Seattle's $15 minimum wage costing jobs?

  • Published on Jun 30, 2017
  • FNC's Dan Springer on a recent study on the impact of Seattle's minimum wage hike.

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  • Billy Jackson
    Billy Jackson Day ago

    I wonder what would happen to businesses if we went to a no-tax universal income for every one government digital credits system backed by GOLD not our kids labor...this is crazy in 1913 we did not have the technology. TODAY WE DO...

  • thomson leith
    thomson leith Day ago

    new zealands min wage is $17.70 nobody lost a job.....theory is if you cannot pay a decent wage should you really be in business?it obivous the business is not making profit or the ceo and managers are so greedy they take the big wages,then theres another idea if people have more money they spend more creating jobs....our verson of wal-mart in NZ pays $18/hour after 3 years employment really low wages is hurting your country and its people so they turn to drugs/alcohol or stealing which then really hurts your entire country,wake up greedy american ceo and managers...real businesses pay real living wages,fake business making no profit nneed to be shut down

  • Karim Amin
    Karim Amin 2 days ago

    Minimum wage should not be increased. People need to get paid what they are worth and McDonald's employees who can't make a simple sandwich should not get paid $15/hr

  • Steve Morgan
    Steve Morgan 2 days ago

    People get your guns and your ammo ready they are trying to shut down America

  • Bryon Allen
    Bryon Allen 2 days ago

    dems are doing there jobs. get everyone on welfare. there goes my employees!!!! cant afford to pay them no more..cant charge more to cover it. big companies got what they wanted!!!

  • Carl Gibans
    Carl Gibans 3 days ago

    I work with chemicals and a plasma gun that would take my arm off i lose control of it. Not to mention thousands of dollars of inventory I could scrap with a single wrong move. I make less then $15 an hour. Burger flippers deserve what they get.

  • Elizabeth Medina
    Elizabeth Medina 3 days ago

    Yep ... Here comes layoffs hour cuts..and kiosk usage...also small businesses will close down..and people will be unemployed..also for those who will stay employed..say goodbye to food stamps and medi no longer qualify and will be forced to get company no extra money in pockets...GOOD LUCK

  • Sherwin Buydens
    Sherwin Buydens 4 days ago

    I don't have an issue with Seattle raising their wage to $15 an hour. I just don't believe in a blanket system. This isn't a "one size fits all" minimum wage that would not work across the state, nevermind the country.

  • Ronald Harris
    Ronald Harris 4 days ago

    Does this dress make me look fat

  • rbodell
    rbodell 4 days ago

    For $15 an hour, I bought a backhoe

    ART MCPHARLIN 4 days ago +1

    Reigh is a payed LIAR and made his false study to support the increase. So sad.

  • Linda Blunt
    Linda Blunt 4 days ago +1

    In the 1970s. There was a wage raise of. $ 40.00 per month...The next month....RENT WAS RAISED. $ 40.00 !!!!

  • canuck 420
    canuck 420 5 days ago

    That's hilarious the dumbass politicians think they know more than the university economist that they hired to conduct a 3 year study that is the dumbest thing I've ever herd

  • Karl Anderson
    Karl Anderson 5 days ago

    Stopped funding...more jobs lost to $15 a hour.

  • Daniel Saenz
    Daniel Saenz 5 days ago

    But 15 dollars is penuts. Everyone knows the reason the wages are still to low .It's because of immagration.I was a carpenter in California.And wages stayed the same for 30 years.But it effected the hole job market.

  • Ronnie Stanley
    Ronnie Stanley 6 days ago

    What difference does $15 an hour make in a city wear the cost living requires a 6 figure salary to live? When McDonalds has to pay $15 mins a Bigmac cost $10. When Walmart has to pay $15 mins it adds 10% to everything in the store. Big companies pass the buck to shoppers and small companies close their doors or lay off everyone till they go under......... Strange how that works!

  • Frank Herman
    Frank Herman 7 days ago

    The more you make the more they's all about creating more state income tax revenue. If they deserve that much anyone with any kind of skill should get reparations for their skill.

  • Craig Parker
    Craig Parker 8 days ago +2

    Liptards don't believe in truth about anything. They will see the study is true. Keep voting these idiots in as your boat is sinking.

