Pokemon SWORD : DanTDM Edition!

  • Published on Nov 16, 2019
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  • Sun :3
    Sun :3 2 hours ago

    Do mud types come out during the rain?

  • The Joker
    The Joker 3 hours ago

    it’s Kabobs dan. (kuh-boh-bzzz)

  • The Joker
    The Joker 3 hours ago

    Dan I can imagine a weird mustache on your face LOL HAHA

  • Chris Robb
    Chris Robb 7 hours ago

    I have never played or watched pokèmon but my best friend is crazy so I’m going to get on her level!

  • Wioletta Szematowicz
    Wioletta Szematowicz 9 hours ago


  • Lauren Dressel
    Lauren Dressel 11 hours ago

    Wow the face animations are better in this game then in Pokemon sun and moon!

    Though it's really everythings better..

  • Montana Burks
    Montana Burks 14 hours ago

    Toxel (jolly nature) thank me later

  • Ardeshir Razany
    Ardeshir Razany 17 hours ago

    Lol. I always read caterpie cater pie.

  • Ardeshir Razany
    Ardeshir Razany 17 hours ago +1

    That is poketube. I said that out of nowhere.

  • Lets Go TV
    Lets Go TV 18 hours ago

    I feel bad for Scorbunny it was just left out. :(

  • Chirag Dadlani
    Chirag Dadlani Day ago +2

    wHoSe bEeN a FaN bEfOrE 2019

    Stop it.

  • Derek Studley
    Derek Studley Day ago

    I smell the stench of dead TVcliprs

  • Sanek_Gaming
    Sanek_Gaming Day ago +1

    Who else is watching well waiting for dans finale to the seires

  • シJason
    シJason Day ago

    Only it’s will remember when we played spore

  • Mafu Torres
    Mafu Torres Day ago

    At 20:10 there was a purple max raid signifying that it has a really strong GiGa-Maxed Pokèmon And the Purple max Raids are pretty rare an he didn’t notice LOL

  • Megan Allain
    Megan Allain Day ago +2

    ummmmmmmm i dont know what im doing right now so yeah

  • Owen Phelps
    Owen Phelps Day ago

    Name grooky Goku

  • Rubueno animates

    Favourite series so far

  • Rafsupercharge 38

    How do you join dans discord

  • Sub__ToPewdiepie
    Sub__ToPewdiepie Day ago +2

    Dan to 7 year old pokemon: Youre so cute!!!

    10 seconds later


  • Sub__ToPewdiepie
    Sub__ToPewdiepie Day ago +1

    No one:

    Dan: excited that the game is based off the U.K

  • Sub__ToPewdiepie

    Dan is such a nice-

    Wait hold up 7:19

  • Sub__ToPewdiepie


    Rip monetization

  • Deidra Clark
    Deidra Clark Day ago

    I am going to choose grookey once I get the game

  • Nusrath Ahmed
    Nusrath Ahmed Day ago

    Who finds cutting hard slime satisfing?
    No one
    Not a soul
    Not a poop
    Not a germ?
    Ok just me

  • AmeliaTheAlien
    AmeliaTheAlien Day ago

    i am a big fan

  • Epicxaviergames Epicxaviergame

    Did anybody else hear when meowth or something said ya-yeet?

  • Yoan Garcia
    Yoan Garcia Day ago +1

    How did u get quick balls?

  • Stiven Quintero
    Stiven Quintero Day ago

    My fav part is the part when he says we killed one of these

  • Zara Elle
    Zara Elle Day ago +1

    I was yelling at Leon for almost dying and he just has it the whole time Lol 😂

  • Rianne Iannacone
    Rianne Iannacone Day ago +2

    Always pick water type! It's usually the strongest or most health and it gives you advantages of getting surf and it gives it very early too. soble was weak cause he had two Pokémon

  • Salvage Infinity

    i read rookidee as dookie read

  • Jessie
    Jessie Day ago

    i cant wait for christmas im getting a SWITCH AND GETTING POKEMON SHIELD

  • StarliteSquid XL


  • Maracrossite
    Maracrossite Day ago +1


    me at 14:18 : serena?

  • Romdan bugalia
    Romdan bugalia Day ago

    Do charmander

  • Unflurd Paz
    Unflurd Paz Day ago

    -Gucci Gang- Nah

    *Grookey Gang* Heck Yea

  • june thomson
    june thomson Day ago

    Catch a pikachu

  • •Itz DarkWolf•


  • Yuen Ho Hui
    Yuen Ho Hui Day ago

    Did anybody notice that rose tied a Eldredge knot

  • bella bell
    bella bell Day ago

    Name grookey grook

  • chaoslord x
    chaoslord x Day ago

    plz catch toxel its evelutions are super cool

  • Noah Wilson
    Noah Wilson Day ago

    I just realized, Dan overlooked a Gigantamax raid, the purple one at 20:14

  • Jayden Cervantes

    7:55 That has sausage hair

  • Rehan Malik
    Rehan Malik Day ago


  • Tsui Ka Shing 6B26 徐嘉盛

    critical capture!!!

  • Rilakkuma Boi
    Rilakkuma Boi 2 days ago +2

    I thought it was based off Australia. The characters say mate and we have most of the animals that the new Pokémon are based off of

  • Jadyn Garrett
    Jadyn Garrett 2 days ago

    Name Grookey Grooks

  • Jay Crystal
    Jay Crystal 2 days ago

    That wii meme tho😂

  • Jay Crystal
    Jay Crystal 2 days ago

    I have a intelion

  • Ajmartinez411
    Ajmartinez411 2 days ago

    Dan: Pokémon can’t knock out trainers

    Jigglypuff: Am I joke to you?

  • Mega Fou
    Mega Fou 2 days ago +1

    Yes grookey

    GYARADOS 2 days ago +1

    Hey Dan the purple dens are rare and sometime have good pokemon

  • Soul Wolf
    Soul Wolf 2 days ago

    Who new poke means pocket and mon means monster

  • Andrew Torres
    Andrew Torres 2 days ago

    Snorlax please

  • Alma Valenciano
    Alma Valenciano 2 days ago +2

    Dan:im gonna be the next....
    Dan:pokemon master
    Me:oh i expected that

  • Ruel Asor
    Ruel Asor 2 days ago

    Noibat plz

  • loooovewins
    loooovewins 3 days ago


  • Owen Dragonheart
    Owen Dragonheart 3 days ago +1

    If Mereoleona from black clover was Male, and melodramatic.