Full Size Run Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

  • Published on Jul 8, 2019
  • Sole Collector's Full Size Run show, co-hosted by Brendan Dunne, Trinidad James, and Matt Welty, go Sneaker Shopping with Complex's Joe La Puma at Stadium Goods in New York City for the biggest crossover episode of the show to date. The hosts talk their history in footwear and crack a few jokes.
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  • Brandotrapnanana 64
    Brandotrapnanana 64 15 hours ago

    ill pay for yall, they get the most trash kicks LMAO

  • Jamal Garlan
    Jamal Garlan 18 hours ago

    😂😂😂😂😂don’t like Jordan shoes😂😂😂

  • MattyAllen
    MattyAllen 2 days ago

    !!!! 💯!!!!

  • Jeff Withers
    Jeff Withers 2 days ago

    those were not bapestas, like were actually the skatesta which is inspired by the nike dunk.

  • Lorenzo Dawkins
    Lorenzo Dawkins 2 days ago

    One of the best crossovers of all time

  • Izaiah Wright
    Izaiah Wright 2 days ago

    welty has no drip

  • AustinDale
    AustinDale 2 days ago

    The best episode ever 👌🏼

  • Mauricio Navarro
    Mauricio Navarro 3 days ago

    welty's such a bad actor

  • Sam_pesto
    Sam_pesto 3 days ago

    the boyyyyys

  • Jairo Avila
    Jairo Avila 6 days ago

    1:06 Welty stupid ass 😄

  • defused10
    defused10 6 days ago

    Any ID on the nike tee Brendan has on?

  • G.M.P gaming
    G.M.P gaming 6 days ago

    Get travis Scott on here

  • Ted Mabruki
    Ted Mabruki 11 days ago

    Yo where did Welty get the CP Company hat???

  • sushi roll
    sushi roll 11 days ago

    Still waiting for that mixtape

  • Peter Reyes
    Peter Reyes 12 days ago

    This guys are horrible

  • Miguel Martindelcampo
    Miguel Martindelcampo 12 days ago

    Anybody know what jacket Trinidad James was wearing?

  • Alek Lazevski
    Alek Lazevski 13 days ago

    8:42 😂

  • 2059 FowLA
    2059 FowLA 13 days ago

    Trinidad look like the cat in the hat

  • Kanon Lee
    Kanon Lee 13 days ago +4

    "They don't give you an inch." *PAUSE.

    Always good content, but what keeps me coming back for more is the editing.

  • Bam’s World
    Bam’s World 14 days ago

    I love this gotta happen again

  • briancie666
    briancie666 14 days ago

    😱😱😱 Foot Locker Palace Dream Place....3k shoes bill ✔😲✔

  • Zachary Padilla
    Zachary Padilla 14 days ago

    Top ten anime crossovers

  • La melma zero uno
    La melma zero uno 15 days ago

    The two white guy's look like old man, look like dad's, horrible style

  • Wesley Teegarden
    Wesley Teegarden 16 days ago

    This is exactly what I needed

  • Jackson Wilson
    Jackson Wilson 17 days ago

    Wealty just revealed his age. 2nd grade in 93. You do the math.

  • Taylor Lemoine
    Taylor Lemoine 19 days ago

    Somebody tell me what Nike shirt is Brendan wearing??

  • Taylor Lemoine
    Taylor Lemoine 19 days ago

    The scanner ring was a little off to the beat.

  • Aaron Villa
    Aaron Villa 19 days ago +1

    12:26 shoes?

  • Franco Cerella
    Franco Cerella 20 days ago +1

    Trinidad is naturally fun,
    Joe is the man. Both good shoes.
    Next guest andre Agassi.
    Bay fam🌉

  • Richard Williams
    Richard Williams 20 days ago

    Trinidad danced the whole episode lol

  • Hazel Hallas
    Hazel Hallas 20 days ago

    JLP saying pause after saying they dont give you an inch was the highlight LMAO

  • Jose Pantoja
    Jose Pantoja 22 days ago

    Need that Adidas wind breaker Matt got on!!!

  • Dapper Tech
    Dapper Tech 22 days ago

    Dudes really got one pair of shoes 😂😂😂

  • OG Mackmizzle323
    OG Mackmizzle323 22 days ago

    Welty be throwing shots to Brendan dunne, “what was your half time marathon run” lol and he wants to laugh deep inside.

