Joe Rogan Experience #1350 - Nick Bostrom

  • Published on Sep 12, 2019
  • Nick Bostrom is a Swedish philosopher at the University of Oxford known for his work on existential risk, the anthropic principle, human enhancement ethics, superintelligence risks, and the reversal test.

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  • getulionm
    getulionm 14 minutes ago

    Joe didn't answer the Amnesia though experiment, said it was limited. Then carried on not understanding it... so annoying and rude to Nick.

  • Dustin Mulligan
    Dustin Mulligan 7 hours ago

    Joe: Why can't it just be this universe and that's it?
    Nick: Right... Well it can. But if we assume that we will one day invent a simulation...
    Joe: That's where you lose me. We all agree that grass is green, so why isn't this real?
    Nick: Right... Well it can. But if we assume that we will one day invent a simulation...

  • Daniel Hallford
    Daniel Hallford 8 hours ago

    I had to stop listening. Too frustrated by Joe repeating himself for 45 minutes

  • vinni mac
    vinni mac 17 hours ago

    Holy shit. I've never noticed before to this degree but how fucking stupid is Rogan ?!?!!?!
    Borderline retarded. I love the guy but fuck . . . He is sooo moronic and idiotic with these things. Too stupid. I couldn't handle the last part of the podcast. So. Fucking. Dumb. Fuck.

  • Robert Hildebrandt
    Robert Hildebrandt 18 hours ago

    1:18:04 Joes facial expression to the "Or?" is absolutely perfect

  • ortizdr81
    ortizdr81 23 hours ago

    This entire podcast was a simulation trapped in a loop once joe asked WHY?

  • p3tr0114
    p3tr0114 Day ago

    @1:38:00 Not really, Alan Watts proposed almost the exact same thing in 1972 except he presented it as a fantasy.
    See: (starting at the 22 minute mark.)
    There are others who have mentioned it as well such as Philip K. Dick, who thought that Déjà vu was something being changed in the computer programmed reality. See:
    I'm confident there are other examples of pre-Bostrom simulation like theories.

  • p3tr0114
    p3tr0114 Day ago

    @2:14:00 Here Rogan says “… but there’s right now, no
    evidence that there’s going to be, no evidence that there is, no evidence that it’s
    ever going to be possible technologically [a simulation of the type discussed]
    There’s objective evidence in the form of the simulation argument itself. Certain
    arguments can be categorized as forms of evidence.
    I think the angle Rogan is coming from is that Bostrom is basing his degree of
    belief in the simulation on some amount of subjective evidence and that the
    simulation argument has little to do
    with Bostrom’s degree of belief.
    Without analysing it, I think the simulation argument is pretty solid but I do
    not have time or the motivation to reverse engineer it to see if the argument
    itself will lead to Bostrom’s degree of belief. If Bostrom is basing it upon *any*
    subjective evidence, he cannot hide it.

  • Adrianinski Von Potranovic

    Wow, Joe is just not getting it all. Hilarious!

  • Jonathon Thompson

    Looks like joe is wearing lip stick lol.

  • Anthony Pereira
    Anthony Pereira Day ago

    Joe Rogan the entire podcast 2:11:07

  • Tyler Thompson
    Tyler Thompson Day ago

    With 13 minutes left Joe exclaims he COMPLETELY gets it lol NO YOU DO NOT. No offense to Joe, but he is totally NOT getting the probability piece, and i don't understand why Nick is not breaking that down for him...... Nick just allows them to continue to essentially speak right past each other, its like they are having two different conversations its almost funny.

  • Ardic Agus
    Ardic Agus Day ago

    Joe "lol" rogan

  • swiftmusicent
    swiftmusicent 2 days ago

    Joes fear of AI I personally feel is irrational. I think if us creating AI that surpasses us is the future it’s not such a bad thing. We may not exist in our current form but it’s guaranteed that if we don’t create something new we will 100% become extinct. It’s just inevitable that we will change. Change or die, we don’t look back at single felled organisms and say man it sucks that we evolved from that

  • KurtKobain01
    KurtKobain01 2 days ago

    Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Computing is in my opinion proof of the computational mathematical nature of our universe or Simulated universe/ multiverse.

