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What They Don't Want To Tell You About Lamelo Ball

  • Published on Jan 8, 2019
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Comments • 7 779

  • Dr B
    Dr B 17 minutes ago

    They can ball (no pun intended) but they sure are stupid.

  • Joel Day
    Joel Day Hour ago

    Kid is garbage.
    No size on him.
    Gotta be strong to play in the league.
    I bet he never makes it there, and I bet Lonzo's career is up in 5.

  • nikeathlete23
    nikeathlete23 2 hours ago +1

    Only person who should ever be called “Melo” is Carmelo Anthony

  • A- Part
    A- Part 2 hours ago

    Lame'los Balls ?

  • Clifton Moore
    Clifton Moore 4 hours ago

    Was Lemelo forced to 🏀 or does he wanna 🏀 because he never 👀 happy🤔🤔🤔

  • Iggy Martinez
    Iggy Martinez 4 hours ago

    I hope the and NBA Team Gives him a chance

  • Armando 5
    Armando 5 4 hours ago +1

    Horrible looking shot 😂😂😂

    • Hammerland
      Hammerland 3 hours ago +1

      I don't disagree...but the kid has a knack for putting the ball in the hole at a ridiculous rate vs kids much older than him. I think he has the court vision basketball IQ like his brother lonzo....the shot is booty technically, but his range is deeep and one cant argue that. We'll see what happens

  • Ernesto Lupercio
    Ernesto Lupercio 6 hours ago +1

    I wish lavar wouldn’t of fucked Up his route going thru college, would love to see him in a McCain tournament

  • Dominic Carapella
    Dominic Carapella 8 hours ago

    It’s ok he will end up going to college. His dad will make him a college

  • Rui Pinto
    Rui Pinto 11 hours ago


  • Andrew Burgess-Linden
    Andrew Burgess-Linden 11 hours ago

    This was uploaded on my Birthday

  • Edson Campos
    Edson Campos 11 hours ago

    Between his father and his idiotic decisions and attitude it will be difficult to say what will happen with this great stupid player.

  • mickey dickey
    mickey dickey 12 hours ago

    5'8 at 6'7
    U was 5'10 at 14 and I'm only 6'2......fucking genes
    My younger brother is 6'7... But he's worse than me a basketball

  • Shawn Lawson
    Shawn Lawson 13 hours ago +3

    Unfortunately his dad comes with the contract. No thanks

  • Xavier Hornkohl
    Xavier Hornkohl 13 hours ago +1

    Top 20 pick 2020 Draft, remember this.

  • Jelsson LF Flame
    Jelsson LF Flame 16 hours ago +1

    He should get back to euro play 1 more year and declare to draft

  • Carlos Juarez
    Carlos Juarez 16 hours ago


  • John M
    John M 16 hours ago

    Crazy DAD and family.

  • Donkey Wack
    Donkey Wack 17 hours ago

    poor melo got dem ass genes fron lavr ballshit

  • Matt Rivas
    Matt Rivas 18 hours ago

    He's gay too.

  • Blake Smith
    Blake Smith 20 hours ago +1

    you have no fucking idea champ, he isn't allowed to play college because he has already played pro so stop acting like he isn't good enough just to make some cash you fukwit, i bet you still sleep with the lights on gay cunt

  • GM_ Joseph
    GM_ Joseph 20 hours ago

    i go to school with iseah jackson i have ap with him

  • I'm a little retarded
    I'm a little retarded 21 hour ago +1

    Lavar set the expectations way to high for all his kids, its not fair to them. Melo should have been sharpening his skills, enjoying high school but instead his dad put all this media pressure on him and made everyone believe he was way better than he actually is.

  • True Peace
    True Peace 21 hour ago

    It’s because he shaved his hair! Hair=Power

  • Addam Smyth
    Addam Smyth 22 hours ago +1

    6:50 - love that! Good to see Tina doing so well.

