Game Theory: Which Link Rules them All? (Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Warriors)

  • Published on Sep 28, 2014
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    With the release of Hyrule Warriors, I got to thinking...clearly not all Legendary Heroes are created equally. So across all the various reincarnations of Link in the Legend of Zelda series, which Link would be the best, the one to rule them all? We analyze their strength, smarts, stealth, experience, and equipment to find out which Link is the best Link!
    Special thanks to Drake for his help researching and capturing for this video:
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  • Khin Zar Chi Win
    Khin Zar Chi Win 4 hours ago

    *the beginng plays*

  • cattyboi boy
    cattyboi boy 13 hours ago

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  • Christopher Kobata

    Can you make a video like this including botw link?

  • Issy Brown
    Issy Brown Day ago

    Also, the bunny rabbit mask.

  • Dustin Provost
    Dustin Provost 2 days ago

    Lotta green bois

  • Darek S
    Darek S 3 days ago

    Wind waker link after seeing the water section winners: am I a joke to you ?

  • Declan Kirby
    Declan Kirby 3 days ago +1

    Hero Of Legend is my favorite

  • Declan Kirby
    Declan Kirby 3 days ago

    Back when game theory was good

  • extrafrysauce 772
    extrafrysauce 772 3 days ago

    and during this whole fight toon link just sat :,(

  • YT Silas Animates
    YT Silas Animates 3 days ago

    Adding hearts and stamina and getting more inventory slots... He wins for sure

  • YT Silas Animates
    YT Silas Animates 3 days ago

    Breath of the Wild link wins everything

  • Drake Decker
    Drake Decker 4 days ago

    Your welcome

  • Drake Decker
    Drake Decker 4 days ago

    What about botw link

  • Cool Dude
    Cool Dude 5 days ago +3

    The strongest link is the

    Link in the description.

  • Jazzyboi X
    Jazzyboi X 5 days ago +1

    I love that the twilight link gets nr 2 or 1 every round

  • Literally Nothing
    Literally Nothing 5 days ago


  • Pine Toons
    Pine Toons 6 days ago +3

    People:spiderverse is the best time line cross over

    Game theory:hold my theory

  • maple chan
    maple chan 6 days ago

    Well there ever be a theory on ben drowned? I wanna see that or more creepypasta :3

  • lilytherainbow
    lilytherainbow 6 days ago +1

    You should do an updated vid with breath of the wild

  • Mr.llama
    Mr.llama 6 days ago

    Botw STILL would lose cuz the REAL WINNER has power ups

  • Random Challenges
    Random Challenges 6 days ago +4

    but I liked spirit tracks... you really gonna do my home boy like that

  • XxDarkxX Master
    XxDarkxX Master 7 days ago

    3:54 SLY!

  • Skyler Goodman
    Skyler Goodman 7 days ago

    Hero of twilight can use his sword underwater (given that he uses his boots)

  • CRassler
    CRassler 7 days ago

    link to the past

  • Lazy Potato
    Lazy Potato 8 days ago

    -Boku no hero Academia-

  • jlminecraft6133
    jlminecraft6133 8 days ago +2

    It sucks that BotW didn’t exist in the making of this. 🙁He would’ve kicked the other link’s butt at this
    Definitely at top

