Game Theory: Which Link Rules them All? (Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Warriors)

  • Published on Sep 28, 2014
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    With the release of Hyrule Warriors, I got to thinking...clearly not all Legendary Heroes are created equally. So across all the various reincarnations of Link in the Legend of Zelda series, which Link would be the best, the one to rule them all? We analyze their strength, smarts, stealth, experience, and equipment to find out which Link is the best Link!
    Special thanks to Drake for his help researching and capturing for this video:
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  • Nova Glacrr
    Nova Glacrr 7 hours ago

    Drum roll
    Me: okay who is it.
    Kid link
    Me: Holy --- I've played him. ●♡●

    LEVI LASLEY 13 hours ago

    Trains are AWESOME I AM OFFENDED!!!

  • Twisted Bonnie
    Twisted Bonnie 15 hours ago

    Chew chew mother trucker

  • Gina Edwards
    Gina Edwards 15 hours ago

    Wrong what about breath of the wild link

  • Ada Hartnett
    Ada Hartnett 16 hours ago

    Actually... you might have to redo this because... BREATH OF THE WILD OH MY GOSH!!! He has a insane amount of stuff, 🧺 (i n s a n e) some crazy sword moves,🗡 is good with bunch of horses, 🐎 can run, 🏃🏻‍♂️and is basically the best in almost all of the other categories, sooo... yeah.

  • Dilan Abdulla
    Dilan Abdulla 20 hours ago

    Doesn't the Hero of Legend have a sword that's like 4x as powerful as the Master Sword in the form of the Golden Sword?

  • Alex Richards
    Alex Richards Day ago

    now....does the champion of the wild place

  • Ernesto is Awesome
    Ernesto is Awesome 2 days ago

    The statue one in tp in my most recent play through was easy.

  • lilchriz criz
    lilchriz criz 3 days ago

    toon link

  • Diego Noob
    Diego Noob 3 days ago

    Time to update this video, cause Breath of the wild Link.

  • Lucas Smith
    Lucas Smith 3 days ago

    that link from four swords is called "The Hero of the Four Sword"

  • Gaster Follower 19
    Gaster Follower 19 3 days ago

    What about the CDI Link?

  • LowLinK
    LowLinK 3 days ago

    Hero of Tracks, Hero of Tracks!

  • LowLinK
    LowLinK 3 days ago

    Child Link can turn into Fierce Deity so GG EZ bro

  • Luigi1 Greatness
    Luigi1 Greatness 3 days ago

    Hey leave toon links, Young links and adult links

  • Combsdave1
    Combsdave1 3 days ago

    Literally dying laughing at the hero of trains. I forgot all about that.

  • Undertale Fan
    Undertale Fan 4 days ago

    What is the 4th theroy?

  • Jake in the Box
    Jake in the Box 4 days ago

    I get the joke

  • Gabrielanthony Carreon

    Philips cgi link? Easy clap

  • trolen hereno
    trolen hereno 5 days ago +1

    hahahahaha so funny mattypatty You are WRONG It’s Breath of the wild Link you see every shrine and Divine beast And Champions Ballad / Master trials so = every 4 shrine equals 4 spirit orb =1 Dungeon .5 Divine beast a.k.a 5 Dungeon gives you 4 Heart vessel ,And A MOTORBIKE sheesh .(Realized This video was like uploaded 2014).WHO CARES continue your FnaF Theory on the FILM Theory please don’t make me think this is not important THIS Is THE Legendary THEORIES

  • Pug Gamez
    Pug Gamez 5 days ago +1

    MM Link makes every Link into a mask


  • sonicyellow5
    sonicyellow5 7 days ago

    We just gonna pretend the Hero of Minish doesn't have the Pegasus Boots *and* the Roc's Cape?

