Jimmy Kimmel's FULL INTERVIEW with President George W. Bush

  • Published on Mar 4, 2017
  • Jimmy talks to President Bush about his parents, Donald Trump's inauguration, presidential impersonations, dating Nixon's daughter, UFO's and more. Plus Jimmy and the former president sketch each other.
    Alec Baldwin on Playing Donald Trump tvclip.biz/video/TYjoSD8bXoQ/video.html
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Comments • 6 957

  • Riddickk
    Riddickk 2 hours ago

    Kimmel looks fool as always

  • Jackson Ong
    Jackson Ong 4 hours ago

    Im sorry but why are people clapping for this war criminal?? has the american population suddenly forgotten about how he manipulated them and all the turmoil he inflicted on his own country and the rest of the world?? smh

  • A Ritz
    A Ritz 7 hours ago

    His laughs are contagious

  • Michael Coatney
    Michael Coatney 8 hours ago

    Class Act.

  • Tony Jones
    Tony Jones 9 hours ago

    He is so fake. Forced laughs all over the place

  • Gul Ramani
    Gul Ramani 11 hours ago

    44 Presidents in 3 Room: George W. Bush as a child was punished to stay in the toilet. Seeing the chaotic, scandelous, unpatriotic happenings in the 3 rooms. George W. Bush does something presidential he retreats to the balcony in the room no 3 and paints the tree there, satellite antennas, other shabby balconies. (copyright)

  • really good
    really good 13 hours ago

    I think he killed this interview, well done

  • MrPrzone
    MrPrzone 14 hours ago


  • M. Angel Renteria
    M. Angel Renteria 14 hours ago

    Dubya was not just a great President, but a great man.

  • S Ss
    S Ss 18 hours ago

    What a charming war criminal

  • Go Bro
    Go Bro Day ago

    Jimmy actually listened

  • ba55letmysoulfly

    What a genuinely nice guy!

  • detailsmove
    detailsmove Day ago +1

    That photo joke is one of the funniest jokes Kimmel's had lmao

  • scott d
    scott d Day ago

    yes alien questions!!!!!
    damnit nothing!!!!!

  • Alex Nemitz
    Alex Nemitz Day ago

    Kimmel is a pure shill and a walking talking billboard for cowardice. He has a war criminal and laughs joyfully during stories of Cheney (a verifiably and truly evil human being) and then blathers constantly about Donald Trumps policies. Liberalism is cancer.

    CODEX Day ago

    *Bones & Skulls*

  • Bernadette Kennedy

    Kimmel's an idiot.

  • Pierry Watson
    Pierry Watson Day ago

    Buhs é um homem maravilhoso , amo ele.

  • Pierry Watson
    Pierry Watson Day ago

    amo esse homem, muito, demais.

  • Bernadette Kennedy

    George Bush Senior and Junior are part of the California Bohemian Club of pedophilia and male prostitution and human sacrifices. Secret Satanic group. As well as Cheney. Creeps.

  • Listen Closely
    Listen Closely Day ago

    Bush is in the satanic secret society of skull and bones and has NEVER renounced it. He placed a dozen other bonesmen in high level positions. He is a great deiciever. The fact that Kimmel likes him is also telling. Unfortunately I didn't find out the truth about this demon seed until after I voted for him 2x.

  • khalidi Hamoudi
    khalidi Hamoudi Day ago

    After fuckin several countries, killing millions, I should be a comedian

  • David 1
    David 1 Day ago +1

    I find it so amusing that Jimmy talks to the president like he talks to children in his kids segments.

  • David 1
    David 1 Day ago +1

    Confused onto which seat to sit in. Idiot.

  • Soyberg 9002
    Soyberg 9002 Day ago

    RIP Barbara Bush😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Raheem Yaseen
    Raheem Yaseen Day ago

    Bush did 911

  • pistolen87
    pistolen87 Day ago

    I like that this goes against the stereotype that conservatives can't do art


    busch maricon asesino

  • James Town
    James Town Day ago

    Trump will never come to Jimmy Kimmel's show

  • gabriel harter
    gabriel harter 2 days ago

    Best President in my Lifetime. Hope Trump changes my mind.

  • Awkward Gecko
    Awkward Gecko 2 days ago

    Yes guys what a Great Interview right ? With the biggest and stupidst mass murderer ! Wow cool

  • Amin Karimi
    Amin Karimi 2 days ago

    nice fun little interview with a genocidal maniac had a nice chat about art huh jimmy

  • Josh Giles
    Josh Giles 2 days ago

    Ask him about Bohemian Grove Jimmy. Maybe at around 9:11 he'll fly his jet into something

  • Josh Giles
    Josh Giles 2 days ago

    Illuminati at their best.

  • Lovie Moon
    Lovie Moon 2 days ago

    This is how awful Trump is. People now like Bush.

  • Rozalita Khamidova
    Rozalita Khamidova 2 days ago

    Make America great again, bush run for president again please. It’s sad really comparing trump to a proper president this man was.

