Scientists EXPOSED Doing Strange Experiments

  • Published on Dec 7, 2019
  • Lots of scientists have conducted strange experiments in the past. Coming up are some unusual experiments conducted by scientits that were very weird.
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Comments • 615

    BE AMAZED  Month ago +138

    Which experiment did you think was the weirdest?
    I'm shocked at what they did to poor doggo.

  • Jim Boslice
    Jim Boslice 22 hours ago

    Decapitatating a fucking dog and keeping it alive is ducking cruel what in the actual fuck is wrong with him maybe he should try that on himself

  • Martin Komínek
    Martin Komínek Day ago

    C´mon......not a single one from Nazi Germany? ...or they´re gonna have their own video, I guess...

  • Dr.Villäinê der Mënace PhD

    The pen is upside down..... Lol!!!!!(7:54)

  • default domination
    default domination 2 days ago

    I knew about mk Ultra before watching this video thanks to film theory

  • Tom Ato
    Tom Ato 2 days ago

    Tuskegee experiment was so fucked up .

  • Tom Ato
    Tom Ato 2 days ago

    Those mk ultra subjects could kill goats just by staring at them!

  • CrazyBeastyBoy 22
    CrazyBeastyBoy 22 2 days ago

    Part human and part pig equals pig man

  • Veda Vathi
    Veda Vathi 5 days ago

    Ok all of em are interesting... Some in a different way... But all of em were creepy

  • Mr. Speaker
    Mr. Speaker 5 days ago

    Wtf was going on with the USSR sientists

  • MaseFace71 McCulloch

    One like is one doggie head saved

  • Luna Azule
    Luna Azule 6 days ago

    Take the Kind out of Mankind regarding those poor dogs. How horrendous those picture were.

  • Brandon Garfias
    Brandon Garfias 7 days ago

    After watching this everything I've learned in here solidifies my belief that to be a scientist is to be a Satanist

  • Brandon Garfias
    Brandon Garfias 7 days ago

    These guys are all burning in hell right now.

  • Brandon Garfias
    Brandon Garfias 7 days ago

    Dr camron was a satanist

  • Brandon Garfias
    Brandon Garfias 7 days ago

    Science is satans verbage.

  • etai feder
    etai feder 10 days ago

    Dont we have enoth racisem in the world

  • Animal Adventures
    Animal Adventures 11 days ago

    The dog one, the person should try it on himself see how they feel. Or just simply not do it at all >:(

  • cucumber
    cucumber 12 days ago

    that flea booty call animation was quite funny

  • Legacy
    Legacy 13 days ago

    The only reason why the dog experiments were possible was because dogs simply don’t possess souls.

  • Menacing Duke 241
    Menacing Duke 241 13 days ago

    Number 1
    Pig humans

  • Sava Lukic
    Sava Lukic 14 days ago

    "No poop scoop necessary", for real?!

  • isbsey
    isbsey 15 days ago

    You don't pronounce the 2 F's in Ffirth. It's just pronounced like Firth. I have a friend whose surname is Ffirth and she would laugh if she heard this pronunciation, lol ☺!

  • Edgardo Miguel Tuzon
    Edgardo Miguel Tuzon 18 days ago +1

    You mean stranger things mkultra i love stranger things

  • Andrew Hardy
    Andrew Hardy 19 days ago

    Yep, one step closer to creating man.bear.pig lol.

  • shaunty hangrus
    shaunty hangrus 19 days ago

    I hope the guy with the dog head experiments goes to hell

  • Deadly Gacha Kiwi
    Deadly Gacha Kiwi 19 days ago

    the dog ones made cry. T_T

  • Shannon Williams
    Shannon Williams 19 days ago

    Yes bc itll scare the war people away

  • Coqsi
    Coqsi 19 days ago

    What's that movie called in the first clip

  • William Tra
    William Tra 24 days ago

    A.... No :)

  • Claude Tigidigidog
    Claude Tigidigidog 28 days ago

    Uh no

  • Army Cat
    Army Cat Month ago

    Nice click bait

    Wait nvm

  • Jackie Matanza
    Jackie Matanza Month ago

    if you see this we pay 999999999999999999999999999999 F's to the doggos

  • Ollycorn 01
    Ollycorn 01 Month ago

    The jokes you make in this video are wildly inappropriate and disgusting. You're talking about cruelly decapitating dogs and you say things like "no need for a poop scoop"?! That is so disgusting

  • Gerardo Iglesias
    Gerardo Iglesias Month ago


  • Krisni Noor Patrianti

    Everyone:eww they are experimenting on dogs😝😨😣
    Me who had just dicapitated a kitten and putting it on a life support:
    * Insert monster university meme *

