How to make a Shark Attack Shot - Tipsy Bartender

  • Published on Nov 7, 2013
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    One of the coolest looking shots ever...THE SHARK ATTACK SHOT!
    1oz. (30ml) Tequila
    Splash Blue Curacao
    3 oz. (90ml) Lemon Lime Soda
    1/2 oz. (15ml) Grenadine
    1/2 oz. (15ml) UV Cherry

    1 oz (30 ml) Tequila
    Un toque de Curacao Azúl
    3 oz (90ml) Refresco de Limón
    1/2 oz. (15 ml) Granadina
    1/2 oz. (15 ml) UV de Cereza

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  • the_p0pe
    the_p0pe 15 days ago

    Do you think he sleeps with them after getting them drunk?

  • Tomithy Thirteen
    Tomithy Thirteen 22 days ago

    This channel would be better without the bimbos

  • So many Memes
    So many Memes 26 days ago

    2 shots of vodka (GUGUGUGUGUGUGUGUGU)

  • kevin arias
    kevin arias 26 days ago

    So, the second part is in parnhub?

  • Woo Guy
    Woo Guy 26 days ago

    Thats mean... Do u kno wat i mean?

  • Sherlock Gnome
    Sherlock Gnome 28 days ago


  • hansblake salas
    hansblake salas 29 days ago


  • Emiliano Briones
    Emiliano Briones 29 days ago

    Por que you tube me recomienda esto? No soy taaaaan borracho

  • sarah1989 mastin
    sarah1989 mastin Month ago

    I love you. This is an amazing channel!!! Love you!!

  • Klaas Smith
    Klaas Smith Month ago

    Anyone else notice how big her hands are

  • p0pp4
    p0pp4 Month ago

    Skye is full of shit. He just likes be cruel to pretty girls.

  • DanieL Battousai
    DanieL Battousai 2 months ago

    Thats huge, she say kk

  • Aryana loves Pugs21
    Aryana loves Pugs21 2 months ago

    Is she the bartender is it her ?
    Because he basically told her how to do everything

  • Aniyah IMVU
    Aniyah IMVU 2 months ago

    I like how the one at Joe's crabs looks more

  • SmokeDankNuggs
    SmokeDankNuggs 2 months ago

    She finished and says let’s go to bed

  • Alex Moore
    Alex Moore 2 months ago

    I feel like if you slap her you'd peel off like half an inch of makeup.

  • Joey Carroll
    Joey Carroll 2 months ago

    Could a Watermelon Schnapps be used instead of UV Cherry?

  • davisx2002
    davisx2002 3 months ago

    i'm here for the sluts

  • salvatore scotti
    salvatore scotti 3 months ago

    For me a shot is something that you can throw down at one time.

  • link26leo
    link26leo 3 months ago

    Can I replace the tequila with Peruvian Pisco??????

  • Notis Garcia
    Notis Garcia 3 months ago


  • Taylor Murphy
    Taylor Murphy 3 months ago

    Where can i go to get one of these

  • William Sago
    William Sago 3 months ago

    Where do you get your information on how to make drinks!?!?

  • Greg Danner
    Greg Danner 3 months ago

    This was hilarious! "If this was a drinking college you'd have a failing grade!" "I'm the dean and I'm kicking your ass out!" I guess she better drink till she gets it right then. Maybe some tutoring is needed? I am available for drinking class anytime!

  • _SHADandtheharlettes_
    _SHADandtheharlettes_ 3 months ago

    definitely gonna try this one!!! thanks for the VID!!

