No Makeup Makeup Tutorial | Natural Makeup Routine w/ Summer Freckles | Sanne Vloet

  • Published on Aug 19, 2019
  • A Very Simple No Makeup Makeup Tutorial | My Natural Makeup Routine For Looking Effortless, How I Create That Summer Freckled Look, Favorite New Summer Products | Sanne Vloet
    Hey Guys,
    To each one of you who read the description in my last video, THANK YOU! It means so much to me that you guys care enough to spend time writing back, really thinking about your answers, and just engaging in our community like it really matters! Last week I asked about purpose and I think we will all agree that we want this channel to be a safe and positive environment where we can explore our relationship with health, ourselves, the people/things we love (and maybe shouldn't), and learn more about the world together! Does that sum it up well or do you have more to add to our purpose?
    I filmed this video after I was inspired on set by a makeup artist who added some freckles to my face! Makeup wise I love natural easy makeup looks that I can do very quickly, but I was thinking about learning how to maybe do a glam look so will keep you posted on that! So hope you guys like today's effortless beach look. I don't know why, but I thought it was so fun and well I really liked it, must be the freckles!
    Now that I am in Zambia in the sun I have real freckles showing up even though I have been using SPF 50 and applying multiple times a day! I'm hoping everyone here is doing the same. If you know of any eco friendly sunblocks that don't have harmful ingredients for your skin please comment them down!
    I'm leaving Zambia in the morning and going to Zimbabwe to camp with my family in Hwange National Park. For the first in over a week I am finally feeling healthy! I haven't been able to keep food down with this stomach bug and my energy after my first full dinner feels amazing! I hope everyone is staying healthy and remembering to drink lots of water!
    I haven't been as connected on this trip to wifi so it has been hard to respond to you guys in realtime, say hello to all the new people in the community so please make sure leave me a note that I can respond to when I get to wifi next! Also, took a few days off from vlogging, because I had no energy, but starting again first thing tomorrow!
    So for all of you who are new to the channel I hope you join us and don't forget to give this video a thumbs up! Miss you guys!
    p.s. Just joined twitter @sannevloet ( sannevloet)
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    Products I used:
    Guerlain Bee Glow Cushion:
    Nars Concealer:
    Anastasia Brow Pencil:
    Milk Haze Brow Gel:
    Make Moonstick:
    Elta Md Sunscreen:
    Beauty Blender:
    Shisheido Eyelash Curler:
    Bare Minerals Pro Glow:
    Guerlain Terracotta Bronzer:
    Tarte Sting Lip Plumper:
    Bikini I am wearing: @Sommerswim
    Business inquires:
    Help me translate my video into your language!
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  • Victoria Victoria
    Victoria Victoria 27 days ago

    You are so pretty without makeup

  • Hart T
    Hart T Month ago

    trust me putting suncream the last is totally bullshiting, only will mess up all the makeup

  • WildKittyCat
    WildKittyCat Month ago

    Yeah no if I looked like her I would never wear makeup lol

  • Katrina Schikore
    Katrina Schikore Month ago

    The reason why your waterproof mascara doesn't come off is probably because of your eye makeup remover. You need a eye makeup remover is formulated for water proof mascara

  • Sophonie Adme
    Sophonie Adme Month ago

    Omg you’re so beautiful😍 I love how this looks turned out, I’m gonna try it on my channel💕you deserve more subscribers.

  • Fran R
    Fran R 2 months ago

    f*ck haters, I loved it!!

  • Mariah Medeiros
    Mariah Medeiros 2 months ago

    you talked about a podcast in the beginning of the video, could you say some podcasts that you like?

  • Margherita Gennaro
    Margherita Gennaro 2 months ago +1

    sanne I knew you just a few weeks ago and I watched like all your videos, and I just wanted to share my opinion, I always get so much inspiration from you and your healthy lifestyle, I've done so many recipes for breakfast or meal and I actually love them!! You became my favorite !! I really would love to see more videos, I would like to see your jewellery combinations with clothes !! love you

  • Zuzana Zuscinova
    Zuzana Zuscinova 2 months ago

    Just curious, do you tint your eyebrows and lashes? I have a similar natural hair color as you but my lashes and brows are super light.

    • Emma
      Emma 2 months ago

      I think she mentioned before that she dyes her hair

  • Sato Haru
    Sato Haru 2 months ago +1

    This natural make up is good for you!
    Because your face is originally beautiful😍

  • Marek Krakovský
    Marek Krakovský 2 months ago

    You've got beautiful eyes and smile 😊

  • xiaoye wang
    xiaoye wang 2 months ago

    This is your bare face? then why do you even need a make up!

