Redman Wilds Out Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

  • Published on Jul 7, 2016
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    Over more than two and a half decades in the game, the rap veteran and How High star has toured the world with Method Man, put out some of hip-hop's most memorable albums, and repped his Jersey roots to the fullest. Now, watch him risk it all while taking on some of the most brutal hot sauces on the planet.
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Comments • 3 671

  • Boris Boychev
    Boris Boychev 5 hours ago

    Bugaria,Croatia?! WTF RED man../!

  • Last Call
    Last Call 19 hours ago +1

    another real one.

  • 3 Hotz N a Cot
    3 Hotz N a Cot Day ago

    I got news for you he aint eating them

  • DaRealHotRod
    DaRealHotRod Day ago

    Redman seem like one cool mfer

  • Kirl C
    Kirl C Day ago

    I had the Mad Dog at a souvlaki joint with my dad when I was about 12 years old. My grandmother made home made scotch bonnet pepper blend with garlic, onions and a bunch of herbs for flavouring and it was no big deal for me. My friends would shit fire after trying it and tears streaming down their bloodshot faces so I had to assume I was the shit. This Mad Dog sauce had a skull and crossbones on the bottle and a WARNING to only use a pin-prick sized portion on your entire meal, but I was feeling myself a little too hard for my own good. My dad told me I should use caution after reading the warning, but I was like “ do you know who you’re talking to?” and I basically drenched my sandwich. So we started eating our sandwiches. About 30 seconds later and almost half my sandwich gone because I ate it really fast as I was really hungry, apparently my face instantly turned white like a ghost and my eyes turned into embers and tears streaming down my face, which was now the same Color as my eyes all of a sudden. I didn’t process the heat right away, all I could taste was like acid or some kind of chemical eating away at my mouth and then I started hyperventilating and SLAMMED my glass of water directly into my stomach. I swear it didn’t even touch my lips. The cashier looks over at us at the table, sees my reaction and sees the bottle of Mad Dog at my table and his face was like OH MY GOD! It was incredible. I have never seen a man in his 60’s clear a countertop so cleanly - he might as well have teleported - and before I knew it, he had me in a headlock emptying sugar packets directly into my mouth! Saved my life

  • Perception Psience
    Perception Psience 2 days ago

    Red did really well actually compared to most of these people.

  • Pat Cowans
    Pat Cowans 3 days ago

    Lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Redman is funny as hell

  • Vel
    Vel 3 days ago

    Red always polite and respectful, funny man with so much brain damage and heart :D You got to love him - other than this bizarre white wannabe there oO

  • Michael Meola
    Michael Meola 3 days ago

    The biggest shock is Shaq wrote his own rhymes. I had that album when it came out.

  • Raymo_2_u
    Raymo_2_u 4 days ago +1

    2008 was the last good year of hip hop...

    • Raymo_2_u
      Raymo_2_u 2 days ago

      @Perception Psience lol thank you for noticing that, that was what I meant to type

    • Perception Psience
      Perception Psience 2 days ago +1

      Ahahahaha. Yeah right. More like 2008.

  • Karlovacka74
    Karlovacka74 4 days ago

    and to yall cats remember regardless of the nicheofentertainmentINDUSTRY and if a human makes cash, it is not = to knowledge... noe empathynor .. superhuman shit .. theybleed. and het ms too. kidnees fail, lungs - burn enough and yes, cancer.. so i wish all of us KRS's - HEALTH - WEALTH & knowledge of self, th rest? share and be nice or karma fuk u up. Bless

  • Karlovacka74
    Karlovacka74 4 days ago


  • Karlovacka74
    Karlovacka74 4 days ago


  • blackryn0
    blackryn0 4 days ago

    Yo when he drop that god damn chicken I lost it!!!!

  • Dhakadice
    Dhakadice 4 days ago +1

    Redman should do a commerical for those last sauces. :D
    "I can take a cattle prod without knowing it, but this sauce is TOO MUCH MAN!"

  • Cammdc 1
    Cammdc 1 4 days ago

    This acid is kickin my ass...

  • Radu Popa
    Radu Popa 4 days ago

    I thought black folks are immune to hot sauce.

  • Alex Hage
    Alex Hage 4 days ago +1

    Redman a super real one, much love!!

  • MrFoodAndDrink
    MrFoodAndDrink 5 days ago

    It's always da bomb that gets people

  • Tom Crowley
    Tom Crowley 5 days ago +1

    We need Method man on this show

    LA QUEEN CAPO 5 days ago +1


  • Abdulrahman Muhammad

    WOW 😲 Am I the only that noticed Redman never touched his glass of milk or what!?!?

