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  • Muselk
    Muselk  3 months ago +1592

    Cant wait to try some troll strats in Getaway!

  • Isaiah Cortez
    Isaiah Cortez 2 days ago

    If I'm not mistaken at 4:25 the guy he kills around that time had the Lama

  • Ott Einassoo
    Ott Einassoo 3 days ago

    I liked getaway soo much! ♠️♥️♦️♣️🎭 And i got this skin♦️

  • dani pruzan
    dani pruzan 5 days ago

    U walked paced a llans

  • Chantip Chea
    Chantip Chea 9 days ago

    What drum gun?

  • James Daboss
    James Daboss 12 days ago

    Season 7 anyone like if u r

  • Somarr Hosten
    Somarr Hosten 18 days ago +1

    Miss this game mode😩

  • Ty Noga
    Ty Noga 28 days ago

    Who dies in 15 seconds in this mode 😂😂😂

  • Ty Noga
    Ty Noga 28 days ago

    I hate this mode

  • GtDerp YT
    GtDerp YT Month ago


  • Nzeru Socia
    Nzeru Socia Month ago

    The last part by LUFU is called KARMA ! XD

  • chloe barajas
    chloe barajas Month ago

    what the f kath

  • B Gutowski
    B Gutowski Month ago

    Screw off loserfruit

  • SuperMarioAdrian
    SuperMarioAdrian 2 months ago

    Getaway ltm was fun. I hope they add it back eventually to season 6

  • Elizabeth Jacobs
    Elizabeth Jacobs 2 months ago

    The end got me laughing my butt off so hard

  • Jamie Donnell
    Jamie Donnell 2 months ago

    You are shit

  • Sana Junaid
    Sana Junaid 2 months ago


  • Sana Junaid
    Sana Junaid 2 months ago


  • Arshad Rahman
    Arshad Rahman 2 months ago

    Lachlan is better than muselk

  • The Noob
    The Noob 2 months ago

    7:14 top 10 anime battels

  • Moldycyclops 03
    Moldycyclops 03 2 months ago

    good games muselk luv ur vids your my favorite youtuber...keep up the good work

  • WorkForIt HD
    WorkForIt HD 2 months ago

    13:35 i wuld rage an leave the game if some of my friends did this to me

  • Caroline sAM
    Caroline sAM 2 months ago


  • Caroline sAM
    Caroline sAM 2 months ago

    I hate u

  • Elite Clone kid
    Elite Clone kid 2 months ago

    There was bandages

    LITNINJA 2 months ago

    Nice, way better than my clip

  • Jessica Anderson
    Jessica Anderson 3 months ago

    try again

  • Christian Maniscalco
    Christian Maniscalco 3 months ago

    R.I.P drumgun

  • Minion_Hannigan 04
    Minion_Hannigan 04 3 months ago

    Muselk can you give me a redeem code so I can join you plz. Google app store...

  • Levi Tbul
    Levi Tbul 3 months ago

    Friend me my name Fortnite DanielLiamyali

  • GamePlayKing
    GamePlayKing 3 months ago

    anyone else notised that in games 1 and 2 he got a scar

  • Dabcat 100 yt
    Dabcat 100 yt 3 months ago

    Shoot the the plunger gun to the getaway bus 🚎

  • Marlon Garcia
    Marlon Garcia 3 months ago

    Find the diffrence

  • Alpha_Starx
    Alpha_Starx 3 months ago

    That default haf the llama

  • Breezyyy
    Breezyyy 3 months ago

    Me and my friends played a full game of highstakes and we got 43 kills in total and we had 5 llamas but they were only 4 of us but we still won we danced at the end and we won :D

  • Eric Garcia
    Eric Garcia 3 months ago

    Stop playing fortnight.😎

  • yasmin lovett
    yasmin lovett 3 months ago

    You should make a video to see how long you can last in the storm with a lama on your back

  • Making Real
    Making Real 3 months ago

    screw your team mate

  • Dylan McDade
    Dylan McDade 3 months ago


  • The Moose Man Bird
    The Moose Man Bird 3 months ago

    Rip drim gun

  • Broken-salt 314
    Broken-salt 314 3 months ago

    What’s your kill record??