  • sam robison
    sam robison 22 hours ago

    His name sounds like lmao

  • Chris K
    Chris K 22 hours ago +2

    How much the ball
    Family paid you for this story lol

  • Pacreincarn8ed
    Pacreincarn8ed Day ago

    He’s a lazy player and is shot is wack , I’m so over this garbage

  • Park Hyung Kim
    Park Hyung Kim Day ago

    Magic Johnson would have taken him if he has a say with the Lakers organization.
    That's how gullible Magic is. Rich Paul lost a puppet within the Lakers.

  • Obama Made America Great Again

    She is gonna be a sick WNBA player someday.

  • sturttv
    sturttv Day ago

    Congratulations on completing your Rosetta Stone assignments. You almost sound like someone who has the grasp of the English language.

  • * *
    * * Day ago

    Gonna be a top 10 pick in his draft, can’t believe people questioned whether he would make the league

  • yamerrific
    yamerrific Day ago

    a&m wasn’t his first and only offer... before lithuania he was verbally committed to ucla..

  • F-U-2-2014
    F-U-2-2014 Day ago

    the Ball family is the modern day Jackson family, pushed to big things by their father but could be so much more once they step out from beneath him.

  • MrA
    MrA Day ago +1

    Man wtf are babbling on about??? Cut to the chase already

  • Mista Hafiz
    Mista Hafiz Day ago

    LaMelo to Australia 🇦🇺

  • b0b the El CHAp0

    “Watch me kill em off when I drop my shoes ya” ok I’m watching lol

  • david brown
    david brown Day ago

    Because he wasn’t taught the little things right. Getting away with half court shots. Is dad ruined him

  • Kirk 3
    Kirk 3 Day ago

    Gotta subscriber 😎😎😎😎

  • - animalbe32-
    - animalbe32- Day ago

    Why u switch your name?

  • YBN Tiger
    YBN Tiger Day ago +1

    Right now he’s ranked 21 in his class a couple month later

  • playboy zay
    playboy zay Day ago

    He will be a bull

  • Kevin Kimbelle
    Kevin Kimbelle Day ago

    But is it Selfish of a college to say
    " you can not make money on your image",, "only we can " because they will make Millions of dollars on there athletes. The only thing they get in return is education from the University. I'm not saying that isn't good but that would mean they are paying millions of dollars just for a college education. So if they aren't allowed to make money on a brans They're father created that means your basically saying you own these people

  • Random Grove Street Thug #4

    If his dad would've just let his son's game do the talking, he'd be fine.

  • Ü
    Ü Day ago

    2nd round pick

  • Rei Nishikino
    Rei Nishikino Day ago

    Thats why he going to australia mate to improve himself there

  • Tomas Castro
    Tomas Castro Day ago

    i dont get whats the problem with melo, and the problem of other people with him. i know him playing pro kinda forbids him from playing college ball, but if hes such a good player, why is he so doubted? its basically all on his dad, but i just dont get it

  • C Recklezz Entertainment

    Lamelo was a 5 star player . check 24/7 sports basketball rankings

  • zaxx19
    zaxx19 Day ago


    Actually, he isn't a fast twitch athlete at all really; that's one of the reasons his ceiling isn't ridiculously high.

  • Buckets44
    Buckets44 Day ago +1

    i see him as a kevin durant type of player he to tall for point guard but he not gonna make 2 the nba lavar mad selfish and fucked it up

    • Hammerland
      Hammerland 3 hours ago

      if you see him as a Kevin Durant type player, your eyes have no idea what they are looking at. Thats just a dumb comparison. Games are nothing alike. SMH

  • Mitch Rapp
    Mitch Rapp Day ago

    Lamelo is a very good basketball player, but he will never be as good as he thinks he is.
    But Lavar thinks he knows better than the best college coaches in the nation.
    Is he as smart as he thinks he is?

  • f.u ho
    f.u ho Day ago

    He will b a laker

  • lawson chamblee
    lawson chamblee Day ago

    really is a shame cause he honestly is a great shooter with an infinite range but spoiled by his older brother success and punished cause his father's big mouth and gelos poor decisions

  • Beer Drank Shawty
    Beer Drank Shawty Day ago +6

    this dude puts together stories better than Inside NBA has ever.... also, dope voiceover work.. this dude up next...

