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  • Published on Mar 3, 2018
  • I just remembered I forgot to show you the rest of those old drawings so here we have PART TWO of my old art I drew on notepads and sketchbooks and other miscellaneous pieces of paper. The oldest drawing I share in this is 20 years old from when I was in First Grade. :O
    ► Part One is here: tvclip.biz/video/karcdivregk/video.html
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    Music: Get Outside by Jason Farnham
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  • Nicola P. Adaline
    Nicola P. Adaline 10 months ago +1500

    The drawings in the yellow sketchbook that you thought were referenced came from The Monster Book of Manga, if you were wondering.

    • Curlysaurus
      Curlysaurus 20 days ago

      • sleepypop •
      Still going

    • I love my rabbits
      I love my rabbits Month ago

      +DrawingWiffWaffles LOCVE YOU XXXXX

    • Exotic outlook Show
      Exotic outlook Show 6 months ago

      DrawingWiffWaffles u should draw some of your old art and compare them

    • Emma B
      Emma B 7 months ago

      Nicola P. Adaline p

    • Naomi :D
      Naomi :D 7 months ago

      How did you figure that out so fast...

  • msg.timothy *
    msg.timothy * Hour ago

    Please do a video recreating old art

  • kittyscars 13
    kittyscars 13 Day ago

    Here's an idea on what i would consider the first lady in the 2008 notebook to be, fancy and snotty. Lol

  • Norimar Santiago

    Bonus points for the gloves lmao 😂

  • Remy
    Remy 2 days ago

    When I draw fingers they look like French toast sticks, but at least they match with my style.

  • Ruby Miles
    Ruby Miles 2 days ago

    Is it okay to ask how old you were when you drew this because I just finished elementary school and I want too know how good/bad I am compared to other artists at my age

  • Bunnycorn Animates
    Bunnycorn Animates 4 days ago +1

    When waffles’s elementry Art is better than your current art . 😥

    • Ellie Yialiades
      Ellie Yialiades 3 days ago +1

      Just keep practicing and you will improve! I have no idea what I am doing most of the time but I have recently googled references and I am already seeing improvements!

  • UnIcornGurl PoopingRainbwoahs

    Plz make a turtorial UwU

  • SoraXme
    SoraXme 5 days ago

    Why does she move her hands/fingers around like that?

  • Kat_ Jammyz
    Kat_ Jammyz 6 days ago

    You are so close to 1 million!!

  • Geek Girl
    Geek Girl 6 days ago

    you were drawing spectacularly when i was born. (2006)

  • MintyBear 12
    MintyBear 12 11 days ago

    The Getting Ready picture was actually really impressive

  • hey it's me mars
    hey it's me mars 13 days ago

    want to see a redraw video of these.

  • Raye Stiches
    Raye Stiches 13 days ago

    2:49 all my old art has most of the arms cut off with their bodies lol

  • JalanaStewlau
    JalanaStewlau 14 days ago +1


  • Kaylee James
    Kaylee James 16 days ago

    Can you draw one of your old drawings now

  • HoiKatz
    HoiKatz 17 days ago

    I like how you don’t judge your old art :) usually people will be very rude to their old art

  • Mr. Zhug
    Mr. Zhug 17 days ago

    That girt It's sooo abstract that goes on a art gallery ... how much is it

  • Autumn Rodriguez
    Autumn Rodriguez 17 days ago

    I try t ok draw manga

  • Autumn Rodriguez
    Autumn Rodriguez 17 days ago

    GOOD for elemantary school. Bc I gave up on drawing I cant draw hair

  • Wolf love
    Wolf love 18 days ago

    Did you recreate the last drawing

  • Cookies_And_Dough
    Cookies_And_Dough 18 days ago

    I did some math. She is somewhere between 24-27

  • The Everything Sandwich

    I used to draw with literally just pens and it looked terrible

  • Rachel Playz07
    Rachel Playz07 18 days ago +1

    Your recent art is is something I'll never be able to do.. I'm somewhere in between the first book and the second 🤔

  • Catherine Taaffe
    Catherine Taaffe 18 days ago +1

    12:03.... That's my name

  • Puppyluv for life
    Puppyluv for life 20 days ago

    What is with the figiting

  • xPotatoe Gaming
    xPotatoe Gaming 21 day ago

    I was born in 2008 and my bro was born in 2006 and today is my lil bro's fourth b-day c;

  • Gamer Girl
    Gamer Girl 21 day ago

    *how many pirates does a girl need*

  • Navya Tyagi
    Navya Tyagi 22 days ago

    Oh I didn't know your name was Catherine until I saw the last masterpiece drawing

  • strange girl
    strange girl 23 days ago


  • Hollow Xiria
    Hollow Xiria 24 days ago

    2006!!?? I wasn't even born until 2 years after!