  • jr tortellini
    jr tortellini 9 days ago

    Raise game stop employees to 50.00/hr. They are so needed of their intelligents

  • jr tortellini
    jr tortellini 9 days ago

    McDonald's jut raise hamburgers cost to 10.00/each. It will offset the raise

    • jr tortellini
      jr tortellini 8 days ago

      Do you actually think McDonald's will give hamburgers away free ? Or are YOU gonna determine profit for them ? Must be a Bernie supporter. Free weed for all

    • Jim Ziemer
      Jim Ziemer 8 days ago

      jr tortellini Raising the price of a hamburger to $10 will mean fewer jobs. I like how the simple solution seems to be to raise prices without any thought of demand.

  • jr tortellini
    jr tortellini 9 days ago

    Raise it to 30.00hr. run all businesses out of Seattle.. thy don't need the jobs. !

  • Michael Dao
    Michael Dao 13 days ago

    $15 for minimum wage kicking in everythings price will go up so the rent end up low paid workers don't get any better may be getting worse

  • Woody Woodpek
    Woody Woodpek 14 days ago +1

    They screwed up your order at 7.50 an hour and they still screw up your order at 15 dollars an hour. Winning.

  • Ben Covington
    Ben Covington 16 days ago

    There should be no minimum wage. What happens to the person who is only worth $5/hour? He doesn't get a job.

  • WinGate Mose
    WinGate Mose 17 days ago +2

    Now I have to Boycott Seattle's Best Coffee ! LOL ! Add Them to than ever growing list is just saving me more money No Starbucks ! No McDonald's and No More Seattle's Best Bought From The Grocery Stores !

  • G Howard
    G Howard 17 days ago

    Every time liberals raise minimum wage, I invest more in self checkout kiosk manufacturers. My nest egg is doing well. Thanking the turkeys! GlennFHoward

  • Aussie Pom
    Aussie Pom 18 days ago

    The reason things like this don't work in the USA is because there's no will to make it work. You don't even have free universal healthcare where every citizen is entitled to free basic healthcare.
    In Australia there is a minimum wage and an "award" system where an employer MUST pay the minimum wage. Places like Maccas (McDonalds to the USA) pay above the award wage which is $19 an hour. Most McDonald's employees are getting over $20 an hour and there are no McDonald's going out of business here. Many private restaurants don't go to the wall and out of business due to employee costs. If they offer good service they thrive and pay their employees the minimum hourly rate and most often above it for they want their valuable employees to stay. There are "enterprise agreements" worked out between employers and employees usually with a union speaking for the employees. The management states what they want from the employees and the employees state what they want from the management. Neither side gets everything they want and they don't go marching in the street with placards but they do compromise and come to an agreement that is beneficial to both of them. The "enterprise agreement" cannot pay lower than the "award system". Employers by law also have to pay into a superannuation fund. The employer pays a certain amount and the employee pays a certain amount too. The employer doesn't have any control over the superannuation fund. It's totally separate from the employers business. How much the employer pays is set by law. The employee can pay what ever amount they wish or they don't have to pay at all. If the employee doesn't want to contribute to a superannuation fund, the employer doesn't have to pay more only the set amount they pay for all employees. No more no less. There are two type of superannuation fund. Funds for profit and non profit funds. Funds for profit pay out less than non profit funds due to salespeople getting big commissions for selling packages which often include insurance. Not for profit funds pay out more because they're set up for the members and have no salespeople. These are what are known as "industry funds". People working at McDonald's would join an "industry fund" but it's not controlled by or only for McDonald's. It covers every person in the service sector who ever they work for.
    But you can't have it in the USA because there are so many people who are making a nice living out of the current system. Let employers pay their workers very low wages to maximize the profits of the employer. Employees need to have the public tipping them for if the public don't then they can't survive due to the minuscule wage they're paid. I think many employers in the USA are about to fall of the cliff business wise and paying employees a very low wage hides that fact. Up the wage and they fall off the cliff.

  • Darril Miller
    Darril Miller 20 days ago

    This is the same with Obamacare. Businesses cut hours and got rid of full-time positions. They also went to high deductible insurance so they could comply with the regulations. In effect costing more employees the loss of jobs or the ability to be proactive about their health.

  • Cecil Doce
    Cecil Doce 21 day ago

    They won't cut their profit for Pete's sake. Capitalist would rather close if that would be the case. Bye bye jobs. 😢😢😢

  • George Edward
    George Edward 21 day ago

    So who can live on 15 an hour? I would say that if you want a slave then be ready for civil unrest and worse.
    If you want workers then pay them enough to make you rich and quit trying to get richer at their expense.
    Without workers, you are not making a dime.