  • desean archuleta
    desean archuleta 2 days ago

    George bush is a reptile!!!!!

  • Marvin Cruz
    Marvin Cruz 2 days ago

    I love bush

  • Christian Tamez
    Christian Tamez 2 days ago

    Man has the same facial expression and giggles of yoda lol

  • Revolution On A Recliner

    Very funny. Great interview. Say what you want about Kimmel but he is a good host if nothing else.

    BLUE DRAGONFLY 2 days ago

    he only killed 2 million innocent women and children

  • Beanadder
    Beanadder 2 days ago

    He might have been a bad president, but he seems like a chill guy. I actually met him a year back, and he was super nice to me. I get the feeling he sorta knows his presidency wasn’t good, and he’s able to make fun of it in a way. The paintings for the veterans is also great. I live in Dallas which is where his library is, so I got to see the actual paintings. Very cool experience.

  • Dan Caucci
    Dan Caucci 2 days ago

    The Clintons are amateur criminals compared to the Bush's

  • An End To White People

    Who would win? 2 big boi towers or one white guy

  • for real
    for real 2 days ago

    Him and his father killed millions.... IGNORANCE IS BLISS!

  • Abu Ilyas
    Abu Ilyas 2 days ago

    Ask what does he think about killing 2million people in Iraq?

  • Justin Perrotta
    Justin Perrotta 2 days ago

    Bush paints and celebrates fallen heroes, perhaps he should start painting the towers he took down.

  • flower bloom
    flower bloom 2 days ago

    Wow I’m surprised he actually didn’t age so much
    And while obama had 8 years after him

  • Kak Hond
    Kak Hond 3 days ago

    Really enjoyable

  • jonathan elshire
    jonathan elshire 3 days ago


  • Jonny Ogg
    Jonny Ogg 3 days ago

    i guess i like george bush now.

  • Buck Perc
    Buck Perc 3 days ago


  • DaniG
    DaniG 3 days ago

    Bruh why was this on autoplay after the Kanye West interview vid 💀

  • zbestman1
    zbestman1 3 days ago

    George Bilbo Baggins!!! LOL

  • Mr. Vape
    Mr. Vape 3 days ago

    Total stoner for sure. :)

  • Danny Mullen
    Danny Mullen 3 days ago

    It's strange Jimmy rips Trump, but has on Bush who's like 10x more evil than Trump will ever be. How many civilians died in Iraq for no reason? 160K?

  • Soul Survival
    Soul Survival 3 days ago

    Nukes in Iraq..

  • Mohamed yusuf
    Mohamed yusuf 3 days ago

    Only in America is a war criminal invited to comedy tv shows 🤔

  • Pitufo Fucked yo momma

    ShoutOut to Bakersfield Bruh

  • Mitchell Baker
    Mitchell Baker 3 days ago

    If you see any comments here critical of Bush safe to say they're Trump supporters. Lefties love Bush now.

  • Reggie khan
    Reggie khan 3 days ago

    A phuckin tyrant n a puppet..hope he d.... Miserably

  • Kamari Woods
    Kamari Woods 3 days ago

    Stay out of office...in no shoe will fly.

  • Jonathan Johnson
    Jonathan Johnson 3 days ago

    I like bush, from a personal perspective

  • Wes McGee
    Wes McGee 3 days ago

    I knew one of his ss agents. He said that GW was very considerate of the agents especially at Christmas

  • Little Geoff
    Little Geoff 4 days ago

    Jimmy Kimmel is a hypocrite he acts all left wig now and like he cares about women but he is a bigger pig then trump and bill Clinton put together dose any one remember his old show the man show watch it and then you will see here is a short review to remind everyone Grab a beer and drop your pants send the wife and kid to France It's The Man Show Quit your job and light a fart Yank your favorite private part It's The Man Show! It's a place where men can come together Look at the cans on this chick named Heather Juggy girls on trampolines Time to loosen those blue jeans It's The Man Show! The show celebrates all that is manly, from beer to women to porn, and though is at times less than tasteful, never takes itself seriously and does everything tongue and cheek along with a wink and a smile.

  • Heyy Im Max
    Heyy Im Max 4 days ago +1

    He should have asked if he caused 9/11

  • Daddy Dom
    Daddy Dom 4 days ago

    Evil illuminate bastards

  • Demented One
    Demented One 4 days ago

    why tf is he on tv? he should be in jail.

  • benny finnigin
    benny finnigin 4 days ago

    Not gonna lie, this old fart is actually aging really really well.

  • jen jennifer
    jen jennifer 4 days ago

    My first question would have been “Mr Bush, can you say nuclear for us”..lol 😂😂 Im assuming Bush had a writer/pre proof reader/proof reader, for his”book”..😂

  • Jake Taylor
    Jake Taylor 4 days ago

    Do you guys not remember how hated this guy was when he was president? The wars he started. The signing of the patriot act.
    And this is the conversation we're seeing?

