Catriona Gray's final walk as Miss Universe 2018 | Miss Universe 2019

  • Published on Dec 9, 2019
  • Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray graces the stage with her beauty and exuberance.
    Courtesy of: “IMG Universe, LLC” The Miss Universe Organization
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Comments • 1 915

  • •jett•
    •jett• 13 hours ago

    Can she compete again? But this time for Miss Galatica

    She's so perfect!! 😻❤

  • i am not ALONE
    i am not ALONE 2 days ago +1

    The most beutifull queen

  • Aleckson Cahanding
    Aleckson Cahanding 4 days ago

    "To everyone with a dream, know that your dreams are valid. And on your path you are never denied and only redirected" (Gray, 2019)

  • Tlanmawia Khiangte
    Tlanmawia Khiangte 5 days ago

    I am always Inspired by Her.She raised that Women level high enough.

  • joshua unarce
    joshua unarce 6 days ago


  • Frag Rances
    Frag Rances 6 days ago

    2025 for another 👑 for one male and female.

  • Jun Hoàng
    Jun Hoàng 7 days ago

    0:40 Thần Thái đó, Cú Xoay đó, Góc nghiêng đó.... Iloveyou Catriona Gray ❤️

  • Markanthony Estrella
    Markanthony Estrella 10 days ago

    Off course she's a human being she made mistake also,W
    ell none of us is perfect. Mga nagmamalinis madami

  • Lesley Anne Dalisay
    Lesley Anne Dalisay 10 days ago

    Still my favorite miss u!😍❤️

  • Devam Shah
    Devam Shah 11 days ago

    I am seeing final walk of miss universe with her crown.....this has happened after so many years

  • tankura
    tankura 11 days ago

    _+_ I love her From..... Thailand 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Rasta Rigo
    Rasta Rigo 12 days ago

    did she say " isang kalarangan"?

  • Leonardo Solana
    Leonardo Solana 12 days ago

    Catriona has a tamalers body

  • baby sleepy20
    baby sleepy20 12 days ago

    I see you miss New Zealand

  • Dennis Garcia
    Dennis Garcia 13 days ago

    Its kinda funny and a big coincidence that all 3 south African women surrounded catriona's journey as miss universe 2019 and up to the time she relinquished her crown her predecessor demi Leigh nel Peters her first runner up tamaryn green and her successor Zozibini tunzi are all South Africans.

  • Rembrandth Oliva
    Rembrandth Oliva 13 days ago

    0:56 karangalan

  • Angela Dona
    Angela Dona 14 days ago

    Sign in as lava
    And signing off as water😍

    GAEL IGNACIO 14 days ago

    Thank you CAT 😭❤️

  • Aashik Shrestha
    Aashik Shrestha 15 days ago +3

    She is the best miss universe ever
    Nobody can like her
    Good luck miss philippines 🇵🇭 #catriona gray

  • kathleen vanessa
    kathleen vanessa 15 days ago

    steve said catriana

  • purrifi cat
    purrifi cat 16 days ago

    Well spoken my Queen. You will always remain a Miss Universe on our hearts. 💕

  • insik gutang
    insik gutang 17 days ago

    Know ur dreams are valid

  • The Arthtifinity Gaming

    galing mo catriona

  • dummy phon
    dummy phon 18 days ago +1

    Catriona the best ms. universe ever!

  • Chen nồ Minh Trí
    Chen nồ Minh Trí 18 days ago

    bước đi cuối cùng

    ACE CRUZAT 18 days ago

    Nagkamali yung pagsabi nya ng karangalan karalangan kase sabi nya eh

  • signor don
    signor don 18 days ago

    so last walk is about covering your legs?

  • Ph Star
    Ph Star 19 days ago

    Catriona: isang karalangan po ito
    Diba po dapat karangalan?

  • Su See
    Su See 19 days ago


  • Aldous Vincent De Jesus

    “I’ve always believed as women, we have the power to redefine our generation. When we raise our voices together, the words women power become more than just a phrase; they become a movement. I wanted my year to be a reign with purpose. From advocating for quality education for all to raising awareness for HIV/AIDS, I’ve strived to use my words for good.
    Thank you to mom and dad for always believing in me. To Paula and Esther, for your mentorship. The Miss Universe organization and to Team Catriona, thank you from the bottom of my heart. And to my beloved Philippines, isang karangalan po ito. You endlessly inspire me and give me hope. Maraming salamat sa inyong lahat.
    Above all, thank you God. I lift everything up to glorify and honor you. As I close this chapter, I do so with a grateful heart. To everyone with a dream, know that your dreams are valid and on your path you are never denied, only directed.”