    WILLIAM POWELL 4 months ago

    UV vodka sucksssss

  • Duck Dog
    Duck Dog 4 months ago


  • Adam Johnson
    Adam Johnson 4 months ago

    Seems like this could be done with a tall shotglass and an 8ball and it'd be easier and more of a 'shot'

  • BiteThis
    BiteThis 4 months ago

    If you order this gay ass drink at my bar, ill slap you straight across the face

  • Latex teufel
    Latex teufel 4 months ago

    lol cant even finish the glass in one sip :D 😂

  • Biohazard CZ
    Biohazard CZ 4 months ago

    i have an idea to modify dark and stormy.
    také the same glass as in the original, rub the rim with lime, fill it with ice, pour tonic instead of ginger beer, layer the dark rum with spoon and then squeeze lime wedge in the drink and stir well and then drink

  • Mike H
    Mike H 4 months ago


  • The Rational Ape
    The Rational Ape 4 months ago

    Skyy, you're too hard on Inna!!!

  • My Opinion
    My Opinion 4 months ago

    Notice how he didn't let the BIMBO turn the glass over..wonder why lol

  • swamp toast
    swamp toast 4 months ago

    I had this at joes crab shack and the red comes in a plastic toy shark u pour in it haha

  • That guy
    That guy 4 months ago

    That chick at the bar you avoid .

  • Furan Orbit
    Furan Orbit 5 months ago

    lass looks hecka purdy rn, nice makeup job :)

  • Mr. Bacon Destroyer
    Mr. Bacon Destroyer 5 months ago

    Why tf was this in my recommend

  • Mr & Mrs K
    Mr & Mrs K 5 months ago

    That will be 20$

  • Justin Peterson
    Justin Peterson 5 months ago

    I'll bomb that ch-ch-cherry on her!

  • Knifer SX
    Knifer SX 5 months ago

    А потом сняли порно с чёрным 😀😀

  • stevanus marcello
    stevanus marcello 5 months ago

    maybe try to make baby shark cocktail

  • P.K Beats
    P.K Beats 6 months ago

    Why is it every time I watch one of his videos he’s got a different girl

  • Pastor Peewee
    Pastor Peewee 6 months ago

    Joe's crab shack doesn't make it like u! There's stays blue with some red floating in the blue as if it were blood in water

  • Control Freak
    Control Freak 6 months ago

    Bet me a million dollar
    Your girlfriend is a gold digger😒😒😒😒😒

  • JNubian beauty
    JNubian beauty 6 months ago

    What happened to the guy?

  • arif_ airbrush
    arif_ airbrush 6 months ago


  • So I says to the guy, I says to him, I says,

    shes obviously russian lol

  • mi pi
    mi pi 7 months ago

    Someone's ass is getting laid TONIGHT

  • Katie Magliaro
    Katie Magliaro 7 months ago

    Looks cool. I will be 21 in 3 more years. In 3 more years I can do this with alcohol.

  • AlyAngelicCoutu
    AlyAngelicCoutu 7 months ago

    I have now found the PERFECT drink for my ‘Jaws’ screening pool party 😍

  • DevilishDaysxMaui
    DevilishDaysxMaui 7 months ago

    You keep calling a full cup of liquid a shot it’s not stop pressuring these women damn lol

  • Bianca Caro
    Bianca Caro 7 months ago

    Lmao 2:12
    He's always like "YA SUPPOSED TO DO IT IN ONE SHOT!" 😂😂

    NIKITA SHOOK ABOUT ETN 7 months ago

    I think he has sex with them after and probably putted something in it

  • Gabby Iero
    Gabby Iero 8 months ago

    I don't even drink, these are just amusing to watch

  • Best play of the games
    Best play of the games 8 months ago

    Röd=red in sweden

  • James Gardner
    James Gardner 8 months ago

    Drink every time a celebrity gets eaten in Sharknado

  • Charl Abelong
    Charl Abelong 8 months ago

    I leared a lot

  • Sacred Sweden Airsoft
    Sacred Sweden Airsoft 8 months ago

    Can y do the fizzybublizz drink

  • Bryan Barrett
    Bryan Barrett 9 months ago

    I see Di reppin for the 242 😎🇧🇸

  • Savage Nostalgia
    Savage Nostalgia 9 months ago

    For me, drink responsibly means not to spill. Lol

  • John Riccobono
    John Riccobono 9 months ago

    innas my favorite

  • Kynidi Elyce
    Kynidi Elyce 9 months ago

    Everytime they say "THATS A SHOT!?"