  • wessi jetmore
    wessi jetmore 4 days ago

    thats not the point... a mans lif was lost... and we are making jokes.. not ok

  • fat white guy
    fat white guy 4 days ago

    Ppl called him a war criminal... and now y’all like him... jesus what will y’all say about trump in 8 years.

  • chilo31416
    chilo31416 4 days ago

    Seems like a nice guy. To bad so many people got slaughtered due to his decisions.

  • Ryan Cavanaugh
    Ryan Cavanaugh 4 days ago

    Lol..."went" home...

  • Humble1
    Humble1 4 days ago

    Bush is a real life south park character

  • Humble1
    Humble1 4 days ago

    This is the guy that said there were wmds in iraq, and killed millions of people, and found no wmds, and than stole all the oil reserves and riches in iraq and got away with it. America baby. Land of the free, and the home of the brave.

  • Riçk R
    Riçk R 4 days ago +1

    At 0:31 I knew the interview would be epic! Bro.. I been loved Bush. Not as Pres but as a mans man.. how can you dislike the guy?

  • Felicia Bye
    Felicia Bye 4 days ago

    God, I really have a new found respect for Mr. Bush after watching this interview! Especially considering who our current President is.

  • Jurek Ogórek
    Jurek Ogórek 4 days ago

    Carter has actually written over 30 books. Clinton ran his crooked foundation. Meanwhile GW does a painting book. What a pathetic joke this guy is. And for the record I am not a Democrat.

  • Yusef Seyam
    Yusef Seyam 4 days ago

    Sadly I miss bush being president over having trump in the office lol

  • Bond skyfall
    Bond skyfall 4 days ago +1

    A disgrace of Yale proportions.

  • derek LYONS
    derek LYONS 4 days ago

    Thanks for 9/11

  • Drippy
    Drippy 4 days ago

    I’m not defending bush but y’all actling like if bush wasn’t president 9/11 and Iraq wouldn’t have happened he was just a puppet lol it’s The people behind it that should have been blamed bush would’ve been replaced if he denied any order

  • TeUri MIA
    TeUri MIA 4 days ago

    Lock him up lock him up :D!😆👏

  • Chazzie137
    Chazzie137 4 days ago

    5:48 "Damnit, this happens every time he opens his big mouth on TV, call the Rothchilds and get him the hell outta there!

  • Craig Law
    Craig Law 4 days ago

    People now think this guy is better than Trump? USA citizens are retarded

  • Robert dobbs
    Robert dobbs 4 days ago

    Aint praising cocaine national guard... But god damn you puppet. Sickening. If there is hell, Kimmels got a guaranteed spot.

  • Cian Allen
    Cian Allen 4 days ago


  • BMWg84
    BMWg84 4 days ago

    W was president during Katrina, Iraq, Afghanistan and 9/11

  • oopscanada
    oopscanada 4 days ago

    Bush is funny!

  • Kay Muldoon
    Kay Muldoon 4 days ago

    Hard to believe that most people like him now, including myself. 😱
    Never realized he has such a great sense of humor, too.

  • Matty Natural Horsemanship

    THIS is how you know that a president ISN'T really president and they have zero control. It SHOULD always be up to the president if he wants to tell a top secret or not. He should be allowed to tell his kids. Its weird that people at the top actually tell the president what they can and can't tell their own family. That doesn't sound like "the leader" to me. Obama said the same thing. He said "the truth is they will never allow me to say anything" I want to know who is "THEY"

  • Matty Natural Horsemanship

    I use to love Bush but man he's like a liberal now. Trump really could've used his help with some things. I wish he was on talking terms with him and helping him out. I'm 100% on Trump's side but Trump did make a few mistakes like talking about the "crowd size" and if Bush was trying to help him he could've gone without those errors.

  • The Black iNtrovert
    The Black iNtrovert 4 days ago

    How soon they forget...

  • Jojo Joseph
    Jojo Joseph 4 days ago


  • jeff bauer
    jeff bauer 4 days ago

    The greatest President who ever dodged a shoe !

  • James Blades
    James Blades 4 days ago +10

    I'm sorry, but am I in the matrix? Cheers and claps for this famous moron? Cabalist, responsible for deceiving and attacking his own country, invoking war across the planet and untold other atrocities and here he is being cheered for some bullshit art book ... Wow.

    • James Blades
      James Blades 7 hours ago +1

      +Michael Coatney Love it when idiots like you make an attempt to look smart. Back to the trailer park now, Daddy/Uncle wants some loving.

    • Michael Coatney
      Michael Coatney 9 hours ago

      AMAZING your cerebral capacity allows for the ability to type cohesively, in addition to assembling asinine theories, what with all of the coke, meth, "special" Kool-aid, etc. abuse on top of your room-temp IQ, Nanny Blades of the Basement. SAD.

    • James Willow
      James Willow Day ago

      hahahaahaa oh but if he was a liberal your tune would change so effing fast

  • marnie weatherup
    marnie weatherup 4 days ago