Installing Headers & Exhaust on my 991.2 GT3RS

  • Published on Mar 17, 2019
  • Time to make it loud! Dundon long-tube headers along with their high-flow cats and loud, valved center muffler!
    Obsessed Garage -
    Dundon -
    Music by Ryan Little -
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  • A5295
    A5295 7 hours ago

    Beautiful cars! That garage is something serious too!
    Hey, what lift are you guys using?

  • Humbleking
    Humbleking 2 days ago

    M14 is for the bolt on a VW to be able to take out the shocks

  • Richard Kuklinski 2nd

    Hey does your gt3 rs have the weissach pkg?? Also what year is it a 2018? Lastly I just want to say you have great taste in cars. Take care and God bless brother......

  • Brian Garrett
    Brian Garrett 5 days ago

    How do you have a BMW in your lot with a bumper off and don't know what M bits are?!

  • Paul Paul
    Paul Paul 9 days ago

    does this exhaust modification cause the check engine light to come on?

  • Belugamori
    Belugamori 9 days ago

    The original exhaust sounded so much better, because the new one has this ricer touch.

  • Shleep
    Shleep 10 days ago

    16:54 lmao what was that

  • L.Tylavii White
    L.Tylavii White 13 days ago

    Any video that has anything to do with Obsessed Garage automatically equals a 30+ video lol 😂

  • michael hayes
    michael hayes 16 days ago

    you suck like the exhaust on this pile of junk get a life...cupcake

  • cng1966
    cng1966 16 days ago

    • cng1966
      cng1966 16 days ago

      what car eh ??

  • Marc Ross
    Marc Ross 22 days ago

    Dude you are just so cool and humble not over the top, you know loads about your cars, can drive them properly and are not being all showing off about it! Man i judt enjoy your kind of content, one of the realest youtube channels out there! Thanks :)

  • HowVideosHero HowVideosHero

    Look this

  • DropTheBeat
    DropTheBeat 26 days ago

    Fkcn lovely the Porsche 991.2 GT3RS

  • mereclander
    mereclander Month ago +3

    Amazing workshop and amazing mechanic. He was very careful with everything. I should put muy car on his hands.
    And, of course, very nice sound!!!

  • Russell Brown
    Russell Brown Month ago

    The last thing that comes into my mind when I hear a GT3 RS is that it should sound better.

  • Jyrinen
    Jyrinen Month ago

    og was better

  • Juan Santiago
    Juan Santiago Month ago

    Those sockets are called triple square and are used on German cars for the most part

  • RS Pictures
    RS Pictures Month ago

    Adam race the spa 24hr LOL

  • Mike Hunt
    Mike Hunt Month ago


  • Me Is Me
    Me Is Me Month ago

    Doesn't feel much of different ? GT3 RS sound sick already from the factory.

  • Philippe Charles
    Philippe Charles Month ago

    Thanks for sharing this video....Near to the end, your friend ad some spray on the carpet.He says: "it´s smell leather" like on new car....I live in France. Can you tell me the brand name please ? Thanks.

  • Rhai Boi
    Rhai Boi Month ago

    Dude, what kind of job do you have to afford all this?

    SPEED NELSON Month ago

    Who's the manufacturer of your life?

  • fareselias 13
    fareselias 13 Month ago

    Excellent !😉👍

  • Ramapo River
    Ramapo River Month ago

    You give mat anxiety.

  • greg black
    greg black Month ago

    Does anybody else love the parts and tools even more than the car itself.

  • oplix
    oplix Month ago

    It's a straight pipe, yo.

  • Michael Hooley
    Michael Hooley Month ago

    Armytrix and FI are total garbage. They have cool marketing, but their product is totally crap.

  • Caleb Garcia
    Caleb Garcia Month ago

    29:53 had me like 😳🤩😎

  • Anthony Lam
    Anthony Lam Month ago

    30k for an exhaust install?!

  • Michael Graham
    Michael Graham Month ago

    Wish they had aftermarket bumper that would show some of that exhaust hanging out instead of factory bumper covering everything up.

  • Frederick Garnett
    Frederick Garnett Month ago

    M stands for male

  • legoNerd01245
    legoNerd01245 Month ago

    does he actually use any of those tools? they all look brand new lmaooo

  • PP Entertainment
    PP Entertainment 2 months ago

    That is music to the 👂.

  • danny williams
    danny williams 2 months ago

    Your M's are for vw

  • John Reid
    John Reid 2 months ago

    That is one bad mustache

  • Quy Tran
    Quy Tran 2 months ago

    Hi i have a question
    I have 911 turbo
    Im just bought IPE system exhaust with headers and High flow cats. Do i need tune ecu or not? Thank you

  • David Alexandre
    David Alexandre 2 months ago

    Dream garage 🔥🔥😍

  • Leo Stunz
    Leo Stunz 2 months ago

    Matt’s the man. Such a humble guy 🍻

  • S H
    S H 2 months ago

    I think I would have had those parts Jet-Hot Coated.

  • scott Magill
    scott Magill 2 months ago

    sounds fucking awesome dude!!!!

  • Carlos Danger
    Carlos Danger 2 months ago

    It's an aluminum block u don't really wanna break a screw off in there probably should use the torque wrench

  • swish entryz
    swish entryz 2 months ago

    How many Mats are you friends with

  • elcarpia
    elcarpia 2 months ago +1

    16:54 there is a hidden scene of the new exhaust. Well played Adam.

  • Aray Beezy
    Aray Beezy 2 months ago

    homeboy talking shit on precision instrument torque wrenches smh

  • Gas Pedal Media
    Gas Pedal Media 2 months ago

    N I C E

  • DeeJay
    DeeJay 2 months ago

    Spoileeerr 16:54 :) :)

  • David McBrayer
    David McBrayer 3 months ago

    It does sound nice now. Great job.

  • Refuz Tosay
    Refuz Tosay 3 months ago

    Would you say it’s loud enough to piss other drivers off and get tickets or just a different tone than stock? To me it just sounds higher pitched as well as a bit louder. Also are their any engine mapping changes needed to keep it from running lean?

  • Ricky Rod
    Ricky Rod 3 months ago

    Say what you want about ipe and fi but they sound waaaay better than this crap

  • Jarrod Maness
    Jarrod Maness 3 months ago

    Take this car to the track.

    ASMR WU 3 months ago

    Obsessed garage would definitely be the type of guy to freak out if one mess was made in that place LOL.

  • SoleFreak
    SoleFreak 3 months ago

    Never in my life have I seen a cleaner workshop! And look at how careful he is with customers cars....

  • ButtHunter 911
    ButtHunter 911 3 months ago

    This guy looks like a preacher who does gay porn.

  • J. 4NASH
    J. 4NASH 3 months ago

    should of gone with akrapovic exhaust

  • L8 APEX
    L8 APEX 3 months ago

    God that SOUND is intoxicating

  • Integra DIY
    Integra DIY 3 months ago

    21:35 ??

  • Scott
    Scott 3 months ago +2

    You need to lose that tash.

  • NMD_1624
    NMD_1624 3 months ago +1

    @ 25:25 you gave away his address

  • TE-BO
    TE-BO 3 months ago

    16:54 ??????????