Alienware M15 R2 - Let's see dem upgrades

  • Published on Aug 20, 2019
  • Dave2D review of the 2019 Alienware M15 R2. The best gaming laptop from Dell for thin and light gaming and storming Area 51.
    Available here -
    With their newly redesigned aesthetic, this is the coolest looking laptop Alienware has ever made. Runs RTX gpu's from Nvidia and has 9th gen intel CPUs.
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  • Dave Lee
    Dave Lee  5 months ago +1868

    The ultimate mobile command center for storming Area 51. Would you use this? do you like the design?

    • IndhiraFPS
      IndhiraFPS 17 days ago

      But I want to increase the ram

    • kraythe
      kraythe 18 days ago

      No 1440p? Not interested.

    • KeReM
      KeReM 25 days ago


    • Randy Cone
      Randy Cone 27 days ago

      Bill Killernic maybe you are just a freak and the rest of us don’t want a 17”.
      Been there, done that.

    • kraythe
      kraythe Month ago

      @Bill Killernic I said what I believe. You may prefer 17". Many of us dont. That is why the industry makes 15" laptops. Because they sell

  • Edward Wojewodzic
    Edward Wojewodzic 21 hour ago

    Awesome video! Great information! I’ve had frame rate drop trouble with my Alienware laptops ever since I started buying Alienware. This is the first video I’ve ever seen where someone mentions under-volting. Also re-pasting shouldn’t be a consumer responsibility.

  • Angelo Alladel
    Angelo Alladel 23 hours ago

    i wish i have a laptop like this man :(

  • 杨学思
    杨学思 Day ago

    R2? It’s you?

  • renae nisbet
    renae nisbet 2 days ago

    I like that you say you and some are enthusiast and you all know what to do but so many of us dont and we just want a kick arse laptop to game and the technology adjusts itself for optimal performance for the best gameplay.. when you do your videos please keep us in mind like you did this time. Ty !!!

  • Aariz Ashraf
    Aariz Ashraf 2 days ago

    Undervolting isnt difficult so thats good, I know barely anything about laptops but a helpful video by The Tech Chap showed me how to undervolt and honestly you just have to download the intel undervolting software, and set the undervolt to 130

  • F14flyer
    F14flyer 4 days ago

    Alienware has always had thermal issues. Why don't they fix it

  • Tuan Nguyen
    Tuan Nguyen 5 days ago

    Was in the market for a new laptop and the Ive been using a 2018 Razer 15 for about a year and I love it. And then dell drops this thing. I always wanted an alien ware and now theyve finally made something I like, design wise, thin bezel, per key rgb etc.. but they lost me at soldered ram. Sure 16GB is good enough to run. My Razer had 16GB on it, but in order for me to upgrade Ill need to be able to upgrade the ram later on but cant do that with soldered ram. So i just bought 2x32GB ram for the razer at a cost of about 120 per stick. Laptop is flying at 64GB Ram now hahah, even though razers website said the 2018 model only supports 32GB.. Even checked bios ad it sees the full 64gb. Wonder why?

  • Paul Dos
    Paul Dos 7 days ago +1

    This is my dream to have this laptop!!!

  • Alan Kemp
    Alan Kemp 8 days ago

    i have this laptop and love it but yet it does have a few issues. the track pad is seriously bad so i pretty much use a mouse at all times. i brought mine 2nd hand and when i checked the internals mine comes with an i5 not an i7 thats BS.

  • Altered Serenity
    Altered Serenity 9 days ago

    I REALLY like Alienwares new design language :D~

  • Fernando Dominguez
    Fernando Dominguez 10 days ago

    Thanks for the video y was great!

  • Manish Malli
    Manish Malli 12 days ago

    My Alienware m15 r2 with 2070 max q and i7 9750H has this weird green line flicker at the start of the laptop. Only for a split second and then the laptop functions normally. Disabled intel graphic settings also but this persists. What might be the issue?

    • Manish Malli
      Manish Malli 11 days ago

      It was updating of the BIOS issue. Who ever faces this situation, just update your Bios.

  • Gecko Kosai
    Gecko Kosai 12 days ago

    will it run rust?

