Things Are Getting Out Of Hand! UNEXPECTED ENDING! - Gang Beasts Gameplay

  • Published on Feb 20, 2019
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    Gang Beasts Gameplay by @DionDoes
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Comments • 161

  • Melvena Bogan
    Melvena Bogan 13 days ago


  • Melvena Bogan
    Melvena Bogan 13 days ago


  • Brittane Royal
    Brittane Royal Month ago


  • Admboy Marquee
    Admboy Marquee Month ago

    Bro you abuse Trent

  • Jeremy Mize
    Jeremy Mize 2 months ago

    Surprised Juice isn't suiting up as the Rhino.

  • Ayorichard
    Ayorichard 2 months ago

    This is the black version of stumpt

  • Riley Freeman
    Riley Freeman 2 months ago

    is your dew rag on to tight ? lmao

  • Pele Peterson
    Pele Peterson 2 months ago

    @14:10 got me deceased😭😭

  • DJR 11
    DJR 11 2 months ago

    Trent's special move is the teabag

  • ABoogie got high ground

    Dion crippling

  • Malachi Alberic
    Malachi Alberic 2 months ago +1

    Bruh Trent always getting abused 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Twinzz zz
    Twinzz zz 2 months ago

    Have y'all notice the camera in the back 16:16

  • Alan Jean Charles
    Alan Jean Charles 2 months ago

    Juice make me laugh when took Trent with him

  • snipergang
    snipergang 2 months ago

    Are they All brothers all three of them?

    • CCBRXX10
      CCBRXX10 2 months ago +1

      snipergang yeah

  • GG Paradise
    GG Paradise 2 months ago +1

    The stuff Trent does in this game is ridiculous

  • Tre DeBerry
    Tre DeBerry 2 months ago

    That laugh do I’m weak 😂

  • tyler miller
    tyler miller 2 months ago +3

    14:12 Trent nd Juice havin fun wile Dion frustrated😂😂😂

  • Donavon Bell
    Donavon Bell 2 months ago

    Great vid keep them coming

  • AceTheImmortal
    AceTheImmortal 2 months ago

    Had me dying laughing. Always funny watching these. Maybe for the 2019 funniest moments these were hilarious to me 5:40-6:10 and also 14:00-14:35. Keep up the great work.

  • Tyler Yu
    Tyler Yu 2 months ago

    You guys should do an all rhino battle to see who gets the use the rhino forever in Gang Beasts

  • GalaxyGaming HD
    GalaxyGaming HD 2 months ago

    Funniest gang beast ever bro

  • kaydenvideos pg
    kaydenvideos pg 2 months ago

    I loooooooove these vids

  • Isaiah Riffle
    Isaiah Riffle 2 months ago

    Love this series

  • Raleigh Roberts 3
    Raleigh Roberts 3 2 months ago +2

    Mav..... I always thought the wife was suppose to have mood swings or emotional outbursts...... not the husband. lol

  • drakon master
    drakon master 2 months ago

    Yeeesirr gangbeast is the way 😂

  • Antwan Patrick
    Antwan Patrick 2 months ago

    Trent's laugh tho lol 😂

  • navarreo rorie
    navarreo rorie 2 months ago

    Crazy how dion can use rhino but juice is band from using him😂😂😂😂

  • Dats Tuff
    Dats Tuff 2 months ago

    Trent was having me dead 😂😂

  • B Money
    B Money 2 months ago

    Bruh y’all reaction b having me cryin dead 💀😂😂

  • Denovous Kirby
    Denovous Kirby 2 months ago

    "I'm glad y'all two enjoyed that teabag moment together"😂😂

  • Ghost
    Ghost 2 months ago

    “4 lil ripples”😭😭😭😭😭

  • Sherman Holland
    Sherman Holland 2 months ago

    Keep these coming please

  • Dreco 36
    Dreco 36 2 months ago

    Got dang dion wusaaa

  • Jordan Tatum
    Jordan Tatum 2 months ago

    “Is your do-rag too tight?” 😂

  • kj herbo
    kj herbo 2 months ago

    Dion play with me on fortnite

  • BlackMamba Jr
    BlackMamba Jr 2 months ago +1

    Dion is so irritating

  • John Kennedy-Bauza
    John Kennedy-Bauza 2 months ago

    My favorite series

  • Chris A
    Chris A 2 months ago

    “You get 4 little ripples on yo head and you think you run things” 😂😂😂😂😭

  • Money Mitch
    Money Mitch 2 months ago

    Trent voice “ Yeaaaaa Dion”

