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  • Published on Mar 3, 2018
  • I just remembered I forgot to show you the rest of those old drawings so here we have PART TWO of my old art I drew on notepads and sketchbooks and other miscellaneous pieces of paper. The oldest drawing I share in this is 20 years old from when I was in First Grade. :O
    ► Part One is here: tvclip.biz/video/KaRCDIVREGk/video.html
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    Music: Get Outside by Jason Farnham
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  • Nicola P. Adaline
    Nicola P. Adaline Year ago +2492

    The drawings in the yellow sketchbook that you thought were referenced came from The Monster Book of Manga, if you were wondering.

    • Aly06
      Aly06 Month ago

      I really want your profile picture 😭

    • Rhi S
      Rhi S 3 months ago

      I still have that book , lol

    • Adrianna Maunupau
      Adrianna Maunupau 4 months ago

      @Bricheese Jpg i mean i had that as a kid tbh in the libraries i still draw manga

    • Lillian Tomley
      Lillian Tomley 4 months ago

      I have that booooook 😂😂 It was my sisters but she stopped drawing. I fricking knew it

  • Lee Turner
    Lee Turner 13 hours ago

    9:19 what was that?!?

  • America’s Next Drag Superstar

    Your first drawing is so cute!! I actually love it 💕

  • Streamstrike160
    Streamstrike160 2 days ago +3

    When her elementary drawings are better than your high school ones :/

  • Ophiliac Blake
    Ophiliac Blake 3 days ago

    With the 2008 one I was born in that year

  • Pop tart gacha
    Pop tart gacha 5 days ago

    11:48 that needs a round of a plas


    Me: *sees thumbnail*

  • Emo Susan
    Emo Susan 7 days ago

    Lol, i have a one subject notebook and a drawer full of drawing on 6th grade and early 7th grade. I hate them but my parents won't let me throw/burn them like Eliza.

  • It's Feeya
    It's Feeya 7 days ago


  • It's Feeya
    It's Feeya 7 days ago

    I do art when like you know the girls with the bandet thing when they put it around there mouth. I drew those things , and done some fingers with the middle finger up, Even a gun.

    Kids these days.. 🙄

  • ocdonutsteel
    ocdonutsteel 8 days ago

    I love seeing the improvement over time, very impressive!

  • Bob Burris
    Bob Burris 8 days ago

    i was watching this and saw you open the yellow sketch book and i was like this looks like the book i have, the monster book of manga LMAO

  • Tania waaka
    Tania waaka 9 days ago

    I love u

  • Kakan Margaria
    Kakan Margaria 11 days ago


  • Café Mocha
    Café Mocha 12 days ago

    In 4th grade or 5th i drew my little pony amnesia.....i-

  • Jungkook Taehyung
    Jungkook Taehyung 12 days ago

    Why did people draw bad when they where at middle school 🤣 im about to go to high school and I draw pretty decent.

  • Ash Eclipse
    Ash Eclipse 14 days ago +1

    Me: *skips forward thinking the drawings are better at the end*
    Waffles: 12:44
    Me: nevermind

  • MADpepper guntara
    MADpepper guntara 14 days ago +2

    How old is drawing wiff waffles?

  • June Beaudry
    June Beaudry 14 days ago +2

    2:51 to me it kinda looks like undyn from undertale

  • _Edible_ Flower_
    _Edible_ Flower_ 16 days ago

    ive been drawing for 3 years and i still cant draw good hands ;;

  • Abi’s World
    Abi’s World 17 days ago

    You: it has 5 fingers
    Me: 5 fingers and no thumb!

  • Kajsa Samuelsson
    Kajsa Samuelsson 17 days ago


  • Amanda Clark
    Amanda Clark 17 days ago +5

    Can u plz redraw old art? get this to the top so she can see it plz!

  • Ana's Art
    Ana's Art 18 days ago +3

    Looking at both your old art and how your art looks now gives me hope. Practice practice practice 😂

  • Juno Mattheeussen
    Juno Mattheeussen 19 days ago

    Maybe you can draw some of them again but then in your style now

  • XxKinny xXxx
    XxKinny xXxx 19 days ago


  • *Crystal_Love*
    *Crystal_Love* 20 days ago

    I think you miss one

  • Babey Beans
    Babey Beans 21 day ago

    The cynical side of me wants to say thats not what woman pirates looked like, but that would be fucking stupid.

  • Ruby Easthouse
    Ruby Easthouse 21 day ago

    The last drawing and the way she maid it seem like it was a absolute master peace XD

  • Emzee 321
    Emzee 321 23 days ago +1

    6:20 you skipped the drawing underneath it.... why?!

  • Tortoro
    Tortoro 26 days ago

    this is late but you forgot on drawing in the blue book

  • Maria Hadjichristoforou

    woooow, seeing the dates too reminded me that I was 4 years old back then! Holy cowwwwwwwwwww

  • maria
    maria 26 days ago +2

    Me (a 12 year old): i'll never be as good as her. I bet when she was younger she was still better than me-- *watches video*

  • Ria P
    Ria P 27 days ago

    Lol Idk how people get embarrassed when showing old art ;-;

  • Rebekah Rosenu
    Rebekah Rosenu 27 days ago

    Who else is really curious about what she looks like?

