Korean Elephant Fish

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  • Wowmilliebrown
    Wowmilliebrown 9 days ago

    lol his beard eww

  • edwin agustian
    edwin agustian 20 days ago

    Its a senior dishes

  • Save Alicejaxerques

    Want soo bad

  • Jennifer Phipps
    Jennifer Phipps Month ago

    It wasn't Korean, but you guys did encourage me to have whole fish for the first time while on vacation. And it was DELICIOUS!
    Seriously, the best fish I have ever had. I can't wait to find it at another place and try it again. Ty for showing I don't have to be afraid of fish bones lol! <3

  • Squidpis Scon
    Squidpis Scon Month ago

    You guys are adorable and your growing on me

  • VeryAngryProjectilePotato

    I want to punch every single person staring at you. Mind your own damn business damn!!! Nosy people....

  • pg t
    pg t 3 months ago

    i miss fapfap😭

  • Camille Bahr
    Camille Bahr 3 months ago

    watching this while eating my kimchi :)

  • Annoying_Duck Cakes
    Annoying_Duck Cakes 4 months ago

    I thought it said eggplant...

  • Rerespamz
    Rerespamz 5 months ago

    HAHAHAHAH they were all looking at them like they were from a different kind of planet 😂

  • David The Dinosaur
    David The Dinosaur 6 months ago

    He says that there is literally no one under the age of 55 is there except for them and yet at 5:04 there is a little girl >•<

  • Sam Wells
    Sam Wells 7 months ago

    hahahhahaahaha I LOVED their little tribute to K-variety shows 😆😆😂😁

  • GirlWhoGames
    GirlWhoGames 9 months ago

    and from this point on the app was never mentioned again 😂

  • iamamathfreak
    iamamathfreak 9 months ago

    may i know where in jeju is this restaurant located?

  • Joy Coleen
    Joy Coleen 10 months ago

    This makes me so hungry

  • unicesawmhalT-T
    unicesawmhalT-T 10 months ago

    can we justs talk about the guy at the back of them and how much he looks like D.o

  • Alexis Suzanne
    Alexis Suzanne 10 months ago

    Uk can't get the app I love you guys :(

  • Confessions Of A MeatEater

    Oh my gosh u weren't even joking about the trough ahhahahah

  • Sophia
    Sophia 11 months ago

    나도 안 가본...제주사람인데..

  • Gotsvxn Mochi
    Gotsvxn Mochi 11 months ago +2

    Who knows who said that?
    I'll give you a virtual Hug

  • HaruHaruJamJam
    HaruHaruJamJam Year ago

    At 5:04 when Simon said that I just see a little girl in the background.

  • Yaliema Kickass
    Yaliema Kickass Year ago

    My type food

  • Noel Simon
    Noel Simon Year ago

    0:34 lol Martina's eye glance 😂

  • Average Misfit
    Average Misfit Year ago +5

    Even though these videos are older. Your food videos are so comforting to me when I'm having a shitty time.. thank you guys so much. Sometimes these videos are the only thing that comforts me..❤️️❤️️❤️️😙 I hope you guys had a wonderful new year..

  • Edwin Manzanares
    Edwin Manzanares Year ago

    Thats discusting spreading their mouth germs on the food.

  • AnaxErik4ever
    AnaxErik4ever Year ago

    Bizarre Foods has nothing on you guys. Then again, I haven't seen the Korea episodes yet, if there are any. This Jeju looks similar to Japanese Hot Pot, which is either clear dashi broth or spicy broth with thin slivers of meat and chopped vegetables that you cook in it over a kotatsu table or at least a communal dining table.

  • linhill joy
    linhill joy Year ago +1

    is like a familly dining :)

  • Tae TM
    Tae TM Year ago +1

    Tasty food....mmmm.
    *drops ramen*

  • Justine Li
    Justine Li Year ago +5

    @2:04. I laugh at that guy's judgment of y'all every time. 😂😂😂

  • king juan
    king juan Year ago

    lots of love

  • stabulous Koda
    stabulous Koda Year ago

    when he says they're the only ones under 50 in there and the person directly behind him is more than likely maybe 20's

  • Lynne Bass
    Lynne Bass Year ago

    I miss susie and lee 😫😫😫

  • annabelle frost
    annabelle frost Year ago

    I love this video cause it reminds me of a way fish is made in Bangladesh

  • Annika Nin
    Annika Nin Year ago

    When Martina accidentally said Faces instead of fish I immediately thought of llamas with hats.

  • Sage Weidenbaum
    Sage Weidenbaum Year ago +2

    Someone count how many times this video says fish!

    • Konata's Sweets
      Konata's Sweets Year ago

      Sage Weidenbaum they said fish 27 times and fishy twice!