  • Shelly B
    Shelly B 2 months ago

    If I had your face I would never wear makeup 😍

  • Adrianna Ambrosio
    Adrianna Ambrosio 2 months ago

    definitely love your positivity, warmth, and smarts. your English is not that good but who would've thought I'd end up watching every vlog of yours. 🤣😊 so raw, and real, and candid. keep it up! ♥️♥️

    • Ali Wald
      Ali Wald 2 months ago

      Adrianna Ambrosio Her English really is quite good

  • Oline Joendrup
    Oline Joendrup 2 months ago +2

    Where was the mascara from? I cant see it in the bio?❤️

  • ειρηνη κουμανδρακη


  • Ruby Ling
    Ruby Ling 2 months ago

    Your bare face is already the perfect no make up make up look!💋

  • Claire Katsos
    Claire Katsos 3 months ago

    Loved it so much !!

  • Marília Araújo
    Marília Araújo 3 months ago

    I love uu

  • Girly Girl
    Girly Girl 3 months ago

    I love you so much. U r a sweetheart

    • Claire Katsos
      Claire Katsos 3 months ago

      so are you!! *I'm filming one of these tomorrow! Hope you take a look at my channel and hopefully subscribe*

  • nikai abuso
    nikai abuso 3 months ago

    What's the difference lol

  • Nathalie Tobing
    Nathalie Tobing 3 months ago

    how tall are you ?

  • 劉惠智
    劉惠智 3 months ago

    Love your bracelet❤️❤️

  • Anna Casey
    Anna Casey 3 months ago

    This is one of my fav No makeup Makeup tutorials - thanks babe. I have my channel as well, where I create fashion, beauty and lifestyle videos. Girls, please show me some love on my latest Vlog where I'm doing yoga with my 3 y.o baby girl

  • Gigi Marie
    Gigi Marie 3 months ago

    That brand is toxic tho , look it up . Wear only natural girl !

  • Jean Asadon
    Jean Asadon 3 months ago

    Love it!! really beautiful... 😘😍

  • Ngoc Nguyen
    Ngoc Nguyen 3 months ago

    I’ve bought Elta sunscreen and I can’t wait to try it on 😍😍😍

  • Stacia A
    Stacia A 3 months ago

    What the derm meant is most probably put your sunscreen at the last step of your skincare, then you can apply your makeup. :)

  • Sachi D
    Sachi D 3 months ago

    Hi! Iam Tokyo girl! I like your video and beautiful green eyes!

  • Snigdha Manavi
    Snigdha Manavi 3 months ago

    There is absolutely no difference between the before and the after

  • lostbeyondpluto
    lostbeyondpluto 3 months ago +2

    girl, you don't even need to make ASMR videos; your normal speaking voice gives me ASMR!

    • lostbeyondpluto
      lostbeyondpluto 3 months ago

      @Lynelle Thompson I can best describe it as a relaxing, tingling, almost euphoric sensation that some people feel in their heads and down their spine when exposed to certain triggers such as soft speech, whispering, tapping, typing, brushing, scratching, etc. Sanne experimented with it recently on her channel :)

  • aliadizzle
    aliadizzle 3 months ago

    I love Sanne and her videos, but this is more "minimal makeup" than "no makeup makeup". I'm not at all dissing this, but if anyone wants a true true no makeup makeup, check out Lisa Eldridge's video, it's fantastic. Sanne, still loved this video, just recommending Lisa's in case people want to really enhance their face but still look like they truly have no makeup on :-) Keep it up!

  • 올리비아 뷰욬 Olivia Viewyork

    So beautiful!!!!😊😊😊

  • zinc vitamin
    zinc vitamin 3 months ago

    I agree with you on this safe positive place! I'm not sure the detail ingredients of my sunscreen, but I'm always using the WELEDA edelweiss UV protection because it's no trouble despite my very sensitive skin and I trust this bland. I enjoyed this no makeup video and you're always so beautiful! I love the anastasia eye brow pencil, too. I hope you're staying healthy and hydrated as well!! See you :-))

  • Beverly Cabanting
    Beverly Cabanting 3 months ago +10

    Hi Sanne!
    As always, not a pile of cosmetic products on your face. Just enhancing the natural beauty. I love it!
    I think the sunscreen is the last step in skin care. Pre-make up. Maybe that's what the dermatologist meant.