  • KurtKobain01
    KurtKobain01 2 days ago

    Joe, you want to know where the idea that we're living in a simulation was born from? Quantum Mechanics, all of our technology was born from our ever evolving understanding of the atomic and subatomic quantum mechanical nature of matter. Micro transistors on computer chips are mechanically backwards engineered representations of the spin of electrons. Transistors are basically electrical relay switches, bits. On or a high power state is 1 off or a low power state is 0 each transistor represents 1 bit of information. With Quantum Computers they actually strip off that electron hold it with electromagnetics and influence the spin of the electron/ Qubit with lasers/ light at different frequencies or even microwaves which excites the electron causing it's superpostion to take on a definite state of spinning up 0 or down 1. It was discovered that all matter/ atoms in our universe can store and process information. Our universe is litterally a computer, hence the Simulation Hypothesis. Mind you this is a very simple layman's explanation. Nick... why didn't you answer Joe with that. He wants proof, there's the proof.

  • Branden C
    Branden C 2 days ago

    Jamie undoubtedly fully understands most things Joe can't even fathom. He needed to step in here at about 2:05:00 and explain this to him since he understands how Joe's brain works better than Joe does.

  • Hargey _
    Hargey _ 2 days ago

    The Boltzmann brain stuff is a much freakier discussion and I'm sad that it was over before it could really pick up steam.

  • InOchUt
    InOchUt 3 days ago

    Joe ”But why” Rogan, it’s so apparent how he completely misses the point!
    I got so frustrated listening to Joe when he doesn’t want to listen to Nick. I hope he watched this after the podcast and figured it out. Joe is usually a smart guy.

  • Bobby Kiang
    Bobby Kiang 3 days ago

    Joe is dope devils advocate made nick explain it in so many ways so people would hear it. Thanks joe and thanks nick.

  • Bobby Kiang
    Bobby Kiang 3 days ago +2

    Lol watching the last half hour it's like joe wants to hit him.

  • Bobby Kiang
    Bobby Kiang 3 days ago

    We are most likely in a simulation due to probability. Odds are against us we are the original or the only ones that exist in this space. We are in a program that didn't develop code for aliens ; ).

  • Bobby Kiang
    Bobby Kiang 3 days ago

    I feel like he needs to understand the part where nick is saying there would be multiple simulations if number 3 were to come true. As well as the understanding that within those simulations there may be a probability of said simulations would create their own simulations. Time would not be what we know as time if we are talking about adv tech, especially if we are in a ancestor simulation.

  • Ed M
    Ed M 3 days ago +1

    Joe is more interested in "WOAH/mind-blown/profound/AM I HIGH?/scary" shit, than actual knowledge.

  • Paul Hawkins
    Paul Hawkins 3 days ago


  • Sean Rambo
    Sean Rambo 3 days ago

    Wow terrible podcast

  • Matthew Pope
    Matthew Pope 4 days ago

    Can we get Sam Harris, King of Analogies back on to explain this to Joe please...
    This was the hardest episode ever have to get through.

  • Kenneth LNOR
    Kenneth LNOR 4 days ago +1

    Listening to this podcast a month after it was uploaded. I rushed in here to see the comments and it was confirmed; JR has a thick skull. You ape, we human 😄

  • Michael Lewis
    Michael Lewis 4 days ago

    Wow, Joe just lost the ability to think rationally at some point in there. Can't watch any more, I don't know how Nick keeps so calm, when Joe is being either willfully ignorant or dumb as shit.

  • Joe Keating
    Joe Keating 4 days ago

    the sooner we leave our biological bodies the better if i could be ones and zeros right now i would in the blink of an eye

  • mrmonkeboy
    mrmonkeboy 4 days ago

    You can tell Nick only hangs around with smart people who have a lot of pre-existing knowledge. When Joe says "It's more probable that we DON'T live in a simulation." Nick needs to simply say, "You are wrong." and not keep explaining. Joe needs time to process this fact. (I say fact - fact in terms of simulation theory.) It was very interesting. People in the comments are dismissing Joe as stupid, but I think most of the blame is on Nick for over explaining the idea. There were so many places that he could of corrected a miscommunication that Joe had. When Joe is knocking on the desk, he is telling Nick that he doesn't understand that in a simulation you could also knock on a desk. He thinks that is the test. It's such a simple test, why doesn't Nick understand it? And Nick starts talking about clouds of gas and big bang and probablilities. Wow. Just so far off the mark.