  • Fritzie Mae Millana Agor
    Fritzie Mae Millana Agor 20 days ago +2


  • Nicole Baldemor
    Nicole Baldemor 20 days ago

    Ako lang b? Yong naiyak dito??😭

  • Cubez
    Cubez 21 day ago

    Bakit naging kamuka niya si pia??

  • Niña Jesusa Barayuga
    Niña Jesusa Barayuga 21 day ago +2

    You're the best Miss Universe ever, Catriona Gray❤️

  • super xxi
    super xxi 21 day ago +5

    *one of the best final speech in farewell walk so inspiring my hearts go with all the girls at the back you all queen in your countries thats greatest fullfilment!* ❤

  • blue moon
    blue moon 21 day ago +1

    with the power vested on me by nobody in particular i declare you Catriona Gray as the Best miss universe in the history.period.

  • Eimer peña Pazu mestizo
    Eimer peña Pazu mestizo 22 days ago +2

    Me parece mas linda CATRIONA GRAY es hermosa💐 q la miss pia es fea

  • khooshall serial
    khooshall serial 22 days ago

    Miss universe use fake audience cheering.

  • Maria Jocson
    Maria Jocson 22 days ago

    Karalangan baka karangalan

    POPSTAZ YT 22 days ago

    Kabog parin yung ibang contestant

  • Mark Sapigao
    Mark Sapigao 22 days ago +9

    I agree with tito boy, i wished her farewell walk was grander

    • The Elite Manticore
      The Elite Manticore 20 days ago +1

      Yon mala wildflower na farewell walk - with fog machines and fireworks. Hehehehe

  • Minari A
    Minari A 23 days ago


  • Jharna Brahma
    Jharna Brahma 23 days ago

    Miss uuuuuu Catriona....loveeeee uuuuu😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  • Penny
    Penny 24 days ago

    That dress is stunning!! And so is Catriona!

    GREY CELLE 24 days ago

    ganda ng gown nia and accesories

  • Jayland Prince Miranda

    Ang bigat tignan nung gown niya, tapos parang nahihirapan siya maglakad. Tapos sana mas bongga ang farewell walk niya. Pero maganda yung gown. 😊

  • Pretty Lourice
    Pretty Lourice 24 days ago

    “Catriana gray” nice one Steve! 😂👍🏻

  • maine agora
    maine agora 24 days ago

    First time to see a miss universe doing her farewell walk wearing her crown❤️

  • tilawakoha lamiauy
    tilawakoha lamiauy 24 days ago +3

    oh my ! even on her farewell walk , cat is really a stand out for many decades to come ! no one can beat this humble lady!

  • Me U
    Me U 24 days ago

    Catriona forever queen of universe

  • Shemaiah Cempron
    Shemaiah Cempron 25 days ago

    Karalangan 😅

  • khazim Lara
    khazim Lara 25 days ago

    Who's here after listening catriona song

  • Rubylyne Mendoza
    Rubylyne Mendoza 25 days ago

    I see why Catriona won the miss universe 2018 cuz she's not only beautiful but she's kind to filipino mabait sha satin lahat she love the world and all the people

  • Sheryl Altovar
    Sheryl Altovar 25 days ago

    "Isang karalangan po ito" (nautal😅)

  • Nors Fernandez
    Nors Fernandez 25 days ago

    When catri said "isang Karalangan" hehehe peace yowwwww catri❤️🇵🇭

  • chubby cheeks
    chubby cheeks 25 days ago

    Nabulol si catriona pero its ok
    We love you catriona

  • Nawang Sonam Dorjay
    Nawang Sonam Dorjay 26 days ago

    'And my beloved Phillipines' - ❤

  • Jeffrey Enrico Vinzon
    Jeffrey Enrico Vinzon 26 days ago +3

    can we just take a moment to notice that at 1:13, she said "kapunka" and that's wonderful, at the end of her reign she remembers where it all started.

  • Jeffrey Enrico Vinzon
    Jeffrey Enrico Vinzon 26 days ago +1

    “To everyone with a dream, know that your dreams are valid and on your path you are never denied just redirected.” i think miss gazini is just being redirected to the throne that she really deserves. the miss universe throne might not be for her, but somewhere there's a queen's throne waiting for her to take. i really believe that she is a queen in her own right. hopefully, she will not give up on her dream and that dream will lead her to her rightful crown.