Jimmy Kimmel's FULL INTERVIEW with President George W. Bush

  • Published on Mar 4, 2017
  • Jimmy talks to President Bush about his parents, Donald Trump's inauguration, presidential impersonations, dating Nixon's daughter, UFO's and more. Plus Jimmy and the former president sketch each other.
    Alec Baldwin on Playing Donald Trump tvclip.biz/video/TYjoSD8bXoQ/video.html
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Comments • 10 383

  • Tuna Cat
    Tuna Cat 19 hours ago

    Bush did 9/11 so he and his friends in the oil and military industrial complex could make money.

  • Jeff Jones
    Jeff Jones 20 hours ago

    he stole the 2000 election. He stole an election and Trump stole an election. why do republicans have to cheat to so often? cuz their ideas suck, and only 65% of the country votes.

  • Exec Style
    Exec Style 20 hours ago

    If u get fooled u can’t get fooled again

  • Craig Rix
    Craig Rix Day ago

    Like him or loathe him but he has a cracking sense of humour

  • nadamasdisponible

    Bush is a terrific guy who just had no business being president.

  • Hani
    Hani Day ago

    The audience know he's a killer and a liar. Invaded Iraq and killed over 500,000 people and displaced millions more and they still cheer for him like god

  • Head Hunter
    Head Hunter 2 days ago

    Time has been very kind to him, he looks great. Yes, people can have different political opinions, however, there's no point in crying over spilt milk. There's always trouble in the Middle East anyway. Enjoy your retirement Sir.

  • Dwayne Johnson
    Dwayne Johnson 2 days ago

    Aw look at the smile of a man that ruined America put it through a depression and called the war a crusade the smile of a snake a devil

  • maga guy
    maga guy 2 days ago

    George W. is the worst nwo puppet ever. a damn fool. maga.

  • UDubFootballFan
    UDubFootballFan 2 days ago

    This also shows Jimmy is the closest to Johnny that we have.

  • UDubFootballFan
    UDubFootballFan 2 days ago +1

    I'd take George W. for 6 years over Trump for 2. And I'm a Bernie Supporter.

  • Seth B
    Seth B 3 days ago

    Good ol' Dubya

  • Andrew LaFreniere
    Andrew LaFreniere 3 days ago

    Should have asked about bohemian grove

  • Scott Stevenson
    Scott Stevenson 3 days ago

    Make a good pair of pricks you 2 do. Sickos.

  • loquesea93
    loquesea93 3 days ago

    He is the biggest terrorist in 21 century! Never forget that!

  • I like all teams but the Slackers

    Love how every 3rd question is about trump

  • Dallas Boring News
    Dallas Boring News 5 days ago

    Jimmy Kimmel is great at drawing!

  • Macey Murrell
    Macey Murrell 5 days ago

    ...haha, I'm not stratergety, "google-it" haha, i'm not there, "I lay in bed".... i know nothing haha

  • Macey Murrell
    Macey Murrell 5 days ago

    NBC is saying.... who gives an "F" now? haha. UTUBE couldn't book them.
    "hairy is just a painter". Netflix is boring DAVE, we just want to be
    alone. NBC is still ur boss. :"SARAH is getting brain-surgery by hank
    jr. Gorden Lightfoot sd "lick my lips" haha. "I'm drunk as MD." haha

  • george otieno
    george otieno 6 days ago

    I'm not American but I think this guy was working for the American people

  • scot soller
    scot soller 6 days ago

    'w' as in ass Wipe is a War Cwiminal. shame on all audience applausers.

  • Senji The Exorcist
    Senji The Exorcist 6 days ago

    Devil worshipper

  • Jd D
    Jd D 6 days ago

    Might be the W in NWO

  • stephen persic
    stephen persic 7 days ago

    Why did Obama give Iran 500 million dollars in cash on pallets off a military plane ? Bush never did that, in fact Obama did a lot of things that were really terrible and unamerican, yet he is considered better than Bush? I don't think so
    See Bush was a great president who loved his country, Obama was a really awful person who was a communist and hated this country and everything good about America, obama went and apologized to countries that were our enemies in WW2, countries that committed horrific atrocities to Americans in that war
    Obama really did ruin our economy and literally print money to spend

  • Byron Harris
    Byron Harris 7 days ago

    That was so PAINFUL to watch. 😑😐🙄😐😑 "cringe"

  • Leon Prigozhin
    Leon Prigozhin 7 days ago +1

    Bush is a great sport, I am glad he is doing well and happy!