  • PandorasCrate0
    PandorasCrate0 12 days ago

    How is the M15 against the Razer Blade Advance 15? Because I think I made a mistake by buying the Razer. It's nice...but the damn thing keeps freezing and I can't figure out why. :

  • T H
    T H 13 days ago

    That’s one of the great things about being a single-player gamer- throttling really isn’t as big of a deal breaker. Also, thanks for making great videos with a very approachable style. I know I’m not going to get a cheesy listicle, nor am I going to get someone who has absolutely no touch on reality- you use your tech and you treat your tech like someone who has to buy it yourself.

  • Smart' Medicine Physicist

    Hi no SD card slot what happen, they are sleeping at the switch

  • Syed First
    Syed First 15 days ago

    If it was 32gb RAM then I would definitely buy it!!

  • Ahmad Moayed
    Ahmad Moayed 16 days ago

    About that touchpad scrolling problem .. go to tobii eye tracking .. experience .. Touch at gaze and turn them off
    Even if tobii eye tracking is turned off, turn it on and do this.

  • Ahmad Shahrul Wady Mohd Norddin

    hi sir, you havent address the storage issue, here in malaysia, dell only offer 512gb ssd m.2, which is pretty low to today standard.

  • Vesta Francis
    Vesta Francis 18 days ago +5

    "in 2020, this list helped me decide for the best laptop cooler ** hope it helps you out too!"

  • N. P.
    N. P. 18 days ago

    Lookslike HP Pavillion DV4000 15 years ago. I swear google it up lol.

    xDEATH4SIGHTx 20 days ago

    Never buy from a company who fuses the ram on the motherboard unless they make the ram upgrade dirt cheap.

  • samir brahimi
    samir brahimi 21 day ago

    do u now black desert online if yes what's the minimum u need on a pc to play it

  • Davide he
    Davide he 22 days ago

    theres mac pro retina soldered ram too LOL

  • Christofer Pinheiro
    Christofer Pinheiro 24 days ago

    What’s the name of the software to change the colors of the keyboard

  • Harshit Kumar Rajak
    Harshit Kumar Rajak 24 days ago

    Is the RAM upgradable??

  • Sayed Idrees Maqsoody
    Sayed Idrees Maqsoody 26 days ago

    Hi Dave
    Does the alienware m17 r2 has the same issues with thermal and touch pad or they fix it?

    • Oddity Only
      Oddity Only 21 day ago

      Touch pad is because of tobii eye tracking settings. Which can be disabled. The laptop is supposed to be better with thermals on the m17. But both get hot

  • bleedy13
    bleedy13 26 days ago

    Can confirm, the 4K screen is nice but at this pixel density and the hit to the performance, it’s really not worth it. I didn’t feel like I had a high performance machine when I was pushing games at sub 60 FPS at 4K, even with the 2080. Go with the 240 hz screen, it’s a little excessive but you get significantly better color accuracy.

  • Randy Cone
    Randy Cone 27 days ago

    Well, I needed a laptop for 3D modeling, audio analysis, high end video projector software control systems. Maybe game occasionally. Maybe pixel mapping lighting control.
    I got the M15. Not sure what the R2 is all about but I don’t have it. I did get
    it with 16GB memory, i7, 128GB SSD & 1TB Hybrid Drive.
    $1000 on payment plan through Amazon, so I paid $300 up front and in two days it was at my house.
    Very pleased overall and it should suit my needs easily for 5 years, hoping for 10.

    • Randy Cone
      Randy Cone 27 days ago

      So memory is soldered in eh? I have a beautiful Wellar soldering station. Are there upgrades for the memory available after 16GB?
      That would be a tasty challenge.

  • Chong Jiun Kit
    Chong Jiun Kit 27 days ago

    Hi Dave I am kind of concerned with the soft touch surface... will it get sticky over time?

  • southazzar
    southazzar 28 days ago

    Would you mind doing a comparison video if you could between the m15 , razer blade 15 , and the asus zephyrus S . I'm wanting to upgrade and looking at those 3 but stuck lol , thanks 👌

  • Wind Like
    Wind Like Month ago

    but no money in my hand

  • Chris Avraam
    Chris Avraam Month ago

    I know it is not Linux supported but how good is compatibility is with Linux? (If possible provide technical details). Thank you

  • Bhavyam Parashar
    Bhavyam Parashar Month ago

    Since it has infrared camera, does it support Windows Hello?

    ツCØBALT Month ago +7

    0:50 It really just said: ight imma head out

  • Boeflex Nick
    Boeflex Nick Month ago

    it def is not better looking than the razer blade. razer blade is hands down nicest windows laptop ive ever seen

  • StoutNerd
    StoutNerd Month ago

    where can I find that skull wallpaper?

