My Editor made an IMPOSSIBLE DEATHRUN [Rage]

  • Published on Jun 20, 2019
  • Is this the HARDEST Deathrun ever made? Lets find out!
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  • Muselk
    Muselk  3 months ago +5265

    FYI Fresh was stuck on that final level for an hour and then rage quit before the door part :)

  • George Clark
    George Clark 22 hours ago

    #MuselkHatesDoors Club

  • Yehia Tamer
    Yehia Tamer Day ago

    Elliott: we need to take turns
    Fresh: yeah we do
    Fresh and Elliott st the exact same time :me first and they both run into the traps together
    And that kids is why u need to stay in school

  • Nicolas Martin
    Nicolas Martin 2 days ago

    7:17: WATCH THIS!!!!

  • Nicolas Martin
    Nicolas Martin 2 days ago

    guys imagine how many cusses jacob had to edit out of this vid XD username in fortnite: HuskyChef

  • Luke Wedgbury
    Luke Wedgbury 2 days ago +1

    youre a fucking bot

  • Tyler Valero
    Tyler Valero 3 days ago +1

    Make this blue if you think muselk is a cool boi

  • Luca SOUTH
    Luca SOUTH 3 days ago

    whene you said no you souded exactly like lachy

  • Roman Calderon
    Roman Calderon 4 days ago +1

    F***k you say 🤬👍

  • 5TAR Films
    5TAR Films 6 days ago

    What does “nooorrrrrrrrrrr” mean?

  • Fish _
    Fish _ 7 days ago

    Does Muselk have door-phobia

  • TTLGetshreded
    TTLGetshreded 7 days ago

    Battle royal Lol he's playing creative

  • NinjaBoy KAwesome
    NinjaBoy KAwesome 7 days ago +1

    Muselks no-jump counter: 8
    My no-jump counter:

  • TheRandomShow
    TheRandomShow 8 days ago

    Complaining that traps weren't triggered
    I know someone else that was triggered

  • Echo Echo
    Echo Echo 8 days ago +1

    Little did you know... BARRY IS YOUR EDITOR!!!!!!!!!

  • Gfd Htt
    Gfd Htt 8 days ago

    Muselk rages than is toxic

  • Gfd Htt
    Gfd Htt 8 days ago

    I hate musket he's so toxic

  • kodiak lopez
    kodiak lopez 10 days ago

    I have never heard anyone wine and cry so much over a game that you get play. No-one forces you to play. Your video's are better without volume. May God bless you.

  • MrLeonsenwod
    MrLeonsenwod 10 days ago

    U r a bot fresh Laban Lachy creamy and mau are better

  • Jack_ 123
    Jack_ 123 11 days ago

    Stop screaming in my ear

  • Mew Mew POG
    Mew Mew POG 11 days ago

    16:10 baby elliots voice

  • MUP09
    MUP09 12 days ago

    Muselk is whereing Lachlan’s Merch

  • Spec_Drucid _
    Spec_Drucid _ 13 days ago

    I think that was the greatest video muselk has ever made lmao

  • Chanson Osborn
    Chanson Osborn 13 days ago

    Is anyone else wondering why it’s a race when they just wait for eachother😂🤦‍♂️

  • Cole Osborn
    Cole Osborn 13 days ago

    Rip click members ears.

  • Michaelfh 570
    Michaelfh 570 15 days ago

    I was just watching a video on dunking krugger effect and It makes a lot of sense on why I can find muselk so annoying at times all these other creators show some deeper more kind personality but he just seems dumb and full of himself

  • Veedigg3
    Veedigg3 15 days ago

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh at 22:10

    IBZ RAID 16 days ago

    Or you look like a 🐖

    IBZ RAID 16 days ago

    At muslk you have a pig nose

  • Anthony Even Vaca
    Anthony Even Vaca 17 days ago

    Muselk forehead is bigger than the rock patrick lives under

  • Savage Cabbage
    Savage Cabbage 17 days ago +1

    Muselk merch.
    Wears Power hoodie.

  • Eli Fol
    Eli Fol 17 days ago

    OMG I love you and your rages :)

  • Random content Repeer
    Random content Repeer 18 days ago +1

    I love lannan more than you,you eat ballsack

  • Heaven Land
    Heaven Land 19 days ago

    I watched this video for the 3rd time
    When you make a deathrun video make with fresh please

  • Joanna Mariee
    Joanna Mariee 19 days ago


  • Dj Dr3kk
    Dj Dr3kk 19 days ago

    Absolutely love the creativity that bonus trap tunnel ending though!!

    DGC_ CRYPT1C 21 day ago

    Tell him to make a 3rd map

  • Carlos Leija Jr
    Carlos Leija Jr 21 day ago +1

    My account is cleija1697 can you get me the fish skin

  • Carlos Leija Jr
    Carlos Leija Jr 21 day ago +1


  • Seedless CadosYT
    Seedless CadosYT 23 days ago +1

    The whole video: yOu ArE a BoT!! YESSS, NOOO

  • Ajay Ganesh
    Ajay Ganesh 23 days ago

    This is the best muselk video ever

  • Donovan Barnes
    Donovan Barnes 25 days ago

    How many times muselk called fresh a bot

  • Anthony Cards
    Anthony Cards 25 days ago

    i tried the death run and i didn't die once try do it again but no death

  • Mustafa loco
    Mustafa loco 26 days ago

    6:59 can u jump mann

  • Nifty Nifters
    Nifty Nifters 29 days ago

    What a coincidence
    Mussell editer is the man behind make Barry beat Larry all along with jacksucksatlife shouting him out

  • Colton Ventry
    Colton Ventry 29 days ago

    Muselk says his editor is named jacob...
    Deathrun sign says im larry. Muselks editor

    TSBRYAN Month ago

    21:04 😂😂😂😂😂

    TSBRYAN Month ago

    20:04 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Axle J
    Axle J Month ago

    Can u try to do a new game? Fortnites kinda old i like ur videos just that fortnite is way to difficult to watch

  • FatGiraffe101
    FatGiraffe101 Month ago +1

    6:54 that’s what she said

  • I don't like You
    I don't like You Month ago

    The amount of times he says literally annoys me.

  • Ethan Anderson
    Ethan Anderson Month ago

    first mussels said he's a bot then he says he's a god haha

  • Adian Buns
    Adian Buns Month ago

    A deathrun a day
    keeps muselk insane

  • Sheyla Cerda
    Sheyla Cerda Month ago

    You scream to much ur annoying and a Minecraft default I am not subscribing

  • Brason Denton
    Brason Denton Month ago

    19:40 kinda wanted him to have a mental breakdown. 😂

  • V BTS
    V BTS Month ago +2

    That "GET OUT OF THE WAY" was amazing at 21:20 😂

  • SpiderApples41 -Fortnite,Movie Clips,And Gaming

    His name is actually Larry

  • Ananmaya Singh
    Ananmaya Singh Month ago

    18:22 mueslk damn well knows how to sing

  • triston love
    triston love Month ago

    My stomach hurts from laughing how did u forget to jump that many time the first is understand able but the other time is kinda wacky

  • Thebroskies 420
    Thebroskies 420 Month ago