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  • Lance Stewart
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  • Anthonys and K,J Cools Awesome Vloging Channel

    Audi R8s do not go 1000 miles per hour and plus that’s impossible

  • Lucas Jofish
    Lucas Jofish 4 months ago

    6:43 Bruh

  • vincent Brown
    vincent Brown 5 months ago

    Thats crazy bro

  • Yafavkidz 2x
    Yafavkidz 2x 5 months ago

    Let Stewart

  • Richard Kirk
    Richard Kirk 6 months ago +1

    I turned on the notification and im following u on Instagram

  • Jacobzafosnik150
    Jacobzafosnik150 7 months ago

    the only "hate comment" i have is that lizzy sometimes tries to become the center of attention in time lance is being funny af but i love you both

  • Kat Scott
    Kat Scott 7 months ago


  • Alien Girl
    Alien Girl 8 months ago

    lizzy shut up when you are filming

  • Donald Dump
    Donald Dump 8 months ago

    thx lance for inspiring me to make a yt channel i only have to subscribers do you mind at least subscribing plz

  • Bailey Garberg
    Bailey Garberg 9 months ago

    Geez enough with the stupid fidget spinners it’s gay🙄and your mom seemed really unappreciated when she opened Lizzy’s gift but that’s just my opinion

  • Sandmantis sand
    Sandmantis sand 9 months ago

    hi lance i am a big fan plz look at my you tube channel it is sandmantis i wish you can watch

  • Amber Christensen
    Amber Christensen 9 months ago

    Notifications are on and I have watched every video I have seen on you tube

  • Dragon Blu
    Dragon Blu 10 months ago

    I got your post notifs on

  • martha green
    martha green 10 months ago

    L love lance.stewart but my sister hate lizzy wurst sorry
    But sh does

  • RapHits
    RapHits 10 months ago

    got you bitch

  • Killer Dog
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    I am the only one who caught grams saying what time I’m getting laid and lance said never lmfaoooo 😂😂😂

  • Jessie Barrett
    Jessie Barrett 11 months ago

    That is so sweet of Lizzie to get them two wonderful women presents for mother's day .❤Lizzie you're such a sweetheart❤

  • Wayne Downs
    Wayne Downs 11 months ago

    I got it on

  • Steven O
    Steven O 11 months ago

    Your hair lol!

  • WorldwideTrash
    WorldwideTrash Year ago

    I'm watching ur vlogs from long time ago

  • isaac B
    isaac B Year ago

    I might order a Lance 210 fidget spinner

  • isaac B
    isaac B Year ago

    Sunday sun day sonday son day

  • Isaiah Hart
    Isaiah Hart Year ago

    whats that place you went to eat

  • Deanna Jones
    Deanna Jones Year ago

    I knew it because tanner did it

  • Matthew Vanover
    Matthew Vanover Year ago

    Lance da best

  • Samantha Bridgewater


  • Jeremias Crooker
    Jeremias Crooker Year ago

    Damn that's a nice intro. I can't lie that intro is mad dope. Keep up the good work Lance I'm your biggest fan.

  • Ace5535
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    I am rewatching this vlog and I skipped a little bit and when it was loading the circle was a Fidget spinner

  • Pamela Martinez
    Pamela Martinez Year ago

    Lance can you please stop cussing because I’m getting in trouble so please stop😩😩😩😩😩😩😩

  • Jorge Chavarria
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    I like our audi r8

  • Sienna Pelletier - Morning Star MS (1114)

    14.10 lol lances hair

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  • Savage Vision
    Savage Vision Year ago

    I thought that he would use the revving power to make it spin

  • SilentSlam
    SilentSlam Year ago

    Sometimes when Lance laughs he sounds like the joker from the dark knight

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  • Courtney Heuermann

    You and your Family are Amazing Can you tell Lizzy and Grandma I Said Hi for me Please

  • Legokid311 Gameplays

    Lance ride in a hellcat

  • Sara 14
    Sara 14 Year ago

    He is like a cat

  • LyingBarney
    LyingBarney Year ago

    cool lance how u make the loading screen fidget spinner

  • Ian Loh
    Ian Loh Year ago

    Who else came here from searching the csgo r8 fidget spinner

  • Andrew Parkes
    Andrew Parkes Year ago

    not 1000 MPH

  • Austin Heller
    Austin Heller Year ago

    where can you get the audi r8 diecast model just like he has in the vid with the chrome blue and all? send me the link if you know

  • Maria Flores
    Maria Flores Year ago

    cool cris

  • Ice TrayCvle
    Ice TrayCvle Year ago

    gio got chubby

  • Julian Barnard
    Julian Barnard Year ago

    Hey lance where do you get your nmd's

  • Georgina Oakes
    Georgina Oakes Year ago

    Is it me or did his mum sound and look so ungrateful :/

  • Squilly Deffer
    Squilly Deffer Year ago

    wowww. Do you seriously have nothing better to do with your time? Comparing a god damn fidget spinner with a super car? Where in sam hell did you get this terrible idea? This is an absolute waste of 30 minutes. Fidget spinners and fidget toys in general, were made for people with ADD.

  • angel mendez
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  • George D
    George D Year ago

    Anyone know what song is playing at 9:43 in Sabrina's car? It sounds like something familiar but I can't figure it out lol.