  • Sara Yumiko Rase Fros

    porque no esta en español!!! antes si estaba porque porque!!!!!!????:´(

  • AkwarT
    AkwarT Year ago

    I still come back to this video because I still forget that join is also another word for stew instead of just jjigae (I pray I spelled that correctly)

  • Balling Like Choji

    @ 3:47 the lady in the backs hat is fresh af. I want it

  • M Skallywagg
    M Skallywagg Year ago

    just discovered you two and I'm glad I did x

  • Robert Stevenson
    Robert Stevenson Year ago +88

    In this day of turmoil and political craziness... It's so refreshing to see two intelligent people, doing their own thing, without remorse or inhibitions ... You can just see how much these two people love each other... It's the best part of the channel... the content could be anything.... it's nice....

    • Robert Stevenson
      Robert Stevenson Year ago

      And not get too crazy on the back and forth thing here, I have two teacup Yorkies, they're the reason I get out of bed in the morning... All the information on intercontinental travel with animals is very very helpful... Cause that's almost a deal breaker for me... That's sounds so silly but it's true, if I couldn't bring the kiddos, probably would re think the whole adventure.... Would like to know about cost.... I'm sure it would vary, but is it waay expensive or is mostly paperwork and bullshit stats and shit.... And of course it's always the "and shit" that breaks the bank... Anyway, have a great day guys, smiles from Houston Texas.....

    • Robert Stevenson
      Robert Stevenson Year ago +5

      It's easy to say, because it's true... I'm very interested in Oriental culture, and you guys make that fun...I never would've thought to go to, or visit Korea, Japan's on the bucket list, maybe China, Korea never came to mind...I'm a self proclaimed foodie, so it's hook line and sinker in that department.... And as much as we all deal with the heartaches of life, you guys have a priority list thats commendable..... Real honest smiles can't be faked..... Anyway thank-you for the acknowledgement.... Keep up the good work, hug da Smudge for me....

    • Simon and Martina
      Simon and Martina  Year ago +4

      +Robert Stevenson that's really lovely of you to say. Thank you :)

  • Lily O
    Lily O Year ago

    Ermmm guise I love you but you probably meant to say trough in the description not troth 😅😘

  • TheAquamarius
    TheAquamarius Year ago

    I would love to work for you two, i would get fed so well!

  • JesseTv
    JesseTv Year ago

    I miss their intros to the adventures, I hope they make it again for Japan adventures

  • Nobody
    Nobody Year ago

    I would eat most of that if I went the whole day without eating because I'm a fat ass and I'm proud

  • somethingsweird
    somethingsweird Year ago +1


  • Iv Kc
    Iv Kc Year ago +2

    i love how the people in the background look at you guys like you guys are weird. SO FUNNY

  • Anna Ly
    Anna Ly Year ago

    i really wanna try this so much!

  • Donald Sikes
    Donald Sikes Year ago +1

    SHAVE Simon

  • Scuzzball
    Scuzzball Year ago

    Martina looks so sad in this video >~< <3

  • Lancelot Knight
    Lancelot Knight Year ago

    2 retards! but the food looks good..

    • Schlicky
      Schlicky Year ago

      3 retards, including yourself.

  • luvhowl
    luvhowl Year ago

    I ate Korean food for the first time today because you guys make it sound amazing. SO YUMMY. Thank you for opening my mind to a whole new type of food!

  • Lesly Santos
    Lesly Santos Year ago

    keep coming back to this one cuz it just looks soooooo goooddddd XD

  • Landser
    Landser Year ago

    Yup! Radish is the best part in jorim. ^^* It should be overcooked. xD

  • Justin Kwon
    Justin Kwon Year ago

    곰피 미역 ... 맛있게 보이네

  • soner akıllı
    soner akıllı Year ago

    Amina kodumunun Salaklari ..
    mather Fucker. ... !!

  • shizukagozen777
    shizukagozen777 Year ago

    Oh Simon, I looooove your mustache ! 😮

  • El Jefe McLovin
    El Jefe McLovin Year ago +1

    I love how there's some seemingly casual customers in this establishment. Than you have these 2 overzealous weebs with the manners and behavior of 3 years olds with ADD.

  • Arlene S
    Arlene S Year ago

    Do you eat the bones as well? Or did you pick them out as you went?

    • jy M
      jy M Year ago

      we don't eat the bones ㅋㅋ if we eat, it is accidental. we pick them out as we go. That food is really delicious, once you're used to Korean food. I want to eat right now!! i can eat 2 bowls of rice with that. very addictive and delicious and spicy

    • 啊啊啊
      啊啊啊 Year ago

      you pick them out, or usually when eating fish like this, the meat comes off pretty clean. the little bones are fine to eat, just have a sip of water or some rice to push it down if it bothers you!

  • Sid
    Sid Year ago

    I just now realized what F.A.P F.A.P meant. *face to palm

  • ccross04
    ccross04 Year ago

    I immediately went to the app store and downloaded your app! Love it! ♡♡♡♡

  • Soan Ly
    Soan Ly Year ago +1

    They kinda like kids...but it's kinda entertaining

  • Be Andal
    Be Andal Year ago

    Looks tasty! XD You guys are monster eaters! There was so much and you ate it all! O_o

  • Fan Zhang
    Fan Zhang Year ago +3

    2:05 the guy in stripe shirt. His face is priceless.