  • Fredo
    Fredo 2 months ago +6

    15:18 what Trent did was fire 😂😂 like it looked so fluid and cool

    THE K&D CHANNEL 2 months ago

    I hate Trents laugh

  • Max John
    Max John 2 months ago

    Mav spreading his legs Trent got no space

  • Max John
    Max John 2 months ago

    I hate Mav he always needs to win he can’t beat Trent by himself in games always gotta beat him physically

  • Emmanuel Mungai
    Emmanuel Mungai 2 months ago

    Funny vid good job y’all

  • Cpange2
    Cpange2 2 months ago

    I like how it’s ok for dion to stand to the side and let everyone fight, but it’s not ok for anyone else

  • Tyree Chestnut
    Tyree Chestnut 2 months ago

    Who pissed in mav cornflakes

  • Jayden Dotts
    Jayden Dotts 2 months ago

    Why Trent want to be dion so bad

  • Lovesick Jay
    Lovesick Jay 2 months ago


  • jlonnie 21
    jlonnie 21 2 months ago

    That was to funny

  • Donnie sosa
    Donnie sosa 2 months ago

    14:20 shoulda put the flowers up

  • Your Mom
    Your Mom 2 months ago +1


  • Seth Aschenbach
    Seth Aschenbach 2 months ago

    “You defeated me!?” 😂

  • Lil Jisty CSawBro
    Lil Jisty CSawBro 2 months ago

    Missed these sooo much!

  • Randy Snow
    Randy Snow 2 months ago +29

    Trent has me cryin in this video man 😂😂😂 This is seriously top 10 in all ur videos!!!!

  • Randy Snow
    Randy Snow 2 months ago

    4:45 Mav comes w the “Why am I so emotional” 😂😂😂

  • Randy Snow
    Randy Snow 2 months ago

    The rapid fire controller sounds is pretty hilarious 😂

  • Bryan Tankey
    Bryan Tankey 2 months ago

    Team Juice.. My ninja juice

  • Daquan Stevenson
    Daquan Stevenson 2 months ago

    Funniest video

  • Annmarie Flemmings
    Annmarie Flemmings 2 months ago

    mav you juice andt trent should nba2k10 nba live 09 dunk contest and 3pt since it was all star weekend

  • saviron hipps
    saviron hipps 2 months ago +9

    "she's a mom she barely plays"😂 mavs pride is hurt lol

  • A C
    A C 2 months ago +2

    Sorry Mav!! I have to take Break watching these kind video bc Trent laugh can get Annoying. Trent high pitch laugh sounds like little girl!!

  • alex murser
    alex murser 2 months ago +8

    Dont @ me but best roast of 2019 @5:50

  • Hauney Alkelabi
    Hauney Alkelabi 2 months ago +1

    Ur a chicken ur a rhino lol I can't stand that moment

  • Autopsy Krett
    Autopsy Krett 2 months ago

    Great episode man dang
    Frfr cant even see how Juice won on the incinerator. I be laughing too hard to see the end 😂

  • Steven Copeland III
    Steven Copeland III 2 months ago

    Dion was so frustrated haha! Juice lookin more and more like a soccer dad everyday! Thas beyond me

  • Mikell Star
    Mikell Star 2 months ago

    Mav needs to keep running with the rhino #rhinosquad

  • James Brooks
    James Brooks 2 months ago

    Tell me why I been watching mav so long I guess the name of wifey’s character before she said it😂😂😂 honestly she a goat 🐐

  • BlueFire 1398
    BlueFire 1398 2 months ago

    0:42 Mav how could u do that to Juice even if it is Blue lol

  • JW Vlogs
    JW Vlogs 2 months ago +50

    Trent’s laugh sounded like a balloon deflating 😂😂😂😂

  • King Za
    King Za 2 months ago +3

    This is the funniest series beside laugh addicts

  • Yo Banga
    Yo Banga 2 months ago +18

    I am officially requesting a trade from #TeamTrent to #TeamJuice or #TeamMav. I can no longer be apart of a team that loses, promotes stupidity, and touches other men every 5 seconds. I need to be apart of a winning culture and team. Today I depart from the embarrassment that is team Trent.😂😂✌🏽( If the Maveriq family members were nba teams😭😭)

      JJWAVYY 2 months ago

      Can't beat them join them

    • Tanden1015
      Tanden1015 2 months ago

      AceNightmare7 why you so mad ninja?