  • jlminecraft6133
    jlminecraft6133 8 days ago +1

    Who’s else is ready for botw 2? I am! Like if you are too

  • Starpilot
    Starpilot 8 days ago

    Please make an update this with the hero of the wild

  • Gacha girl 4.7.6.
    Gacha girl 4.7.6. 9 days ago

    Forgot hero of the wild or did that not come out yet

  • Nathan Playz
    Nathan Playz 9 days ago

    Oak corina of time

    Me:its oc orina of time

  • MysteriousTomJenkins
    MysteriousTomJenkins 10 days ago

    With Wind Waker Link, in terms of durability he survives being launched into a stone wall at high speeds as well as surviving an explosion that launches him so far in the air that he again face plants into a stone wall and in both cases, also plummets into the ocean and gets right back up. He also has magic armor that can protect him from damage, ice arrows that can freeze magma and a mask that shows him the health of foes so he will know how much health each other Link has in the fight. He also has the Control Melody and while he only ever uses it to control some statues, Medli and Makar, there is the possibility of him potentially controlling another Link though if he could, he himself stays still while controlling them. He is also one of the few that has formal training with the blade as he is trained by Orca and his Hurricane Spin as far as I am aware is better than every other Link's spin attack as he can spin around rapidly instead of just spinning once. He also gets his Elixirs Soup which has two helpings so he can drink it twice, it recovers all his health and magic and it doubles his attack power until he is hit so he can also increase the strength of his blows while healing his magic and health. He also is the only Link I can remember that can actually counter, rolling around enemies to slash them in the back or jumping above them to slash them in the head, so he'd definitely be tricky to hit. Finally, his Mirror Shield can reflect projectiles as at the end of the game, its used to reflect Light Arrows at Ganon so chances are it should be able to reflect similar projectiles unlike Adult Link who can only absorb elemental attacks and then have the shield shoot it out. He has skill, he has versatile gear that protects him, heals him, lets him see health and increases his strength, he has impressive strength with his strength enhancing item and his spin attack lets him spin around rapidly for multiple slashes and his counters can allow him to get behind enemies. Toon Link in my opinion is impressive, maybe not the strongest but he has some good abilities, items and feats.

  • Shadow Knight
    Shadow Knight 10 days ago

    Um....hero of twilight is able to use his sword under water AND bombs. That trumps hero of legend

  • The_Legend_Of_Food
    The_Legend_Of_Food 10 days ago +2

    7:25 when he was talking about link he said 'she'....

  • Kirbo
    Kirbo 10 days ago

    I’m still waiting for LoZ Enchanted Jetliner

  • Kin X
    Kin X 10 days ago

    BotW's Link has done over 100 dungeons. Most of them are shrines. He also gets the Bow of Light, which has the capacity to send Beast Ganon running for the hills after a couple of hits. He could also just drop a huge metal box on every Link with his Magnesis. He has a paraglider which lets him travel really quickly. Attacks can be blocked with his shield or Daruk's Protection. He can be brought back from the dead *stronger than ever* with Mipha's Grace. He can summon a huge amount of lightning at will. The only thing he lacks is the ability to swim underwater...

  • Caroline Rogers
    Caroline Rogers 10 days ago

    Ok now I want to see a hunger games with all these links at full potential

  • Kayla R
    Kayla R 11 days ago +4

    I would say that TP Link definitely takes second place tho

    • Kayla R
      Kayla R 8 days ago

      @Guzma but if the link who placed first, literally trained another link who was already incredibly strong, wouldn't it make sense for him to take second??? 😂

    • Guzma
      Guzma 8 days ago

      Nah breath of the wild

  • Ninpig YT
    Ninpig YT 11 days ago

    Link, Wielder of Thomas the Tank Engine

  • Ahmad Husaini
    Ahmad Husaini 11 days ago

    People think link dosen't talk at all, but he is actually speaking hylian


  • Fennekinshow / / Fennemario

    Zeltiks episode is way better

  • Westley Legate
    Westley Legate 11 days ago

    I forgot how old this video got. June 2019

  • Stygi Glow
    Stygi Glow 11 days ago +7

    You should update it with Hyrule Warriors, Breath of the Wild, and Cadence of Hyrule

  • Autumn Peace
    Autumn Peace 12 days ago

    Shade is a link ya dum dum

  • OGbasegalaxy
    OGbasegalaxy 12 days ago

    These videos are dumb if you dont listen to them since they are just pictures

  • JaytheForbidden
    JaytheForbidden 12 days ago

    No its the first link because without him none of the new links will live soooo i think its the NES link

  • my cat is a spazz
    my cat is a spazz 13 days ago

    Wtf trainlink literally has a f****** gun

  • ninjabo 01
    ninjabo 01 13 days ago

    The names of the four swird are their color so red and theres green
    And usless blue and anoying purple etc
    Also majora link can turn into a giant he only used it onced becouse balance and game issues

