The Most F***ed Up Confessions Of Reddit - r/confessions (Part 32)

  • Published on Nov 14, 2019
  • 6 of the most messed up confessions of reddit.
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    1. I killed my wife because I'm addicted to morbid obesity
    2. I'm trying to lose weight to suck my own genital
    3. Dear Pastor Jenkins
    4. I killed my stepfather
    5. I witnessed a group of women eating a raw deer in the woods
    6. Life sucks being a pedo

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Comments • 1 730

  • ScrapChild1979
    ScrapChild1979 2 days ago

    Umm... for the record: Dudes that want to blow themselves aren't necessarily gay. They're guys.

  • e t h e r e a l
    e t h e r e a l 3 days ago

    This dude encountered mf witches in the woods. God damn yo I'd dieeeee, oh nooooo.

  • Greasy MacHaggis
    Greasy MacHaggis 5 days ago

    I wont keep subscription unless you start speaking.

  • Jacob m98
    Jacob m98 9 days ago

    If I could get my hands on you religious pedophile dogs you'd be praying to gods you never believed in,but anyway this is my Sunday morning

  • Azzalack
    Azzalack 9 days ago

    13:04 Hans, get the Luger.

  • Pretty Sheep
    Pretty Sheep 11 days ago

    3:34 have you considered hentai?

  • IDK_Y
    IDK_Y 12 days ago

    you dont deserve a good life if youre a pedo

  • Non Existence
    Non Existence 14 days ago

    So is being a pedo a mental thing seems like it is like a drug addiction or even a disorder because sometimes people literally are pedos and never act on it because they know its wrong but still are stuck mentally wanting something that they can never have, sick way to live sad too, i only feel bad for the ones who wish they weren’t this way.... especially people who were abused as children themselves its almost like they know nothing else.

  • Moonchild Mn
    Moonchild Mn 15 days ago

    13:02 because pedophile is not a sexuality

  • Sam Hutjens
    Sam Hutjens 16 days ago

    That first story seriously freaks me out. Being essentially kidnapped in your own home, forced to gain so much weight that your body just gives out.
    Holy Isht, this is now my biggest fear...

  • Canaan Blank
    Canaan Blank 17 days ago

    SOOO yeah this was the wrong list for me.. But i cant stop listening and story 2 just ended.

  • Ahnya Evans
    Ahnya Evans 18 days ago

    Can he stop comparing being a pedo to being gay it's not the same he's fucking sick

  • * XxG3773xX *
    * XxG3773xX * 18 days ago +2

    The only way to cure Chomos is a bullet to the head.

  • Renee Mcgraw
    Renee Mcgraw 19 days ago +1

    Trll me where this "pastor" Jenkins is and i will make sure everyone finds out what he is wouldn't have to be involved....he is doing it to other children......he deserved to be tortured for the rest of his life and i would happily do happened to me when u was 11...i understand

  • Heaven Sennamon
    Heaven Sennamon 20 days ago

    I just pumped the air at the kid killing their step dad.

  • maxpaynegk
    maxpaynegk 21 day ago

    This video is a nice reminder as to why I want to slam the moon against Earth. Or take myself out, either one.

  • OpenDoor19
    OpenDoor19 21 day ago +2

    *Like the way they used to cure gay people* > Oh honey

  • Michael Dorso
    Michael Dorso 21 day ago

    No one likes pedophiles because it's disgustingly unnatural. You can't even maintain a relationship. Even if it were "normalised" because they would grow older and then leave them for the age you want. And it's a child ffs.

  • Carrie W
    Carrie W 21 day ago

    The woman dealing with the pedo-priest should print this story × several hundred and mail a copy to every person in that town. Start a go fund me, people WILL donate.

  • Madame
    Madame 21 day ago

    I’m afraid to look up what snowballing is

  • Benjamin Kestner
    Benjamin Kestner 21 day ago

    I’m sorry dude but you can’t guilt trip me into thinking you’re allowed to be with the kids. Not saying I hate you but you’re wrong and you need help. Stay away from my little sister!!!

  • Nacket Donut
    Nacket Donut 21 day ago

    Pedophila is a sexual dysfunction, and should NEVER be accepted into society as something we should be okay with. So many people in this video were fucking disgusting... I think the dude in the second story was normal compared to the dude with the feeder fetish...

  • Maestro
    Maestro 21 day ago

    why can't we just kill pedophiles?

