Making a Sword with THERMITE!

  • Published on Oct 11, 2017
  • Usually Thermite is used to destroy things... Instead, I wanted to use it to make something to destroy things with.
    If you have never heard of it -Thermite is a mixture of Iron Oxide (rust) and Aluminum powder. When you ignite it a vigorous chemical reaction takes place which results in liquid iron. Its used industrially for welding metal, the military uses it to destroy enemy equipment, teachers use it for science demonstrations, and youtubers just melt stuff with it.
    I made a mold out of insulating firebricks, and set off the thermite over it to fill it with molten steel!

    David Collier - Thermite Casting
    Bill Gilmore - Lost Foam Thermite Casting
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  • ClevelakeFPV
    ClevelakeFPV Day ago

    that is a sexy dh bike in the background.

  • No Akomplice
    No Akomplice Day ago

    That poor dog probably has PTSD

  • No Akomplice
    No Akomplice Day ago

    You look sickly, like you have vitamin deficiencies or are malnourished. Are your fingernails thin or brittle?

  • Mui Chuong
    Mui Chuong Day ago

    Make more vids

  • Mason Martin
    Mason Martin Day ago

    Kevin and James... WHO KNEW

  • Mohamad Zacky Aimar
    Mohamad Zacky Aimar 2 days ago

    well. that rocket fidget spinner is still there

  • Frank Tube
    Frank Tube 4 days ago


  • Frost.x141
    Frost.x141 4 days ago

    Send the sword to zombie go boom and have them test it on an Ivan head

  • Frost.x141
    Frost.x141 4 days ago

    Send the sword to zombie go boom and have them test it on an Ivan head

  • Aeron Matt
    Aeron Matt 5 days ago

    5:30 Propane torch on the ground right next to the burning thermite. what could possibly go wrong?

  • Joey Korsmit
    Joey Korsmit 5 days ago

    Is it just me or does he look really tired in this video

  • Beth Wilson
    Beth Wilson 6 days ago

    U could make a sword or lance that shoots metal slugs

  • Ian Chu
    Ian Chu 6 days ago


  • Pine Tree
    Pine Tree 7 days ago

    When the thermite came near that propane torch you were way closer to death than you may have imagined.

  • BloodStorm Wolf
    BloodStorm Wolf 9 days ago

    "Dont worry im not wasting food, its vegetables"

  • Upwardflame 5
    Upwardflame 5 11 days ago

    collab with the hacksmith but plz make a thermite rocket like x9x9x9x9x9 suggested

  • Jaramiah Cook
    Jaramiah Cook 11 days ago

    Mack a coconut hernias with a lot of gun poutr.

  • Mr. Lol
    Mr. Lol 12 days ago +1

    You're hired. Dm me

  • Yam Tastic
    Yam Tastic 12 days ago

    geeze, now we know who to recruit when a zombie appocolypse breaks out

  • Julian Yee
    Julian Yee 13 days ago

    Vegetable soup have feelings too...

  • Little Brown Girl
    Little Brown Girl 14 days ago

    Can you guys make a vid about how to make a cake without burning your house down??

  • ajstorm3
    ajstorm3 15 days ago

    Your dog was like "oh sh|t!" lol love that sword

  • WingSharky Playz
    WingSharky Playz 18 days ago

    You did not make a video a while

  • Frances Wilson
    Frances Wilson 18 days ago

    he shoulda cut the crap

  • Frances Wilson
    Frances Wilson 18 days ago

    i was sad when he cut the cream corn

  • J & A squad
    J & A squad 20 days ago

    that was sssssssssssssssssssooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool

  • PyroX
    PyroX 21 day ago +1

    Why la croix? That is French

  • Awesome Plate25
    Awesome Plate25 22 days ago

    Your geared up for some sort of a apocalypse.

  • Owen Wolffenbuttel
    Owen Wolffenbuttel 23 days ago

    8:28 Vegans: I'M TRIGGERED

  • Electric Gaming
    Electric Gaming 23 days ago

    Make a thermite gun

  • Quintin Pieterse
    Quintin Pieterse 24 days ago

    "I'm not wasting food, it's vegetables!" hahaha

  • Sweatersaurous Central

    “Don’t worry I’m not wasting food.. it’s vegetables” When you said that I spit out the bread I was eating and starting crying on the floor

  • Fish n' Tomato Sauce
    Fish n' Tomato Sauce 25 days ago

    Forged in Fire

  • devin Geffrard
    devin Geffrard 27 days ago

    Im sick but i just watched your video and now i feel much better

  • Gabe Felix
    Gabe Felix 28 days ago

    8:52 the dog in the back lmao

  • noobie noob
    noobie noob 29 days ago

    Im not wasting food its vegtables

  • S.B MONEY Jr
    S.B MONEY Jr 29 days ago

    That accuracy tho👍

  • IGamerBoy
    IGamerBoy 29 days ago


  • daniel wiles
    daniel wiles Month ago

    Nice mig job

  • Kenny Thomas
    Kenny Thomas Month ago

    welcome back :D

  • Cameron Smith
    Cameron Smith Month ago

    When you play Rainbow Six Siege

  • Michael Fixedsys - Fixedsys Labs

    Don’t mix Mad Science with Man at Arm

  • Tina Rimmer
    Tina Rimmer Month ago

    3:41 leaf was like "he- hey I uhh saw you over here recording uhh can I be in a video?"

