Dr. Umar Johnson Interview at The Breakfast Club Power 105.1 (08/31/2015)

  • Published on Aug 31, 2015
  • Dr. Umar Johnson Discusses Heavy Cultural Social Issues with The Breakfast Club.
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  • Quashaun Hunter
    Quashaun Hunter 50 minutes ago

    Dr. Umar is so smart I really like what he talks about.

  • FCN Videos Pt2
    FCN Videos Pt2 2 days ago

    He resembles a fat Kevin Durant


    Does "The Character" of "Dr. Umar Johnson" disqualify much of the information proffered by "Dr. Umar Johnson"? Does character disqualify useful information, and data conveyed by a person found to be of "unpopular character", and what is the value of "popularity"? I guess people give you money just for being you; but no one else puts forth an "apparent" impassioned awareness of what is happening among "Us", for there are many who are simply "not paying attention"; therefore, everyone else takes this "for granted"., and as "a people" We become the "sitting ducks" of the world. We must not be torn by anyone's "Mental Illness". We must learn to have as much compassion, if not empathy for one another. Will we ever be able to revive a humanity so crushed by "Colonialism", and "Slavery".

  • jasmine lovelace
    jasmine lovelace 2 days ago

    Elevate and Rise forward

    BLACKISH MANUP 2 days ago


    BLACKISH MANUP 2 days ago


    BLACKISH MANUP 2 days ago


    BLACKISH MANUP 2 days ago


    BLACKISH MANUP 2 days ago


    BLACKISH MANUP 2 days ago


    BLACKISH MANUP 2 days ago


    BLACKISH MANUP 2 days ago

    partof the attack we are under is PSYCHOLOGICAL

  • Shani Fairman
    Shani Fairman 3 days ago

    Yes! We need more male teachers., so young men could learn and grow as an individual to be successful in life...✌️

  • J Day
    J Day 3 days ago

    Clean up your apartment hotep

  • kimata muhammad
    kimata muhammad 3 days ago

    Homosexuality is not Pro Life

  • Aaron Thomas
    Aaron Thomas 4 days ago

    I have the same exact tie as Dr. Umar. Will Bea legend like him in life!

  • Deon Dimicks
    Deon Dimicks 5 days ago

    Sharlamane always got some dumb ass rebudle or excuse

  • M worr
    M worr 6 days ago

    This phony Marcus Garvey needs to be arrested. All bullshit talk and scamming poor Black folks out if their nickles and dimes.
    You talk a good talk, Johnson. But your t one is up and you will be brought to justice.

  • Tamyara Brown
    Tamyara Brown 6 days ago

    This is a powerful interview!

  • keepnitreel 4me
    keepnitreel 4me 7 days ago

    47:30 Homegirl was a "pump n' dump", (Doc fortunately was probably smart enough to wear a raincoat), she got pissed, and decided to gaslight Doc. Plain and simple.

  • keepnitreel 4me
    keepnitreel 4me 7 days ago

    Unfortunately, a lot of these female teachers are also single mothers, so their feelings toward men in general, are to put it mildly, biased.

  • Reginald Dennihey
    Reginald Dennihey 9 days ago

    he need to loosen that hat, the crinkled top is a sign of the tight ass fastened back.................

  • Miguel Sosa
    Miguel Sosa 9 days ago

    How many white racist women work in majority black classes how many of them are racist. Lol black music rap is a form of auctionism, what of the Caribbean are they black. Music is of the soul black music number one export how are these blacks helping helping willing to live on less

  • tenrag sicnarf
    tenrag sicnarf 9 days ago

    Hey you asking question you see the man you asking questions or even know what the f*** is speaking about because the first like you just explain any child with any disability mental issue have to go through his school for him is he how uneducated you m************ are to make a black rat come talk s*** simply and you're asking questions like you was b**** like you was f****** b**** you gonna invite a rat to your soul and you do know research to know when the person you're interviewing is line we on the outside has to be the one who pick up the pieces of a f****** rat liar because yes what you ask him some questions and he does give you any answer and you swallow it like a b**** because you don't know better that's how f****** stupid and sick you radio people are because you would invite a dog to your radar station and you don't even do it investigation to know if dogs carry fleas set of f****** human on the planet you radio holes we should even call your house we should call you horse