  • Sistah SOULjah11
    Sistah SOULjah11 21 day ago

    Call me heartless but the last guy. I hope he resorts to that last option. The world will be better off. He hasn’t raped a kid...YET.

  • 540gungho
    540gungho 21 day ago +1

    I agree with the last story's OP, their is only one out for a pedo; death. Stealing the innocence of a kiddo through sexual depravity (there is no justification) earns you removal from the population.

  • No Name
    No Name 21 day ago +1

    yo wtf

  • Kurt Cobain
    Kurt Cobain 21 day ago +2

    I’ve seen a lot of weird stories on Reddit of torture and murder
    But the first one was pure torture in a way I’ve never heard...
    Most horrific thing ever

  • Garret Woeller
    Garret Woeller 21 day ago

    The last guy should go to the middle East or Thailand where it's accepted

  • miles pennington
    miles pennington 21 day ago

    Thankfully a lot of these are fake. Hopefully the first one is fake.

  • Daniel Ray
    Daniel Ray 22 days ago +1

    Also, well I'm being controversial, I think it's good that that guy was crushed by a car and people who harm others like that should probably be studied to see if they could change to be good people (locked away from people they could harm). Maybe figuring out why a person may want to kill, rape, or do something else bad to people, then perhaps they could prevent other people from becoming that way. Also, if they won't be studied for whatever reason, I think they should never be put back into society.

  • Daniel Ray
    Daniel Ray 22 days ago

    Tbh, I don't care what people are attracted to. Acting on certain attractions would be bad. Like if that pedo raped a kid. That could scar the kid which would be bad, but if they only feel a certain way and do no harm to others who cares.

  • maria older
    maria older 22 days ago +1

    I hate that the last guy said "As I said I don't want to have a relationship with a child at this point " that implies he may do at some point and so many other things he said eg. He doesnt see why having an orgasm is so detrimental to a child. This person if not put away or killed with sadly most likely hurt a child as he tries to justify it being ok and that he thinks in the future it will be ok. As someone who has been through abuse more needs to be done to change the mindset, behaviour, urges and create some sort of therapy or medication that works so more children remain safe in this horrible world.

  • Ashley Dempsey
    Ashley Dempsey 22 days ago

    In the Land of PRO-WHITES that cocky degenerate's problem would be taken care of. That mf --

  • Darby Crash
    Darby Crash 22 days ago

    Yes we both know: DO IT!!!

  • Crystal -
    Crystal - 22 days ago

    “Gay people don’t go around raping men. Straight guys don’t go around raping women.” Sir do u live under a rock

  • Ellie Krueger
    Ellie Krueger 22 days ago

    Last guy is so delusional and is just looking for sympathy on something so disgusting.
    I also hope the guy who killed their step father is feeling and doing better.

  • WeirdChamp
    WeirdChamp 22 days ago

    Pedophilia kinda makes sense if u think about the past where humans only got like 30 years old.

    I'm a kid myself not a pedophile

  • Dominique Johnson
    Dominique Johnson 22 days ago

    I am in no way defending pedophilia, but I kinda feel bad for the last guy cause he knows its wrong. I hope he gets help, because anyone who hurts children is disgusting and evil. Anyone who feels this way towards children needs help.

  • ei ght
    ei ght 22 days ago

    i know a pedophile who fantasizes about little kids is not calling people delusional 💀

  • Iron Bamboo
    Iron Bamboo 22 days ago

    4th story I'm actually kind of ok with

  • Oberstruhmfuhrer Schrodinger

    That guy trying to justify pedophilia needs to be shot on sight or put up in gibbets that thing needs to be put down like the damn disease it is creatures like that aren’t even human their merely monsters that possess human skin and organs and they should be destroyed like monsters

  • x tonib x
    x tonib x 22 days ago

    "Maybe in 100 years people will look back and wonder why everyone hated pedophiles"
    Fuck no. We aren't going to become emotionless, daft assholes in the future. Sorry.
    I'm glad this dude isn't acting on it, but that just makes me sick. He's delusional, clearly. He doesn't seem to find anything wrong with being a pedophile.

  • hee hee
    hee hee 22 days ago

    The first guy freaks the hell out of me, I’m a little chubby, not obese though, and that story makes me want to starve myself.

  • Bob Bee
    Bob Bee 22 days ago

    The 5th story is just about crackheads.