  • Oliver Staines
    Oliver Staines Month ago

    Awesome bro

  • TheDreamhulk
    TheDreamhulk Month ago

    It looks more like a short turkish scimitar than sword. Still cool ^^

  • Sean Delling
    Sean Delling Month ago

    That’s a fine cutlass/scimitar

  • Xenon
    Xenon Month ago

    Welcome to goonstation

  • It's Me Toby
    It's Me Toby Month ago

    Samurai Sword | Damascus Steel

  • Charles Birkmeyer
    Charles Birkmeyer Month ago

    I'm pretty sure no matter what kind of flower you use, thermite does not tasted very good.

  • Sir Porg aka EnderDog
    Sir Porg aka EnderDog Month ago +1

    Y do people dislike this?

  • Emil Tony
    Emil Tony Month ago +1

    4:36 IYKWIM

  • saritha mahesh
    saritha mahesh Month ago

    Good videos Kevin

  • ruste shackleferd
    ruste shackleferd Month ago

    Dear backyard scientist please do a video showing the best ways to sharpen a homemade sword/knife?

  • Zack Miller
    Zack Miller Month ago

    How come you cut the pumpkin sideways in the first clip but long ways in the slow mo?

  • VenomousOutlaw __
    VenomousOutlaw __ Month ago

    Oh crap my favorite youtubers together !!! Cool

  • Kyan Rawal
    Kyan Rawal Month ago

    did anyone see a propane blowtorch right next to the molten thermite?

  • ChiaroscuroxX
    ChiaroscuroxX Month ago

    10 pounds of thermite holy faq

  • Leo Xu
    Leo Xu Month ago

    TVclip Unsubed me

  • OOF!
    OOF! Month ago

    the dog ran away

  • No Abortion
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    You seem like the kind of guy I could leave my kids alone with.

  • Lourdes
    Lourdes Month ago

    8:54 THE DOG LMAO

  • Silver Woof
    Silver Woof Month ago

    do crazy ways to pop popcorn WOOF!!!!

  • Vince Kenneth Torres

    The sword can be lighter if the mould isn't too wide and stuff.

  • Sharon Pryor
    Sharon Pryor Month ago

    Water fight

  • Homeboy969
    Homeboy969 Month ago

    That thing is so flippin awesome. It looks a bit like a scimitar.

  • Matthew Chemmala
    Matthew Chemmala Month ago

    43%? I think he meant 42. Coincidence? I don't think so.

  • Dungeon Cat18
    Dungeon Cat18 Month ago

    “Don’t worry I’m not wasting food it’s vegetables” true words my friend... true words

  • Dungeon Cat18
    Dungeon Cat18 Month ago

    The first thing I thought of when I saw that explosion I thought of ‘MERICA

  • Sandra Nash
    Sandra Nash Month ago

    thermit throing knives

  • Mathew Olson
    Mathew Olson Month ago

    The soup flung two inches from you

  • snapnjamin
    snapnjamin Month ago

    you hardened it but did you temper it ?

  • Two guys channel
    Two guys channel Month ago

    Light thermite with his lightsaber

  • Engmate 05
    Engmate 05 Month ago

    The soda can sounded like a gun shot because with soda there can be a lot of pressure built up inside the can

  • Maxy Titan7
    Maxy Titan7 Month ago

    Rainbow six siege

  • savage m
    savage m Month ago

    Is that a stealth bomber 2 in the backround

  • Richard Gibson
    Richard Gibson Month ago

    Anybody else wondering why Walter white bought all those etcha-sketches?

  • Joe Mccusker
    Joe Mccusker Month ago

    Send this to ZombieGoBoom to test against their ivan heads

  • Rahim Basal
    Rahim Basal Month ago

    Chop a watermelon with that

  • Rahim Basal
    Rahim Basal Month ago

    3:48 the leaf

  • Po Op
    Po Op 2 months ago

    It looks like the exile greatsword

  • What’s my Name
    What’s my Name 2 months ago

    “I’m not wasting food, it’s vegetables” lol

  • Ortencia Gil
    Ortencia Gil 2 months ago

    i want that

  • Josh jpsh
    Josh jpsh 2 months ago

    Tbys can make a mechanism and the hacksmith can make the body for a METAL THROWING SWORD!!!

  • Ali_Army107
    Ali_Army107 2 months ago +1

    Fruit Ninja

  • shayaan shaikh
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  • shayaan shaikh
    shayaan shaikh 2 months ago


  • shayaan shaikh
    shayaan shaikh 2 months ago


  • shayaan shaikh
    shayaan shaikh 2 months ago


  • shayaan shaikh
    shayaan shaikh 2 months ago


  • Leonardo Medina
    Leonardo Medina 2 months ago

    What is the ratio to make thermite

  • Th Jons
    Th Jons 2 months ago

    Like id u r watching in 2009 Iam on iPhone 3GS

  • parodies pariah
    parodies pariah 2 months ago

    This was really interesting; good stuff! #LetsDoScience

  • JD Blue wolf
    JD Blue wolf 2 months ago

    Who else felt the flames heat from your device

  • Mohammed Ahmed Masood
    Mohammed Ahmed Masood 2 months ago

    a nerd who is a badass?? never saw one before but this guy is amazing
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  • Daymian Manansala
    Daymian Manansala 2 months ago

    Leaf invasion 3:43

  • Darren Ivano
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    It's not a backyard scientist unless there a watermelon​ harmed

  • Kenneth Stimmel
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  • Tayden Allen
    Tayden Allen 2 months ago

    Is this legal?

  • Evan Rimos
    Evan Rimos 2 months ago

    What happens when you put molted aluminum / magnets and will it stick together?