Mi Band 4 Unboxing & Hands On: IT WORKS GREAT IN ENGLISH!

  • Published on Jun 17, 2019
  • I'm super excited to share with you my quick unboxing and hands on with the Mi Band 4! This is a great fitness tracker that comes at a STELLAR price of just RMB169 (about US$25)! Follow me on my journey as I test out the Mi Band 4 more over time!
    See more pictures on the Mi Band 4 on my Instagram @ LimReviews!
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  • Gurubaran Dhandapani

    I have a doubt, how to put songs in this mi band 4

  • shah Zam
    shah Zam 21 day ago

    Can mi band 4 standart support voice assistance? ... No one demo ...

  • Hans Mik
    Hans Mik 27 days ago

    Hoe can I change the Chinese lanquage in English on the MI band display ?

  • sriram gangadhar
    sriram gangadhar Month ago

    Can we use it without Bluetooth after setting it up initially

  • 8055lg
    8055lg 2 months ago

    Mi band 4 or honor band 5???

    • Lim Reviews
      Lim Reviews  2 months ago +1

      Watch my comparison video to find out!

  • Babita Agarwal
    Babita Agarwal 2 months ago

    Pls tell me about voice assistant plssss

  • Toro NSN Japan
    Toro NSN Japan 2 months ago

    Nice vid, thanks!What is the full name of the app to download from the Apple app store?

    • Lim Reviews
      Lim Reviews  2 months ago +1

      Hello. You'll need to search for the Mi Fit app. Hope that helps!

  • Di Fa
    Di Fa 2 months ago

    How to use voice assistance on this mi band 4 ? Please tell me.

    • Lim Reviews
      Lim Reviews  2 months ago

      It's only available on the NFC version.

  • freeyagiz
    freeyagiz 2 months ago

    Can i change te time and date

  • Farshad Abdoly
    Farshad Abdoly 3 months ago +1

    unfortunately Xiaomi Mi bands Not supported Persian Language And Band Just show ????????
    So some peoples Go and buy honor band 4 in iran becuse honor band supproted Persian Language
    I want To Email to Xiaomi Supprot May Some Day Give us A firmware Update For Our Language

  • Masroor Ellahi
    Masroor Ellahi 3 months ago

    How to turn it on

  • sharm mila
    sharm mila 3 months ago

    I'm not gonna lie, besides the health tracker i did bought this band to receive notifications. But it's kinda disappointing how it only works when the Bluetooth is on, isn't it? And the Bluetooth goes off way too quickly. 🙄 i get it you get to save your battery life, but what's the point of having notifications on the band (which only notify when you connect to the phone via Bluetooth) might as well you use the phone 😂. Well, other than that everything else is great!

    • Lim Reviews
      Lim Reviews  3 months ago

      Hello! No idea why your Bluetooth goes off. Mine is always connected as long as the BT on your smartphone is on.

  • sri ganesan
    sri ganesan 3 months ago +1

    Hello brother I am Indian your videos and continue watching very nice and very clearly explanation

  • Ismail Aqeel
    Ismail Aqeel 3 months ago

    Is this include NFC and voice assistant ??

  • Meryll Santiago
    Meryll Santiago 3 months ago

    Hi guys!!! You might as well want to purchase it at 30%OFF!!! :)
    2019 Newest Xiaomi Mi Band 4 on SALE!!!
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  • Mokhtarone Ben
    Mokhtarone Ben 3 months ago

    you didn't talk about the Google assistant

  • Rinku Mohan
    Rinku Mohan 3 months ago +1

    Is the global version of this watch will supports AI assistant in the English language?

    • Lim Reviews
      Lim Reviews  3 months ago

      Nope! It won’t support English.

  • Bryan Pizano
    Bryan Pizano 3 months ago

    Finally a very good review and unboxing about mi band 4. I'm planning to buy one.

  • Bence Kovács
    Bence Kovács 3 months ago

    Can you turn off vibrations for notifications? I mean silent mode, not DND mode.

  • Tom Cornic
    Tom Cornic 3 months ago

    Did it works in the sea ?

  • Yoshua Indraa
    Yoshua Indraa 3 months ago

    does it have always on display mode?

  • Aditya Gautam
    Aditya Gautam 3 months ago

    Der are rumours that it has voice assistant

  • Jesus Dourado
    Jesus Dourado 3 months ago

    Can anyone tell me whats the difference between the Chinese version with NFC and Chinese version without NFC. The last one is available and cheaper on AliExpress

  • Antonin Villemerche
    Antonin Villemerche 3 months ago +1

    If someone knows how to change the language from the band please tell me because I can't find the setting in the mi fit app

  • James Dacia106
    James Dacia106 3 months ago

    Does it have gps

  • Harsh Vardhan Bhanot
    Harsh Vardhan Bhanot 3 months ago

    Does it have alipay

  • Felicien Van wakeren
    Felicien Van wakeren 3 months ago

    Can you turn on your screen not going out so fast

  • Pentla
    Pentla 3 months ago

    Is is possible to set other language then Chinese from settings menu??

