The Perfect Wood-Fired Pizza, According to Roberta's | Food Skills

  • Published on Aug 28, 2017
  • Located on Moore Street in Bushwick, Roberta's isn't the oldest pizzeria in Brooklyn-not by a long shot. But since its inception in 2008, the restaurant has quickly amassed a cult following of pizza fanatics around the five boroughs. Armed with a wood-fired oven and some of the freshest ingredients in Kings County, Roberta's is a haven for those who love their pies smoked and charred over oak flames. Find out how the restaurant's "Famous Original" lives up to its name.
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Comments • 307

  • Silvia Apilinario
    Silvia Apilinario Month ago +1

    I love your Pizzas Roberta's. I've been eating them from years now. No doubt you have the most amazing Pizzas in the town. I love the smokey taste of your Pizzas which is because you use wood fired oven for baking your famous pies. I tried to copy you so I bought my own wood fired oven, I bought it from #ilFornino, recommended by my friend. I cannot match your pizza making skills but yes, it bakes really awesome pizzas. Thanks for serving us since so many years.

  • Chris Salman
    Chris Salman 3 months ago

    Thanks for the tips. I just made an addition in my backyard- ilFornino Pizza Oven. I will definitely use your tips to make the pizza.

  • Elite Clinical Research

    Some of the best pizza I ever had

  • Glen & Friends Cooking
    Glen & Friends Cooking 4 months ago +1

    Thanks for the tips! We just added a wood fired clay brick oven to our cooking setup... soaking up as much info from these videos and our chef friends as we can, before we launch our cooking series on the oven.

  • Mike Hoancho
    Mike Hoancho 5 months ago

    Looks overrated

  • Matthew Mewhorter
    Matthew Mewhorter 7 months ago

    Went to Roberta's in pizza I've ever had (and I'm a big pizza snob). Had to wait 2 hours to get a table, but it was totally worth it.

  • john deleon
    john deleon 7 months ago

    A it look like your pizza. Sauce is watered down

  • Aa Bb
    Aa Bb 7 months ago

    Looks average to me

  • wreagfe
    wreagfe 8 months ago

    Oak? He could as well have said gold and I wouldn't have been more surprised. That's a pretty expensive fire over there.

  • Haley Garner
    Haley Garner 8 months ago

    My uncle has one

  • Vadym Radkov
    Vadym Radkov 8 months ago

    I will make it myself this week I think. Just got instructions from woodprix website and I'm ready for do it :D

  • jaime zuñiga
    jaime zuñiga 8 months ago

    What are the type of cheese he say in min 1:24 ?

  • Photograph1974
    Photograph1974 10 months ago

    I love Roberta's. I visit NYC for work a few times throughout the year, and I make the trek to Bushwick at least once a year for one of Roberta's pies. I really like the slightly charred crust. The sauce to cheese ratio is perfect. I definitely recommend visiting Roberta's for a great pizza and a fun atmosphere.

    CASE CRACKA 10 months ago

    touch of tabalo? Speak clearly

  • kenneld
    kenneld 11 months ago

    roberta's is incredible.

  • Eric Vargas
    Eric Vargas Year ago

    This people are pedophiles and eat children check out pizza gate

  • salvosuper
    salvosuper Year ago

    looks pretty close to Italy's

  • z43
    z43 Year ago

    they basically making american style pizza using the typical neapolitan cooking method at high temperature, thats pretty cool

  • ipissed
    ipissed Year ago +1

    Thanks for warning me about this nasal valley girl gayrod poser pizza joint.

  • Xander Piurek
    Xander Piurek Year ago +3

    Pepe's Pizza in Connecticut

  • Ebvardh Boss
    Ebvardh Boss Year ago

    Honestly, it looks like shit.

  • John Lang
    John Lang Year ago +2

    the second dude was higher than a kite

  • Raphael Khandadash

    These fools don't dock their pizzas. Darn bubbles..

  • WizardPlayMC
    WizardPlayMC Year ago

    Human beings are so easily enticed by simple computer projections.
    This did not make me hungry, yet it did make me hungry about human nature and the implication of technology on our senses via a bright flat screen. How unnatural. I love it

  • y t
    y t Year ago

    Maybe a strange comment, but I like how they don't insist on only having a guy doing the pizza baking. Even my favorite local Mellow Mushroom (Glewood South!!!) which has good vibes seems to always have the girls on the floor and the guys in the kitchen, which is the same setup as Hooters technically.
    And that pizza. I want.