  • vulpix gaming
    vulpix gaming 13 days ago

    ocarina 2:23

  • Hannah Hammack
    Hannah Hammack 13 days ago


  • Llama Arta
    Llama Arta 14 days ago

    Wait does triforce heros count in this list. If so the it would go from 11 and a half to 14 and a half

  • Fennee Chandra
    Fennee Chandra 15 days ago

    I know that this video is made before breath of the wild but I think that the strongest link is breath of the wild link because if he can bested adults when he was 4 years old and it’s like time slows down for him, he shoots an arrow in midair time slowdowns, he does a perfect dodge time slowdowns and if he wants, he can make the other links just pop out of existence with his ancient arrows

  • sans the skeleton
    sans the skeleton 15 days ago

    Btw the second is lonk.

  • sans the skeleton
    sans the skeleton 15 days ago

    TOoN lOnk Is StRonGeST

  • _loki the_boi.
    _loki the_boi. 16 days ago

    Botw link Is the best adventurer,swordsman,horse person smartest and has like 100 dongouns under his belt so get rekt child link

  • Victor Coutinho
    Victor Coutinho 16 days ago

    3:33 is that top gear?

  • Jose Belmontes
    Jose Belmontes 17 days ago

    Fierce deity hold my beer

  • EnderSlime 64
    EnderSlime 64 17 days ago +1

    Sorry mathat... but this fight isn't in a boss room...

  • pearlhas abigforehead
    pearlhas abigforehead 17 days ago

    And then botw exists

  • Ludvig Kransholm
    Ludvig Kransholm 19 days ago

    But wait there’s more twilight princess has the magic armor

  • Ace Blaxkout
    Ace Blaxkout 19 days ago

    Always loved this video, should update with a one vs one against Breath of the Wild Link

  • Waluigi with infinity gauntlet

    i hated dark link's boss fight so much

  • Waluigi with infinity gauntlet

    you think 38 dungeons is bad wait till botw's 120 in one game

  • NAME S!!!
    NAME S!!! 20 days ago

    I actually played the train one yes I regret

  • NAME S!!!
    NAME S!!! 20 days ago

    The child wins all

  • NAME S!!!
    NAME S!!! 20 days ago

    In books he's a pervert

  • PokePlayz
    PokePlayz 20 days ago

    How could you say that Epona is better than the Loftwings? What happens when Epona reaches a body of water?

  • tabassum zainab
    tabassum zainab 20 days ago

    Lol great video 👍

  • icewolf _356
    icewolf _356 21 day ago

    Shouldn't CDI link be the strongest since he killed again and with a littrell book I mean wow (pls don t hate this is a joke)

  • Colton Mattock
    Colton Mattock 21 day ago

    Mass hackers are hacking our surveillance! Ohh, a new game let's make a video.

  • jodie adair
    jodie adair 21 day ago

    You have a good intro.

  • Fuze_ REpeat
    Fuze_ REpeat 21 day ago

    3:50 has scrubby XD

  • Kaizer Slinkard
    Kaizer Slinkard 23 days ago

    4:02 gave me PTSD

  • BrenAnimations
    BrenAnimations 23 days ago

    Can we please get a BOTW version of this?

  • ROBOBERT 1111
    ROBOBERT 1111 24 days ago

    5:10 his street smarts

  • Daniel Palme
    Daniel Palme 25 days ago +1

    I think botw’s link would win if he was in this

  • beadop YT
    beadop YT 27 days ago


  • RedMitchell X
    RedMitchell X 28 days ago +2


  • Awesome Ender
    Awesome Ender 28 days ago +1

    I'm just gonna mention this: Even though (i think...) "Tri-Force Heros" came out AFTER the video, I think he or "hes" would win, despite the fact that there is 3, but because of one mechanic, "Costumes" "Tri-Force Link" uses costumes to beat levels, despite needs 2 companions. He uses costumes to his advantage and he ALMOST ALWAYS come prepared. He also had the (i think..) had best teamwork ability.