  • Ixac Tan
    Ixac Tan 3 months ago

    Hi. Can you do a short review for the music control function? I cannot seem to get it working. Thanks

  • leimen1990
    leimen1990 3 months ago

    how is the outdoor running workout gps location tracking works?

  • michel mazzek
    michel mazzek 3 months ago

    Is it the same straps in mi band 3 ??

  • Thiago Aragão 046
    Thiago Aragão 046 3 months ago

    My phone is in Portuguese, when I pair my chinese band 4, will my band stay in English?

  • Shira Harari
    Shira Harari 3 months ago

    Can you drop a link?

  • Samyak Jain
    Samyak Jain 3 months ago

    Does it have lift wrist option?

    AR SUNNY 3 months ago

    Do the Mi Band 3 strap fits on Mi Band 4?

  • Krix
    Krix 3 months ago

    Mine do not show notifications, can we solve this problem

  • Ивайло Димитров

    What about the integrated mic ?

  • A F
    A F 3 months ago

    emm one question, can we adjust the sleep/lock screen timer, coz it looks annoying when the screen turned off in just a few seconds and have to retap the screen to wake it up again....

  • Putera Nur Danial Zahid

    where you buy it

  • NYC RL
    NYC RL 3 months ago

    Does it work with WhatsApp notifications?

  • allskoolguru
    allskoolguru 3 months ago

    RM100 only, dirt cheap

  • lester guevarra
    lester guevarra 3 months ago

    Hi! Is there a feature where if you rotate or lift your wrist when you watch your device the screen will automatically on? Thanks!

  • Gaming Platform
    Gaming Platform 3 months ago

    Does it calculates blood pressure and body temperature??

    • Lim Reviews
      Lim Reviews  3 months ago

      Nope it only does heart rates and sleep patterns.

  • red knight
    red knight 3 months ago +1

    Video in English at last!!!! Thank you

  • Spartan Tasin
    Spartan Tasin 4 months ago

    Make a calling review of it

    • Lim Reviews
      Lim Reviews  3 months ago

      Only supports rejecting calls. Not answering them.

  • chuj marian
    chuj marian 4 months ago

    Mi band 4 china version will get the same updates what global version ? What is the differences between them ?

  • Jim G
    Jim G 4 months ago

    Hello. What is the difference between the Chinese version or the global version? I want it in English language, which should I pick up?

  • Patrick Martins
    Patrick Martins 4 months ago

    Did You buy Global Version or Chinese?

  • thsh3s
    thsh3s 4 months ago

    i prefer mi band 3

  • Funky Pritom
    Funky Pritom 4 months ago

    call rejection method??

  • Ryan George
    Ryan George 4 months ago

    Did You buy Global Version or Chinese?

    let me know if the chinese version we can change to english as we use english on phone ..

    • Ammar Izran
      Ammar Izran 3 months ago

      just pair to the phone and it will automatically change to english language

  • S B
    S B 4 months ago

    question - if you've read the message on your phone already, will it be also marked as unread in your band? also vice versa? biggest complaint on my huawei honor band 4 is that.

  • Liad Kojokaro Koren
    Liad Kojokaro Koren 4 months ago

    Does it work with other language? Like Hebrew for example

  • Ivan Chan
    Ivan Chan 4 months ago

    Got blood pressure detection and oxygen level?

  • luckyidk
    luckyidk 4 months ago

    I have a Amazfit Bit and the screen is SO PIXELATED.

  • Fzn
    Fzn 4 months ago

    Great review man, just a little tip from this little fella, you really need to constantly check if the camera is focused on the object that’s in front of it, so we won’t get an unpleasant blur. That’s all, thanks a lot for the content and the information man, keep it up!

  • Ganna Wahsh
    Ganna Wahsh 4 months ago

    Which is better mi band 4 or Honor band 4

    • Lim Reviews
      Lim Reviews  4 months ago

      I prefer the UI of Mi Band 4 but Honor Band 4 is pretty good too.

  • Ankit Singh
    Ankit Singh 4 months ago

    When ever this band launched in India ??

  • Well nas
    Well nas 4 months ago

    If I don't hv xiaomi phone? Other phone can ?

    • Lim Reviews
      Lim Reviews  4 months ago

      Yes. Both iOS and Android supported.

  • petros Tolis
    petros Tolis 4 months ago

    i want to buy the nfc version of the mi band 4. does anybody knows if it supports english ?