    • George Edward
      George Edward 7 days ago

      @A. Wellknownmyth The result will be closed doors or crap service is all I am saying. Trump is doing away with the slave labor we have and Americans don't even like to work for a fair wage , much less starvation wages.

    • A. Wellknownmyth
      A. Wellknownmyth 7 days ago

      Without a job you are not making anything either.

  • rockridgefarms
    rockridgefarms 29 days ago

    Lol.....where is the logic? Even the most liberal colleges see this as a total mistake

  • Darrell Johnson
    Darrell Johnson Month ago +1

    reality is flawed method we need to return to age of reason leave this make believe system liberals built

  • Marge Regan
    Marge Regan Month ago

    More than 62 million Social Security recipients received a 2.8% C.O.L.A. increase this past January and it put $70.00 in my household pockets. If you think we would dine out one nite and blow that $70.00 you have to be crazy. We can put that money towards a food order and eat at home for 2 weeks. Thank you Mr. President.

  • harold schnepp
    harold schnepp Month ago +1

    For 15 bucks an hour try working at a nursing home, you useless turds

  • Raymond Kidwell
    Raymond Kidwell Month ago

    I'm all for raising the minimal wage but doubling it does seem extreme. In Seattle though its not that big a deal. Wages and cost of living is already high in the city. There were already a lot of entry level $15 an hour jobs before they raised it. Similar with New York or California given the high costs and high wages there its not too big of a deal. Nationally I think the minimal wage should be around $10 and adjust for inflation each year. This would bring us to about where the minimal wage was in the 50s,60s,70s before the Reagan administration stopped raising it. Actually maybe even be a bit lower because inflation adjusted it was around $10-$11 in today's dollars back then. And in most parts of the country while $10 an hour is still below the poverty line, you can at least scrape by on it until you find something better. If an employer can't afford to pay $10 an hour they might as well lay off people. What's the point of working full time and living homeless?

  • demondojr
    demondojr Month ago +2

    Same thing happened to NY car wash workers.

  • jslearner
    jslearner Month ago

    SUPPLY AND DEMAND: more money in everyone's pockets = more people buy goods = more demand. There is a positive correlation to demand and cost. When demand goes up, cost goes up. More money in everyone's pockets = more demand = inflation. Artificially increasing available money NEVER works. Prices increase to what the market will bare.
    Take for instance student debt. Increasing student loan limits just caused inflation on tuition. There was a direct correlation to the increase of loan limits and an increase of tuition. The cost will increase to what the market will bear. Schools know students have higher loan limits available = Price shifts to what the market will bear = increased cause of classes.
    Here is an article that talks about the correlation of student loans to tuition costs:
    2. If you settle for working at Walmart or McDonalds, DO NOT expect to live on that one job's wages, work 2 jobs. IF YOU DON'T WANT TO WORK 2 JOBS go to school or training to become specialized in an area. This will double your wages instantly once you are done. Invest in yourself and leave behind all those that don't want to do fore themselves.

    • A. Wellknownmyth
      A. Wellknownmyth 7 days ago

      @jslearner You are welcome. Cheers

    • jslearner
      jslearner 7 days ago

      @A. Wellknownmyth Ah, that has happened to all of us for sure. You are obviously someone with character, even going to the point of apologizing. This is so unlike people these days because no one wants to admit mistakes let alone humbling one self to apologize. Thanks for demonstrating good character.

    • A. Wellknownmyth
      A. Wellknownmyth 7 days ago +1

      @jslearner Please accept my apology, that post was not meant for you. I agree with your points. Mr. Internet messed with it.

    • jslearner
      jslearner 7 days ago

      ​@A. Wellknownmyth It is easy to make a general negative statement without any explanation. Until you have a basis for disagreeing I will disregard you and your answer. If you take the time to make a thoughtful answer, I will listen.

  • richard berdan
    richard berdan Month ago +9

    Mimimum wage was a stepping stone while improving your skills for a better job. Never intended to be a living wage.

  • True Grit
    True Grit Month ago +4

    Democratic politicians only know how to make things worst and create more problems.

  • Randy Hooks
    Randy Hooks Month ago

    What's really funny is some of the people demanding fewer hours because they are making too much to get their government handouts.

