Making a Sword with THERMITE!

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  • Usually Thermite is used to destroy things... Instead, I wanted to use it to make something to destroy things with.

    If you have never heard of it -Thermite is a mixture of Iron Oxide (rust) and Aluminum powder. When you ignite it a vigorous chemical reaction takes place which results in liquid iron. Its used industrially for welding metal, the military uses it to destroy enemy equipment, teachers use it for science demonstrations, and youtubers just melt stuff with it.

    I made a mold out of insulating firebricks, and set off the thermite over it to fill it with molten steel!

    David Collier - Thermite Casting

    Bill Gilmore - Lost Foam Thermite Casting
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  • Skyler Vue
    Skyler Vue 10 hours ago

    Instead of dipping the hot metal into water you should try dipping it into I think oil. It will make a better blade and there won’t be as many cracks or air bubbles

  • gosugirl1
    gosugirl1 11 hours ago

    Honestly I love your videos where you just put random molten stuff in water, or you mix two things that you'd never see before, like liquid nitrogen and canned air.

  • benton wahl
    benton wahl 11 hours ago

    My 7yr old William wanted to say thats very cool. I want to make one. We got some learning to do.

  • omegashawn123
    omegashawn123 12 hours ago

    Rip the corn

  • MusicNinjas
    MusicNinjas 12 hours ago

    Was that... A Meijer brand soda!?!?
    Living in or near Michigan by any chance?

  • Abeiss Xel
    Abeiss Xel 13 hours ago

    The new episode of forged in fire is looking good

  • adamvsgaming
    adamvsgaming 13 hours ago

    I want to be smart

  • Maxwell Richard
    Maxwell Richard 14 hours ago

    You know what would be cool? Have you considered putting various (dangerous) substances on fast food?

  • Planet Earth
    Planet Earth 14 hours ago

    You and HackSmith should make a MASSIVE Rube Goldberg machine
    (A machine that demonstrates how potential energy changes into kinetic energy)

  • andrew nelson
    andrew nelson 14 hours ago

    Hacksmith sent me. Glad he did! Subscribed

  • Don quixote Doflamingo
    Don quixote Doflamingo 14 hours ago

    what if you try to make a sword from volcanic sand i really want to see what ingot will produce

  • Classified Gaming
    Classified Gaming 15 hours ago

    Make a thermite powered stove

  • Silentdeath 58
    Silentdeath 58 15 hours ago

    I liked the rocket knife one. So maybe more like that. Kinda like mythbusters stuff that they didnt get to in the reddit special when it ended.

  • Taka Brute
    Taka Brute 15 hours ago


  • JoshIsSofty
    JoshIsSofty 15 hours ago

    So amazing!

  • Brian Powell
    Brian Powell 15 hours ago

    Did you use oil in the fist tank or, like I suspect, water? If you used water then that sword is gonna have stress cracks in it and it's not safe for use

  • Sketch it D.I.Y
    Sketch it D.I.Y 15 hours ago

    I hope you put the remains of the food into a compost bin or something hay that might be a new project idea for you

  • Sketch it D.I.Y
    Sketch it D.I.Y 16 hours ago

    Make an axe with the hack smith that would be cool

  • Andrew Lightbody
    Andrew Lightbody 16 hours ago

    "Don't worry Im not wasting food. It's vegetables."

  • Judah Daniels
    Judah Daniels 16 hours ago

    they should add a thermite sword to fruit ninja

  • Milkthief
    Milkthief 17 hours ago

    Bro! Get that blowtorch away from the thermite!!! I thought you were about to get blown the F up.

  • NatSpec
    NatSpec 17 hours ago

    PLS look to my YouTube Chanel :D

  • Paolo Inverse
    Paolo Inverse 17 hours ago

    well. This was damn cool!

  • awesome sylveon
    awesome sylveon 17 hours ago

    Is it possible to set your hand on fire and not get burned?

  • Hiekeech
    Hiekeech 17 hours ago

    That roast on vegetables tho

  • Daniel Price
    Daniel Price 18 hours ago

    These guys + king of random + Colin furze = something really scary

  • SilverFox 733190
    SilverFox 733190 18 hours ago

    Also watch out with that sword the 1st time it almost look like you almost hit yourself.