    • y t
      y t Year ago

      Bootbox77 agreed

  • daniel nunez
    daniel nunez Year ago

    Jesus fuck 22 second unskippable ad even after opening and closing the video like 10 times

  • ChardOfMight
    ChardOfMight Year ago

    joke about doming

  • SlowSlowSloth
    SlowSlowSloth Year ago

    That door sign has the same skeleton as Blackbeard's flag, cool.

  • Evil King
    Evil King Year ago

    Boyscout....? Not a Blacksmith? You missed a chance to be badass lol

  • Mindfreek454
    Mindfreek454 Year ago +2

    This pizza looks good and all, but if you brought me that one with the giant bubble in the middle I'd be like, "wtf is this?"

  • DidYaServe
    DidYaServe Year ago

    that pizza looks ridiculously good. the way it bubbles up..

  • David C
    David C Year ago

    So many "experts" in comment section 😒

  • itsokyoucanlaugh
    itsokyoucanlaugh Year ago

    best pizza in nyc

  • Eric C
    Eric C Year ago

    Not enough cheese

  • Fart Ing
    Fart Ing Year ago

    *I love pizza*

  • electrolinks
    electrolinks Year ago


  • Alec Skinner
    Alec Skinner Year ago

    that looks amazing. If that pizza tastes any bit as good as it looks or even if the taste reflects a bit of the amount of passion they seem to have in it it youd still have an amazing fucking pizza. Have to take my wife by there some time!

  • sugreev2001
    sugreev2001 Year ago

    Prices are a bit on the higher side, which wouldn't be a problem, but this is just a regular pizza parlor.

  • Danger Zone
    Danger Zone Year ago

    I am eating Del Taco.

  • W -
    W - Year ago

    Vice did it better

  • Blazzord
    Blazzord Year ago +1

    Blazzord was here.

  • clepirelli
    clepirelli Year ago +1

    Next time, actually go to Italy. That'd be pretty lit fam

  • DrDoomTheOptimist

    Y'all are straight up Stupid and should travel more or at least open your mind or mouths a whole hell of a lot more often... Make your own pizza and eat pizza made by others everywhere. What about anything filmed for this video is burnt? Nothing.

  • ccxlolz
    ccxlolz Year ago

    America has to be the most pretentious place on this planet.

  • ccxlolz
    ccxlolz Year ago

    Another pizza video....

  • Philosophical Ethics

    Like, oh maw gawd, tis so gawd, i luve it sooooo mach yaaaaaaaas

  • Mashed Tato
    Mashed Tato Year ago

    This looks like a crappy frozen pizza. Pizza on Long Island is 50x better than this

  • tryder78
    tryder78 Year ago

    Anyone know the instrumental that starts at 0:12 ?

  • mickhick95
    mickhick95 Year ago

    did he say 90 seconds? 2:20

  • D B
    D B Year ago

    I love onions but on pizza is just wrong! Completely overpowers every other flavour of the pie! My opinion. Awesome video though!

  • Grey Gray
    Grey Gray Year ago

    Looks like some damn fine pizzas 🍕

  • Jamie Martlew
    Jamie Martlew Year ago

    Check out how dirty that sensor is at 2:45.

  • Tom H
    Tom H Year ago

    Damn, I hate living in the middle of nowhere.

  • Phil Perry
    Phil Perry Year ago

    Stop calling that crap a perfect pizza. You can call it an American pie with toppings. Stay in your lane

  • Maarten van Rossem Lezingen

    You can't tell me a pizza that's burnt tastes better than exactly the same pizza if it isn't burnt.

    • Deathbrewer
      Deathbrewer Year ago

      Some people get cravings for burnt toast or a burnt burger. Taste is subjective, Maarten.

  • John Yi
    John Yi Year ago

    Hipster pizzeria

  • Erik C 'Piano Man'

    This looks incredible. Man I miss good pizza. Grew up on the east coast near NYC. That's one thing Colorado doesn't have, good pizza.