  • showsomemoxie
    showsomemoxie Day ago

    imagine if Lavar had a spine and made Melo stay in school, hed prolly be in the league now instead he will prolly not ever be

  • Scott Gonzales
    Scott Gonzales Day ago

    Not a fan of the father and the cockiness of the youngest, butI did enjoy the video and how well it was put together. The kid has skills and is sharing the ball more than I remember him doing in the early years. Add to that the amazing growth spurt and I can see him doing well if given the chance in the D league or NBA.

  • YouTube Ceo
    YouTube Ceo Day ago +1

    Wave check 🌊

  • TruthlyRage
    TruthlyRage Day ago

    His dad is a cancer to the ncaa nba and any organization he associates his sons with

  • bigwellxz
    bigwellxz Day ago

    he can go to europe ligue play a cople of years and try draft to nba

  • Joseph Rangel
    Joseph Rangel Day ago

    Lavar fucking everything up for him

  • Nevius
    Nevius Day ago

    His dad fucked his life up smh the greedy bitch!

  • Minnesota King
    Minnesota King Day ago

    His dad is a piece of shit and ruined all of their careers. Plain and simple


    Hes fucking father fuck his future. when he get older he going to regret what his father do whit him.send that old baster to hell.fuck him.

  • J Phillips
    J Phillips Day ago

    I love your vids man, but if your gonna put stuff on the screen that needs to be read, ( article headlines, website headers, etc.) maybe leave it up for a second and so we don’t have to rewind, pause, but not pause it quickly enough, so we have to wait for it to go by again, and rewind, and pause... you get what I’m saying?

  • Brockosaurus
    Brockosaurus Day ago

    the thumbnail looks like a young drake with waves lmao

  • Kilo
    Kilo Day ago

    6'8 btw

  • Jra33 16
    Jra33 16 2 days ago

    Great video! I agree 100%! I always thought Melo would be the best out of the three! I really hope he gets to play D1 ball! I never thought he’d grow as much as he has, and I feel like his ceiling is stilll very very hi! I hope it works out, I’ve always thought he seemed like a really good kid(all 3 of them actually, but especially melo) and I hope he gets the chance to show everyone how good he can become!!! I’ll definitely be watching! Another thing, as much as I’d like to criticize the way Lavar has managed Melo, and Gelo these last few years, I still think he’s raised his boys amazingly! And when I put myself in his shoes, I can’t say definitively if I’d make choices any different. Sometimes shit just doesn’t work out the way you thought it would, but you can’t knock him for trying, and for believing in his sons 100%!!

  • Aaron C
    Aaron C 2 days ago

    His family has money get those damn teeth fixed

  • Cody Darnell
    Cody Darnell 2 days ago

    Fuck that he should work his ads off in the smis and go kill it in the NBA

  • Kodac Hamilton
    Kodac Hamilton 2 days ago

    People live like robots if you don’t take the same route as everyone else people assume your making a terrible decision. From what I see Lamelo ball game is on a different level for a point guard his age. Lamelo will be a top 5 draft pick . He will be the #1 overall pick if the team with that selection need a PG or SG.

  • Mark Miranda
    Mark Miranda 2 days ago

    He’ll be a good pro. I think he’ll be better than Lonzo. But I think he’ll drop in draft and take a while to develop at the next level. Shit I’d take him off the bench in GS. Kid can shoot, pass, and has the measurements. I don’t think he’ll be a great defender at the next level though.

  • RickyPro
    RickyPro 2 days ago

    LaMelo now plays in Australia, my country!

  • Nathan Vlogs
    Nathan Vlogs 2 days ago

    Make an update on this video

  • Michael Negenman
    Michael Negenman 2 days ago

    Great case study on how messed up the NCAA system is, PAY THESE ATHLETES!
    The ball family went for a piece of the pie early; I think rightfully so with Lamelo's projection; got their wrists slapped by talent evaluators at the NCAA level. Keep the ball family in mind the next time you talk about the NCAA paying their players.