    • Marge Regan
      Marge Regan Month ago

      yes, you are right Randy, especially when they file their income taxes. Child Tax credit doubled and Earned Income is based on the lower the wages, the more EIC you get. Most wind up getting what they paid in taxes plus the credits. Some filers have gotten 7,000-$8000. dollars back. That is the disgrace of our Government.

  • Andrew Herman
    Andrew Herman 2 months ago

    Ya think? Put on one of Yang's 'Math' hats & you'll figure it out real quick.

  • Patrick Switzer
    Patrick Switzer 2 months ago +3

    These are entry level jobs and the companies some will go to automation.

  • Johnny Daniels
    Johnny Daniels 2 months ago +2

    NO Fast food place employee deserve $15.00 an hour....

  • A.C. Gaming 2001
    A.C. Gaming 2001 2 months ago +24

    Flipping burgers required NO skill at all. Anyone can flip burgers and squeeze conditments. It's not 🚀 science, people. No fast food employee deserves $15/hr.

      ART MCPHARLIN 4 days ago +1

      @mabatommy What the hell do you mean? You sound like a dumb DEM.

    • Karl Anderson
      Karl Anderson 5 days ago +2

      Agreed! Some construction workers make that much for hard labor.

    • mabatommy
      mabatommy 22 days ago +4

      There is NO sense in posting a reply on this subject, because the alliterate are to dumb to understand the consequences of raising the minimum wage to $15.00 and hour.

  • Cathrine Heartman
    Cathrine Heartman 2 months ago +1

    And it also raises prices for everyone so we're all worse off including the people that got $15 an hour to put a burger in a bag that they can't even get that right it's Ludacris

  • jerry hayes
    jerry hayes 2 months ago

    the cost of housing in seattle makes minimum wage just barely put a roof over your head and you still have to buy food and electricity etc. $15 dollars an hour has still not caught up with the price of inflation over the past 20 years or more.

  • viktor m
    viktor m 2 months ago

    An economy that cannot afford to pay a 40 hr/week wage that keeps a worker out of POVERTY would probably like to bring back slave labor or something like that

    • Gary Portell
      Gary Portell 2 months ago


  • B T
    B T 2 months ago

    Well, that didn't work out so well did it?

  • Joey Jitzel
    Joey Jitzel 2 months ago +2

    Seattle and King County in particular deserve the politicians that they vote for and the degenerative effects of their policies. Wake up !

  • sojourn Traveler
    sojourn Traveler 2 months ago

    Naive entitlement junkies

  • sojourn Traveler
    sojourn Traveler 2 months ago +4

    Seattle's $15 minimum wage costing jobs?
    You think?
    The lib. arrogance and ignorance is mind boggling.
    Reality needs to conform to my beliefs , Right ? LOL

  • Jarrod
    Jarrod 2 months ago +1

    They were trying to _buy_ a study, not _fund_ a study.

  • Emmett Mitcham
    Emmett Mitcham 2 months ago

    Everything is going to cost more when wages go up , so people really don’t get more money

  • MT Long walker
    MT Long walker 2 months ago +4

    The question, how many of the officials have a small business to operate?

  • Jd Davis
    Jd Davis 2 months ago

    Like we are going to believe anything that comes out of scumy Berkeley. It does not take a really smart person to understand this is a bad idea.

  • Mit Hsac
    Mit Hsac 2 months ago

    You have to love it when Liberals eat their own Tails. They didn't like the outcome so they go out a buy another one they do like. HMM IDIOTS

  • viktor m
    viktor m 3 months ago

    Higher minimum wage "hurts" workers. PAY THEM LESS AND DON'T HURT THEM

  • vendicar Kahn
    vendicar Kahn 3 months ago

    Fox News Lies.
    The number of restaurants in the United States reached a total of 660,755 in Spring 2018. This figure increased from the previous period by a little over two percent.

    • Dave
      Dave 11 days ago

      That's a Nationwide number. How many of those restaurants are forced to Pay 15.00 an hour. A better equation would be how many restaurants opened in Seattle in that time frame

  • rsy427
    rsy427 3 months ago

    Nothing but evil moronic idiots

  • Thomas Sifford
    Thomas Sifford 3 months ago

    In texas the minimum wage is 7.25 and nobody pays that. Evan McDonald's is pay 11 are 12 in hour so I really think it's not needed

  • OneLuvDrums
    OneLuvDrums 3 months ago +1

    hey there little gary, what do you want to be when you grow up!
    i want to be a hamburgerologist ;) flip hamburgers ;))))
    yay! study hard in school and you might reach that goal !