  • Jerlan Jorge
    Jerlan Jorge Year ago +1

    martina é muitooo bonita.

    BTS &BIGHIT Year ago

    Wish you could write the name of the restaurants that you guys visit every time

  • Jessica Salazar
    Jessica Salazar Year ago

    I don't like that much fish but it look so food guys....

  • Nicholas Lohr
    Nicholas Lohr Year ago

    that food looked intimidating!! lol

  • Sizzel B
    Sizzel B Year ago

    I'm 150... sooo its 50cm shorter than me :D....

  • walker dog
    walker dog Year ago

    you no simon if you would chew with your mouth shut . who wants to see you smacking like a piggy. lol

  • Bethany Masters
    Bethany Masters Year ago

    How can you eat that Simon and Martina it look like fitchaed fish

  • Lucarelli
    Lucarelli Year ago

    0:44 dude with grey pants ass looks like a troll face

  • Kelsey Atwill
    Kelsey Atwill Year ago

    just wondering. What is "fermented?" Doesnt that mean rotting? wouldnt that taste bad?

    • Prissy P
      Prissy P Year ago

      Kelsey Atwill wine is just fermented grapes so some foods and drink taste good with ferment

    • anynamebutmyrealone
      anynamebutmyrealone Year ago +1

      +Kelsey Atwill It depends, many people like fermented grapes;)

  • Obnoxious Fandom Name

    isn't spelt and pronounced "trough" ?

  • jyl3570
    jyl3570 2 years ago

    I am Korean but I haven't tried this one, including some others. Living in Toronto doesn't offer this much variety of Korean food :(

  • Rachel Henning
    Rachel Henning 2 years ago

    +Simon and Martina you are my new favorite youtubers. I told my boyfriend that the way he eats food it looks so much better, and like him you guys make it look sooo much better. *drools*

  • CupcakeKingdom
    CupcakeKingdom 2 years ago

    I love the guy in the background with the striped shirt XD he's all like ".......crazy foreigners. I must watch them to study them."

  • Suhad Al-Jaberi
    Suhad Al-Jaberi 2 years ago

    Where in korea can you find this? And I was wondering if you could find it in many places around korea and ep in seoul :)

  • kajacamorra
    kajacamorra 2 years ago

    What was that long thing they cut up with the scissors at around 2:45?

    • speechless05
      speechless05 2 years ago

      +Tracy Tran lol thanks for the back up on that...I tried...

    • Tracy Tran
      Tracy Tran 2 years ago

      Tteokbokki if you wanna know.

    • speechless05
      speechless05 2 years ago

      +kajacamorra rice cake....not even attempting to spell that in Korean cause I know I'm going to spell it wrong (ok fine...attempt: deok bok ki)

  • Yellow
    Yellow 2 years ago

    Looks so good

  • Jenny Vu
    Jenny Vu 2 years ago +3

    I'm just looking at the other people cause they look at them crazy😂😂

  • tenzin palmo
    tenzin palmo 2 years ago

    Soooo good

  • Ciara Barry
    Ciara Barry 2 years ago

    The dude over Simon's shoulder at 2:05 is just like... WTF?!😂

  • MVS T
    MVS T 2 years ago

    Are you guys have Kids

  • MVS T
    MVS T 2 years ago

    Are you guys have Kids

  • Marissel
    Marissel 2 years ago

    lol the guy in the background at 2:03

  • hopemundeadart
    hopemundeadart 2 years ago

    I must truly hate myself. That squash looked sooo good and I'm trying so hard not to eat right now because I'm like 5 seconds away from going to bed xD UGH

  • Keri Lawson
    Keri Lawson 2 years ago

    Martina eats like I do - get as many flavours as you can in a little package, and use your fingers :)

  • Abigale Richard
    Abigale Richard 2 years ago

    dibs on the eyeballs!!!!

  • Professor Cheddar
    Professor Cheddar 2 years ago

    0:48 Translation: Tiny, little baby myeolchi (fermented anchovy)

  • Min Yee
    Min Yee 2 years ago

    the man at 2:05 in the striped shirt judging them kind of ( kind of ) reminds me of park yoochun?

  • Lee Kangeun
    Lee Kangeun 2 years ago

    Jorim is definitely the best way to cook fish!

  • AA Rocks
    AA Rocks 2 years ago

    It looks so delicious

  • Pe Graf
    Pe Graf 2 years ago

    great video ! but did i mise the price ? for that meal

  • エドウイン
    エドウイン 2 years ago

    In Spain you also find boned fish c:

  • Moomooflower :3
    Moomooflower :3 2 years ago

    Can I order this non spicy?

  • kyleboohoo
    kyleboohoo 2 years ago

    SooZee is very beautiful :D

  • Handsome Pickle
    Handsome Pickle 2 years ago

    Im hungry why did I click on this
    and on the other 100 food videos

    *let me grab my chocolate*

  • MrZiachi
    MrZiachi 2 years ago

    fun fact, when a human being drown galchi is often found around the corpse fitting off the flesh! hehe

  • Katana Sword
    Katana Sword 2 years ago +1

    She so pretty