HIGHLIGHTS | KSI vs. Logan Paul 2

  • Published on Nov 10, 2019
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  • Narin Kalesyan
    Narin Kalesyan 2 hours ago

    Ksi trick made

  • EternalSoul
    EternalSoul 2 hours ago

    Hey Logan, I’m 6’1 170 lbs. wanna fight? Literal trash can mommas boys

  • Josh Pens
    Josh Pens 4 hours ago

    Team Ksi but I can’t see how Logan Paul lost

  • Happiness stay
    Happiness stay 5 hours ago


  • Andre Aviles
    Andre Aviles 6 hours ago

    imagine this could be a draw but they don’t want too lol

  • Un Reveal
    Un Reveal 7 hours ago +1

    Knowledge, TRUTH, integrity
    That is the acronym the comentator said

    Wow really? Truth

  • Great White
    Great White 8 hours ago

    logan:i feel ill,i sneezed 3 times.

    6ix9ine:no he didn't!

  • Andre Malchus Bediones
    Andre Malchus Bediones 10 hours ago

    Tbh Logan won bec ksi is just rude


    KSI WON😡 I wanted Logan to win

  • Kinggg Ezekiel
    Kinggg Ezekiel 21 hour ago

    The judges are complete idiots

  • Thomas Gamer YOU
    Thomas Gamer YOU Day ago +1

    N vs b

  • Drillo2
    Drillo2 Day ago

    Logan Paul's clothes:
    Video: Logan Paul
    My brain: Rocky Balboa

  • mr goatee explosion 1999

    Logan won anyway we all know it. Because if the ref didn't take 2 points away ksi would of lost

    • IronAJ
      IronAJ Day ago

      mr goatee explosion 1999 jj still would’ve won. In one of his recent videos he showed the official scorecard and they all had him 3 points up.

  • Zach Nold
    Zach Nold Day ago

    Man said knowledge truth integrity when it’s knowledge strength integrity

  • るかもち
    るかもち Day ago


  • A tiny dose of Degenerates

    4:10 XD justin bieber

  • Adam Lopez
    Adam Lopez Day ago

    I swear I don’t see how KSI won

  • Tom Moloney
    Tom Moloney Day ago +1

    Sky sports box office > dazn

  • Rodrigo Garcia
    Rodrigo Garcia Day ago

    This is basically the example of all that is wrong with "professional" boxing nowadays

  • Diego Mora
    Diego Mora Day ago

    I still can’t get over “KSI; Knowledge, Truth, Integrity”😂😂😂

  • Levi Chrisemer
    Levi Chrisemer Day ago


  • RobinSlender Side

    Logan is still better than KSI

  • TheSiete7
    TheSiete7 Day ago

    Amigo que robo

  • Caleb Draisen
    Caleb Draisen Day ago

    If logon didn’t cheat and new how to box, he would have most likely won

  • wa l
    wa l Day ago

    its better than FLOYD MAYWEATHER vs CONOR MCGREGOR fight

  • lbxndit- ON Ps4
    lbxndit- ON Ps4 Day ago

    he would have won if he didnt hit him in his head when he fell

  • Dark D
    Dark D Day ago

    Knowledge, truth, integrity gets on my nerver.

  • Floranje De jesus
    Floranje De jesus Day ago +1

    Make more video please logan

  • Tairyce Gaines
    Tairyce Gaines Day ago

    Who here in 2020

  • Josh G
    Josh G Day ago +1

    Can’t wait to see Logan get strangled or killed in a mma fight

  • Josh G
    Josh G Day ago +2

    Imagine if Logan sneezed 6 times he would have died in the ring

  • okc ou
    okc ou 2 days ago

    logan really thought he was playing clinching simulator smh

  • Kyng Wolf
    Kyng Wolf 2 days ago

    Ksi won the match but lost the fight

  • Ramiro Renom
    Ramiro Renom 2 days ago

    Ksi was clearly the better fighter. Logan had an awful guard, he stayed flatfooted and didn’t capitalize on most openings, and barely looked like he wanted to be in that ring.

  • Carly Jhonson
    Carly Jhonson 2 days ago

    Logan was better in last match

  • Pengantar Akuntansi
    Pengantar Akuntansi 2 days ago

    The winner go against Wilder please, so they can feel the real punch from the real boxer

  • Samson Samuel
    Samson Samuel 2 days ago

    "KSI - Knowledge Truth Integrity"

  • DJfireant789plus
    DJfireant789plus 2 days ago



  • David Merritt
    David Merritt 2 days ago +1

    I’d knock out Tyson and

    Sub to me lol

  • Vintcast
    Vintcast 2 days ago

    What was the song in Logan’s walk off ?

  • shahrzad jazaeri
    shahrzad jazaeri 2 days ago

    Tbh I have been taking mma classes for 2 years and I’m a striker( not even a boxer) but they’re still trash and I could prob beat them 😐

  • Chris Lake
    Chris Lake 2 days ago

    hang on did he seriously walk out to X or did they edit that in

  • Angel Herrera
    Angel Herrera 2 days ago +1

    Although I wish Logan would have won i has very hapy for KSI

  • Jaiden Brindley
    Jaiden Brindley 2 days ago

    Logan celebrating way to early and loses

  • Prob
    Prob 2 days ago


    K: Knowledge
    S: Truth
    I: Integrity

  • Dragon ball z fan
    Dragon ball z fan 2 days ago

    Who else got this recommended today

  • Juan Manuel Pino
    Juan Manuel Pino 2 days ago

    No mames

  • KiddoWanted
    KiddoWanted 2 days ago

    the intro song tho my boii x & skii 👌

  • NoChillChance ,
    NoChillChance , 2 days ago

    If the 2 points weren’t taken away logan wins

    • tj 29
      tj 29 2 days ago

      Same about ksi’s knockdown if it was scored logan wouldn’t even be near

  • Linda Faye
    Linda Faye 2 days ago

    KSI is so bad I hate him he beat Logan Paul shark puppet train Tim four cheese

    • tj 29
      tj 29 2 days ago

      Linda Faye that’s ur whole vocabulary written down

  • SiahFiyah
    SiahFiyah 2 days ago

    All these kids saying Logan "hugs" too much. Thats BOXING, its strategy

    • SiahFiyah
      SiahFiyah 2 days ago

      tj 29 you obviously know nothing about boxing 😂

    • tj 29
      tj 29 2 days ago

      SiahFiyah clinching is more wrestling*

  • Tony Diaz
    Tony Diaz 2 days ago

    Me: This is the funniest joke fight I've ever seen...
    Also me: Oh wait, so this was real?!

  • Thofu
    Thofu 2 days ago

    Knowledge, Truth and Integrity. I never knew it was KTI....

  • Arjhen Viloria
    Arjhen Viloria 3 days ago

    Both of them is just "PRO" Boxers
    They still not in levels of Division world champion

  • Tyler Mclynn
    Tyler Mclynn 3 days ago

    U did your best Logan i believe u won

  • Sükrü Yildirim
    Sükrü Yildirim 3 days ago +1

    Ksi wins only because logan sneezed

  • jye pemberton
    jye pemberton 3 days ago

    I can tell basically everyone in the comments no one knows nothing about boxing

  • itsmartinside
    itsmartinside 3 days ago +10

    3:41 what is the crowd chanting?

  • BlackFox
    BlackFox 3 days ago +2

    The moral is:
    *Dont Raise Your Hand Before You Win*

  • Mitchell Amidy
    Mitchell Amidy 3 days ago

    Nooooo Lagan should have won