  • The Gamin’ Bros
    The Gamin’ Bros 3 months ago

    911 dislikes on 9/11 Illuminati confirmed

  • Nickle Pickle
    Nickle Pickle 3 months ago

    I think I spent more time looking at his ping than the video!

  • crazyman0005
    crazyman0005 3 months ago

    so much love for Cath for doing that :D

  • Cambridge Butchers Cousins

    Who saw green semi 0010

  • hungry child from africa

    why are there so many adds in a 14min vid? you move on to every trend. overwatch became popular you moved on to it fortnite became a trend you moved on to it how does he have a fan base when he is just money hungry.

  • RubberusDuckus
    RubberusDuckus 3 months ago

    Got my first solo squad Getaway last night. My squad died in about 15 seconds, so I was left solo. I grabbed up the silenced weapons, as I've found them to be particularly useful in this mode. I stalked people with the llamas, shooting them slowly over time and concealing my presence (yes, I'm cowardly vs 5 - I'm not good enough to do a 2v1, let alone a 5v1.
    Once their team started building, I would place a bullet or two in the lower parts of their towers. There was another team they were fighting, so I waited them out, popping them for low numbers, whittling them down slowly. Once they were about to complete it, I shot out their platform. They were the last remaining team, so I scooped up their dropped llama and delivered it. Is it the most honorable way to win? Perhaps not but a win is a win. The bonus for the win was worth it...

    ZZEDD MAIN 3 months ago

    Yo can i play fortnite with u? Because u are so pro when u play on ur pc i play on mobile so i semi-pro

  • Nathan Emmins
    Nathan Emmins 3 months ago

    That lama was there

  • Bboy Soku
    Bboy Soku 3 months ago

    Best betrayal eva

  • looch
    looch 3 months ago

    I played getaway once and my team got the diamond and got to the van with not so much as ones shot to us. Lol.

    THE GAMER 3 months ago

    not trying to assume but are you and loserfruit dating

  • Anthony Garza
    Anthony Garza 3 months ago

    You should she what would happen if nobody wins high stakes by making sure nobody gets the gewel

  • i don't have a youtube channel

    I'm excited I got the crowbar and money contrail and uplink.

  • Diles46 - AIRSOFT
    Diles46 - AIRSOFT 3 months ago

    Great vid!

  • Nightshade 3792
    Nightshade 3792 3 months ago

    Wow kath is now a xd member *does slow clap*

  • king126 -agar live co-leader

    Yo does anyone know when this game mode ends??

  • Seriah Watkins-Wilson
    Seriah Watkins-Wilson 3 months ago

    Every time none gets the lama it goes back to the safe

  • It's_natalie Smith
    It's_natalie Smith 3 months ago

    So while I jumped out of the bus if you parachute and don’t dive you will go slower than the red and black airdrops that fall and then you can land on them.

  • Alfi1205 151
    Alfi1205 151 3 months ago

    Outro song?

  • Jack VRS Emma
    Jack VRS Emma 3 months ago +1

    Sub to my TVclip channel please it’s bomb squad blitzball please sub

  • Otaku AnimePokemon
    Otaku AnimePokemon 3 months ago

    When you actually do the solo squad getaway on mobile with the dub

  • John Kennedy
    John Kennedy 3 months ago

    Getaway mode is fuckin rigged for all the experienced players. No matter how hard i try I'm always killed early in the game.

  • Jelly CatX
    Jelly CatX 3 months ago

    When u were at lazy and it disappeared it went back in the safe because it was being past around to much 👍

  • Vanessa Miranda
    Vanessa Miranda 3 months ago


  • Alex Diaz
    Alex Diaz 3 months ago

    Hey Muselk, you should create an obstacle course with LazarBeam or Crayator that requires you to use the grapple gun the entire time. I think it’s a cool idea lol see ya legend!