  • Chris Dytmire
    Chris Dytmire 3 months ago

    Not trying to be
    disrespectful in any way but the McDonalds argument is totally invalid. Let's
    look at some facts. I'm sure I'm going to get some major backlash for this but
    here goes. The average wage for a McDonalds employee is $9.00/hr
    so that would mean a $6.00/hr increase. Multiply that by the 235,000 employees
    that McDonalds has. Then multiply that number (1,410,000) by 40 to represent a
    40 hour work week. That total comes to 56,400,000. But still, we have to
    multiply that by the number of weeks in a year. So take 56,400,000 and multiply
    it by 52. That comes out to a massive $2.93B. In 2017 (couldn't find anything
    more recent but I'm sure the numbers are still close) the combined total of all
    McDonalds executive's salaries is $44,944,532 with an average of roughly 35-50%
    of their salaries being paid in equity, not cash compensation
    ( In 2018
    total sales/revenue for McDonalds was $21.03B, down by 7.87% from 2017. After
    COG, depreciation and ammortization, GROSS income is $10.79B, up by 1.56% from
    2017. Then you have to take out taxes, interest expenses, Selling, General and
    Administrative expenses, etc, that brings NET income down to $5.92B
    ( And still you
    have to take shareholders and investors into consideration and putting money
    back into the company. If stock goes down, so does the companies value. You
    also have to think about the fact that some McDonalds don't make as much as
    others making it harder for them to pay their employees $15. It has nothing to
    do with greed and everything to do with economics. It's not feasibly possible.
    The only way that it would work is to up the sales price on food or to
    unfortunately lay off employees, neither of which are ideal circumstances. When
    the minimum wage in Seattle was raised to $15.00, employers were forced to let
    some employees go or make them part time. If any kind of government subsidies
    were being collected, that would be stopped because you now make too much money
    to be able to pull from them for making too much money so you'd be in the same
    exact boat you're currently in. McDonalds started R&D on an automated
    machine to replace all or most employees. If anyone should be upset about
    minimum wage, it should be waitstaff at restaurants. The minimum wage for a
    restaurant waitstaff employee can be as low as $2.13/hr!!!!! The rest of their
    salary being dependent on tips. Now THAT is something to be upset about. If I’m
    wrong about this or maybe missed anything then let me! I never mind learning
    something new.

  • Wayne Renee
    Wayne Renee 3 months ago

    If I have 8 employees making $7.50 an hour, and the government enforces $15 an hour. I will keep my 4 best employees and the other 4 will be out of a job. This is the way it works. Work doesn't get done with those 4 employees then my business fails and every employee is out of work. Either way a wage increase caused 4 people to lose their job right away, and hardship for the business owner.

  • Budsc1
    Budsc1 3 months ago

    Believe me if you think your going to get 40 hour weeks with the minimum wage goes to $15 your crazy!!!! It want happen!!! The new 40hour week will be 20/25 hours per week.

  • Tim L
    Tim L 3 months ago +2

    McDonald's has already solved the problem by installing multiple kiosks in each store. I believe McDonald's already has prototypes that can make any food on the menu. I can honestly see 1-2 employees per each McDonald's store within 10 years time.

  • Born Again
    Born Again 3 months ago

    Lol... Don't tell me the truth. Just tell me what I want to hear.

  • Muslim Slayer
    Muslim Slayer 3 months ago

    15 dollars for a Big Mac meal crazy

    • KingJustice98
      KingJustice98 3 months ago +1

      Yeah it is, last time I only paid $9. McDonald's is worth over $150 billion dollars, I'm sure paying $15 to a drive thru guy is going to push them over the edge. In fact All these billion dollar companies will pack their bags and leave to Poland if $15 minimum wage is instituted. Granted Poland only has 15 million people, but yeah Im sure all these giant companies will leave 330 million US consumers, hmmmm... but where?

  • Jesse Malott
    Jesse Malott 3 months ago

    $15 for someone in fast food and someone digging a ditch $15 wrong

  • Gheezenotagain
    Gheezenotagain 3 months ago

    Liberal city leaders in Seattle only pay for the results they want....that's why they went to Berkeley....the professor asked what outcome they wanted and he obliged by using only data that would prop up the results they wanted...the news media should do a survey of businesses in the Seattle area and they will see how many jobs were lost because of the mandated $15 per has affected the workforce badly...but, the liberal news media are too cowardly to do the right thing..tell the truth

  • White Guy
    White Guy 3 months ago +2

    Seattle city council is a joke

  • fidgdet
    fidgdet 3 months ago +3

    In sum.If you are in favor of a legal hourly minimum wage of $15 you are arguing that a person loses his right to be employed if his skills are not at a level where he can generate at least an equal amount in production for an employer.