    • Leon Prigozhin
      Leon Prigozhin 5 days ago

      +Salim Yemeniyou talking about ISIS killing people left and right? You just keep treating women like cattle, and throw gays off roofs, I know your kind

    • Salim Yemeni
      Salim Yemeni 5 days ago +2

      +Leon Prigozhin yes I'm talking about terrorist. 1.5 million terrorist.
      Well done. You're very smart. Keep it up.

    • Leon Prigozhin
      Leon Prigozhin 5 days ago

      +Salim Yemeni terrorist you mean? Yeah he is very good at that. Specially when those cowards put thier rockets on top of schools and hospitals. Pigs.

    • Salim Yemeni
      Salim Yemeni 5 days ago +2

      Yes he is good at sports, he is very good at hunting and killing childrens. A lovely sport

  • Jake Strange
    Jake Strange 7 days ago

    America misses George Bush

  • Brad M
    Brad M 7 days ago

    Say what you will. I’m a democrat that grew up in his era... he tried his best. He wanted to be a good president. We can’t hate him for trying

  • Maureen McCarthy
    Maureen McCarthy 8 days ago

    Can not stand this man you hate trump yet this is the man that left 911 happen was responsible for the deaths of thousands of American soldiers and god only knows how many innocent people of Iraq a country that had nothing to do with 911 don’t get America he on laughing and joking with all the blood on his hands

  • Buz React
    Buz React 8 days ago +4

    Ask him how he feels after killing 1 million iraqis and 500.000 afghan civilians

    • Buz React
      Buz React 6 days ago

      +Service Tech us is a shithole

    • Service Tech
      Service Tech 6 days ago

      Ask them all how it feels to live in the greatest country on earth.

    • danny the man
      danny the man 7 days ago +1

      +Conor Mumford ask Obama how he feels about doing the same thing before Trump did

    • Conor Mumford
      Conor Mumford 7 days ago +1

      Ask Trump how he feels about keeping Mexican kids away from their parents in metal cages.

  • IL y IR ii c S v2
    IL y IR ii c S v2 10 days ago

    brainwashed america, right there...

  • kross #
    kross # 10 days ago

    Back when republicans still had self respect!!!

  • Chris Partlow
    Chris Partlow 12 days ago

    Seeing that movie VICE u can c who really was running the show. At that time....

  • Cherry Samy
    Cherry Samy 12 days ago

    “Am sure you can understand the artist community wasn’t my base of support” 😂 this guy funny, he basically roasted himself !

  • Lommy
    Lommy 12 days ago +1

    Ha ha ha... so funny. Not. War criminal, you need to be *hanged* for the *hundreds of thousands* of lives lost.

  • Wesley Breznik
    Wesley Breznik 12 days ago +1

    This man is a national F’n treasure and an absolute Alpha male

    JAB ITAL 13 days ago

    I thought he should do some paintings of the aftermath of the bombings that he ordered while killing many innocents. Instead portraits of heros makes me lmao.

  • Zanny Penny
    Zanny Penny 14 days ago

    Jimmy interviewing a terrorist while Americans laugh about it

    The DARKNESS 14 days ago +6

    I think he is really, really, glad to not be President anymore!!!

  • Fernando Saucedo
    Fernando Saucedo 15 days ago

    You forgot who build the space living planet domes

  • Fernando Saucedo
    Fernando Saucedo 15 days ago

    You forgot about John f. Kennedy twin and the year dmx came in. Magic lucky one.

  • Fernando Saucedo
    Fernando Saucedo 15 days ago

    Are you still recruding prisoners and picking up dead bodies doing the frankestein.

  • Fernando Saucedo
    Fernando Saucedo 15 days ago

    Is Al gore you hit man that silly Sidney knows about.

  • Fernando Saucedo
    Fernando Saucedo 15 days ago

    Are you trying too get dmx PHYNX too sign you over xanathoe enterprises or the national kingdoms or the nation of America white houses belonging too me by my builders.

  • Fernando Saucedo
    Fernando Saucedo 15 days ago

    Do you use liquids dmx PHYNX can find that makes you hide your ingredients.