  • Archit Jain
    Archit Jain Month ago

    Alienware 2018 model was better than this in thermal?

  • Antonios Business
    Antonios Business Month ago

    Get to lutle piclechon as 9ver hfe

  • erick mendez
    erick mendez Month ago

    Dave! I recently got a new M17 and I’m worried about the thermal issues you spoke about- I have the i7 but I’d still like to undervault it. Could you provide some guidance as to how to go about this/how much I should undervault it ?

  • AwesomeAzn
    AwesomeAzn Month ago +2

    New: Dave "When it's new this thing looks money."
    Used: Me "When it's used it looks funny."
    Refurbished: Meme "Get your money up not your funny up! *Brraoowh* "

  • Chester Ogilvie
    Chester Ogilvie Month ago

    Soldered ram? Limited upgradability at that price. Ummm no, next..

  • Steve Newton
    Steve Newton Month ago

    Hate it when manufacturers solder components onto motherboards thats like Megan Fox’s husband glueing her legs together, this has lost my purchase another thing to note here is the white colour is stained easy from the natural oils your skin produces seen allot on the forums and there is no way round this

  • Joe Maldonado
    Joe Maldonado Month ago

    I have this laptop and undervolted to -0.140 V using XTU, but it still throttles :(. The only way to avoid throttling is to use the "cooling" profile in AWCC, but that reduces performance. Why did AW not use a good thermal paste? And they seem to have designed the PCB to avoid repasting! This is so disappointing.

  • Saucy Sweater
    Saucy Sweater Month ago

    Just bought myself a new Alienware m17, and have to agree with the software. It does not reflect performance of software in 2019. So many updates and installs for it to work, hard to read text, messy program..

  • TheBitFox
    TheBitFox Month ago

    Kinda sad to see the ram soldered, but the PCB for some of the ports left and right is replaceable...

  • Absolute Longplay
    Absolute Longplay Month ago

    The fan on the back really destroys the smooth lines. When I look at it I just want to rip the cooler off the back.

  • EvolutionBegins
    EvolutionBegins Month ago +6

    Dang, I already bought a different laptop

  • BoomNikN
    BoomNikN Month ago

    My m15r2 make a weird fan sound

  • kraythe
    kraythe Month ago

    Why wont they come out with a 1440p 120hz panel? This is just silly. I get a crappy resolution of 1080p at a stupid high refresh of 244hz that the card cant even drive or I get a stupid high reso of 4k that you cant see from more than 2 inches away with a shitty refresh of 60hz making it stupid for gaming. If they came out with a 1440p 120hz version I would buy it immediately!

  • Nnamdi Opara
    Nnamdi Opara Month ago

    What's the battery life like ?

  • PH03N1XQc
    PH03N1XQc Month ago

    whats the name of these lights behind you I really need some

  • Michael
    Michael Month ago +1

    with that price point thermal is totally unacceptable!

    • Clorox Tree
      Clorox Tree Month ago

      True but if you look at this laptops battery size, idle and load power consumption its much higher. For example, the 16" MacBook using the same processor consumes 0.5 watts at idle while this laptop uses 17 watts. Similar story with max load performance. Simply put everyone but dell in the industry has Undervoltaged their CPU and since this laptop has decent cooling, if you undervolt by a similar amount you will experience almost no performance loss with a massive improvement in both thermals & battery life (like double not joking)

  • Pete Perez
    Pete Perez Month ago +1

    Hey dave I bought this laptop the other day I undervolted it yet it seems to power throttle any idea why?

    LIFE 4 KICKS Month ago

    I bought it for a week and the palm rest starts yellowing

  • misterJ YT
    misterJ YT Month ago

    wow i really like this laptop,,, where can i buy this? im from philippines?

    • misterJ YT
      misterJ YT Month ago

      @ggyeahboy im from baguio? is annex manila?

    • ggyeahboy
      ggyeahboy Month ago

      Search for laptopmaestro, benstore, and dell concept store at sm north annex.

    AS-PUBG MOBILE Month ago

    I am going to buy Alienware area 51m

  • Andrew Best
    Andrew Best Month ago

    Why is this only available in 1080p?

  • likhit chand
    likhit chand Month ago

    Which m15 would be better to buy this year or previous year ?