  • SilverFox 733190
    SilverFox 733190 18 hours ago

    Those girls are really going to be a scientist// Chemicalist.

  • Retr0
    Retr0 18 hours ago

    can you make a warglave of azzinoth

  • Marko Barukčić
    Marko Barukčić 19 hours ago


  • Marko Barukčić
    Marko Barukčić 19 hours ago

    make thermite launcher pls!

  • Sean Brogan
    Sean Brogan 19 hours ago

    Can it Cut Trough Your nose ?

  • twisted Dymond
    twisted Dymond 20 hours ago

    Good swinging st those oranges at the end esp. for a 5 lb blade

  • JNutter3006
    JNutter3006 20 hours ago

    can you make your own Obsidian?

  • sparkmycharge
    sparkmycharge 21 hour ago

    anyone else pronounce it termite?

  • TheRcManiac77
    TheRcManiac77 21 hour ago

    Super cool!

  • DarkdragonKev
    DarkdragonKev 21 hour ago

    Poor dog :)

  • Kangarewster
    Kangarewster 21 hour ago

    Make Thermite Arrows

  • Johan Liebert
    Johan Liebert 22 hours ago

    "Don't worry am not wasting food it's vegetables" you good bro ?

  • Christopher Vestal
    Christopher Vestal 23 hours ago

    I want.

  • blaze allday
    blaze allday Day ago

    halfass collab

  • Shannon Litzow
    Shannon Litzow Day ago

    Vegetables aren’t food? Wtf?

  • Uchiha Gaming
    Uchiha Gaming Day ago

    smiting and one handed increased to 100

  • İbrahim Boyraz
    İbrahim Boyraz Day ago

    Please do a video with Cody's Lab

  • DoctorNerd
    DoctorNerd Day ago

    You two should make out.

  • BTD Battler
    BTD Battler Day ago

    I turned airplane mode on and chucked my iPad out the window but it didn’t fly

  • Victor Canas
    Victor Canas Day ago

    You shouldn't fruit ninja irl look at what happened to Ryan Higa 😆

  • William Fredriksson

    wow you maneged to stretch this video over 10 mins congratulations *slow claps*

  • JEH Shroff
    JEH Shroff Day ago

    Yo u had a photo bomber at 3:43

  • Amira Lozse
    Amira Lozse Day ago

    "Dont worry, I'm not wasting food,. Its only vegetables"
    Completely in line with my way of life:
    'Meat is my veggies!'

  • robots914
    robots914 Day ago

    What's your dog's name?

  • Doug Anderson
    Doug Anderson Day ago

    Molten metal falling on top of a propane cylinder. Seems like a good idea.

  • orange duck
    orange duck Day ago

    Awww, I wanted to see a sword made out of thermite :(

  • RayMasters03
    RayMasters03 Day ago

    You should do a video with Cody man. Would be so cool

  • King JG
    King JG Day ago

    Lit btw I remember meeting you at usf which is funny cuz I was think about that before I saw this

  • Ken MacMillan
    Ken MacMillan Day ago

    2:24 lastnight's eye shadow is still on your face.

  • Dave Baker
    Dave Baker Day ago

    Sword made of used railway thermite.

  • The Stoned Videogame Nerd

    You should try to make a Battlefield Illumination Shell with the Magnesium ;)
    Take a Cardboard Roll and put a Sparkler Stick inside...then you take Magnesium Dust,add a bit of Arab Gum,spray some water on it and then you stuff it into the Cardboard Roll around the Sparkler Stick.
    It makes not much sense "for Fun"... cause it just makes you blind when you look into... but it would be cool for a Video to see how much would be visible in darkness :)

  • LinKyBoiXyZ
    LinKyBoiXyZ Day ago

    Better than Bill Nye? I think.....

  • The Stoned Videogame Nerd

    Still better then a Katana ;)

  • Ddude121
    Ddude121 Day ago


  • MegaNicmaster
    MegaNicmaster Day ago

    I'm a simple guy, I see the hacksmith I like the video!