  • Wojtek Ch
    Wojtek Ch 9 months ago

    I prefer drinks where you don't put your fingers in your drink. #teamvodka

  • Ninja Blake Belladonna
    Ninja Blake Belladonna 9 months ago

    Im sorry but, FUCK UV!

  • JerkySnake
    JerkySnake 9 months ago


  • Kenneth Pic
    Kenneth Pic 9 months ago

    you know he fucked her after

  • Johnson Jam
    Johnson Jam 9 months ago

    Did u people fuckin know why the uv cherry doesnt fall until the glass gets of the surface?

  • sum.brokeboi
    sum.brokeboi 9 months ago

    What if this guy brings these girls on the show to get em drunk and then he just plows them

  • Abdul Rahim
    Abdul Rahim 9 months ago

    "Don't try and act of happy and friendly you messed up" this guy is funny

    LEXA TURN'UP 9 months ago

    I know someone who is going to take that black d

  • Chris Drake
    Chris Drake 9 months ago

    Love this channel

  • Jada Wright
    Jada Wright 9 months ago

    A whole new side of TVclip for me love it love it love it

  • Jade Duh
    Jade Duh 10 months ago

    Dope! She reference "lords of acid" 👍

  • Tassos D.Everything
    Tassos D.Everything 10 months ago

    very very good guys holaa

  • Fw_ Seahawks
    Fw_ Seahawks 10 months ago

    No way that’s a shot

  • Dah Lama
    Dah Lama 10 months ago

    Should call it a greanade cause you pull the "pin" in the middle

  • Uwatwat
    Uwatwat 11 months ago +6

    “Drinking college” isn’t that every college?

  • Josh Futterman
    Josh Futterman 11 months ago

    Does this dude bang all these chicks?

  • Cody Betz
    Cody Betz 11 months ago

    You kno hes trynna fuck

  • johnnymcleanvlogs
    johnnymcleanvlogs 11 months ago

    At Hyatt Canberra

  • johnnymcleanvlogs
    johnnymcleanvlogs 11 months ago

    Mm nice alcohol. To the guests

  • Brock Benson
    Brock Benson 11 months ago

    Fuck you

  • thomas mathew
    thomas mathew 11 months ago

    that looks like a cough syrup

  • Jijo James
    Jijo James 11 months ago


  • NoneOfYourBusiness
    NoneOfYourBusiness 11 months ago

    This is the first older video I've seen of Inna. That chick has had tons of work done since 2013.

  • Horst Meier
    Horst Meier 11 months ago

    I hate her...

  • Jenna 1
    Jenna 1 11 months ago

    When I get attacked by a shark I'll look at the shark and offer it this drink
    Edit:excuse my language I'm from France

  • Matthias Müller
    Matthias Müller 11 months ago

    Ok here is my recipe: 1 pour rum in a glas 2 drink can also try with gin or vodka.

  • eastcoast_91 Nik
    eastcoast_91 Nik 11 months ago

    Now thats a drinking buddy 😍

  • Keep it lowkey Plz
    Keep it lowkey Plz 11 months ago

    I feel like this dude gets a lot of pussy

  • Henry Trap
    Henry Trap 11 months ago

    I can't drink this I can't pull out.

  • German Bueno
    German Bueno 11 months ago

    lmao a drink inside of a drink. yeaa.

  • Benny Blanco
    Benny Blanco 11 months ago


  • Captain Cookie
    Captain Cookie 11 months ago

    Er...why is this dude getting all girls drunk????

  • Alois -Booty Shorts- Trancy

    I thought it said "how to make a shark attack *stop*". Like if a shark is attacking, how to make it go away 😅😂

  • Tsu Tsu
    Tsu Tsu 11 months ago

    I’m underage why am I here

  • adella felicia
    adella felicia 11 months ago

    *CHERRY BOMB - NCT127*

  • john doe
    john doe 11 months ago

    The end product looks like the water a kid uses to wash their dirty water color paint brush in.