Film Theory: How Game of Thrones SHOULD End! (Game of Thrones Season 8)

  • Published on Apr 14, 2019
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    There are a LOT of theories out there about how the final season of Game of Thrones is going to end. This is the big moment that we've been building to for years! Everyone wants to be the first to guess the right answer... except me. You see, this is not a theory about how Game of Thrones WILL end. No, after looking through all of the episodes, the foreshadowing, the metaphors, the themes, and EVERYTHING else - this is how the battle for the Iron Throne SHOULD end. Are you ready to know the TRUE answer?
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    Writer: Matthew Patrick
    Editors: BanditRants and Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick
    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman
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Comments • 8 051

  • Moses Maneesh
    Moses Maneesh 13 hours ago

    The Lannisters didn’t kill Jon Arryn, it was his wife who poisoned him

  • Kevin
    Kevin Day ago

    In a sense, this theory holds up pretty well. The title of kings are no longer passed down trough generations, most houses continue to operate as a unit, and most importantly, Cersei dies.

  • TheGamingMobile YT
    TheGamingMobile YT Day ago +1

    Well so your telling me Jamie Cersei Sandor Gregor Daenerys Jorah Lyanna Ed Theon Euron Beric Catelyn Joffrey Mace Tommen Mace Margery Kingsguard Stannis are all dead well based on this it seems like the characters that died have done something bad in their life excepts for Lyanna Ed and Sandor Tommen Mace.

  • Admiral Xizor
    Admiral Xizor Day ago

    I thought that this was a horrible idea... until I saw the actual Season 8. Now it's genius.

  • Neo
    Neo 4 days ago

    Do a follow up now the series is done and dusted with all its drama.

  • João Fernando
    João Fernando 5 days ago

    The show just ruins Jon Snow, the White Walkers, and Daenerys.

  • Rosani Rodrigues
    Rosani Rodrigues 7 days ago

    You put too much faith in Dumb & Dumber.

  • Otto Bangsgaard
    Otto Bangsgaard 7 days ago

    Olenna killed joffrey. Not littlefinger.

  • Yourbeautiful666
    Yourbeautiful666 8 days ago

    Danaerys died, so I’m happy about it.

  • blah blahblah
    blah blahblah 14 days ago

    They forgot to mention that targaryeons (don't care to spell the name) dragons we're both killed by her pride.
    I liked how it began with the starks and ended with the starks. I wish film theory would re analyze that from that perspective.
    I liked how the story ended because the most honorable became the leaders. They did their best to be honorable.
    Jon snow was against killing for power and ruling out of fear. You see that displayed in early episode.
    The themes I see are honor in an un-honorable world. Love between family. And to rule out of respect. Not fear.
    Starting out with Jon snow.
    He didn't want to become any leader. But people respected him.
    Targaryeon decided to rule out of fear when him snow wouldn't marry her or be with her. And she did. She struck fear into many when she burned everyone alive.
    The change is subtle but her turning into the mad queen reveals itself slowly throughout the series.
    Back to Snow. He was against killing for power (not in battle) and ruling out of fear. Hence aryas warning. " I know a killer when I see one"Aryas talking about killing for power. Assinating. Not in battle.
    So Jon Snow was conflicted. Not only did he love Tagaryeon. But he did not want to assasinate. It goes against his morals. But if he didn't kill her she would've been the new mad queen. For certian.
    Even her dragon didn't burn stark for killing targaryeon. The dragon burned the throne which drove it's mother mad.
    Snow explains he regrets for his actions.
    I like hiw it ends because it ensures peace among all the lands. Because the stark family loves and respects eachother.
    Snow is probably going to become leader of the far north. Sansa is queen of the north. Brahn is the king and arya is most likely going to become a leader in uncharted lands.
    I like the entire series because they killed off most of the honorable family. (And the starks we're honorable for the most part).
    That led you to believe ANYTHING could happen lol
    So you went on this ride of a story.and it was exciting.
    But cleverly, it ended well. Ended were it began with the starks. It was a happy ending with the most possible way for peace.
    I kind of suspect that a lot of people might've been distracted with T and A to understand the full story lol

    • blah blahblah
      blah blahblah 14 days ago

      I also want to mention that the battle against the white walkers was so stressful lol I don't get how people are disappointed.
      I honestly the white walkers had a chance to win so I was freaking out.
      I thought for sure many of my fav characters died.
      It was a frightening battle. And it displayed how the entire world would be engulfed if they lost.
      That battle was for the world. Because if the white Walker's won that one. There would be no chance for the rest of the world.
      That's what made it is frightening.
      And there was literal raining bodies and blood.
      I don't know about you all but that episode was stressful.
      I was relieved with the characters when that war ended. Lol

    LONG LIVE LIBERTY 16 days ago

    Anyone here thought the end was disappointing? No? Just me? Ok.