  • mysterghost
    mysterghost Day ago

    And he wonders why he get raccoons in on his property

  • Jt Wag11
    Jt Wag11 Day ago

    I like math and science, but too much to fast

  • You think it we make it

    If Therma is 43 percent Efficient then 10 pound should equal 4.3 pounds but his sword weighs 5 pounds explain

  • Aaron Jaska
    Aaron Jaska Day ago

    Work with the blade laying on its side not upsidedown next time you end up with a much better quality sword

  • BlazeDoge
    BlazeDoge Day ago

    not trying to be rude but am i the only one who thinks he looks like glass joe from punch out?

  • Red Alpha
    Red Alpha Day ago

    It's very heavy guys, it ways 5 pounds!

  • csvines21
    csvines21 Day ago

    My 2 heroes in one video 😱

  • Ken Oakleaf
    Ken Oakleaf Day ago

    Spend a little time forging it and you could probably get a decent sword out of it

  • DragonThighs
    DragonThighs Day ago

    When you mix fuel, metal oxide, and metal powder...

  • duhsmersh
    duhsmersh Day ago

    next make a fork using a nuclear explosion

  • anonymous
    anonymous Day ago

    use the metal melter tutorial to learn to make a permanent mold from kingofrandom/grant's channel

  • phil benz
    phil benz Day ago

    uh, yeah and you almost set your propane torch on fire!!! Jeez

  • Phillguy
    Phillguy Day ago

    One of these days, you will kill yourself with one of your experiments and I will laugh.

  • Jonathan Chavez
    Jonathan Chavez Day ago

    -puts the torch next to it all-

  • Jamal Tyrone
    Jamal Tyrone Day ago

    Was Kermit the Frog making a sword today?

  • Wheresmy240
    Wheresmy240 Day ago

    Just realized I'm unsubbed, again. This makes like 3 times i've magically been unsubscribed from your channel.

  • Wicked Damien
    Wicked Damien Day ago


  • Conman PVP123
    Conman PVP123 Day ago

    DONT QUENCH IN WATER!!! It cools the blade too much and makes it brittle

  • Siggy in CR
    Siggy in CR Day ago

    Doing a thermite casting in shorts and no face protection whatsoever. I couldn't believe he just dumped that fuel tank/torch right next to the lit thermite. I wonder how long it'll be before he ends up in the hospital.
    On the up side the idea of mixing in the steel shot seems like a good idea. I wonder what sort of mechanical properties the casting has.
    I seen the jar labeled "magnesium" early in the video. Was the thermite made with magnesium instead of aluminium?

  • Rusty Cats Life
    Rusty Cats Life Day ago


  • chazzops
    chazzops Day ago

    Dont leave the propane torch next to the burning thermite, your gonna blow yourself up!!!!!

    • chazzops
      chazzops Day ago

    • chazzops
      chazzops Day ago

      Very cool etch!

  • FieryWingedAngel

    That's was... A Collab...

  • Sigbjørn H.E
    Sigbjørn H.E Day ago

    awkward af

  • Connor m Mcgregor
    Connor m Mcgregor Day ago +1

    Bet you had fun cleaning up 😂

  • J4CК
    J4CК Day ago

    Its always a good idea to leave tue propane next to fire

  • pml1287 bananas
    pml1287 bananas Day ago

    no why the soda

  • Sai Teja Lakkimsetty

    It looks cool! How well did the blade retain it's sharpness after all that hacking?

  • Simbim
    Simbim Day ago

    He looks like a young trump?

  • LoDo Here
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  • LoDo Here
    LoDo Here Day ago

    Can you put oil on a stove and put an ice cube in it when it is hit because I did it and it started to fry again but the oven was ofd

  • EverythingGuitar
    EverythingGuitar Day ago +1

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I laughed at the dog
    And you probably did too

  • Oh My
    Oh My Day ago

    "why is the bottle of lighter fluid so close?"
     had me dying

    DERPY RAGE Day ago

    How durable is thermite? how much torture can this metal take?

    MANDRAC Day ago

    "i'm not wasting food it's vegetables" my man!

  • kamoco
    kamoco Day ago

    can i have that sword

  • Xavier Girard
    Xavier Girard Day ago

    Next video making a toothpick with a nuke

  • Ryan Williamson
    Ryan Williamson Day ago

    Gluten free flower is actually pretty good. Just saying.

    DERPY RAGE Day ago

    damn mate, you been stressed out or something cause you got some huge bags under your eyes.