  • Leloo Smith
    Leloo Smith 28 days ago

    I found a sketchbook from 5th grade and there was a drawing of a squirrel with its head cut off.
    I was weird 😆

  • Diy_with_me
    Diy_with_me 28 days ago

    Sweden ? I’m swedish

  • иχтмєgg
    иχтмєgg 28 days ago

    i love how youre positive about your old art and not complaining about how bad it is
    it makes you a lot different than other youtubers

  • Alyson Zuniga
    Alyson Zuniga 29 days ago

    I’m like in third grade and know how to draw manga...😆😆😆

  • BROfessional Gaming

    What is with the inconsistent breast sizes

  • Gummy
    Gummy Month ago

    hell yeh GLOVEWS



  • Wendigo King
    Wendigo King Month ago

    i'm pretty sure the noose was the angsty-it's-not-a-phase-it's-who-i-am phase kicking in

  • Musical Trash
    Musical Trash Month ago +27

    Waffles: bunny with a gun
    Me: gunny

  • Loki The fabulous
    Loki The fabulous Month ago +1

    I will say that u had a very good understanding of anatomy

  • mei animations
    mei animations Month ago

    Your so good a t poses! I wish I was...

  • GarbageToaster
    GarbageToaster Month ago

    Man you must have really hated yourself when you made this.

  • combustible lemon
    combustible lemon Month ago

    "jake sparrow"

  • Bethany & Ella
    Bethany & Ella Month ago +1

    Is anyone like me? Coz I hate colouring my drawings! I just leave them black and white.😂

  • Life and Hailey Renae

    Ok it is just me, the last pictures that she drew, she said I don’t know why I drew and E on it, it reminded me of when I was in preschool they had these little letter puppet things and they each had a little letter on their dress, or shirt.

  • Alyson and friends
    Alyson and friends Month ago

    Am 9 and a draw a little better than your old art

  • Haidyn Crawford
    Haidyn Crawford Month ago

    At 6:21 she skipped a picture

  • Genesis Flores
    Genesis Flores Month ago

    What no this is a BIG LIE because I gave her that note book with MY drawings and I know your not going to believe it because oh she will never lie to us will SHE DID lie and she put her signature

  • the gacha potato
    the gacha potato Month ago

    you must have liked Pirates

  • Kendra McCarthy
    Kendra McCarthy Month ago

    you should make a video on trying to redraw your old art!

  • Darius Bochis
    Darius Bochis Month ago +1

    6:20. . . she skipped a page. . . :(

  • callmecristal
    callmecristal Month ago

    The Catherine drawing is how I draw now at 28 years of age... I don't know whether to laugh or to cry.. FML :'D

  • Fun DIYs And more
    Fun DIYs And more Month ago

    6:22 hides a page
    I wanted to see it

  • loaf-of -bread
    loaf-of -bread Month ago

    I recently drew satan himself and my christan dad did not like it . . .

  • Emerald ArticWolf
    Emerald ArticWolf Month ago

    I can draw hands real good but, my eyes are always bad ;-;

  • J girlz forever
    J girlz forever Month ago

    Recreat your drawing

  • A.G Doodledart
    A.G Doodledart Month ago +33

    Drawingwiffwaffles: as you can see I hat e drawing feet so I didn’t draw feet and her hands are hiding behind her because I was terrified of drawing hands!

    Me:oooh! So it’s not just me? SO RELATABLE

  • Anime Lover27
    Anime Lover27 Month ago +4


    Rin : hey little bunny whatcha got there?
    Pirate bunny : A GUN!
    Rin : NO!

    Lol I love this channel, anybody remember that vine?

  • Unicorn Queeen
    Unicorn Queeen Month ago +2

    U should try and re-draw some of ur old sketches!!!

  • Tashreeqa Booysen
    Tashreeqa Booysen Month ago

    Have you done that challenge where you pick one of your old pieces and recreate it with all the techniques you've since learned? I think I'd have a lot of fun watching you redraw your old art, even if it's just quick sketches

  • Amar Dahmani
    Amar Dahmani Month ago +81

    By the age of 10 I was drawing horror and sad dark pictures.
    I had problems. 😂 😂 😂

    • Strawberries Talk
      Strawberries Talk Day ago +2

      Still tryna get out if that phase. Almost there, stay strong guys

    • June Beaudry
      June Beaudry 14 days ago +3


      Sometimes I do😸

    • Avaset Weber
      Avaset Weber 19 days ago +1

      MMMMmmmMMM, I can taste the edge from here.

  • cyfyrtuyfrfryutgyfyfrhcfu yrffyhftfhgjyrfdyduft

    I watched the old IT movie and it was not scary at all but i loved it

  • TAMSin M
    TAMSin M Month ago

    I love seeing the sketches from so long ago. Thanks waffles!

  • Aliandra Yorgason
    Aliandra Yorgason Month ago

    sometimes I can do ok looking hands...

  • It's Lesly
    It's Lesly Month ago +7

    Why won't you recreate you ancient work of art?