  • Tom Ray
    Tom Ray Month ago

    It may be speculated that The Roswell, NM incident was related to some of this stuff. The nearby airbase, at that time was experimenting with and developing Rocket ejector seats for the new jet fighters---And was also developing escape systems for the crews of the jet bombers being developed at the time. The Roswell "UFO" may have indeed been an experimental aerodynamic "Crew escape module" prototype for one of the jet bombers.----That may have crashed before being discovered by a local rancher. There is something interesting about the so called "aliens"----Their descriptions and alleged photos match exactly with persons affected by a rare but KNOWN congenital thyroid condition known as "Cretinism"----Short satire, large heads, extra fingers and toes, and often "profound mental retardation" Some of the pics also show HUMAN muscularity and skeletal features---a highly unlikely situation if they were actual aliens from another planet.-------What we are likely dealing with HERE is that the MILITARY was using institutionalized HUMANS , abandoned by their families for HUMAN CRASH TEST DUMMIES. This also explains the "cover up" and very "hostile" treatments of witnesses, which could cause a serious scandal should word get out about this. (The Tuskegee experiments had not been all that long ago previously). Apparently, these unfortunates were being put into the escape capsules , blindfolded with plastic inserts over their eyes (to calm them down) and used to test the survive-ability of these capsules.(which never were used later). Not only were the capsules "Top secret" in themselves, but using living , mentally challenged people in them, as "expendable" test subjects was certainly something they NEVER wanted getting out.-------Turns out the "UFO" and "Alien" Scenario was the perfect cover up that they let stand, in conjunction with denial that the incident never happened.

  • motorheadbread
    motorheadbread Month ago +4

    “No poop scoop necessary” OMG IM FKIN DYING LMFAO

  • Rob Coelho
    Rob Coelho Month ago

    all of them start with bad puns, i love it!

  • Lavalambtron
    Lavalambtron Month ago +1

    If you give scientists free reign most are so cold and ‘rational’ that like psychopaths they won’t care for their victims suffering.

  • yo hommies 21
    yo hommies 21 Month ago

    "Vampire mice"
    Me: what in the fried kuntacy fuck is this

  • TsukiKageTora
    TsukiKageTora Month ago

    The egg one! The one with the people inserting human sperm into chicken eggs

  • PhootPhetishPhilip !

    supposedly Lyme Disease was created by German scientists we brought over here after WW2
    🧷Operation Paperclip 💼 to work on bio warfare ☣
    and the ticks got loose in the New England area .....
    hold on someone is at my door👀 ☝️


  • PhootPhetishPhilip !
    PhootPhetishPhilip ! Month ago +2

    "I got into science to help humanity, not to play God!"

  • Thuson Kuoch
    Thuson Kuoch Month ago

    Never trust the government.

  • Asher Ogbe
    Asher Ogbe Month ago


  • ComDam
    ComDam Month ago

    if a lady sat in the bath that a dog had weed in, can that make her pregnant?

  • DON corleone
    DON corleone Month ago

    You can question the ethics of decapiting a dog but can't question the ethics of killing 130 mens? Typical american

  • wolfie and Emma sister's

    Are not humans cruel?

  • Colonel Mayhem
    Colonel Mayhem Month ago

    Make man bear peag

  • Jeffrey D. Streets
    Jeffrey D. Streets Month ago

    Stop dog cruelty

  • Caden Placencia
    Caden Placencia Month ago

    Don't make a fuck ton of pig humans make one and see how it goes if it can think like us kill it

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  • mosathome
    mosathome Month ago

    Man that guy from the 50s Nazis instead of innocent people

  • Mad Hatter
    Mad Hatter Month ago

    And it benefited Humanity why or with what Justin know that we can put a head on another dog like I said government psycho serial killer cuz I always start off killing animals weirdo

  • Mad Hatter
    Mad Hatter Month ago

    Imagine that we gave him Grant to do this cuz you know it's it's so f****** awesome we're doing that everyday now you know that was pointless research right f****** sicko

  • Mad Hatter
    Mad Hatter Month ago

    Man she did that all for her schooling come on man you still come out in debt oh and massive amounts of student loans but hey you got that ass on that project she fell asleep during the day they said find a guinea pig to somebody else cuz if anything happens to you then the whole research things over come on now I thought you'd be smarter than she was halfway pretty

  • Mad Hatter
    Mad Hatter Month ago

    Absolutely the government is the number one most insane diabolical serial killer ever and they get away with it by saying sorry you're coming up with some nickname to call it all for the love of the government Mass genocide I hope every one of those families take him to the bank but you know how that works out disappeared or Draw it out so long you die anyway straight up but government mass murderer and don't even blink an eye could care less but yet we have to pay taxes still haven't found out where it says I have to pay taxes did you know there's what a million dollars if you can find the law that states that you have to pay taxes like new shitt for real look it up

  • Mad Hatter
    Mad Hatter Month ago

    He showed everybody by eating it putting in his eyeballs never caught the yellow fever but woke up the next day with AIDS the clap herpes last time you swap Spit with a tranxene LOL how about that word throwback

  • Mad Hatter
    Mad Hatter Month ago

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