    Please let me know what you think! Love chatting about anything basketball

  • Chapman Weddle
    Chapman Weddle 2 days ago

    he should keep the short hair and mustache just to make the nba mad. he looks like a young lavar ball

  • Roger Samaniego
    Roger Samaniego 2 days ago


  • Itz_henrey y
    Itz_henrey y 2 days ago


  • Haassan1
    Haassan1 2 days ago

    Yo this channel:
    Hype titles, but wack videos.

  • John Modest
    John Modest 2 days ago +1

    The play @10:24 was some 2K19 stuff 😂

  • YoungCeas
    YoungCeas 2 days ago

    This kid can Ball. No pun intended. The NBA and NCAA will make it hard if you make it hard for them but I guarantee he’ll be on an NBA team after he comes back from Australia. His dad just rubbed a few people the wrong way but Melo’s numbers don’t lie.

  • izel nayeli
    izel nayeli 2 days ago +1

    ik this is all abt basketball and shit, but could we talk abt LaMelo’s finger at 5:18 💀👀

  • Kadeem Bell
    Kadeem Bell 2 days ago

    Lamelo is not making it, man doesn't play a lick of defense

  • Juan DelaCruize
    Juan DelaCruize 2 days ago

    He is recruited in Lavar University

  • magiesq
    magiesq 2 days ago

    This guy is getting paid to play TODAY. Can use that money and go back to school later, instead of going to college and hoping to get into the NBA, then for how long. Just because his route wasn't traditional doesn't mean it was bad. Those guys make schools millions and get nothing but a degree, if that. Dude make your money, expose yourself to other cultures, enjoy life! Kudos to dude

  • Noe Sandoval
    Noe Sandoval 2 days ago

    Good Skills Good Luck

  • Chris Gonzalez
    Chris Gonzalez 2 days ago

    Melo going to the nba after his contract

  • Brenton Richards
    Brenton Richards 2 days ago

    Big bitch busters

  • Tre Dub
    Tre Dub 2 days ago

    Melo’s dad did ruin his path to college no doubt, but the kid WILL be in the nba makin noise oneday forsure if you can’t see that you obviously don’t watch any basketball at all🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Corey Wilson
    Corey Wilson 2 days ago

    Good stuff. My heart goes out to the kid bc as a father, I wouldn't have put my son through this much at such a young age. It's going to impact him later in life...sadly. But my prayers go out to his future success!

  • Ankle Drew
    Ankle Drew 2 days ago

    5 months in but why he lookin like drake 😂

  • Raimana Toa-Delage
    Raimana Toa-Delage 2 days ago

    Lamelo should go back over seas after he finishes high school. Ball out in the league Luka was playing in for a few years and get drafted out of there since he probably won’t play NCAA that’s if he really wants to play in the NBA

  • voudee420
    voudee420 2 days ago

    He will never make it In the NBA!!!

  • Kanto Terror
    Kanto Terror 2 days ago

    Another less average ball for me...

  • Åmund Mæhlum
    Åmund Mæhlum 2 days ago

    Fuck your voic

  • lil Bean
    lil Bean 2 days ago

    His dad's trying to live his dream through melo

  • LT Gamers Lietuva
    LT Gamers Lietuva 2 days ago +4

    He is nothing, went he went Lithuania, my country, he played in our National league LKL and he couldn't do anything to grown up people defence, he was zero, he also was missing whole shots

    • John Smith
      John Smith 17 hours ago

      He was also 16 years old and grew a couple of inches since then.

  • Jonathan Esters
    Jonathan Esters 2 days ago

    I'll tell you something about him he owes his freedom to trump I'd left his thieving ass locked up

  • Titus The Virus
    Titus The Virus 2 days ago

    Lavar is destroying his boys career cause he keep talking too much trash. Can he let them just play

  • Loco Brodie
    Loco Brodie 2 days ago +1

    You can blame it all on his selfish asshole dad! The guy never gave a shit about his kids.

  • Original One
    Original One 2 days ago

    June 2019 top 5 2020 mock draft