Victorian Banana Candy or why does banana candy typically not taste like bananas? Episode #63


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  • Drawing With Alex
    Drawing With Alex 15 hours ago

    I hate bananas. When ever I eat one something bad happens. I can live with out bananas.

  • Wolf18 Snow the wolf
    Wolf18 Snow the wolf 23 hours ago


    LIAM LALLY Day ago

    this is my first video on this youtube channel and i already love it

  • Love Llamas LPS
    Love Llamas LPS 3 days ago

    When he cut the little pieces it scared me


  • hi there
    hi there 3 days ago

    Am I a banana expert now???

  • Bloempot
    Bloempot 4 days ago

    i dont like banana candy. its just a disgusting flavor

    well atleast in belgium.

  • Ian Rupp
    Ian Rupp 4 days ago

    Not true a place in somewhere has every plant seed in the world

  • Alyson Dalrymple
    Alyson Dalrymple 8 days ago

    I want bananas now.

  • Albert Nave
    Albert Nave 9 days ago

    Here's another fact. Bananas are slightly radioactive because of the potassium. Because of this, a unit of measurement for radiation was created called the banana equivalent dose.

  • Neeraj Gautam
    Neeraj Gautam 9 days ago

    I also want to start a plant of candy like this . Please help me how to do so

  • Vetis
    Vetis 13 days ago

    Very informative. Thank you.

  • brindley .k
    brindley .k 13 days ago

    Do your arms get tired after stretching the candy all day

  • jack the cat
    jack the cat 16 days ago

    A REALLY want to try a unicorn dropping from your store

  • Matty Batty
    Matty Batty 20 days ago

    Did your banana research lead you to the Colombian banana massacre?

    • Matty Batty
      Matty Batty 19 days ago

      We just learned about it in Spanish class.

    • Lofty Pursuits
      Lofty Pursuits  19 days ago +1

      No but now I'll have to look it up

  • Gabriel Bouveau
    Gabriel Bouveau 21 day ago

    Those are some damn fine cutting skills

  • Nooruddin Jiva
    Nooruddin Jiva 27 days ago

    dear sir I want join with you I am hand made & machine made candi maker

  • Ana Ramirez
    Ana Ramirez 28 days ago


  • Grape Potatos
    Grape Potatos Month ago

    This is awesome! Thank you for existing

  • lesslighter
    lesslighter Month ago

    while something like the Panama Disease might happen again but I think it will majorly affect the Americas than the Asian variatals where there's a ton of them as you would expect as Papua New Guinea is in Asia so yeah...

    • Lofty Pursuits
      Lofty Pursuits  Month ago

      It's happening with a fungus right now, and no, there are no other varieties that can survive shipping .

    8,025,677,910 Views Month ago +1

    I love this because one time in 6th grade I was at my friend's house and it was probably 3:00 am in the morning.
    She for some reason started calling me Banana
    She still does.
    I love it.

  • Bubbles TheHybrid
    Bubbles TheHybrid Month ago

    How much times does he say banana in this video?

  • Sir Woomy of Ngyes
    Sir Woomy of Ngyes Month ago

    You know what would be good? If you shipped the rods of candy instead of the pieces but they cost more

  • Help Me Get 1,000 subs Without any Videos

    That one kid at 9:31 made me laugh so hard when he dropped it

  • Jamstone
    Jamstone Month ago

    Now I’m going to start eating bananas before they go extinct

  • Game Ripper
    Game Ripper Month ago

    Yay my friends always say I open bananas wrong but they are wrong

  • MrRideutah
    MrRideutah Month ago

    I fell like you guys could make huge $$$ selling large logs of candy like peppermint sticks but every flavor candy you make. 1 inch by 10 inch dowels

  • Gopher Asoda
    Gopher Asoda Month ago

    We could just switch to more natural ones.

  • billybob
    billybob Month ago

    Is he like a history teacher on top of being a candy guy or is he just really good at history

  • Volt64bolt
    Volt64bolt Month ago

    You should sell the rods of candy I reckon you would get lots of buys

  • ・カネイキーケン

    Public Confection eh hue hue hue

  • Bubba24278
    Bubba24278 Month ago

    Another great video greg!

  • A Floyd
    A Floyd Month ago

    Peal a banana peel? What sound does it make?

  • Matt Dombrowski
    Matt Dombrowski Month ago

    I wouldn't be super concerned with the future of the banana, we can use tissue culture techniques to grow plants in completely sterile conditions these days and can use genetic engineering to give disease resistance to mono-cultures. I think papayas are an example of this, several years ago a disease was threatening hawaii's papaya industry, so we made some that were immune. There are also genetically modified cultivars of cassava that are immune to a disease that is currently (or recently) causing crop failure in africa.

