Mysterious Events Caught On Live Tv

  • Published on Jan 17, 2018
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Comments • 339

  • Alan Daniels
    Alan Daniels 9 hours ago

    And some of these people "just happen" to be filming a news segment on TV???

  • Adrian Muir
    Adrian Muir 5 days ago

    The image of Kate is just a reflection in the curtain and on the wall, nothing more. Her face can only be seen in the curtain when she turns.

  • Annie Bananie
    Annie Bananie 9 days ago

    Don't see anything in any of these videos.

  • Charmaine Balzan
    Charmaine Balzan 12 days ago

    Time travelling

  • Charmaine Balzan
    Charmaine Balzan 12 days ago

    People are getting paid to be more dumber

  • Our World Goes 'round
    Our World Goes 'round 14 days ago

    Both the “ufo” on the news were my local news channel . This is the first I’ve heard of that.

  • HEY Mrs. Jones
    HEY Mrs. Jones 23 days ago +1

    Some have green lights but these are not planes, they are drones and they are weaponized. She tried to block images but didn't completely.

  • HEY Mrs. Jones
    HEY Mrs. Jones 23 days ago +1

    I see this kinda shit CONSTANTLY !

  • Martin Axe
    Martin Axe 24 days ago

    First bit on the news report is a search light.

  • Anthony Diaz
    Anthony Diaz Month ago

    To creepy

  • Anthony Diaz
    Anthony Diaz Month ago


  • YCC entertainment
    YCC entertainment Month ago +2

    First clip looking interesting but after that i listning that video scary sounds😁

  • lee Mosey
    lee Mosey Month ago

    I might have nightmares yay :)

  • lee Mosey
    lee Mosey Month ago +1

    Oh wow I'm so scared of some flash on a camera

  • John T
    John T Month ago +4

    First one is just a car's headlights reflecting off the glass as it turns a corner down below. That's why there's a brighter 'glow' at the same time as when the lights swing around - it's the beam coming towards us.

  • Alex Stone
    Alex Stone Month ago


  • Jerome Goodwin
    Jerome Goodwin Month ago +14

    Some of these are reflections in the lenses.

  • Something Bright
    Something Bright 2 months ago

    The royals was just people behind the curtain watching I'd say and the firefighter scene with a face looking out the cracking i believe to be a poster as it's no top on and never moves.
    Just guessing ! The rest are no bad at all.

    • Jennifer Aliff
      Jennifer Aliff Month ago

      NOPE....definitely apparition at the gathering....need to divine to find out WHO ATTENDED.

  • Tiffany Leigh
    Tiffany Leigh 2 months ago

    I reckons it’s princess Dianna

  • Saul Abrego
    Saul Abrego 2 months ago

    Wow that was so cool

  • Ryan wyrick
    Ryan wyrick 2 months ago

    I like the idiots that see the Jet's in the background as if it's such a mystery in 2019 that Optics and windows and other things can be a problem but yeah like it's literally a flight path probably in airport within a couple of miles from that view I live in Seattle in Jet City things like this happen all the time and you can see these lights caught on this news station all the time from people thinking they are UFOs that's because it's always a cloudy night and it's always a plane coming in to land or taking off and sometimes they make huge turns wow I can't believe I just explain that to adults

    • The Wonderful World Of Weirdness
      The Wonderful World Of Weirdness  2 months ago

      Look at the youtube license on this and very video then come back and say to me I lost credibility which you said in another post which I deleted

  • monty monty
    monty monty 2 months ago

    v interesting

  • M K
    M K 2 months ago

    A sun on the ground last clip, what was it?

  • Hefizba Beula
    Hefizba Beula 2 months ago +3

    the “ghosts” in the sport arena had to be dogs or racoons🤷🏻‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  • Hefizba Beula
    Hefizba Beula 2 months ago

    i didnt see anything in the royal wedding

    • Jody Hall
      Jody Hall 2 months ago

      You have to pay close attention to the curtains. Its moving in them right behind Kate and William. When the show the queen, you can see it better.

  • Gregory Timmons
    Gregory Timmons 2 months ago

    Portland, Oregon a UFO hotspot? The timing of sighting matches the car headlights it's true but the streak and the orientation of the lights in the sky, with one over the other leaves reasonable doubt in my mind.

  • jim stauffer
    jim stauffer 2 months ago +3

    I have it on reliable terms these are real ghosts and UFOs. Facts all the way.

  • B Gesseret
    B Gesseret 2 months ago

    The last one was freaky.

  • MsTeaRex
    MsTeaRex 2 months ago

    It was the lights !!!!!!!!! 2 light making a sharp left turn @ :19 seconds.