  • tenrag sicnarf
    tenrag sicnarf 9 days ago

    I would say to you you calling white people donkey of the day but yet you invite Jackass of the century to you show and ask common question it's like you lot have your lips tied Together where you cannot ask practical question you are coming s*** question like he said he's a psychologist he's not helios Frederick Douglass niece with a bachelor degree but he will tell you he might tell you next he's a f****** nurse because he wanted he said in one of his programmes he's going to do law confuse motherfuker and I saw on one of his talk show with someone like you who carpeople donkey of the day put him on a platform where is talking about he's been collecting donation from 2005 you see you people don't ask the right f****** question nobody asked Marcus Garvey the right f****** question it was the same thing Marcus Garvey did he didn't want us to give him our money through no bank account he wasn't into bank in our money so you know I'm only will be somewhere safe he spent our money it's all the ships my great great grandparents are waiting for belief in Marcus Garvey gonna send ships to Jamaica to take us all back to Africa listen my my great-grandparents dino f****** s*** man my great-grandparents they die and there is still no f****** s*** and if there's a ship it's a white man ship not a black man ship not donkey had a f****** day ship not a jackass ship UC just like how Frederick Douglass niece repeats himself that's how you radio station holds repeat the same down uneducated question sit down and talk to a scam artist like it a scam artist b**** you must show the man who is taking our children money respect or you give up some of your money to go you might be his b**** because I don't think none of you people realise was happening will d Diner video with a little girl going crazy about her child support money you know she wants to she wants to buy a little this a little that but what happening is her mother take her child support money and pay the bills and this little girl was Uno was wasn't happy she wasn't pleased she was upset because she thinks she wants to get us off and you jeans probably some underwear probably some you know some girl stuff you know how girls do girls like to take care of himself now when you think of it how nearly 18 to 16 years this man been taken child support money from millions of f*************** children and you invite him on your show and say to him all your psychiatrist you don't invite him to your show and say to him so how do you feel when you take child support money from single mothers what kind of f****** radio holster you people on where you like come from where you lock off from why you lot were born out of assholes because the kind of f****** question you ask it's like a toddler come to the nursing you throw him a toy that is the kind of question you motherfukers ask Frederick Douglass niece you lot are f****** ridiculous with the platform you have this man it was it was man like you it is it's always been man like you you are the Masters b**** when the master wants some music you f****** call you to play music when the master want to hear something on the radio show we cause you to turn on the radio you haven't changed Brothers it's been nearly 10000 years in slavery but you black man haven't changed one f****** bit maybe you cannot change maybe old the black man in in the United States in good position are ass kisses you know they like to kiss ass you can see you in Frederick Douglass niece he likes to eat pussy his belly is full with pussy water because anything you can sleep with me eats I'm telling you all this you been thirsty all these years until now the light of women and lighting Manchester doctor so now these women who have low self-esteem you know they get their brain is f***** up so they oh my god I'm going to get with a doctor not knowing that the man you inviting your house maybe looking at pictures of your boy or are your son's because he's attractive 2 mil especially young males I know all you fools. I'm going to call you fools it was the same thing happened in the Marcus Garvey era we we have lots of black we call them intelligent fools because they make f****** Marcus Garvey buying self robbed us I know you have Frederick Douglass niece or Frederick Douglass speech because he loves graveyard this c********* I'm talking about I don't know his name and you Charlemagne invite this c********* and you don't even know his name so you give him some name because you tell you that his the name he wanted to be called by you see how useless you radio station are you should quit you should quit your job I'm going work at that Frederick Douglass Warehouse and dellaway because you see you bring this m************ fraud out to catch some of our young people's and you up till today I say you haven't apologise to tell us your interview a con man like Marcus Garvey but as I know also you like don't know your history because the history of the white man give us for 1 months so you believe like that f****** twatt you interview you know the time he's been telling people he's going to open up School early Doors is read our comment and go find a book or something then to talk about what we talked about but in his way and claim it if you tell him that he is f****** ugly because he is he was a skinny ugly motherfuker so now