  • Marty McFly
    Marty McFly Month ago

    We get it everyone. You're not sure why this was suggested to you. No one knows. It's an algorithm. It's guessing.

  • Boss Some
    Boss Some Month ago

    Does anyone else just love 😍 the candy cut part

  • unknown dashcam
    unknown dashcam Month ago

    "yes we have no bananas" ...origonal: "Keesje de jordaan" dutch son.

  • Gabe Gamer
    Gabe Gamer Month ago

    hey can i get the address because im going on an road trip soon and i want to see if i can stop by

  • Alex Kaplan
    Alex Kaplan Month ago

    Candy Anvil!!

  • Izik Rahmon
    Izik Rahmon Month ago

    wow I actually didn't in know that about bananas!

  • Bateman VLOGS
    Bateman VLOGS Month ago

    very serene thanks mate

  • Phillip Lopez
    Phillip Lopez Month ago

    The perfection is the imperfection .

  • limesheep 1
    limesheep 1 Month ago

    Plz well unicorn drops online

  • Brendan Everts
    Brendan Everts Month ago

    Pretty poppin

  • Captain Tittus
    Captain Tittus Month ago

    Why is it so hard to make the color white into candy?

    Cause actual work gos into it

  • beans2spicy
    beans2spicy Month ago

    Why do people dislike this

  • Dániel Deák
    Dániel Deák Month ago

    Try making image candy DROPS

  • Kairi A Faisal
    Kairi A Faisal Month ago

    Even the banana syrup not taste like banana

  • thefire1995
    thefire1995 Month ago

    a verry a'pealing' video

  • MPSecare
    MPSecare Month ago

    5:31 "a peel" ayyyyylmao

  • MPSecare
    MPSecare Month ago

    I never realized there were different kinds of bananas :0

  • JeroenK17
    JeroenK17 Month ago

    Greg, are you the founder of Lofty Pursuits?

  • CptKirk FPV
    CptKirk FPV Month ago

    Wow, you are pronouncing the banana incorrectly. Its not Gross Michael... Its Gros Michel. Think french African accent.

  • Jarom Xochimitl
    Jarom Xochimitl Month ago

    Some bananas growing on Hawaii taste just like the artificial banana flavor. Seriously...

    LSSJBROLY ! Month ago

    You're in Florida! I need to GO to that store!

  • Prison Mike
    Prison Mike Month ago

    all your vids are top notch. new sub 👍

  • Keith Walker
    Keith Walker Month ago

    Not to be an ass, but it's pronouced "Grow Michelle"

  • ThatBoi WithNoName
    ThatBoi WithNoName Month ago

    Looks like a bacteria on a food

  • Severin Lohse
    Severin Lohse Month ago

    I’d really like to taste these, they look super cool, but... I’m allergic to bananas :(
    I wish there was a version with the artificial flavor. I know it doesn’t taste as natural, but I’d still love it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Caleb Hoffman
    Caleb Hoffman Month ago

    Every video bring a smile to my face, I learn something new and get to watch a master at work! I'm only 15 and live in California so the chance of me visiting the shop are slim. But you can count on me buying some banana and black curtan candies

  • Gamerglitch
    Gamerglitch Month ago

    Who else only watches this because it’s satisfying

  • zzz43452
    zzz43452 Month ago

    What is the greatest recipe of united fruit? Bananas that grow from meat with taste of blood. Very sweet taste.

  • Shelly Hamersley
    Shelly Hamersley Month ago

    I dont know why I'm getting candy making videos, but I like it

  • Ankith
    Ankith 2 months ago

    2018 the banana still survives.

  • Aquqis Gem
    Aquqis Gem 2 months ago

    "Gives it a great a-peel" ...banana pun

  • Uremawife Nowdave
    Uremawife Nowdave 2 months ago

    I love the children watching you cut the candy through the glass and licking their lips. They look like they can’t wait to eat it.

  • ZVG ace
    ZVG ace 2 months ago

    A banana is a type of berry

  • ICraftTheArt
    ICraftTheArt 2 months ago

    When you cut it that was so satisfying

  • José María CAGLIOLO
    José María CAGLIOLO 2 months ago

    Wild banaaanaaaaasss

    THEREAPERHARVEST 2 months ago

    I'm not complaining but I have been watching nothing but anime clips for weeks and this pops up in my recommend. But that looks like some good candy.