  • BlueBerryFairy1
    BlueBerryFairy1 17 days ago +1

    D&D: *watch theory* Ahh.... too complicated, just like the others. We should write the finale already, the first reading is tomorrow ... *toast with whiskey*

  • funkeedarin
    funkeedarin 18 days ago

    When it came to the White Walker threat, one of my favorite moments came from Davos Seaworth. When he tells Denaerys, "If we do not put aside our enmities and band together we will all die. Then it doesn't matter whose skeleton sits on the Iron Throne". (Spoiler) Shame the Night King and White Walkers got offed just 3 eps in. Would have been better if they remained the final big bad of this story instead of Cersei/Dany...

  • K H
    K H 19 days ago

    Brandon should have won, you never see him be proud once.

  • jack brosius
    jack brosius 21 day ago

    My cannon ending Martin comes in and thanos snaps everyone and drops the last 2 books

  • Naterra
    Naterra 23 days ago

    I would have been much more satisfied if that was the ending. Your theory is waaaaay better then what we got!!

    • Flurry Heart
      Flurry Heart 19 days ago

      I'm not a GoT watcher just a game/film theory addict, could you give me a tldr of how it ended. Thanks

  • Max Caulfield
    Max Caulfield 23 days ago


  • Terell Chapman
    Terell Chapman 24 days ago

    19:34 Bran?

  • Danika Markulik
    Danika Markulik 25 days ago

    You are a savior

  • Kiaske
    Kiaske 26 days ago +3

    Man you could compare the white walkers to climate change here..... people too busy caring about other shit to care about the real threat... in the context of this video though since we all know what happened to the white walkers...

  • Deborah Kogan
    Deborah Kogan 28 days ago +1

    Excellent! It didn't happen that way, but thematically your ending fits much better.

  • Pill.ustrations
    Pill.ustrations 28 days ago

    The lannisters didn't kill jon arryn
    This is a cool ending tho, on point with game of thrones unpredictability.
    The actual one was unpredictable too but in the worst way possible. They couldve made more seasons and told the story properly.
    Shame they ruined such a wonderful saga.

  • Francis Ong
    Francis Ong 29 days ago +1

    ok,t his theory is way better than the show itself. I know it's kinda late, but I just had to say it.

  • Abby Kersh
    Abby Kersh 29 days ago +1

    maaaaaaaaan i would've much preferred this ending

  • jasono921
    jasono921 Month ago

    Whoops whoopsy

  • Mr. Loaf
    Mr. Loaf Month ago

    That would have been pretty cool but instead we got... *vomits* that

  • Andrea Holt
    Andrea Holt Month ago

    Lol comment F to pay respects.

  • Hugo Azevedo
    Hugo Azevedo Month ago +1

    Peter Baylesh order Lysa Arryn to poisen her husband, it was not the lanisters

  • Iris white
    Iris white Month ago

    But that ending also says that everyone deserves to die because their not perfect, I do agree that everyone is extravagant, but some of them who weren't still suffered because their nor perfect. I just don't really agree with that ending, but it is just a theory...

  • Pepsibente
    Pepsibente Month ago

    This is a masterpiece! Thank you!
    And so good to finally hear someone having noticed how boring til Greyjoys are :-)

  • WYX
    WYX Month ago +1

    And instead of a meaningful ending that teaches us a lesson, we get one that is too rushed and makes no sense.

  • paul b
    paul b Month ago +1

    The irony of the thumbnail lol the king of the six Kingdom's and the Queen of the North are missing. In fairness nobody seen that shit coming

  • Hemsingh Panwar
    Hemsingh Panwar Month ago

    Littlefinger had lysa put tears of lys in jon's drink thats how he died jamie didnt kill him do your research

  • crach the terrible
    crach the terrible Month ago

    Did this man just disrespect Stannis and Greyjoys at the same time?