  • It’s Nini
    It’s Nini 25 days ago

    You should redraw them

  • Allicat The blinking army panicing! at the disco

    *sees gloves*
    Me: shits about to get real

  • IDK studios
    IDK studios 27 days ago +1

    It’s better than mine.

  • Alka Rai
    Alka Rai Month ago

    I was born in 2008😂

  • John Rollins jr
    John Rollins jr Month ago

    Haha lol when she skipped the page

  • Meixing Rens
    Meixing Rens Month ago

    ITS A BUNNY TTHATS HOLDING A GUN!XD I laughed so hard I almost died.🤣

  • Summerxxi Roblox
    Summerxxi Roblox Month ago

    You should try to redraw your old pictures

  • Chocol0t
    Chocol0t Month ago

    It's a bunny!
    *Whose holding a gun!*

  • A. B. Land
    A. B. Land Month ago

    This video made me feel better about my drawings because im in middle school, and i think i draw ok-ish
    And I'll stop throwing away my ild sketchbooks (:

  • Ed Fields
    Ed Fields Month ago

    I love your drawings

  • Riles C
    Riles C Month ago

    I'm not going to be able to sleep tonight.

  • Kittengirl6000
    Kittengirl6000 Month ago

    I’m very brave when it comes to drawing hands

  • ClownLorde™
    ClownLorde™ Month ago

    Looks like alot of them Pirate drawings are inspired by the POTC ride at Disney.
    You got the Classic Redhead and The laying pirate lady painting from a later scene of the ride.

  • Flamingo Fan
    Flamingo Fan Month ago

    “Right here I drew a HMMMHMMMHMMMM woman.”

  • Meiko Ludwig
    Meiko Ludwig Month ago +1

    I think that the "E" is there because it's brown so it's a "brownE" get it? Brownie

  • black unigalax_playz

    At 2008,I WASNT EVEN BORN!

  • Emily pLaYz_
    Emily pLaYz_ Month ago


  • Lana
    Lana Month ago

    12:38 it's heather!

  • Pale Flakes
    Pale Flakes Month ago

    0:26 I’m swedish o.O

  • Toast And butter
    Toast And butter Month ago

    A hm hm hm woman

  • Galaxy Chaser
    Galaxy Chaser Month ago

    You inspire me so much! You’re so awesome, thank you!❤️💚 Merry Christmas! (If you celebrate it, & if not, Happy December! 🥳)

  • sunnydoesmore baby
    sunnydoesmore baby Month ago

    hey you are the best art tube in my life you really rock and make me do more art even doe I am really bad at art and drawing

  • Angel あんげl CRAFT

    I was born in 2007

  • Gacha_Bri LLC
    Gacha_Bri LLC Month ago

    I love drawing

    So now I’m sitting here uncomfortably think what’s gonna becomes of me

  • Anime _4Life
    Anime _4Life Month ago

    Is your drawings classified as Anime, cartoon..?

  • Xx_ ToxicGamer _xX
    Xx_ ToxicGamer _xX Month ago

    And here I drew a little


    person Ya know?

  • Elyse Olson
    Elyse Olson Month ago

    This makes me feel better that I'm not as good as you now I can see that I am as good as you were when you were my age

  • Galiette Mita
    Galiette Mita Month ago

    You should redraw your own drawings 👍🏼 like if you agree

  • P crafts And more
    P crafts And more Month ago

    I was born in 2007

  • Skyth
    Skyth 2 months ago +1

    All of your art is still better than I can draw ;w;

  • Xxjess_playz_ gachaXx
    Xxjess_playz_ gachaXx 2 months ago

    Hey 2006 isn't a long time ago that's when I was born😂😂😂😂

  • Aleigha Fleetwood
    Aleigha Fleetwood 2 months ago +1

    Can you do a whole video on how you draw your eyes please.

  • sokatschu
    sokatschu 2 months ago +1

    omg you're just as old as my biig brother is!!! he's now..... 23? 22? i believe...