  • Pamela Bean
    Pamela Bean 9 days ago

    Shes right when my child went to a school with a smaller class his grades went up

  • Blossom
    Blossom 9 days ago


  • lerkesha23
    lerkesha23 11 days ago

    They may have just taken the weave off for the moment. Most natural wear protective styles at times. Some may be braids and weaves/ wigs

  • Aisha S
    Aisha S 11 days ago

    Watching in 2019..he said when Obama get out we're gonna go through some stuff...That is probably the REALest stuff I've heard in a long time. Great interview.

  • I am here
    I am here 11 days ago

    He’s poison

  • Brooklyn World
    Brooklyn World 11 days ago

    Envy /Hair under the arms🤣 hilarious

  • Quenton Upshaw
    Quenton Upshaw 12 days ago +1

    ScamArtist Johnson and Breakfast club was used to catapult this fraudster. They should remove this before the FBI contacts them.

  • Pain
    Pain 12 days ago

    Any one know what 'White girl' name Angela through out @52:27?

  • Kevin Richardson
    Kevin Richardson 13 days ago

    this is amazing now understand something lolololol jayz trying to get a piece of that trillion with rock nation this interview is saying so much people share this

  • The Phenomenon
    The Phenomenon 13 days ago +1

    I like Dr Omar Johnson he always on point telling the truth is beautiful

  • The Phenomenon
    The Phenomenon 13 days ago +2

    Hair products and weave is the money killing for black women

  • The Phenomenon
    The Phenomenon 13 days ago +1

    Black women spend cosmetics and beauty products more than any other women in the world DR Omar Johnson is right about that

  • The Phenomenon
    The Phenomenon 13 days ago +2

    I believe that woman was sent by

  • The Phenomenon
    The Phenomenon 13 days ago +1

    Dr Omar Johnson is right that woman was lame

  • SheilaWonderful family Aiken

    I agree

  • Trish G
    Trish G 15 days ago

    Envy just sounds so DUMB.. voice annoying as fk ... duhhhhhhhhhh

  • Cynthia Whitmire
    Cynthia Whitmire 16 days ago

    Celebrities should support their people because the people supported them. It has nothing to do with them supporting Dr. Umar. What good is having money if you can't reach back. Scared money can be worthless.

    ROBERT DOMINGUEZ 16 days ago

    Wow, shame on that stripper. we should disgrace that stripper, always tearing down black men

  • machell allaboutlife
    machell allaboutlife 16 days ago +1

    Thank you Dr. Umar, children in schools are used as a business. They do use the money and focus on sports in their schools. Parents need to educate themselves first before just agreeing to putting their children in special programs and placing them on medication. Most parents just agree with what staff says instead of educating themselves first.

  • B.Michael Brown
    B.Michael Brown 16 days ago +2

    We need a claud anderson interview

  • Joseph Mims
    Joseph Mims 17 days ago +1

    Im from Chicago i love u man u put me on so much game

  • bigmf boosie
    bigmf boosie 17 days ago

    damn so I'm not really gay I'm subconsciously yearning for my absent father affection?