  • Arissa K
    Arissa K 3 months ago

    i love youuuu

  • Cocomeaux 10
    Cocomeaux 10 3 months ago

    HE HAD .3 seconds left

  • Otto, Braeden
    Otto, Braeden 3 months ago

    Should’ve got all 4

  • Peacexful *
    Peacexful * 3 months ago

    You walk SLOWER when your carrying the Jewel. (fact)..

  • Tia-May Jones
    Tia-May Jones 3 months ago

    Go to the edge of paradise at the race track there's a mountain with a little building and cactuss well there's rifts the take a rift and u will c that the cactuss make a triangle

  • Luis Ima
    Luis Ima 3 months ago

    Muselk you should watch my TVclip video the was inspired by you,one off the tags is(inspired by Muselk)so just search up inspired by Muselk and I will come up,it is the 1 video my name is Luis ima

  • Final Boss
    Final Boss 3 months ago

    You gotta make a getaway

  • GGgame Play
    GGgame Play 3 months ago

    Sooo cool

  • Chris Barry
    Chris Barry 3 months ago

    muselk kind of looks like jim carry

  • jrrmv MLP
    jrrmv MLP 3 months ago

    Your wrong Muselk. You know dam well your worst team mate will always be Cray. When you play with him and Bazz, its magic

  • Ella Agredo
    Ella Agredo 3 months ago

    chicken pizza lol hehe

  • Axel Dornelles
    Axel Dornelles 3 months ago


  • Darktiger 43
    Darktiger 43 3 months ago

    I love your vids

  • Zahra Aziz
    Zahra Aziz 3 months ago

    The end killed me 😂

  • NUR X4
    NUR X4 3 months ago

    Hahahahayou are the last two guys alive. You MACHİNE you killed every one

  • Assasin Cupid
    Assasin Cupid 3 months ago


  • عباس كيمز
    عباس كيمز 3 months ago

    اشترك عفيه

  • Black Knight
    Black Knight 3 months ago

    Muselk has chubby fingers....

  • HuntersBane Gaming
    HuntersBane Gaming 3 months ago

    This reminds me of his old gta5 heist vids

  • Twister Trager
    Twister Trager 3 months ago

    when will u start iving away ur royal bomber

  • M4L 4K4
    M4L 4K4 3 months ago +1

    For every like I will add a 🐰

  • Frosty022
    Frosty022 3 months ago

    I'm team Lufu all the way

  • Chainsaw Chester
    Chainsaw Chester 3 months ago

    i literally can’t stand when he says literally

  • L7ckyDuck •-•
    L7ckyDuck •-• 3 months ago

    People die quickly in this mode even with you not noticing. I was the only on left. I spent 5 minutes searching for people lol

  • Harry Naun
    Harry Naun 3 months ago

    *Muselk says extract*
    Me: I do not think that word means what you think it means.

  • Zombie
    Zombie 3 months ago

    OMG that hapind to me and my cosen exept we both got lamas

  • Naheed Bhatti
    Naheed Bhatti 3 months ago +1

    Jeffy goo goo

  • Draw With me
    Draw With me 3 months ago

    Love that content💯💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵

  • Steve Plays
    Steve Plays 3 months ago

    cant believe you still play fortnite smh

  • Amber Fotheringham
    Amber Fotheringham 3 months ago

    The ultimate betrayal at the end lol

  • kk kubistek
    kk kubistek 3 months ago

    Your the BEST

  • Adnan Khedher
    Adnan Khedher 3 months ago

    Oh my god I used the trailblazer and that pick and unicorn backbling and had to go there!

  • ReapOCE
    ReapOCE 3 months ago +1

    Hey just created my TVclip channel just dropped a video on how to make a thumbnail, please show some support.