  • Hot Soup
    Hot Soup 3 months ago +1

    Why stop at $15/hour? Might as well mandate six figure salaries and really give everyone a comfortable living wage.

    • KingJustice98
      KingJustice98 3 months ago

      Why not allow slavery, and take away all job regulations? Afterall who needs wage rules? I say we let all businesses and CEOs do whatever they want and see what happens. Who needs rules right? OR maybe we should listen to economists who actually look at inflation, cost of living and come out with a REASONABLE minimum wage increase to $15. Of course that might be difficult to communicate to people who think in absolutes and extremes.

    • H R
      H R 3 months ago

      why not make everyone a millionaire? see, i care more about the poor people lol.

  • Ray Zimmerman
    Ray Zimmerman 3 months ago +1

    Last time I was at a fast food chain I paid in cash and when I received my change this is what I heard, "here yo change iz". Now if that don't scream $15 an hour I don't know what duz......

  • g boxing
    g boxing 4 months ago +1

    I'm a paramedic in Las Vegas. If y'all make 3 dollars less than me then this country deserves another war.

    • hgonz14
      hgonz14 3 months ago

      I am still inshock that paramedics make government cheese wages for what they do.

  • Daniel Hollowell
    Daniel Hollowell 4 months ago

    Minimum wage here in TN is $7.25 which is good those jobs are meant for high school/ college kids so they can have spendin money not for a mother of 2 trying to support a family. Minimum skills=minimum wage. Go get a real job if your trying to make a living a minimum wage job is not meant to be a career

  • Timothy Moran
    Timothy Moran 4 months ago

    I live in Missouri, our minimum wage is around $8/hr. If they slowly raise the minimum wage up to $15/hr over the course of 5 years or so, yes I think I could work. The economy would have ample time to adjust to the raise in pay. Now forcing companies to pay it right away not only scares small businessman but also the inflation would cripple the economy here. It would be as if nobody got a raise at all and the price of everything would rise. Look at what's already happened, small stores just close and run with their money or hours are cut so bad that people are making the same as before the raise, I've worked for 5 years at my job learned new things and became valuable to the company I work for I still dont make $15/hr, the owner of the company said if the $15/he wage is forced he is closing the company. We will all be without a job in stead of a lower paying job. I would rather make a little less than nothing at all. As for fastfood workers making more than me for dipping fry baskets or flipping a burger is in my opinion just not logical, I run an entire warehouse and dont make $15/hr have employees under me that know if this comes to us that they will be fired right along with me. All of us have job skills for more than just the jobs we do, but at $15/hr no one is going to hire us. There are already smaller companies in our industrial park that are burning off inventory and closing up. It's insane that people we have worked around for years and losing their lively hoods over the scare of a forced $15/hr minimum wage. I would rather work for less than $15/hr than to not work at all

  • Don mcfadden
    Don mcfadden 4 months ago

    good job socialist cunts

  • John Largent
    John Largent 4 months ago

    the minimum wage hike isnt costing jobs it's the cost of living that is doing that Fox is a garbage network and they are completely stupid.

  • omar arreola
    omar arreola 4 months ago

    When you deny the facts...

  • Reywel Suniga
    Reywel Suniga 4 months ago

    U believe that teacher hi cannot even help his own state Cali s dumped no jobs more homeless

    GASPARE E GRIMALDI 4 months ago +4

    “ yo $30 hour “ just you will never have a starting “ “ job “simple “ price goes up people just don’t buy “ amazon best price & service they own it all “

  • jon elsea
    jon elsea 4 months ago +3

    Are you ready to pay $10 for combo meal to an automated cashier?

  • damann oneone
    damann oneone 4 months ago

    fukn 1 %s wana put people back in the poor house lets raise the anty make it 30$ hr. min wge.

  • MIKE2111ful
    MIKE2111ful 4 months ago

    I think 7.25 is too low but I also think 15.00 is too high 10 or 11 bucks an hour should be the standard

  • dave woodsman
    dave woodsman 5 months ago

    Sounds like a cover-up on the fact they are doing shitty. Lmao

  • Ari Riyadh
    Ari Riyadh 5 months ago +2

    Increasing the minimum wage will cause everything to become more expensive of course, and all you partially employed on some government benefits will now be disqualified for those benefits because they will be slow to update the figures on those.