  • Steven Akabwayi
    Steven Akabwayi 18 days ago

    I like this

  • Jacqueline Waiariki
    Jacqueline Waiariki 19 days ago

    Disabilities.. Hmmm you would think the government would look at what they did to a whole culture🤔
    This man is talking about children who are descendants of the Countries SlaveTrade☝️
    If he can heal disability children aint the only victims☝️

  • Na'im Asra El
    Na'im Asra El 19 days ago

    It is 2019... almost 4 years later from the original August 2015 youTube publishing of this video and His ramblings. Does anyone know if that school is built, established, open yet??? Where is the school??? or where da school at??? 😂 Wholeness n Essence of Love ((-;

  • Titus Warren
    Titus Warren 19 days ago

    He is wonderful! God bless Dr. Umar!

  • Titus Warren
    Titus Warren 19 days ago

    Please get those liquor bottles off the shelf behind you! That stuff destroys our people also!

  • Pamela Evans
    Pamela Evans 20 days ago

    Great idea for the school. We also need to teach them about criminal law. Because we are the main ones sent to jail.

  • Pamela Evans
    Pamela Evans 20 days ago

    I am in trouble now with law enforcement labeling me as a person with a mental illness when I file reports against the persons who stole real estate and after filing a lawsuit against the lender who aided the investors, they took my 6 year old daughter-Mikalah Newman from me using persons associated with the same investors. Now they have prevented me from seeing her for over two years. I don't know where she lives and her father-a Black Jew associated with all other races including Asians and Muslims, is also keeping her from seeing and speaking with me. He and his family and some of mine make money from foster children and group homes. I believe he obtaining a check and money for psyche diagnosis. His family is giving her drugs so that she, being a product of parents who are short and also being smaller than others as a premature child, is now much thicker and taller than normal when compared to the growth chart. Before they put her in Child Protective Service, which was not necessary because of their psyche professional background and law enforcement work experience, they gave her medication which caused her face to appear as if she was no longer a young girl. Her face was narrow from her cheeks to her chin, now it is round. they also instructed her not to take any gifts from me home which included toys, candy or any clothes so that she is continually alienated from me. The courts know that the father is like a Boss in the community and he is harming me and her but it/Judge and law enforcement does nothing to help. They then encouraged law enforcement associated with Father-Newman to falsely detain and I was assaulted in jail. The most deliberate things they are doing is hacking my cellphone and computer and debit card and taking whatever they want because when I search for attorneys, it's only the ones they are associated with, only after spending $70K on several for my daughter's case and attorney did I find this out. What can I do about a person who is evil, surrounded by evil people and every time I contact law enforcement or the court he can pay to send only those associated with him to me and even I can't even buy a car nor get a taxi that he does not interfere with. His partner is a law school associate director who also has told their associated gang members that I have threatened their relatives so they have gang raped me... they call it "billing me" for owing them something that I am not aware of other than filing reports trying to get them to leave me alone and more than 30 years ago fighting with their associate who cheated on my husband when I was 23 years old. They even had my son marry their associate and changed his life so that he no longer can attend church and may have coerced him to become a member of a gang. They also shaved off my daughter's eyebrows when she was 5 years old and instructing her on how to take advantage of people (i.e. bribe).

    PAPA DAPA 20 days ago

    What's wrong with 🐔 chicken wings

  • Karen Walkeden
    Karen Walkeden 20 days ago

    This clown has been scamming single black mother's for over 20 year's. He still has no school And he got arrested for cocaine, Child endangerment charges he owes child support money, And he's not a doctor he's a fraudster look it up.

  • Marie Jean-Baptiste
    Marie Jean-Baptiste 22 days ago

    send the address to mail the donation check

  • Marie Jean-Baptiste
    Marie Jean-Baptiste 22 days ago

    Hello, Dr. Umar speech tells the black people what is going on with our black children and the white school, college after all the white people stole everything from the black slave, the best science school used to be the black. we need to get back to our self. start to support our self.