  • Kenny Lauderdale
    Kenny Lauderdale 6 days ago

    That moment when red said oh it gets hotter from here LOL hilarious I'm crying laughing

  • golden age of rap
    golden age of rap 7 days ago

    If Red wasn't a rapper he could've made it in comedy. The cattle prod story had me laughing so hard I woke up the baby.

  • James FromAZ
    James FromAZ 7 days ago

    It’s May 11 2019 any update on How high 2?

  • Monike Van Dyke
    Monike Van Dyke 8 days ago

    Nice, blaze now

  • Michael Fresh
    Michael Fresh 8 days ago

    How high 2 was nothing like 1 wasn't even that funny they do a remake of 2 it didn't really look much like a how high

  • Kromazone
    Kromazone 9 days ago

    Got blunt? Got wings?

  • Dwayne
    Dwayne 9 days ago

    All my favorite hot sauces in the world!👏🏽

  • Silvester Sekula
    Silvester Sekula 10 days ago

    You can come to Croatia any time man, we're waiting for you!

  • Rocean funkhouser
    Rocean funkhouser 12 days ago

    Lost respect for this guy. Why do all black people over react? Wtf.

  • Mark L
    Mark L 13 days ago

    Did he just say Ron bon Jovi?

  • TheGodEmperorofMankind

    Redman just seems like a genuine dude.

  • Sam Malone
    Sam Malone 15 days ago

    One of the realest and a legendary catalog, salute!

  • Ø S
    Ø S 15 days ago

    Cattle rod is the #1 story on hot ones.

  • freakmessiah
    freakmessiah 16 days ago

    That was a great acid story! The first time I saw Killer Klowns from Outerspace I was tripping balls. Come to find out the popcorn guns and cotton candy cocoons were actually in the movie. That was some weird shit! To this day one of my favorite movies.

  • Chris Brown
    Chris Brown 16 days ago

    Does he remind any one of Robert deniro

  • Tony Rome Fit
    Tony Rome Fit 16 days ago


  • Coyote Kin
    Coyote Kin 17 days ago

    No water for 8 out of 10. Impressive.

  • Rickblaine
    Rickblaine 17 days ago

    Redman called it about Hollywood...he was promoting how high 2 and.... HOLLYWOOD FUCKED THEM!

  • Lizz Martinez
    Lizz Martinez 18 days ago


  • Sean Jurgan-Burton
    Sean Jurgan-Burton 18 days ago

    Put method man on there

  • Joltz The Gamer
    Joltz The Gamer 20 days ago

    still remember him as my fav fighter fr Def jam and Def jam Fight for new york!

  • Johnny Dagnino
    Johnny Dagnino 20 days ago

    Can't believe how horrible How High 2 is, destroyed all hope. How dare they make it without Redman and Method Man????

  • Sergio Alcantar
    Sergio Alcantar 20 days ago

    Pppfff he lying bout the acid u can tell smh

  • Baka Music
    Baka Music 21 day ago

    r e d m i n

  • Na Na Million
    Na Na Million 22 days ago +1

    Redman was so correct when he said 50 was the last of his generation, and then hip hop start to go down.

    • Brother Dude
      Brother Dude 19 days ago

      So we're gonna act like Game never happened?

  • Skullsplitter
    Skullsplitter 24 days ago

    Bon Jovi? BON FUCKING JOVI? I'm sorry, I just really don't like Bon Jovi and Redman's music is far better than Bon Jovi's.

  • Glenn Papp
    Glenn Papp 25 days ago

    it's pork roll, egg and cheese.

  • Jason Johnson
    Jason Johnson 25 days ago

    I'm so down to do this how can I do this

  • Roy Throneberry
    Roy Throneberry 26 days ago

    Bring back rock and jock

  • Evette Pinson
    Evette Pinson 26 days ago

    Ron bon jovi, lol

  • Dana White's Lies
    Dana White's Lies 27 days ago

    9:40 hardest I've ever laughed from a hot ones episode

  • j.authentic
    j.authentic 27 days ago

    Took it like a G.

  • souleaterevans101
    souleaterevans101 27 days ago

    You need Tech N9ne on the show

  • Shondar Powless jr
    Shondar Powless jr 27 days ago

    Red Hot flavor

  • Gamer tag g0d0fWArdbzdbs88

    Lol. Red is funny

  • She Innovates
    She Innovates 29 days ago

    PETE BUTTIGIEG!!! Have presidential candidate Mayor Pete on.