  • Beckysaurus
    Beckysaurus 22 days ago

    So the last one.... that last line made post sound like a suicide note

  • TheMadOreo
    TheMadOreo 22 days ago

    Its always the pastors man.

  • Proxy Angel
    Proxy Angel 22 days ago

    Hope the guy in the last story seeks help. The one thing I can say is that the ability of people who have those feelings to actually get help/treatment for it is very limited which I dont think helps prevent child sexual abuse. I think in a lot of places even therapists may actually be required to report them if they come to them about it so if that is the case it really just leaves them to struggle with it on their own. People struggling with mental illness on their own don't usually end well and while pedophilia is 100% not okay I know that for some people those feelings dont just magically go away even if they have a conscious. It is a fetish that is inherently harmful and if left to stew can lead to them being locked in their own head and eventually wearing away at them until they either off themselves or do something horrible. Repressing sexual urges (regardless of why or the morality of it) for decades usually doesn't work out well in the long run so at some point it is gonna be one or the other I think.
    If there is someone who hasn't acted upon it (which includes child pornography) they need to get help and I am sympathetic (especially considering there is research indicating that some factors such as head injuries and other things at a young age can increase the likelihood of being a pedophile so it may actually be some sort of defect/problem with the brain itself). If they try to justify it however I do not have any sympathy. The last part where he wonders if people will ask why we hated pedophiles in the past is probably the result of him being stuck in his own head again and is him trying to comfort himself since no one wants to live their life thinking they are inherently evil or wrong for having those feelings. It is a shitty situation and I wish there were more options so that not only would there be less victims but there would be ways that people who have these urges could be helped and get to live normal happy lives without that burden/feeling those things about kids. I wish there was a cure

  • FluffyFluff ôwô
    FluffyFluff ôwô 22 days ago +1

    The first one. My older brother has that fetish, and it's a problem that cartoons push into you. I hate deviantart too because they make fanart about that mf fetish. At least my brother is mentally sane.

  • Emkito
    Emkito 22 days ago

    I believe in you OP from the 2nd story. You can do it!

  • Ɗϫ Tertelici
    Ɗϫ Tertelici 22 days ago

    I feel lucky that I live in the boring Europe

  • Meso
    Meso 22 days ago

    Humans dont deserve the earth.

  • Erik Seavey
    Erik Seavey 22 days ago

    Anyone leaving their kids alone with pastors is retarded. That pastor deserves to burn in real life not in their make believe version of hell . At 8 I would have known better though I feel kids are staying stupid longer nowadays.

  • Barney Stinson
    Barney Stinson 22 days ago

    As for the pedophilia guy why don’t you find someone with a baby face i mean he knows that children are red line and if he did something it’s more likely to die in prison because it’s sick and illegal

  • Cleo Glover
    Cleo Glover 22 days ago

    I mean I’m more than pleased about the kid that let a car fall on his stepdad for molesting him. If I knew him I’d take him out for dinner and pat his back and say less disgusting piece of shit in the world? Hell yes pls give me more of that!

  • Jacob Rutherford
    Jacob Rutherford 22 days ago +1

    That last pedophile one was so wrong in so many ways. But now it’s time for me to say something wrong. I don’t care about people like I used to anymore. I care about me and my loved ones. Everyone is such a victim who needs pity and help. Well get it somewhere else. Sorry pedophile that your life sucks. But I don’t give a fuck. Kill yourself if you want to. I really don’t care. And I wouldn’t care if you just heard me and decided to do it because of me. I feel like that about many things nowadays. I’m just tired of people. Their excuses. Their actions. I’m tired of being used. I’m even tired of people just disagreeing with me. Idk. That guy who is wanted to lose weight to suck his own dick was a legend.

  • Sean Johnston
    Sean Johnston 22 days ago

    It feels strange because it seems all humans behave the same about things not accepted widely in their perception of the social group.

  • Deez Nutz
    Deez Nutz 22 days ago

    That second one was weird I don’t blame him...just weird

  • KPediium
    KPediium 22 days ago +1


  • Gregory Butler
    Gregory Butler 22 days ago +1

    The lady who saw the coven of witches eating the raw dead deer.... I just shuddered listening to that!

  • Ryan Lewis
    Ryan Lewis 22 days ago

    What was that pedo doing on Stormfront anyway? It's not like everyone knows about SF forums..