  • BigMac Mick
    BigMac Mick Year ago

    did he say 90 seconds to cook the Pizza? :o

  • bigeve223
    bigeve223 Year ago

    This very well could be my dream job, A pizzeria. Making a food that almost every single person loves.

  • Karen Everett
    Karen Everett Year ago

    YUMMMMM !!!!!!

  • motip51
    motip51 Year ago

    Wish you guys paid your cooks more though.

  • Tulip xo
    Tulip xo Year ago


  • Soloman Vendi
    Soloman Vendi Year ago

    luv the channel but this is dog shi on a stick

  • RAfael Lopez
    RAfael Lopez Year ago

    Help me feed the world.

  • ldpetts
    ldpetts Year ago

    We call it the remainder its the number that remains

  • 26magicman26
    26magicman26 Year ago +5

    2:54 but there's a giant bubble in the center the size of a softball.. could use more sauce and thicker crust anyways

  • S3V3N13TT3R5
    S3V3N13TT3R5 Year ago

    What does this have. To do with first we feast. Shit looks like an ad for overpriced pizza

  • Munden
    Munden Year ago

    I need more pizza insight - this is perfect - give me more!

  • Bryan Matkin
    Bryan Matkin Year ago

    The gayest pizza parlor ever? Do these clowns come out to your table and blow you?

  • 99Nars
    99Nars Year ago

    Incredibly stretchy dough for a slowly fermented one! I want to know how they do it!

  • BryceBox
    BryceBox Year ago

    Good thing I had pizza in the fridge. Otherwise I'd die because of the video.

  • Christian Rivera
    Christian Rivera Year ago

    I'm down to eat this pizza. For real.

  • x2yll l
    x2yll l Year ago

    proper way to make pizza. gotta check this place out

  • The Greek
    The Greek Year ago

    No body wants no burnt ass pies...fucking Antfi ruined pizza now

  • Isis Orduño
    Isis Orduño Year ago

    Gordon Ramsey on Hot Ones pleeeeeeaaasee

  • Bad Santa
    Bad Santa Year ago

    Expensive cheese on toast....but not Pizza.

  • Dan Wurth
    Dan Wurth Year ago

    Burnt crust and under cooked cheese. OK!

  • Sarah Cutts
    Sarah Cutts Year ago

    I wonder if that lady is the normal pizza baker or if she was chosen because she was a woman. if there are other women running the oven I wish they could have been featured as well.


    I've eaten there...the pizza was alright.

  • Ryan Cowan
    Ryan Cowan Year ago +3

    I could probably eat 3 of those little things

    • I Fapped
      I Fapped Year ago +3

      you mean the pizza girl? Yeah, me too

  • 420protoman
    420protoman Year ago +10

    a perfect wood fired pizza should never be floppy, the crust should be solid and not burned. i worked a wood fired oven for a year not just making pizza's.. in a fancy restaurant... those pizza's are shouldn't have to lift it up like that to make it right... they are making it too fast... your pizza should just get to the point where you can tip it up and the crust stays solid but NO black spots... so you gotta know your oven and max time is 7 to 8 min for the ones i would make. min time is 5 to 6, it makes them crispy but with soft pockets of air in the dough but if you cook them too fast they are not so good. I used cured expensive meats, truffle paste mixed into wild mushrooms... all sorts of crazy cheeses and more weird stuff a big list. if you watch the video on youtube how to make the world's most expensive pizza... it's a wood fired pizza made just how i said.

    • Eric Liestoh
      Eric Liestoh 7 months ago +1

      You don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. If you’ve ever worked with a wood-burning oven, operating at the correct temperature, you would know that the maximum cooking time on a pizza is two minutes. TWO minutes. End of story. If you cooked a pizza in a wood-burning oven for 7 to 8 minutes, you would burn the living shit out of it. You may have worked at a pizzeria, and you may have made some pretty good pizzas wherever that was. But you sure as hell never worked with a wood-burning oven.

    • Baller 738
      Baller 738 8 months ago

      This is the ideal neopolitan style pizza. It is supposed to be floppy and have black "leopard" spotting. Perhaps you should check Daniel Young's rankings for 20 best pizzas in the world (Roberta's is ranked 10th) or practically every other major ranking of pizza places in the US, in all of which Roberta's features prominently as one of the best. Just bc you don't like the style of the pizza, does not mean it is not a valid or delicious form of pizza. You're just some random cook, not the definitive authority on how pizza should be made. You would do well to remember that the next time you get cocky and act like you are.