  • toccaress coleman
    toccaress coleman 22 days ago

    Dam I love hearing this.brother speak

  • ساره
    ساره 22 days ago

    First human that I agree with 100%

  • Nkosi Hadebe
    Nkosi Hadebe 23 days ago

    Around 5:10 Envy is on point. I raise my 4 year old boy the old way and he is getting better and better

  • tenrag sicnarf
    tenrag sicnarf 24 days ago

    Breakfast Club when you guys gonna invite R Kelly to your breakfast club because you can invite Jermaine Schumacher to your breakfast club so if you can invite someone who is Robin thousands of children yes thousands christmas gifts school uniform school books and bags and shoes you can invite him to your show so when you gonna invite R Kelly to the show because you radio hosts have mental issues and that's why Frederick Douglass needs Marcus Garvey daughter is opening up a rehab for you all so that is what's happening right about now who are when are you going to invite Frederick Douglass needs back to your radio show you should call him out on your radio show all you radio host or a bunch of cowards and loses and the bad thing is now we know that radio hosts or just morons

  • Me Ni
    Me Ni 24 days ago

    Mixed families, marriages and children are just as valuable as any other family and the fact that people are ok with this hate is part of the problem in this country.

  • Chris M
    Chris M 24 days ago

    Homophobia isn't cool.

    • tom brown
      tom brown 22 days ago

      That doesn't invalidate his other views.

  • Kris Suede
    Kris Suede 25 days ago

    I hate the chick on the breakfast club she comes out the blue with the dumbest sh**t to say !!!

  • Iman C
    Iman C 26 days ago

    😳😳😳 he bringing out some truth!!!

    SPACEBAR 27 days ago +1


  • robin lacue
    robin lacue 28 days ago

    Word is bond peace and blessings family hold it down.

  • Keith bengermin
    Keith bengermin 29 days ago

    White people running the same game it's just that y'all talked and trained to believe the white boy more than your own

  • Keith bengermin
    Keith bengermin 29 days ago

    You don't have to donate no money just listen to the message that he's given take the part that you need out of there get all that money shit and he's right

    • Matthew Sirrom
      Matthew Sirrom 27 days ago

      The money part is necessary because we can't move forward without it.. He has got a school now but think about it.. A black man trying to liberate will be fought on all stages.. It's just sad that in this case mostly black people are fighting him.

  • Keith bengermin
    Keith bengermin 29 days ago

    Y'all can say this man might be a fake but he's on point on some of this shit his is talking about specially about homosexuality and all that bullshit in the black community

  • Gooey 007
    Gooey 007 Month ago

    How can this woman attacks this man and his school , man met her only three times , 3 fuqqqing times !!! What the fuq what he tell her in 3 days ??? Man , fuqqq , you haven't shut the fuqqq up in the whole interview about your whole life story biggging up you the fuqqqing saint !! Man you are a GREEEDY FUQQQ , if you was sincere god would have gave you that money without a doubt !! I FULLY BELIEVE THE WOMAN SAYING YOU HAVE 1 agenda and that's GREEED

  • Ciara Nelson
    Ciara Nelson Month ago

    damn!!! this was deep

  • NewAve Office
    NewAve Office Month ago

    Who listens to someone that says he's focused on black families & doesn't have a family of his own? Raise your standards!

  • Anthony White
    Anthony White Month ago

    I've never heard anyone speak like this man this is my first time listening to him I've learned a lot and it has changed my view and lots of things and brought a serious sense of conviction about my failures as a black father

  • Patrick Souffrant
    Patrick Souffrant Month ago

    How can I apply myself to this school.
    I'd like to donat. I don't have $1,000,000,000,000,000,00 but I do got $100 bucks.

  • Dewey Dew
    Dewey Dew Month ago

    All 59:16 was 🔥 ✊

    I AM KING Month ago

    The beginning of this was the best when they discussed mental health . So deep

  • illia penrosa
    illia penrosa Month ago

    U.K police/gov... use gang affiliation as their excuse to instill fear and hatred within a society that has our future in mind. this is what ive been saying. its a fucked up system thats willing to experiment with their children, sick society that prays on our #Trapbabies... Im a big supporter of teaching our kids how police acts/sec's work. making youth know what their worth and what expectations truly are... 100% opportunity ... deprived of even that...