  • beefrix
    beefrix 2 months ago

    her drawing at 3:11 really reminds me of that cartoon 'Eloise'

  • Juan Rivera
    Juan Rivera 2 months ago

    You just made me feel really old when you said the year lol

  • Gabriella Jorge
    Gabriella Jorge 2 months ago

    So I did the math..... I think you are around 26 years old. Tell me if I’m wrong......

  • prathima parvathaneni
    prathima parvathaneni 2 months ago

    do a face reveal

  • sheewolf 365
    sheewolf 365 2 months ago

    You draw so much better than me and im in 7th gradeeeee😭😭😭😂😂but you inspire me si much so thank you

  • Obsiniton
    Obsiniton 2 months ago


  • Wolfi Plays
    Wolfi Plays 2 months ago

    8:40 you should make a video of you finishing that!

  • Wolfi Plays
    Wolfi Plays 2 months ago

    Flat line, a scoop, Flat line.. Scoop

  • Roblox Videos With Brianna

    I never knew you spelled with like wiff

  • Super Em
    Super Em 2 months ago

    I have the yellow sketch book too! It used to be my mom's but she gave it to me since she didn't draw much in it.

  • Katherine Henschel
    Katherine Henschel 2 months ago

    2006! I was born in 2007!

  • Magma Magnetic
    Magma Magnetic 2 months ago

    you werent actually that bad in the 2007 notebook!

  • lee israel
    lee israel 2 months ago

    I was born in 2005 so you called me really really old

  • Tlemcen. CH
    Tlemcen. CH 2 months ago +1

    I live in sweden! And i think your art technique is amazing. Anyway: hälsningar från sverige!

  • Miagy Alvarez
    Miagy Alvarez 2 months ago

    She skipped a page in the lined Papp book!

  • vicky Animator girl57
    vicky Animator girl57 2 months ago

    I was born in 2008 and I was gifted to draw

  • Just Rya
    Just Rya 2 months ago

    Can you give ways to draw very detailed clothes? I'm a manga artist, but idk how to draw the detailed clothes..

  • capn_nyleve
    capn_nyleve 2 months ago

    just realized this was posted on my bday... happy (late) birthday me!

  • april Ray
    april Ray 2 months ago

    When you said "Some of these are really old like 2006-ish"and I was like ... Wow. Orndbgrhdhdhdud aka gibberish.. my point is that I was BORN IN 2006!!! lol just thought I'd say that lol.

  • SAID Sabrina
    SAID Sabrina 2 months ago

    Your art is sooooooooo good! I hope my art is good in the future And thank you for inspiring me!!!! 😊😊😊😊😊

  • Pearlfections
    Pearlfections 2 months ago

    Okay good i draw better than middle school you (im in middle school

  • lagg field
    lagg field 2 months ago

    What if there was
    driwang waff wiffles

  • flutt3rby3 _
    flutt3rby3 _ 2 months ago

    1:35 Why didn't you draw on the page to the left?

  • Pirra Halfpenny
    Pirra Halfpenny 2 months ago

    Did anyone else think of coraline when she said "other brother"?

  • Hope π
    Hope π 2 months ago

    6:21 Wait how come we didn't get to see the next picture it looked good?

  • Taige Miller
    Taige Miller 2 months ago

    I’m in middle school and I have a notebook that is have full of drawings

  • Mango Mudpuppy
    Mango Mudpuppy 2 months ago

    That last one really brings out the time period it was drawn in. Very professional. Very accurate. Beautiful.

  • Caroline Sim
    Caroline Sim 2 months ago

    I think the reference you used for the pirate lady lying down is a concept sketch for Pirates of the Caribbean (the ride) by Marc Davis.

  • Kelia LopezChampagne
    Kelia LopezChampagne 2 months ago

    A NUCE ?????????

  • Linn Norberg
    Linn Norberg 2 months ago

    Hey I´m from Sweden
    jag gillar köttbullar

  • Les Kut
    Les Kut 2 months ago

    Why is mine full and yours don't

  • Ryanna Animates
    Ryanna Animates 2 months ago

    The second Philimina (I think that’s how you spell it) drawing was dated 4/9/08 and that was the day I was born ;-;

  • Blossom from Power Puff Girls Z

    Who else thought she’s say My Life As A Teengee Robot

  • Badness Guillory
    Badness Guillory 2 months ago

    2007-2998 range was when i was born XD