  • InTrenchimnøtAløne
    InTrenchimnøtAløne 7 days ago +2

    Things Botw link wins at:
    Mount: The bike
    Bow Accuracy: He can do a backflip and shoot as many arrows as he has in middle air and also has a bow with more range
    Mobility and Agility(?): he can climb, Run and swim with lots of stamina, climb anything, jump and dodge enemy attacks
    He might also win at puzzles or be at second place
    (If there’s a cooking and survival category he might be the best of all)

  • Karthik Nittala
    Karthik Nittala 7 days ago

    psh... Its BOTW link obviusly..

  • Alexander Shank
    Alexander Shank 8 days ago

    dude i think that botw is gonna win instead of some kid. Just cuz your brainwashed doesn't mean you can stuff a omelet in your pants!

  • Langston Bull Jr
    Langston Bull Jr 9 days ago

    If only you where doing this when lagen of zelda breath of the wild

  • Jennifer Young
    Jennifer Young 9 days ago

    Breath of the wild Is out

  • Master Yoda
    Master Yoda 9 days ago

    Toon link

  • kyle huang
    kyle huang 10 days ago

    At this point, the best link is the hero of the wild

  • Alim ilkkurşun
    Alim ilkkurşun 10 days ago


  • Hee Choon Yeo
    Hee Choon Yeo 13 days ago

    Spirit tracks is the hero of spirits not trains

  • Josh Vegh
    Josh Vegh 13 days ago

    You forgot an adventure from the link between worlds... a link to the past

  • Iamdisguised 0322
    Iamdisguised 0322 14 days ago

    What about breath of the wild

  • Luke lol Gresham
    Luke lol Gresham 14 days ago +1

    2019 anyone

  • _ Zyphis _
    _ Zyphis _ 14 days ago

    Hey, can someone tell me what track is used during 12:18?

  • Stampybampy
    Stampybampy 15 days ago

    The first problem with this is that twilight princess link doesn't use magic to cheat his way to strength, not that it'd help him too much in an all out fight between the two
    And, the hero of time learned that years later since you can't do a single one of them in the game itself, so if that counts than the hero of twilight knows every last thing the hero of time does and exponentially more.
    So that at the very least evens it out, furthermore, the kid wouldn't be able to use the diety mask since u can only use it in boss fights, even otherwise, the twilight hero killed Gannon four times, yet the kid hadn't killed him once, and only had to fight major once

  • ACardboardBox
    ACardboardBox 15 days ago

    8:55 missed opportunity for "Its a secret to everybody"

  • SwenglishGamer
    SwenglishGamer 15 days ago

    The Hero of Twilight wins easily if you count each hero’s companion. His impy little friend can turn into a godlike tentacle monster whereas all the other companions only seem to be able to help Link lock on to enemies or nag him about the battery life of his controller.

  • Gluestick Inc.
    Gluestick Inc. 16 days ago

    And as usual, our minish boy is forgotten. Because he sucks! Pun.

  • Ethan Ferrara
    Ethan Ferrara 16 days ago

    Matpat: No theories on him, just found him off of the internet lol

  • Anita Redd
    Anita Redd 16 days ago +1

    Legend of zelda whos the best zeltiks

  • Anita Redd
    Anita Redd 16 days ago +1

    The new and hero of hyrule link are the same

  • jonsh_o
    jonsh_o 17 days ago

    What about CDI link

  • jonsh_o
    jonsh_o 17 days ago


  • One Piece
    One Piece 17 days ago

    What about Botw

  • Black out
    Black out 17 days ago

    Then breath of the wild came out

  • adele Richard
    adele Richard 18 days ago

    can you do it again but including botw link

  • Maroon ring
    Maroon ring 19 days ago

    Wtf matpat says 4 swords has no name then says he does have a name🤭🤭🤭

  • The Darkened dimensions B.

    The most powerful like is dark link because he can say the n word

  • DiamondAnvil Productions

    The Hero of Trains? Really? I can’t even say that with a straight face.