  • Matthew Bishop
    Matthew Bishop 4 days ago

    Why would you allow the simulation to figure out it was a simulation? Wouldn’t you put in a failsafe to prevent it from being able to recognize that feature?

    • Matthew Bishop
      Matthew Bishop 4 days ago

      Anything that can’t be proven or disproven is a possibility.

  • mr-mojo-risin12
    mr-mojo-risin12 4 days ago

    Joe speaking to Nick fuckin Bostrom Real, Slow, and patronisingly like he’s explaining something to Eddie Bravo, classic!! Painful! He’s not normally this dumb!

  • mrmonkeboy
    mrmonkeboy 4 days ago

    What if the simulation is of a weird star on the other side of the universe and we're part of that simulation.... just a very unimportant part. Some stray radio signal from an old Seinfeld show jiggled a single atom of that star. But for that radio signal to reach the star, a whole civilsation had to be made.
    The machine is churning the numbers, but no one is watching.... I mean, Fortnite simulates all that grass, but who spends a whole game watching one blade of grass.

  • Matthew Bishop
    Matthew Bishop 4 days ago +1

    What if AI decides it’s bad for the universe and destroys it’s self on moral grounds?

  • Mark Zickus
    Mark Zickus 4 days ago +2

    2:00:00 in Joe is COMPLETELY LOST!!!.
    very hard to watch or listen to.
    He just don't get it.
    That poor guy isn't helping either.. I'm guessing he'd be able to explain better on swedish.

  • PFWoody488
    PFWoody488 4 days ago

    Wow. Lots of negativity in the comments section for this podcast. Here's a newsflash for all you smug bastards. The way to learn new things is to ask people who know more about it than you do questions and listen to the answers. I think it's awesome that Rogan has guys like this on his podcast. Joe's just trying to continally improve himself. I mean he used to believe in BIGFOOT for fuck sake. Give the guy a break.

  • Wadel Radel
    Wadel Radel 4 days ago +1

    Actually, option one sounds by far the most likely because:
    a) in order to reach technical maturity you need a fairly sophisticated society with minimal ethical standards in place ==> i.e. they would not create a fucked up world like ours.
    b) any super intelligence would undoubtedly recognize that the only humane path forward is to eliminate all life rather than perpetuating it in ever new simulations.

    • Ed M
      Ed M 3 days ago

      How would it eliminate all life?

  • Wadel Radel
    Wadel Radel 4 days ago

    1:20:30 --- When the argument occured to him? Has this guy not seen or heard of the MATRIX?!?!

  • Wadel Radel
    Wadel Radel 4 days ago +1

    1:22:20 --- do you really need a very sophisticated ethics background to not create a fucked-up universe like the one we live in? What sadistic asshole would create such a world?

  • Levi Howell
    Levi Howell 5 days ago

    30+ mins of joe asking the same question and getting the same answer followed by “I understand what you’re saying, but...” Ba-Roo-Talll

  • jai vellala wilson
    jai vellala wilson 5 days ago +2

    Wow the balls on Joe to call the thought experiment that he doesn’t understand “incredibly limited”...

  • jai vellala wilson
    jai vellala wilson 5 days ago

    I think we can safely say that we’re not in a simulation...because even a simulated being would’ve understood probability quicker than Joe here. C’mon bruva!

  • Mohammed Gheithan
    Mohammed Gheithan 5 days ago

    okay let's break it down
    if there's a one trillion of you, and u still don't live their realities and u live your own reality. why the F do u care about them. it's pretty much the same as the people who live on earth that u don't give a damn about.

  • Jeff Stinson
    Jeff Stinson 5 days ago

    There is a fourth possibility to the simulation hypothesis. That only simulations in base reality actually exist. Anyone in our simulations who tried to run a simulation within theirs would be fooled by the simulation into thinking they had a computer that was running a simulation.
    Otherwise, simulations would be bogged down with all the extra lower level simulations and would grind to a halt as the civilizations reached simulation age.