  • StoneCrusher360
    StoneCrusher360 22 days ago

    What’s the intro beat

  • Denzel Dinglasan
    Denzel Dinglasan 23 days ago

    what is on jlp's feet?

  • SnowGaming08
    SnowGaming08 25 days ago

    hey complex you must check DjBigBoyCheng here in the philippines in terms of sneakers i think he's the God wanna check him out and maybe you can visit his crib..more power to complex

  • Isaiah Lane
    Isaiah Lane 25 days ago +1

    First video I actually see a personality from Joe tbh

  • myshelf18x72
    myshelf18x72 25 days ago

    I'm not even gonna play, fuck you guys for making 'Dad look so thirsty in the intro and making J-lo act like he's better than literally anyone on the planet. Put some respec on the dad. J-lo sucks

  • Arnor Andreas
    Arnor Andreas 26 days ago

    By skittelz

  • Arnor Andreas
    Arnor Andreas 26 days ago

    Ja skittelz

  • moonthegoon
    moonthegoon 27 days ago

    Great collab

  • John Lyle Florentino
    John Lyle Florentino 27 days ago

    FSR should do Hot Ones

  • VVarrio
    VVarrio 28 days ago +1

    I agree with that dude, jordans are fucking wack

  • Diane Wilson
    Diane Wilson 29 days ago

    Do cj so cool

    Dr MIAMI FL 29 days ago

    Trinidad Definitely THE HOST

  • austin cal
    austin cal Month ago +1

    Black Kaws 4 ds for $1,000?

  • J.R. Elgran
    J.R. Elgran Month ago

    Get BLAC YOUNGSTA on here!

  • Tom Ca
    Tom Ca Month ago

    Lmaoooo the jump shot photo.... ayeeee yaaaa

  • jcandia1599
    jcandia1599 Month ago

    Who are these guys?



  • David Doyle
    David Doyle Month ago

    Top 10 Anime Crossovers Of All Time


    Trinidad with another "My mommy and Daddy never bought me the sneakers that I wanted when I was a little baby testimony😭". Shut the hell up negro.

  • SpritSlash
    SpritSlash Month ago

    The edit is so good

  • Jay GotTheMunchies
    Jay GotTheMunchies Month ago

    Trinidad looking like captain crunch in this MF

  • Mr Lawance
    Mr Lawance Month ago

    I thought that was Aaron Rodgers

  • Dan Muoki
    Dan Muoki Month ago

    Best episode so far by a country mile

  • Bob Johnson
    Bob Johnson Month ago +1

    *i am the lorax*
    *i speak for the trees*
    *i’m very short*
    *and i wear nike tees*

  • Nrvous 30
    Nrvous 30 Month ago

    Who tf are these clowns!?

  • Luis Felix
    Luis Felix Month ago

    Daddy yankee

  • Pablo Skrt
    Pablo Skrt Month ago

    That mustache guy is a register sex offender

  • King Cesar
    King Cesar Month ago

    This is wholesome af

  • Jack Audette
    Jack Audette Month ago

    Do one with Kevin Gates

  • XxDillybar24xX
    XxDillybar24xX Month ago

    You should do NLE Choppa next

  • Troy Abad
    Troy Abad Month ago

    You should try to get bronny James jr

  • Billy 123321
    Billy 123321 Month ago

    Do giannas antetokounpo

  • Nasir Washington
    Nasir Washington Month ago

    Black don’t crack

  • Chase Wright
    Chase Wright Month ago

    U should have lil skies on the show

  • subtopewdiepie
    subtopewdiepie Month ago

    get NLE CHOPPA on the show!!

  • james jackal
    james jackal Month ago

    getting a pair of Cas is like trying to get into area 51

  • Jessica Mugambe
    Jessica Mugambe Month ago

    Get BTS please

  • Jessica Mugambe
    Jessica Mugambe Month ago

    BTS go sneaker shopping

  • Sneakers On Feet
    Sneakers On Feet Month ago

    Love your channel, please like and subscribe to my channel Sneakers on Feet 🦶 🙏

  • Robin
    Robin Month ago +1

    12:06 and 12:40 Those arent Bapesta's those are Sk8- Stas. the sk8 stas actually look like dunks rather than air forces

  • Arbiter
    Arbiter Month ago +1

    I hate these words on the top