  • ReyesRage 925
    ReyesRage 925 Year ago

    If u put in water is slows down and stops working

  • Lucas Ganzon
    Lucas Ganzon Year ago

    if dogs act like cats!!!!

  • Blake Fowler
    Blake Fowler Year ago

    YEEEOOOOOOOOO!!!! What's up Lance and Lizzy, I've been a huge fan for a long time now!!!

  • Charles Hoi
    Charles Hoi Year ago

    lance do not play the ouija board in the cemetery

  • LRL
    LRL Year ago

    Damn! That first 24 seconds where absolutely beautiful

  • mike 210
    mike 210 Year ago

    it looked like a bullet hole

  • Lowkey JDM
    Lowkey JDM Year ago

    Jesus that r8 is fucking riced

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    i traid

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    Notifications are on boi

  • Tanner Sanders
    Tanner Sanders Year ago

    My dad's vet sounds a lot cooler

  • I got tha jukes 18
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    You're my favorite TVclipr

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  • Gabriel Sanchez
    Gabriel Sanchez Year ago

    You should spin the spinner with your exauhst

  • Hussam Ashaif
    Hussam Ashaif Year ago

    i found out somethin g about the fidget spinner when u spin it stays spinning then spin to the other direction

  • Darth Tater
    Darth Tater Year ago

    Your a bitch.

  • robo 91
    robo 91 Year ago

    there on

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  • GGDaMotoXSavage
    GGDaMotoXSavage Year ago

    Lance, do you know Seth Gaspari from facebook he said he is a big fan. Just wanted to know!

  • Rebecca S.
    Rebecca S. Year ago

    bless you who ever was sneezing in the background before he did fidget spinner vs Audi r8

  • m.j._ huber17
    m.j._ huber17 Year ago

    O O

  • m.j._ huber17
    m.j._ huber17 Year ago

    O O

  • Alex Dude
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  • Aussie Plays
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  • Ann R
    Ann R Year ago

    gio is so ugly and retarded

  • Carlos Gonzalez
    Carlos Gonzalez Year ago

    guys watch faze rug hes better am a fazerat

  • Carlos Gonzalez
    Carlos Gonzalez Year ago

    lance my brother likes your sister

  • Sandi Fattorusso
    Sandi Fattorusso Year ago

    Notifications on!!!!!!!!!!

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  • sabine velic
    sabine velic Year ago

    Ur videos are getting boring as fuck with these stupid fidget spinners

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  • Judd CG
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    I let girls do the blowing part for me

  • Mike Brazil
    Mike Brazil Year ago

    I'm gonna go back there in a couple days before we go back there in a couple of minutes but I'll give you the one you can ask me to tell you that I'll give up to it for you and I will give up and you can make it up for you if I can come back in your time soon or I can come back in and your life is perfect and you will make it up for you a man who cares for your life he said hi there and you will make me happy for me and I hope you all are happy with your family you and me love me your man I hope I don't know what I did for me your man will always have you in your heart I hope he does it all day off and your dad is the best you ever will ever love me and I will always love him for your heart I hope I can come over here in a few hours if he is here to come back in your time soon or your next man you can meet me your dad is a prince I hope I don't know what your heart is gonna do with your dad dad I love your man so I don't have ever seen him in your heart and he came your dad and I don't have ever time for me your dad and dad I will be there in your house for me a long day or a day off again tomorrow or tomorrow I hope your dad will always have to take your a little bit to work with you guys too he will probably have a great time with you and dad your family will always have to take it over and your family and friends are all ready to be here for a long day.

  • Junior Rodas
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  • jack mullan
    jack mullan Year ago

    If your fidget spinner is noisy I have found something out that if you put your fidget spinner up to your mouth and breath hot air on it it makes I quieter

  • Trenchh
    Trenchh Year ago

    Lance can you do a matte red or a matte orange wrap on your r8 just in case you where thinking about changing

  • That Airsoft Junkie

    Dude you have a wrap you can do that it won't heft the paint

  • HJenny Nie
    HJenny Nie Year ago

    I turned on your notifications on

    LIFE ADDICTS Year ago

    Lmao, Lance has a flippin Audi R8 V10 and hes talking to his sister about her wasting gas

  • bradley's vids
    bradley's vids Year ago

    Lance your placing it up side down

  • dejuan mclean
    dejuan mclean Year ago

    every one come watch my vlog

  • Amiria Wimutu
    Amiria Wimutu Year ago

    YEEEEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOO post notifications on and keep up with the awesome work

  • Tina Paul
    Tina Paul Year ago

    I want

  • Kaiden Davis
    Kaiden Davis Year ago

    I want a fidget spinner Lance and tell your grandma I said hi

  • Jenna Ann
    Jenna Ann Year ago

    ur hair is killin me, you are so close! SO CLOSE! keep trying. put more product in ur hair to make it lesss wire

  • Audrey Vlogs
    Audrey Vlogs Year ago +1

    who else that beginning is dope??

  • Nicks Hyper
    Nicks Hyper Year ago

    Happy late Mother's Day Lizzy I know you don't have a kid but you have a dog

  • Atonia Harris
    Atonia Harris Year ago

    I have one it's a white one

  • Linda Hill
    Linda Hill Year ago

    your AUDI R8 is so fuck cool