  • Minoan Crete
    Minoan Crete Month ago +1

    Dr you the man THANK you so much for all your knowledge all is TRUE..

  • your favorite girl
    your favorite girl Month ago

    Damn can I send my daughter?! Who else wants a school like this for young women?

  • Ivan C
    Ivan C Month ago +1


  • Goddamn it YouTube Let me change my name

    This man is the reason why I want to be psychologist

  • Vincent Louis Office

    I heavily disagree with him when it comes to his commentary on homosexuality. All the behaviours he mentions are all negative stuff and if he is juxtaposing those behaviours with homosexuality then it invalidates his argument because being gay is not a crime, choice and or negative!!!. He needs a shift in that perspective because many black gays do not enjoy the rights or privileges that white gays enjoy.

  • Protoman#482
    Protoman#482 Month ago

    Hes right my mother beat my ass i didnt have adhd and i was a hyper ass little mofo

  • Icy Uranus
    Icy Uranus Month ago

    for one, the IQ test is not biased. for 2, teachers get paid well and it is better pay than what 85% of their students are being taught to be prepared for fresh out of school. most of their students will not be paid as well as them so that ruins their argument of not being paid well. teachers are mostly worthless in the real world and spend all their childhood and adult life in school being nerds who have no actual skill to contribute to society and by the looks of the standards of education they are not contributing in a good way to society even with their "noble" careers in education, passing out diplomas to retards who say they're not really retarded, they just got stumped by a racist testing system....

  • Naomi Motlhasedi
    Naomi Motlhasedi Month ago

    They dont want to help, because it is a spiritual matter.

  • Drake Grey
    Drake Grey Month ago

    Clinical psychologist and homophobe??
    Imma ignore it cause he's great and needed and doing his job

  • Zee T
    Zee T Month ago +1

    Preach!!! I’m a special ed teacher and he’s right!!!

  • Omalicha
    Omalicha Month ago

    Obama left and black people are going through hell like he predicted. OMG!!!!!

  • Lana LeeOriginals
    Lana LeeOriginals Month ago


  • Vato Loko
    Vato Loko Month ago

    My Cousin was a healthy and normal kid. He played football all his life and only knew how to play football. He was drafted to play for a NFL team but After a injury he had in a car accident, doctors told him he would never play football again. He began to take drugs and alcohol for his depression and got caught up on the wrong side of the law. After getting into a car chase with the cops they diagnosed him with being mentally insane. Every month they would given him injections. And Within 6 to 8 months he started growing women breast! No word of a lie! He begged them to stop giving him the injection because he was growing boobs. He became very socially awkward and started to panic every time I took him to dinner or out in public. Eventually they stopped giving it to him but that was after he broke out of the mental institution 3 times and threatened to take his life.

  • Delron Beard
    Delron Beard Month ago

    I appreciate his comments about the gay people!!! At least someone knows this truth. You may not agree just keep your negativity to yourself. I love you Umar Protect this brother

  • Terrica Turner
    Terrica Turner Month ago

    The NAMbLA was founded in 1978 according to Wikipedia!!!

  • Tiffany Clark- Grove

    But sodomy WAS illegal

  • Tiffany Clark- Grove

    You guys are all making me feel a little better. ☺️

  • Tiffany Clark- Grove

    Good work Umar. May God bless and keep you.

  • Ssenyondo Solomon
    Ssenyondo Solomon Month ago

    51:40 the funniest part of this interview

  • Ssenyondo Solomon
    Ssenyondo Solomon Month ago

    No one’s gonna say that he looks like Kevin Durant’s daddy

  • Anthony Copeland
    Anthony Copeland Month ago

    7:55 Male dominance smh let the squirrel speak