  • Fernando Saucedo
    Fernando Saucedo 15 days ago

    Are you plated in your brain and or body.

  • Fernando Saucedo
    Fernando Saucedo 15 days ago

    Have you been too parkland and national hospitals too check your saliva and pp.

  • Fernando Saucedo
    Fernando Saucedo 15 days ago

    Are you on your street behind the bushes.

  • Fernando Saucedo
    Fernando Saucedo 15 days ago

    Your probably in your studio room under ground near west park up the trails.

  • Fernando Saucedo
    Fernando Saucedo 15 days ago

    Say bush you know me from 0 the heavens or not in outer dimensions I have proof somewhere your family is the murderer of John f Kennedy and don't know who his dad is.

  • building 7
    building 7 15 days ago

    looks like he's worried he might get shot when he comes out !

  • MAG Music
    MAG Music 16 days ago

    “Were you an artist as a kid?” “Agnostic.”

  • martin tanley
    martin tanley 16 days ago

    This was actually a genuinely hilarious interview on both sides especially dubya and his bushism's 😂

  • Arthur Trauer
    Arthur Trauer 16 days ago +1

    I am very impressed with how George Bush Jr. handled himself in this interview.

  • The Galactic Galaxy
    The Galactic Galaxy 16 days ago

    He was actually a pretty good president. He was the right one for the job at the time of 911 and the war on terror. Gore would have freaked and then break. His administration may have gone down hill in the later years of it, but other than that it was good

  • Rocky 36
    Rocky 36 17 days ago

    I’m a Trmp supporter ! This guy is the one everyone should be mad at ....war criminal...him and Cheney both....

  • Ben Rosen
    Ben Rosen 17 days ago

    miss me yet

  • White Van
    White Van 18 days ago +2

    I didn't agree with his policies but he always came across, and still does, as a gentleman.

  • For Real
    For Real 18 days ago

    Lets all clap for the war criminal.

  • Shao Beats
    Shao Beats 19 days ago +1

    i cant believe after all this years he came back laughing and telling jokes as if nothing happening ..... sob

    • Brian
      Brian 18 days ago

      His momma was right that he can't paint, though.

  • Gustav Schnitzel
    Gustav Schnitzel 19 days ago

    Iraq has weapons of mass destruction

  • jacob bell
    jacob bell 19 days ago +1

    two guys walk into a bar. A steel beam falls on one of them; the other goes for some jet fuel to melt the beam. when it doesn’t melt they quickly look at each other and say, « inside job »

  • T Mox
    T Mox 20 days ago

    We haven’t forgotten the atrocities of you and your boss Cheney debutante.

  • Still Alive Studio
    Still Alive Studio 21 day ago

    Bush's laugh is the most contagious laugh ever...

  • John Harbour
    John Harbour 21 day ago

    you would think theyd provide a link in the description for the book

  • Jacob Walters
    Jacob Walters 21 day ago +8

    Honestly, it’s hard to blame Bush for the War in Iraq. Congress wanted it, the Vice President wanted it, the cabinet members wanted it, the American people wanted it, the intelligence agency wanted it, his advisors wanted it, etc. Ultimately, the decision came down to Bush, but what would you do differently? Very underrated president in my personal opinion

    • wx4newengland
      wx4newengland 7 days ago +1

      And like a year later everyone hated it.

  • Ed T
    Ed T 21 day ago

    A gentleman president
    A kind, forgiving audience
    A generous nation

  • Fabb Maxx
    Fabb Maxx 22 days ago +3

    President Bush navigated trough the roughest moments of our history, and managed to keep America safe for the rest of his tenure. On the flip side, the torture, secret CIA camps and GTMO were his biggest mistakes...even though he was surely manipulated into it by Cheney and some other hawks at the white house. He was naive, and that’s a sign of kindness. Always a good man with immigration and stuff. Good man!

  • SmithN' Wesson
    SmithN' Wesson 23 days ago +2

    Wasn't a great Prez but was butter then Obama. Clinton was a better President.