    • captain jerry
      captain jerry 2 months ago +1

      All of yall shut up 💀💀

      THE K&D CHANNEL 2 months ago

      +Yo Banga exactly but i feel trent is just trash in everything i joining team juice😂

    • Yo Banga
      Yo Banga 2 months ago

      THE K&D CHANNEL ikr it’s not that serious 😂😂

  • NinJarod The One
    NinJarod The One 2 months ago

    These are the funniest family videos, and possibly videos in general that I’ve ever seen

  • Sabino
    Sabino 2 months ago


  • Laron Hampton
    Laron Hampton 2 months ago

    tea bag central lol

  • Sean Sims
    Sean Sims 2 months ago

    Trent got the best laugh on TVclip😂

  • Joshua Grandison
    Joshua Grandison 2 months ago

    I'm crying right now bro too funny😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • prodkel
    prodkel 2 months ago +2

    “You defeated me?!” 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • bigpapa7791 7791
    bigpapa7791 7791 2 months ago +2

    Im crying juice got raped the whole video

  • Christopher Daniels
    Christopher Daniels 2 months ago +1

    Trent want to be Dion so bad it's not even funny. Be yourself young man

    • Christopher Daniels
      Christopher Daniels 2 months ago

      +Jay Foster What's that? Touching men or being silly. Guess that's swag to u. That says alot about u

    • Jay Foster
      Jay Foster 2 months ago +1

      Thats his brother witch is a pretty good role model it would make sense for him to act like his brother but trent has his own swag as well

  • Pain IsMyTherapist
    Pain IsMyTherapist 2 months ago

    Trent's laugh needs to be a ringtone bruh 😂😂

  • David Aninyei
    David Aninyei 2 months ago

    You love to see it

  • Andrew Rubio
    Andrew Rubio 2 months ago +3

    Wifeyyy over there dying choking and laughing at the same time but Mav still yelling at Trent 😂😂😂

  • Timmy Turner
    Timmy Turner 2 months ago

    why mav so angry 😂

  • Brahhhh
    Brahhhh 2 months ago


  • Omari Cartwright
    Omari Cartwright 2 months ago

    How can i get gang beast on xbox

  • Detrusors
    Detrusors 2 months ago

    who else saw at 17:17 trent got punched out right when the beat dropped

  • DaviSivad XII
    DaviSivad XII 2 months ago

    Trent with the monkey bars😂😂😂

    Low-key Dion could've went first so Juice didn't die😂

  • Jug 2Legit
    Jug 2Legit 2 months ago


  • Detrusors
    Detrusors 2 months ago

    15:28 is so funny cuz he was talking and he fell off and he was like what the fluff

  • TwoDragonfire04 Xbox Live

    Suggestion! Put a win counter up somewhere on the screen so we all know who won how many tournies or whatever!

  • Carter Jackson
    Carter Jackson 2 months ago +1

    Love these vids

  • angel killer cc
    angel killer cc 2 months ago

    Every time juice gets teabaged it reminds me of when he ate bull nuts cause he is a bull in the game and hes takin nutts to the head

  • domarion wint
    domarion wint 2 months ago +8

    This man said "is your durag to tight with them four little ripples in your head" that had me dead🤣😂😂

  • Jay26 Rob
    Jay26 Rob 2 months ago +10

    Trent makes the vids funny

  • -Itz- -Kitty-
    -Itz- -Kitty- 2 months ago +1

    Dion stop raging

  • Elijah Thomas
    Elijah Thomas 2 months ago +2

    Trent out here dropping f bombs 7:34 lol

    • alex murser
      alex murser 2 months ago

      Nah he said fluff had to triple check tho

  • Cam Thagod
    Cam Thagod 2 months ago

    About time baby

  • Jalen 106
    Jalen 106 2 months ago +4


  • -Itz- -Kitty-
    -Itz- -Kitty- 2 months ago

    Trent scares like a girl

  • JUICE 11
    JUICE 11 2 months ago

    Trent bagem