

  • Hunter Of Liars
    Hunter Of Liars 4 months ago

    It always makes me smile when the crew play "soothing/relaxing music in the loudspeakers to calm us down on landing".... (listen from 0:37 ) forgetting that the Bowing engines are so damned noise no one really relaxes, LOL

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    Sensacional, 10

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    Is tananarivo

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    Could watch this all day.

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    Engine No.3 looks really shaky

  • Brian Potter
    Brian Potter 4 months ago

    One way to dry the runways lol ... Awesome power ...

  • Bertrand146
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    Mc Donalds' fed passengers = heavy landings

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  • UltimateStorm315
    UltimateStorm315 5 months ago

    Lol I hate it when it the wings start to bend.. I just shit myself completely. It feels like the engine just going to drop off or snap off..

  • TralfazConstruction
    TralfazConstruction 5 months ago

    I haven't flown recently but I do love descending through weather. More than that I enjoy it when the flight crew takes us upstairs in a hurry and into the sunlight.

  • The crazy man from Ireland.

    Unreal great video

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    Great video! I love watching those engines working with the wings...and vice-versa.

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    Reverse thrust is great to watch!

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    The landing seems so smooth

  • Joao Cruz
    Joao Cruz 6 months ago

    os motores dop b747-400,era o ge ,que equipava o A310,bom motor.

  • Boeing Time 300
    Boeing Time 300 6 months ago

    The Pilots used Idle Reverse at the end🤔

  • Chris Kent
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    The runway cleaning crew kept chillin

  • Mariano el Matematico
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    Excelentes videos

  • Pabalelo Masekoameng
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    I remember the engines being positioned a little bit back and underneath the wings. Not soooo forward and out

    Mandela Effected

  • Perry Anderson
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    everything flexes a lot

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    awesome power,awesome!

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    So satisfied

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    This plane is massive and beautiful.😊

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    The good news is we'll be landing immediatley. Bad news is we're SPLASH landing!

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    I miss being on a plane

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    This is because it has better breaking power than the A380. It has four reverse thrusters while the a380 only has two.

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    747---The plane that started the jumbo revolution.

  • Dane Spencer
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    what city is thst over?

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    I think the airline is Eva air

    •  8 months ago

      We’ve hidden the answer in the video title - not sure if ever someone will discover it ;)

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  • Jacob Chen
    Jacob Chen 8 months ago

    hey guys, i was on the last flight of the b747-400 of Evaair from HKG (Hong Kong)- TPE (Taipei). I was in its old business class.

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    Awesome video...

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    Muito lindo! Pousou onde qual país?

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    Pretty much

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    b747 is having a smoke cigar

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    No jet fuel either!!!

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    That engine supposed to wobble?🤔

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    AirClips what a great video, superb quality how the eff did you hold / keep it so stable? I really like the matte black cowling trim. *Thanks* for taking time/effort to make/publish the video, really nice.

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    Sexy Blacked out inlets

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    Free energy generating machines.

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    which place did the plane land in?

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    What was happening at 2:57

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    The shaking engine... :D

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    2:41 dugadugadugaduga (the sound a plane makes when it goes on land)

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    Seems like the guy who filmed it somehow knew the engine was gonna splash

  • Витя УАЗик
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    My wife and I were late for a flight operated by was necessary to fly from Bangkok (Thailand) to Novosibirsk (Russia)......I bought two tickets.....Transaero......Boeing-747)) have You seen it??? this aircraft!!!)))) To say that it is big is an understatement.!)) He's just a strong showing!!!))) Flew the First class!!))) On the second floor)) Flew 7 hours....we were fed was very tasty!) Like a restaurant!!)) To Fly - Just Love It!!!)))) No fear!!!))))) There Were Tu-154, Tu-134....The An-24....An-2 (Even in Soviet School)....Yes all of them and remember....a lot of planes there!!))))

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    Did Air France 358 have this technology, at YYZ August 2, 2005?

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    It cools down the engines faster ;)

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    I always wondered why those Krueger flaps didn't totally mess up the airflow over and under the wing when they were being swung out .

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