  • natalia pasińska
    natalia pasińska 3 months ago +1

    I love Ren mineral clean screen, beacuse it has zinc in it which makes it perfect for acne prone gals out there!
    Glad you’re feeling better! 💛❤️💛

  • Caroline Livino
    Caroline Livino 3 months ago +1

    Love the title of the video! No makeup makeup tutorial 😍

  • Team Scali
    Team Scali 3 months ago

    Hi Sanne! I tried a safe sunscreen by Dr D Schwab and I think a little goes a long way, hope you feel better!

  • Skinny Swan
    Skinny Swan 3 months ago +2

    I wish I was this beautiful without makeup 😭

  • Shreya Wagle
    Shreya Wagle 3 months ago +2

    U r sooo gorgeous Sanne. U make me sooo happy everytime🌟keep spreading positivity.LOVE FROM INDIA🌸

  • Елена Соловьева

    Noo its not for beach

  • Eleonora B.
    Eleonora B. 3 months ago

    I love the Brazilian vibes music in the first part of the video 🎵

  • Sasha Fischer
    Sasha Fischer 3 months ago +1

    You are such an amazing positive person! Thank you for all of the time you spend sharing all those tips with us 😉 Travel safely ❤️

  • Saadia Iqbal
    Saadia Iqbal 3 months ago +2

    You don’t even need make up! You looked just as amazing when you had no make up on. I wish I looked like that lol you’re beautiful inside and out. Thanks for always being so positive and such a kind person! We love you Sanne! ❤️😘

  • Inga Fricke
    Inga Fricke 3 months ago

    Hey Sanne, I always had the same problem with waterproof maskara the only waterproof eyemakeupremover which works for me is the Maybelline New York Jade Augen Makeup Entferner

  • Serra Uysal
    Serra Uysal 3 months ago

    Which eyelash curler do you use, I was using something I randomly bought and didn't think it would matter but now heard that some of them are better at curling eyelashes and not breaking it so any recommendations ? ✨❤️

  • Celine Prischilia
    Celine Prischilia 3 months ago

    I recently subscribed to your channel,you re so gorgeous and natural beauty!💞

  • Eli Stanbrook
    Eli Stanbrook 3 months ago

    Hey sanne love your videos 🥰
    Could you make a recistance band workout pleassseee 🙄😁

  • Yasmin G.
    Yasmin G. 3 months ago

    Hello sweet Sanne! Could you please make a video on how to reward/ treat yourself the best way? Maybe you could make a top 10 list!

  • Ella Ona
    Ella Ona 3 months ago

    I absolutely love your channel !!!!! I was wondering if you could do more routines like morning, daily or night-time routines
    I love it all (except for the ASMR) I think that you should stick to what you usually do, just some feedback pls don't be offended, I think it was so brave that you tried. thanks for being you !!!!!!!!! 🇭🇷🇦🇺🇭🇷

  • Staniela Tungarova
    Staniela Tungarova 3 months ago

    Hi, I would like to mention Avene compacts SPF50-they can be used as both foundation and over makeup in one. It is not the best foundation in the world and is in 2 shades only, but is a good solution for SPF reapply. I think other French pharmacy brands (Bioderma, Uriage etc.) also have such compacts with SPF.

  • Justine Smite
    Justine Smite 3 months ago

    You have very beautiful eyebrows 💙

  • Just Random
    Just Random 3 months ago


  • Mara Milkovic
    Mara Milkovic 3 months ago

    Hi! I love this video and I recommend Clean Screen Mineral SPF 30 from REN (recommended from youtuber Annie Jeffrey ;)). :*

  • Lauren Haley
    Lauren Haley 3 months ago

    You should also try the Eucerin daily moisturizer with sunscreen! It is very nice and doesn’t clog my pores. It’s also a little bit more affordable. I have very sensitive skin too. Love your videos, Sanne! 💕💕

  • Shana h
    Shana h 3 months ago

    Sometimes I press a little dark eyeliner pencil on a natural beauty mark I have under my right eye. 💛👸

  • Hepburn30033
    Hepburn30033 3 months ago +2

    Ahhh that’s just what I needed!
    Perfect for back to school!

  • Nadeen Swaiss
    Nadeen Swaiss 3 months ago

    Your so beautiful with and without makeup love u so much

  • Christine .K
    Christine .K 3 months ago

    I use coconut oil that I keep in a cute, decorative jar on my bathroom counter. It dissolves everything when I use it to take off my eye makeup. Plus it is natural and has no chemicals in it. Gentle and safe for your skin. Plus it is much cheaper than the chemical one by cosmetic companies.