    • justice4germans
      justice4germans 9 months ago

      this is Naples style, you should go to Italy and complain about it

    • Shae Dovahkiin
      Shae Dovahkiin Year ago

      Urgh, Detroit-Style Pizza... Ye, we leave it at that...

    • 420protoman
      420protoman Year ago

      you can clearly see burnt crust in this vid, not just cheese spots.... lol....i make pizza the same way that buddy in usa makes them that makes the most expensive pizza's.. .not the stupid gold flake one.... the 100 dollar pizza's.. if ur crust is burnt... and your pizza is floppy, it sucks. i don't care what u think or what toppings you use.. or where you are from.. or who you are... really don't mean shit to me. I have worked in pizza joints. and i have worked for chefs on the same level as Gordon Ramsey. I know my shit. i dont' give a fuck who you ppl think u are, but please keep bragging about how awesome your burned crust pizza is... gawd... i had a GM that would flip out if he saw pizza's come out like that on the crust... not the cheese buddy... the crust is literally burnt. no one wants black on their white plates. maybe if your just at a pizza joint it don't matter, but when you serve expensive pizza to pretentious dick customers you have to make it perfect... that is just the way it is.

  • Steve Holmgren
    Steve Holmgren Year ago +1

    We develop a sudden dopamine drip that is very pleasurable when simply viewing desirable food. Nature wants you to eat what we are seeing, but it's not actually there, it's on the screen of your computer screen, but nature doesn't know that.
    Enjoy the feels, and I"m not sorry for the psychology lesson!

    • Deathbrewer
      Deathbrewer Year ago

      Man (humans) have a natural love of food for that very reason: nature wants you to eat and stay alive!

  • Juliet
    Juliet Year ago

    Those pizzas look perfect

  • Darvensky Louis
    Darvensky Louis Year ago


  • Vader
    Vader Year ago

    Address and cheap plane tickets please?

  • Juan C Salinas
    Juan C Salinas Year ago

    Instead of this shit how about Shaun goes there and talks to people. He's what made you guys guve him more credit. And the dude shits out fire every Thursday bring him closer to the spotlight

  • theTIVANshow
    theTIVANshow Year ago

    Crust to thin and not enough sauce that where all the favor is at. Just looks like a weak Pizza

  • shahid ismail
    shahid ismail Year ago

    Wood fired pizza eh??...*Global Warmed* pizza sounds better

  • Daimon Perez
    Daimon Perez Year ago

    Man that's some good lookin Fuckin pizza !!!!

  • The Hamburgler
    The Hamburgler Year ago

    How tf is this trending with 46k views

  • Gavin Roberts
    Gavin Roberts Year ago

    I already saw this on the Pizza Show on vice

  • Moustafa El-Moghazi

    Looks like it has herpes

  • Vasectomy Fail
    Vasectomy Fail Year ago

    i wish pizza places cared if you wanted your pizza burnt or not. i love a "blonde" pizza, right before the spots turn black. i didn't order crackers that taste like charcoal

  • Mario Munoz
    Mario Munoz Year ago

    Millennium falco

  • mttgnz
    mttgnz Year ago

    I see comments here hating on them and callin them hipsters and what not while all the video shows its just a LEGIT pizzeria, the pizzas look very good, like legit italian good, maybe its just that most americans are so to eat shit idk

  • Pepe Deez Nutz
    Pepe Deez Nutz Year ago +2

    Nothing beats a Chicago Deep Dish! This looks like a Red Baron pizza

    • Universal Collective
      Universal Collective Year ago +5

      chicago deep dish isn't pizza, it's just a baby pool filled with cheese

  • Coral Reefer
    Coral Reefer Year ago

    It kinda pisses me off that they think they can call THAT "the perfect wood-fired pizza"...
    Side Note: Im pretty sure both of these guys are atleast half retarded

  • majornewb
    majornewb Year ago

    I had Roberta's last year in Williamsburg and it's the best pizza I've ever had

  • Adam Smith
    Adam Smith Year ago