  • BlackRabbitAbyss Freak

    I will come back after reading all the books... Ah damnit!! I want to see this so bad. Bad spoiler instincts!!!

  • Clara Kury
    Clara Kury Month ago

    Fuck daenerys

  • kohl cooke
    kohl cooke Month ago

    lol when I first heard of this series I thought it was like a midieval-themed reality show-sequel battle with tons of people fighting for a throne. I was so wrong and yet sort of right

  • Mr BlueSky
    Mr BlueSky Month ago

    MatPat- The White Walkers will wipe out everyone.
    Arya- Im about to end this man whole career...

  • Khara Gillock
    Khara Gillock Month ago

    Who would want to sit on that thing

  • Mejo Majonez
    Mejo Majonez Month ago

    You should rule westros.

  • American Gadfly
    American Gadfly Month ago

    This IS how it should have ended

  • Old News Vids
    Old News Vids Month ago

    I wish it NEVER had to be season 8... for my own sanity

  • Ki-Sean Excell
    Ki-Sean Excell Month ago

    This isn’t wrong, and I really do think out of all the storylines that was most betrayed was definitely the Army of the Dead and the Night King. However the story that they went with was a good one if you really think of it, but it was just executed poorly. We still have hope in Martians version though. Pray we get some satisfaction with that.

  • Courtnay Stinson
    Courtnay Stinson Month ago

    You should do one about how many people dexter has killed.. I cant be only person who wants to know

  • Devansh Trivedi
    Devansh Trivedi Month ago +1

    It sound much better then actual season 8

  • Modernday Knight
    Modernday Knight Month ago +1

    got is about the war of the roses

  • Trisha Reddy
    Trisha Reddy Month ago +1

    I assume this is how Martin wants to end the books, especially considering white walkers are representative of global warming. It’s too bad that by the time the last book comes out, global warming will already wipe us all out

    • Moneal Richards
      Moneal Richards Month ago

      He said that the books will end the same way as the show but the journey to get Thier will be different remember 3 books remain

  • PanGemno
    PanGemno Month ago

    And then eagles come in.

  • • Dismissed •
    • Dismissed • Month ago

    THIS WAS THE FINALE I ALWAYS WANTED!!!! either I watched too much FT or we are the same person

  • Nate Morey
    Nate Morey Month ago

    Mance didn't die for pride I hate that smear. He would have bent the knee except his people would then not follow him making it pointless.

  • Nate Morey
    Nate Morey Month ago

    Hear me roar is technically the official motto tho....

  • Daddy Garrosh
    Daddy Garrosh 2 months ago

    I will always be salty that my boy The Night King didn't win.

  • Jaime Lannister
    Jaime Lannister 2 months ago

    the lannisters killed jon arryn? nope, it was lysa tully, she said it herself!!!

  • GJ Studios
    GJ Studios 2 months ago

    I don’t even watch GOT, but from that end credit scene from Hobbs and Shaw I know it was completely different

  • Don Enrico Saliganan
    Don Enrico Saliganan 2 months ago

    The Night King should've been the last main villian that would've pushed the lions, wolves, and dragons into hell's door until they worked together to fight him. The bittersweet ending would've been the destruction of everything and the survivors rebuilding a new kingdom. Samwell would've had the most plot armor because someone needs to tell the history why the 7 kingdoms were destroyed in the first place.

  • No Name
    No Name 2 months ago

    unfortunately it was lysa that killed jon arryn and sweet robin might be petyr baelish's child

  • Snowy Ōkami
    Snowy Ōkami 2 months ago

    I thought Lysa and Petyr killed Aryn?? Did Lysa literally admit to it before he shoved her down the moon door???? Cercei and Jaime didn’t actually do that??

  • MFN Jessiah
    MFN Jessiah 2 months ago +1

    Wish you could have done one on the Peter baelish =not dead= bravos theory
    It sounded completely idiotic but would have been a brilliant twist that could've turned the finale into epic and fit well enough to make the writing intentional and almost as brilliant as the former twists. I never liked baelish but he may have been the one character believable enough to answer all the unsure narrative twists in the narrow cinematic timeframes. Even if we would disagree I know you'd find some parallels interesting.

  • Lucas
    Lucas 2 months ago

    ASOIAF will never end like this. It’s meant to be bittersweet and this ending is too cynical for that to happen.

  • Fire Hawk
    Fire Hawk 2 months ago

    Wish the White Walkers won!