  • Krupier X
    Krupier X 20 days ago

    Twilight Princess Link is referenced as *_Hero Chosen by the Gods_* and *_Divine Beast_* not as 'Hero of Twilight'
    Link from Spirit Tracks doesn't have given title

  • Amaazing Gamer
    Amaazing Gamer 20 days ago


  • Todoroni 123
    Todoroni 123 20 days ago

    Heh young link has sticks and nuts to play with

  • The Guy
    The Guy 20 days ago +1

    OMG he used battle royale before Fortnite

  • Shark Boy
    Shark Boy 20 days ago +1

    Hero of twilight would shove his own master sword up his asz the time it takes to switch mask would be laughable.

  • Toby Zimmerman
    Toby Zimmerman 21 day ago

    You you are a meay person. NOT a mena person

  • Jesse Yi
    Jesse Yi 22 days ago

    it's lttp (link to the past ) because he can use the whole triforce mat pat

  • Phil the Swift
    Phil the Swift 22 days ago

    This is the real *battle royale*

  • Andrew Cota
    Andrew Cota 23 days ago

    Link from Soul Calibur II

  • Nugget Jimenez
    Nugget Jimenez 23 days ago

    Being the ultimate weeb wen you said deku stick I went starlit to seeing every time Izuku breaks arms

  • Max Hirschkorn
    Max Hirschkorn 23 days ago


  • Caleb Browne
    Caleb Browne 23 days ago

    There should be catigory on there uniec abiltys

  • June Faramore
    June Faramore 23 days ago

    So you picked young HoT because you didn't want a riot over TP being best? Got it.

  • James Rawls
    James Rawls 23 days ago

    I think botw link beats the rest now

    • James Rawls
      James Rawls 8 days ago +1

      +RubberDuck Trinity i totally understand that but when i play botw link i feel so much stronger, but that might just be the 3d medium

    • RubberDuck Trinity
      RubberDuck Trinity 20 days ago

      Hero of legends and hero of time I still rank us above botw link, mostly due to their arsenal.

  • Amelia Pond
    Amelia Pond 24 days ago

    Didn’t the hero of legend defeat Ganon more than the others. Not only that, he did it without the Tri Force of courage, and to add to that Ganon had the entire Tri Force when they battled. What other Link can say that........

  • Soapy Penguin
    Soapy Penguin 25 days ago

    Man, this episode is old and before BotW, but BotW Link would definitely win all of these categories.

  • Soapy Penguin
    Soapy Penguin 25 days ago

    Deku Link.
    Deku Link!
    DEKU LINK!!!!

  • Mystery Man
    Mystery Man 25 days ago

    What about Breath of the wild link?

  • llenzo romero
    llenzo romero 26 days ago

    How about botw link how stronk is he

  • Legit Gaming 85
    Legit Gaming 85 26 days ago

    Oh boohoo four swords links could kill them all with all seeds, the master swords, and hurriccane spin yeah goodbye child link

  • LêSu1luj
    LêSu1luj 26 days ago

    So Child Edition isn't agile in water? What's with zora mask?

  • Not your typical weeab

    I still don't get why his hair is pink in link to the past though

  • Gustavo Ramirez Barrientos

    2019 anyone? Old intro was best

  • Alex Rhino
    Alex Rhino 27 days ago +1

    Do another but include botw (and dont forget about all the amiibo weapons and armor)

  • Michelle C. Pfaltz
    Michelle C. Pfaltz 28 days ago

    How about a future game you meet all the links and each one of them gives you a powerful item? Then at the end of the game they are all their for a final battle to fight Gannon finally killing him

  • MMufflin
    MMufflin 28 days ago

    He didn't mention the Link of the sky's in the beginning. Why didn't i notice this 4 years ago?

  • Ivan The only man
    Ivan The only man 28 days ago

    It’s btw!!!!

  • Porter Cowart
    Porter Cowart 28 days ago

    We need an updated video

  • SilverMist 24780
    SilverMist 24780 29 days ago +1

    Honestly BotW Link could probably easily beat the other Links in all categories. I mean, look at the amount of shrines and towers there are plus the other Expansion Pack stuff. He can also swim, backflip, jump to the side, ride a bunch of animals, climb, charged attack, charged jump, fly with the paraglider and with Revali's Gale... A lot of things. BoTW Link must also have a lot of experience and must REALLY be good at wielding a sword because he can beat ADULTS at FRIGGIN AGE FOUR with a sword. And then he has a bunch of items, money, arrows, weapons (hey thanks hestu), shields, bows and clothes. Oh ya and he can basically also revive himself with fairies and with Mipha's magical powers. And he has Daruk's Protection. And he can send lightning at his will (with annoyingly long breaks in between).