  • Wayne Martin
    Wayne Martin Month ago

    Yo soon as he bit that last wing his head went immediately back like Jesus h Christ😂😂😂

  • Wayne Martin
    Wayne Martin Month ago

    They got gasoline in that one😂😂

  • Mitchell Ellis
    Mitchell Ellis Month ago

    Red always been a G

  • Timia Moore
    Timia Moore Month ago

    Love you Redman❤

  • Hooptie & Lil Crack


  • Vol B
    Vol B Month ago

    Mike Tyson would be hilarious in this show!!!!

  • Vol B
    Vol B Month ago

    Love him so much! Excellent hot ones!

  • Embraced Empathy
    Embraced Empathy Month ago


  • Angela Melgoza
    Angela Melgoza Month ago

    One of my top episodes by far

  • arm x
    arm x Month ago

    Much love from Croatia

  • James Chadwell
    James Chadwell Month ago

    14:00 Rewatching this after finding out about How High 2, and Red's reaction to it. You never see it coming.

  • Jay Jackson
    Jay Jackson Month ago

    Aww man LMAO.... i knew he couldn't power thru that (da bomb) i pranked someone almost 15 yrs ago wit that shit....No Joke!!

  • 1HAV34C4RR0T
    1HAV34C4RR0T Month ago

    Did he call him Ron Bon Jovi?

  • samurai1833
    samurai1833 Month ago

    Gasoline! Lol!!

  • BURN-E
    BURN-E Month ago

    On 9 out of 10 episodes the guest say, if not multiple times "Wow Thats a good question."
    Sean 10/10 interviewer

  • Mikoto
    Mikoto Month ago

    Still holding my breath for How High 2

  • nathan290192
    nathan290192 Month ago

    Funniest one yet!

  • Blacka 5pee entertainment

  • Genadij Smradztoiek
    Genadij Smradztoiek Month ago +1

    Croatian beaches, all sortsa bitches... :)

  • anita3112
    anita3112 Month ago +3

    Ayee Redman! Shoutout to Croatia

  • Daffy Lomas
    Daffy Lomas Month ago +2

    red man 💯💜💙❤
    og in the game #BlazeItUp420

  • zachariah alfred
    zachariah alfred Month ago

    I added blazenow on my phone because of this episode thank you mr evans

  • Craig Lapointe
    Craig Lapointe Month ago

    real red man! cheers

  • gerardo lorenzo
    gerardo lorenzo Month ago

    2019 still waiting on How High 2

  • Kyle Littleton
    Kyle Littleton Month ago

    God I hate how they use the microphone to catch the noise being made with each gulp of water, holy fuck.

  • Ivan David Mendez
    Ivan David Mendez Month ago

    Damn! Dj Khaled is way to far from this guys attitude.

  • Stephanie Gentry
    Stephanie Gentry Month ago +1

    Redman is the most underrated rapper ever.

  • SavvaageTyrese TV
    SavvaageTyrese TV Month ago +1

    Girl Voice: “ *AYO REDMAN, WHAT THE FUCK!* “

  • Z Dawg
    Z Dawg Month ago +4

    His face 11:38 like he’s trying to pretend everything’s ok 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • MacKenzey McNulty
    MacKenzey McNulty Month ago

    it's Pork Roll

  • ThaaImmortal
    ThaaImmortal Month ago

    14:32 "Whatchu mean dabbing?"

  • Nancy Baxter
    Nancy Baxter Month ago

    Dude! I wanna know what Red says. Is it pork roll or is he wrong?

  • Walena Living,Praying,Dancing 2 God

    I used to love him say......WITH YO stanky ass😅😂😂😂😂😂❤

  • purp k
    purp k Month ago


  • Jose Sanchez
    Jose Sanchez Month ago +1

    Redman can come up with a whole 2-3 part comedy movie with his fkn stories 🤣🤣🤣 that acid trip was funny af 😂

  • John Chappell
    John Chappell Month ago +1

    Hey Redman do you still have that change box on top of your fridge? Can I borrow 5 bucks?.thanks Buddha

  • Minus DaGreez
    Minus DaGreez Month ago +1

    he's a fucking lad innit

  • Sheron Byrd
    Sheron Byrd Month ago +1

    Da bomb makes everyone react the same way.... I didn't hear shit you just said.... LMAO!

  • Hoop Fiend
    Hoop Fiend Month ago

    Why do people keep drinking water, it makes it worse!

  • Cpt Marvel
    Cpt Marvel Month ago

    Waiting on Method man to show up on Hot ones !

  • Alexia Hill
    Alexia Hill Month ago

    Redman has always been hilarious and yummy

    JUYI EL Month ago

    Acid story hilarious 😂😂