    TAYOTAS 23 days ago

    thats how bush felt 3:12 when the U.S army killed thousands of Iraqi's since 2003 till NOW ;P

  • Crazy 999
    Crazy 999 24 days ago

    Bush bad President but good personality now

  • rock androllman
    rock androllman 24 days ago +3

    barack obama is my favourite prisident all time

  • J M
    J M 25 days ago

    2 terms and two destroyed countries
    Let's applaud him! Still won't beat Stalin's numbers though! Sorry George,Joe gotcha by millions

  • Giorgi Mikeladze
    Giorgi Mikeladze 25 days ago

    Lets see if my comment will get 911 likes

  • TALOS Goat
    TALOS Goat 25 days ago +1

    This dude was not in charge.

    Cheney was the puppet master.

  • Saga Manic
    Saga Manic 25 days ago

    Oh Bushy...how I miss you the most.

  • jim papa
    jim papa 25 days ago

    and they cheering for the war criminal

  • Virginia Lewis
    Virginia Lewis 26 days ago

    This is not the first time that I have watched this interview on You Tube. I love Jimmy Kimmel and I love President Bush #43. I am a Gold Star Mom and love everything about this book and what he is doing with the proceeds. I would love to meet President Bush one day. Thank you, President Bush for being a great person!

  • localguy8
    localguy8 27 days ago

    Trump took the heat off Bush’s back . Bush looked so relief n happy now than before

  • Hussein Ilanloo
    Hussein Ilanloo 28 days ago

    Do u no what’s happening?! nice & funy by de way .. get out here., everyone no wat de hell happening here
    Just get out yo alright 😆😆😆👌
    Nice try 😉

  • Dean L. Strawberry
    Dean L. Strawberry 28 days ago

    He must the most chill guy to talk and smoke a doobiewith..... willy nelson style lol

  • єvєrчday αtrσcítчTM

    9/11 was an inside job. Bush is a puppet. Obama is a puppet. And so is Jimmy Kimmel. Banks control the world. Not the media. Not the government. Banks. Remember that.

  • MrAmir2121
    MrAmir2121 28 days ago

    Will George Bush be laughing when Trump recovers the car Bush dumped in the lake with a dead body in the trunk ? I think Trump should notify the FBI...

  • Tecumseh Sherman
    Tecumseh Sherman 28 days ago


  • OsmXbal
    OsmXbal 29 days ago

    Praising the killer

  • Jarrod Correll
    Jarrod Correll 29 days ago +1

    Aye! I can't say enough about this interview. I didn't vote for the man in either election. That said, he is clearly a good man with an excellent sense of humor. Jimmy, this is by far the best presidential interview that has ever been done. I laughed the whole way through it. G.W.B. You're one hell of a good sport. -RESPECT! Thank you for your service.

    • Rowing Fish
      Rowing Fish 25 days ago

      Bush is a war criminal that started an illegal war that caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians. A war that he knew was based on lies and made-up accusations. His jokes and humor dont change any of that

  • moawia alzahra
    moawia alzahra 29 days ago

    those veterans were giving roses to kids in iraq

  • moawia alzahra
    moawia alzahra 29 days ago

    your next gust should be :Satan

  • Bitter Valentines
    Bitter Valentines 29 days ago

    Goddam this dude now sounds like a genius compared to this dumbfuck we’ve now

  • Sean Oneil
    Sean Oneil 29 days ago


  • Sarah Simon
    Sarah Simon 29 days ago

    I am going to get the audiobook!

  • Sarah Simon
    Sarah Simon 29 days ago +1

    The part that got me was when Bush said, "They're doing fine." Heart wrenching!

  • Matthew Condie
    Matthew Condie 29 days ago +1

    Bush is a war criminal: He spent our trillions to massacre Iraqis

  • Ac Hajee
    Ac Hajee Month ago

    This idiot caused the death of thousands, failed to find the terrorists and caused the biggest financial crisis since the great depression. Keep electing jackasses, see what the results are.

  • Yogendrasinh Rajput

    He is the president who will not have much regret.

  • N Baldo
    N Baldo Month ago

    Never thought i’d say this but i miss George Bush

  • -A-C B-L
    -A-C B-L Month ago

    What no shoe joke?

  • Cody Rush
    Cody Rush Month ago

    Ole W was the best! Kept us safe and would be a great drinking buddy

  • Nico Ledesma
    Nico Ledesma Month ago

    how is he so cool

  • David Merriman
    David Merriman Month ago

    Hes drunk