    • SilverMist 24780
      SilverMist 24780 29 days ago

      Oh YEAH he also has the Giant Horse, the descendant of Zelda's horse, Epona, a bunch of other horses and his motorbike. Beat that other links. And also the lynels. Most games dont have that and lynels are FRIGGIN hard. I mean they literally harder than ganon

  • ツPlasma
    ツPlasma 29 days ago

    If this video was launched in 2018-2019, 2:00 would show a picture of Fortnite...

  • Pedro Pereira
    Pedro Pereira 29 days ago

    "It's like Chuck Norris and a tornado had a green-clad elf baby" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Rachel Wanner
    Rachel Wanner 29 days ago

    this is from almost five years ago w o w i remember watching this when it first came out

  • Eleanor Gregory
    Eleanor Gregory 29 days ago

    *Does not share* >:3

  • Aura hoffman
    Aura hoffman 29 days ago

    Love the joke

  • Darcy S
    Darcy S Month ago +1

    4:57 but isn't skyward sword consistent across all timeliness so wouldn't every link be trained like.that

  • James Williams
    James Williams Month ago +1

    Hey, the Hero of Trains uses a freaking phantom to block, attack, and carry? Link over Hyrule!

  • Entirely Stupid
    Entirely Stupid Month ago

    Heck, Ocarina of Time Link would win! Link has the OCARINA OF TIME, that means he can just keep trying, turning back time.

  • Wasd
    Wasd Month ago

    Twilight can use his sword underwater

  • MysticJJ Gaming
    MysticJJ Gaming Month ago

    Honestly for those who are asking, Young Link would still win at this even with BOTW Link AKA The True Hero of Hyrule/Hero of The Wild/The Fallen Hero.
    His mount is just litterally just any horse he finds, his strength sucks since he can't punch or lift anything too heavy give or take some small rocks and and the magnisis rune, he not though he can use any weapons he has effincitenly, he gets winded pretty easily though with upgrades he can do it faster. Honestly his mount like I said is any horse he finds, which usually isn't Epona but he can do a run back with his horse, he's also pretty good with a bow with his aiming in air making it look like he's slowing down, he has a lot of stuff so several weapons and a Sheikah Slate. If you don't count the Slate, he literally dosent have any magic himself, and he has done about over 200 shrines and the divine beasts and the castle, I don't need to talk about his freaking swimming ability, but his sword skills aren't too useful, because with every sword one handed or two handed, he litterally uses almost the exact same motions so Young Link still wins

  • J H
    J H Month ago

    The orcarina of time though

  • Mark McCormack-Reamer

    Are you still using Lynda?

  • AA PETS Sdn Bhd
    AA PETS Sdn Bhd Month ago +1

    Which Link rule them all

    The Hero of Beauty from Triforce Heroes but it came out after Hyrule Warriors

  • ErrosCovu TV
    ErrosCovu TV Month ago

    Where is the breath of the wild

  • Kyle Playlist
    Kyle Playlist Month ago

    After 4 years I finally got it

  • EpicGoldenPiggy
    EpicGoldenPiggy Month ago +1

    Update this with botw link please.

  • Cian Shamrock
    Cian Shamrock Month ago


  • OneChanceBiker
    OneChanceBiker Month ago

    i know it wasnt out when this was made but i think BOTW link is a best yet...

  • foxtrot115
    foxtrot115 Month ago

    Okay not gonna lie I was take by the music once the theory if I do remember correctly the music was from top gear sorry but like I said I love your theories

  • Mickey McGee
    Mickey McGee Month ago


  • Game Advance
    Game Advance Month ago