  • Nick Tambua
    Nick Tambua 2 months ago

    Not hating, but that kid in the last frame didn't receive his piece

  • Star Song
    Star Song 2 months ago +1

    5:32 that’s punny

  • That Guy
    That Guy 2 months ago

    So satisfying

  • Why Tho
    Why Tho 2 months ago

    Its cuuute

  • Sarah  Sherwood
    Sarah Sherwood 2 months ago

    If this was a competition to see how many times you could say banana in 10 minutes you won. :) I love me some bananas!

  • Taclya The Worst
    Taclya The Worst 2 months ago

    Just got a lesson on bananas while watching the creation of candy

  • Jason Frost
    Jason Frost 2 months ago

    I'm glad this was recommended to me. You're a very smart man and highly intelligent. You're a living historian. I love that when others will pull old ways from the past and bring an art that's not seen rarely to our modren world. That candy looked tasty.

  • Sam McLean
    Sam McLean 2 months ago

    I hope bananas all die out. What a terrible monoculture

  • Lord of the younglings
    Lord of the younglings 2 months ago

    I learned to peel a banana properly on a candy video. Didn't expect that.

  • Stephen
    Stephen 2 months ago

    You are a busy guy running a toy store, soda fountain, ice cream parlor, wholesale, and TVclip channel.
    Good for you

  • Jeffrey S
    Jeffrey S 2 months ago

    Nice but your pronouncing the banana wrong. It’s pronounced like “grow me-shell” . Not “gross Michael”. Also it’s “cav-in-dish” not “Dosh”.

  • Tony Perri
    Tony Perri 2 months ago

    It's not that banana-flavored candy doesn't taste like bananas, it's that BANANAS DON'T TASTE LIKE BANANAS

  • Lucía
    Lucía 2 months ago

    I don't even know why I am here, but I loved this video

  • Nithavela
    Nithavela 2 months ago

    You've got such a relaxing way of talking. You're like the Bob Ross of Candy Making.

  • ManilaMango
    ManilaMango 2 months ago

    When he cuts the candy, it's so satisfying.

  • David Faulkner
    David Faulkner 2 months ago


  • the black brony
    the black brony 2 months ago

    i have never watched your channel ever but it recommended it to me so i subscribed to you. im happy i found this channel.

  • D Cummings
    D Cummings 2 months ago

    you are making me hungry!!

  • 63142
    63142 2 months ago

    I guess he is assuming that the world only has two species of banana. there are over 1000 species. Even if the most popular variety goes extinct , there will be one to replace it.

  • Agard Viking
    Agard Viking 2 months ago

    We are reaching levels of comfy that frankly are obsncene

  • Izac Shotts
    Izac Shotts 2 months ago

    This is my personal favorite candy you guys have and my cousin who has autism really likes the "I Love You" candy

  • Truth_is_the _new_hate
    Truth_is_the _new_hate 2 months ago

    I live in upstate NY. Do you guys ship candy?EDIT: commented before watching entire video. I'll have to order some candy.

  • Kristian Williams
    Kristian Williams 2 months ago

    These videos are so incredibly soothing to watch. I don't remember how I found this channel, but I'm so glad that I did.

  • Steve Tyler
    Steve Tyler 2 months ago


  • tomatoflight
    tomatoflight 2 months ago

    We very much will have bananas in the future there are millions of types there's just one type that's used more than the rest. Please don't spread misinformation,

    • Lofty Pursuits
      Lofty Pursuits  2 months ago

      Ok, then do your research. How many produce year round, can store long enough and hard enough to handle boat shipping, have good flavor, have good texture (soft when ripe), be resistant to the common banana plagues, have a 9 day life span when they are Prime to eat, average at least 7 inches long. It must fit all of them to be a replacement. If you find one you are better Ruston a billion dollar industry that is selling their land and winding down. Put the list together, find the articles from an agricultural publication saying I'm wrong or you are spreading the misinformation. Remember the ground where the plantations are is infected, there really isn't any uninfected land or they would have moved there already to plant.

  • du Bb
    du Bb 2 months ago

    please make more sour candy.

  • Simon Shan
    Simon Shan 2 months ago

    Every time he says banana the video gets 1% faster

  • chris ingram
    chris ingram 2 months ago

    Great artists

  • Kitsutilo
    Kitsutilo 2 months ago

    damn... nice commercial :D I'm not even annoyed and stayed till the end

  • hot dawg
    hot dawg 2 months ago

    You're amazing

  • Stunday
    Stunday 2 months ago

    What am i doing here at 5 in the morning. IM NOT EVEN AMERICAN, IM AS FAR AWAY AS SOMEONE CAN GET. IM FROM GERMANY