  • imkharn
    imkharn 5 days ago +4


    1) You can agree your experience exists and is happening
    2) You can agree based on your experience that a simulated experience is possible
    3) You can agree that there is at least a tiny possibility that cant be ignored that you are in a simulation, but right now think its more likely you are not in a simulation.
    4) You can agree that if it is possible to create one simulation, it is possible to create countless simulations.
    5) You can agree that for each base reality there are many more simulated realities.
    6) It is likely impossible to tell if you are in a simulation.
    7) All science and evidence points towards base realities being able to create many simulated realities.
    8) Therefore, all science and evidence points towards there being many more simulated realities than actual realities.
    9) Think of all of these realities both base realities and simulated realities as a multiverse. Inside the multiverse there are countless Joe Rogans.
    10) Virtually all of the Joe Rogans exist inside simulated realities.
    11) Virtually all of the Joe Rogans want to think they are in the original base reality, but since there are many more simulated Joe Rogans than real ones, and they all experience the same thing and have no way of knowing, chances are, that you are in one of the simulated realities.

  • Dark Silence
    Dark Silence 5 days ago

    This is skynnier smarter version of GSP.

  • John Avsec
    John Avsec 5 days ago

    Joe not understanding what Mr. Bostrum was talking about ruined the opportunity for a lot of interesting questions about simulation theory. One question that could be asked is are there an infinite number of simulations? If so, is each version of yourself a "new" version or is your conscientiousness transferred from one version to the next (such that when you die a new simulation is loaded and your conscientiousness "reboots")?

  • Justin Wakeling
    Justin Wakeling 5 days ago +1

    Joe Rogan is as dumb as dog sh&t

  • Salé
    Salé 6 days ago +1

    Nick Bostrom has obviously not heard of the old Chinese proverb: 'never argue with an idiot, he will bring you down to his level and beat you with experience'

  • Josh Clarke
    Josh Clarke 6 days ago +1

    Anyone else feel like Nick is super ignorant and is way too much of a Utopian thinker. He can't face confrontation from a realist, and can't face to think that his flawed theory is in fact flawed. I'm not trying to sound ignorant myself, so if someone understands it better than I do, i'd be glad for you to try and explain it for me.

  • Red XIII
    Red XIII 6 days ago

    The limiter on AI SHOULD be it’s ABILITY to innovate itself. That’s all because of course we want the autonomy for specific purposes but the fear is its own ability to advance its developed motives.

  • Juris Senvalds
    Juris Senvalds 6 days ago

    Yet another podcast in which Joe dumbs out at a very simple mathematical probability concept in regards to simulation theory

  • lerik silva
    lerik silva 6 days ago

    So Rogan signed up for Matrix 4 right? Or wait, is this Matrix 4?

    SENATORPAIN1 6 days ago +1

    if we were truly in a simulation, at some point somewhere under a rock maybe.we would see a texture missing.

      SENATORPAIN1 3 days ago

      @Alru Muller that is a truly disturbing looking colour.

    • Alru Muller
      Alru Muller 5 days ago

      SENATORPAIN1 They forgot to put textures on something.
      Vantablack. Lol

    SENATORPAIN1 6 days ago +1

    my god joe says some stupid shit in this podcast.

  • Zen Spark
    Zen Spark 7 days ago

    It seems to me that Nick said something like... given the information he has this is what would be probable but there is most likely going to be more information at some point that may or may not turn this theory upsidedown. We just don't know what we don't know.

  • bakergames
    bakergames 7 days ago

    I dropped out of high school I rarely read anything to do with probability or science and I knew what he meant the first time he said it... if you assume that one day we will make it to the ability to create a simulation than the moment u start up that simulation the odds of you being in the first representation of history is 1-x (x being infinite really) joe was having a hard time understanding this because he thought for some reason I think that when we enter the simulation we will be able to remember entering which If its a prefect simulation of life you would in fact not be able to remember what happened before the simulation started.

  • mort1122
    mort1122 8 days ago +3

    Nick isn’t that smart

  • Pragmatic Cynicism
    Pragmatic Cynicism 8 days ago

    You will be in the room for 10 hours Joe... The probability you are in the first hour is 1 in 10.