  • TheNukedGamer
    TheNukedGamer 5 months ago

    I work at dunkin dounts,min wage,fuck off citys,your costing me money,with increase from 13.50 to 15 cost me 800 dollars a month in hours.

  • Lily Lily
    Lily Lily 5 months ago

    $15 an hour in 2019? That is $600 a week before taxes of 38.5% How the hell would anyone be able to live on $15 an hour on the west coast? I earn prevailing wages ($37.52 an hour for those that do not know what prevailing wages are... it means livable wages based on your location) in the state of Nevada and it is almost too expensive here. If I was earning $15 or less an hour I would have to live in a tent. :/

  • Mark Spaltholz
    Mark Spaltholz 5 months ago

    One person to Run a franchise, & pay $50.00 per hour, to fix Robots!!

    • KingJustice98
      KingJustice98 3 months ago

      WE SHOULD MAKE minumum wage $1 an hour, or even allow slavery, and take away all safety rules. Afterall REGULATIONS ARE SOCIALISM!! Who cares if $15 was a REASONABLE wage though up by capitalist economists, I ONLY ARGUE IN EXTREMES AND RIDICULOUS ABSOLUTES TO MAKE MY POINT!!☝

    DEVIANT KNIGHT 5 months ago

    Anyone getting above $15 gets dragged down and the cost of living, rent, food and everything goes up. Eventually middle class will no longer exist and everyone will be making $20 an hour while the price of banana will be $3. This sounds like communism when everyone makes the same for all jobs

  • Edmar Martinez
    Edmar Martinez 5 months ago

    I would like non compete policies to be abolish than increasing minimum wage to that much. Having a free market would allow employers to compete for talented workers. I mean if the restaurant dont provide better pay or benefits than you pretty much lose good workers to other companies like Amazon, Cheesecake Factory, TGI Fridays, Five Guys, The Home Depot, Lowies, Wal Mart, Target, and many other companies.

  • Avanti2Man! Uscgsam
    Avanti2Man! Uscgsam 5 months ago

    Many of the new $15.00 per hour entry level workers are upset because if they work a normal week they lose their free government benefits. They like the new wage but not the new results

    • hgonz14
      hgonz14 3 months ago

      Gotta pay to play. They should lose their "welfare" benefits and pay Bill's like the rest of us do.

  • gregory frie
    gregory frie 5 months ago +2


  • Y Gui
    Y Gui 5 months ago

    How come repubs never want to talk about Kansas and their failed "trickle down" economics plan that literally destroyed the state?

  • Elephant In The Room
    Elephant In The Room 5 months ago

    All you troll haters are jelious that people are making more money and the gap between a $10/hr job and a $20/hr job is closing, you just want ppl to suffer to raise your pathetic low self esteem of feeling more sucessful/better/well off than other people....just becuase people are unskilled dosn't mean they dont have all the bills every one else does, you ignorant morons

  • mr fantastic
    mr fantastic 5 months ago

    I watched a video a long time ago, where a factory owner that baked bread shared his earnings with all his employees, they averaged $70,000 a year because of this. I don't agree with $15 an hour, but that man who shared his wealth was on to something.

  • SeanLukeW
    SeanLukeW 5 months ago

    Massive inflation is what this will cause and then all of our savings will devalue thus making fixed income and retired people poor this tactic is intended to make older voters more receptive to socialism as they are one of the largest segment of active voters. The leftist doesn't care who they hurt whether it's babies not yet born, the poor working man, your grandparents, or children in school, they are the types who think that the ends justify the means! Not acceptable! Free market if people don't want to work for the price that the the employers are offering look elsewhere, don't use authoritarianism to force them to pay you it won't workout automation is on the rise.

  • SeanLukeW
    SeanLukeW 5 months ago +1

    Don't like facts so buy new ones leftist tactics book

  • HE-MAN 5678
    HE-MAN 5678 5 months ago +2

    Inflation is the problem not raiseing the mimium wage

  • liberty five
    liberty five 5 months ago

    How about paying the workers the 1964 minimum wage of $1.25 an hour but paid in silver quarters . The value of the silver in those quarters is $16 in phoney fiat watered down Federal Reserve Notes ,