  • Greenlif plyz
    Greenlif plyz 28 days ago

    Zelda stupet

  • Nicholas Warfel
    Nicholas Warfel 29 days ago +1

    The hero of time also uses something related to Zora in Majoras Mask, so how come you don't mention it?

  • NinjaJaiah
    NinjaJaiah 29 days ago

    This Video Doesnt Make Sense Anymore With Breath of the wild out (its obviwowee broof of da will d)

  • Bloobloo Studios
    Bloobloo Studios 29 days ago +1

    I get the joke so 👍🏻

  • M Grover
    M Grover 29 days ago

    Actually it is 12ish

  • Solias star
    Solias star Month ago +1

    In botw though has link literally controlling lightning through urbosas fury

  • SnApple
    SnApple Month ago +1

    I think botw link could just deflect the attacks of all of them...

  • Vampy Vampire
    Vampy Vampire Month ago +1

    I LOVE SPIRIT TRACKS and FYI if you see a somewhat around 10-13-year-old driving a train having people trust Link to drive them on the rails. Trains are pretty gosh darn awesome.

  • Dacrayman animation
    Dacrayman animation Month ago +1

    If you can do link why can't you do Rayman

  • Matt Caughenbaugh
    Matt Caughenbaugh Month ago +1

    i think that the hero of time is the weaskest because he is the only link to lose to the villan he has faced either that or oot has the strongest villan in the series.

  • Ciel Bezemer
    Ciel Bezemer Month ago +1

    agility also can go to minish because he has the pegasus boots and rokets cape

  • Night
    Night Month ago

    The Link from Four Swords is the Hero Of The Minish. Same Link. Four Swords Adventures Link is the Hero Of Light.

  • My name Jeff Yeet
    My name Jeff Yeet Month ago

    If you think twilight princess link is strong just play breath of the wild

  • greengeckoking
    greengeckoking Month ago +1

    He needs to update this for botw. Or mabey wait in till the next game and then update it

  • Awesome F.T. Frags
    Awesome F.T. Frags Month ago

    Does the hero of legend had a rod riess?

  • Superstar Life
    Superstar Life Month ago

    I like how you think but child link is 1 meter tall I found via lakeside laboratory meter marks

  • Idiot 3.14159265359
    Idiot 3.14159265359 Month ago +1

    So link has magical hammers and can summon thunder? seems familiar

  • Uareawesome29
    Uareawesome29 Month ago

    That thumbnail gave me life XD

  • Bob Wachholder
    Bob Wachholder Month ago

    but link is dead

  • Bob Wachholder
    Bob Wachholder Month ago +1

    there is now a new link called hero of breathing from breath of the wild

  • Dalton Salisbury
    Dalton Salisbury Month ago

    Breath of the wild link is now because

    [BEWARE] some spoilers

    1. motorbike and infinite horses
    2. more armor sets than majora link has masks
    3. look at this mans freaking arsenal! tons of weapons, bows, and shields
    4. he can jump anywhere not just certain ledges or with a power up
    5. he can glide
    6. champion abilities to boost strength and freaking revive himself
    7. he can cook ability boosting foods
    8. trained by a monk with several combat abilities
    9. 120 (+ if you count the ones that aren't shrines) "dungeons"
    10. can enhance the aster sword (DLC)
    11. unlimited bombs (if you have rune)
    12. can freeze enemies (if you upgrade the rune)
    13. can blend in with several types of enemies (no barrel needed!)
    14. (almost) infinite wallet
    15. can teleport
    16. remotely detonated bombs
    17. can best TONS of enemies in combat
    18. tons of profit from mining and selling gems
    19. has the divine beasts on his team (after beating them)
    20. can move entire metal doors (magnesis rune)
    21. can walk on water (cyronis rune)
    22. can increase inventory
    23. can track certain items/enemies (sheikah sensor +)
    24. can climb (when it isn't raining)
    25. can use melee weapons that aren't broadswords
    If you can think of more reply to me and share them!

    AZURE STOUT Month ago

    NO!!! twilight princess!!!