  • Kris M
    Kris M 2 months ago

    OK, two of these news anchor scenes are in Portland, Oregon. There are bright, flood-type lights shining through the sky from the Moda Center and from the Bridges over the water. It is very cloudy in Portland so that’s what you are seeing is the bright sky lights piercing through the clouds.

  • Gioia Pharo
    Gioia Pharo 2 months ago +1

    good catches

  • Betty Sims
    Betty Sims 2 months ago

    People by venous snakes

  • Ds Anand
    Ds Anand 2 months ago +3

    03:20 can someone explain this is so disturbing

    • LeeAnn Nygård
      LeeAnn Nygård 2 months ago

      Just some pareidolia at work, when you see the first shot the "features" are more rectangular and it looks like the windows of a building in the background but as the video gets blurier it starts to look like a face.

  • Larce Sakamoto
    Larce Sakamoto 2 months ago

    In the Royal Wedding.. i see Princess Diana..

  • Carol B
    Carol B 3 months ago +2

    Wow, that was a good video, thanks.

  • MadAsaHatter
    MadAsaHatter 3 months ago +8

    The last event is most compelling to me. I would like to know more about that clip. Anyone?

    • Nikki Henry
      Nikki Henry 2 months ago +1

      Well if it was something supernatural. ...then why didn't the camera man follow the light??????

  • Allyson Bricknall
    Allyson Bricknall 3 months ago

    Couldn’t make out what was there except the lights.

  • Jerome- Roblox
    Jerome- Roblox 3 months ago +4

    3:53 woah

  • Anna Steasia
    Anna Steasia 3 months ago +10

    "Let's start with Carly ..."
    Really - great clips !

  • Rachel MacDonald
    Rachel MacDonald 3 months ago

    uhh, gives me the shivers

  • enlightened1 Wright
    enlightened1 Wright 3 months ago +7

    Not sure I saw the ghost. BUT....who were the blacked out figures of children standing directly behind them? There is clearly four of them. Or am I suppose to know this that’s why no body mentioned them? Y’all do see them don’t you?😬

    • Neenie 1976
      Neenie 1976 2 months ago

      If you’re on about the royal wedding then the 4 black beings are reflections and people behind the curtain

    • Nat Amaral
      Nat Amaral 2 months ago

      I did.

  • monica warren
    monica warren 3 months ago +1

    There are things before our 👀that we can not see...but sometimes we do😎

  • William TA
    William TA 3 months ago

    Great video. What do you think about nasa

  • almondeye
    almondeye 3 months ago

    I did not see anything on royal wedding. but I noticed the curtain behind them was moving by itself.

    • Noena Burnell
      Noena Burnell 2 months ago

      No it wasn't. It was so very obviously the breeze!

  • Brown Out 777
    Brown Out 777 3 months ago

    Now that was actually hella well done!! Thank you

  • Dan Haines
    Dan Haines 4 months ago +8

    #1 is just refraction of the headlamps of the car bottom left in the camera lens - note the movement and timing of the 'ufo' mirrors the headlamps perfectly.
    #2 is just digital artifacts of the prince's face on a compressed video

    SORAYA SHARP 7 months ago

    It’s no one walking it’s an outline of an face

  • A&W Rootbeer
    A&W Rootbeer 7 months ago

    I didn’t see anything at the wedding other than normal motion of a curtain flapping in the wind. Several of the mysterious light phenomena could be flares or fireworks. Fireworks become very strange looking if you have foggy conditions, or a cloud deck only 100-200ft above the ground. A low cloud deck creates an illusion of a something flying into the clouds and quickly “disappearing.”

  • Joni Michalski
    Joni Michalski 7 months ago


  • Jaben Sol Aller
    Jaben Sol Aller 8 months ago

    The 2nd one thinks that it is the Flash.Very weird

  • Ian Robertson
    Ian Robertson 8 months ago

    No1 A plane banking right 2 Is it the curtain moving your pointing out If so it was probably a palace flunkie

  • Michael Owino
    Michael Owino 8 months ago +1


    JATIN SPARTAN 8 months ago +1

    that news incident was the reflection of lights of vehicles which were traveling

  • Agent Wick
    Agent Wick 8 months ago

    The first one and the similar one aren't ufo's they are beacon lights on top of buildings or towers they are moving in perfect circles because they are reflecting on the clouds. The airport in my small town has these. It looks crazy at times but just really powerful lights guys

  • Ckydin Stephens
    Ckydin Stephens 8 months ago

    I don't know why they keep showing in the middle of the ghostly wedding of the prince and his wife you clearly see something touch the girls head and she looks up at the prince and touches her head

  • Aaron Hernandez
    Aaron Hernandez 8 months ago

    The first one was a lense flare

  • Frankie Pitochelli
    Frankie Pitochelli 9 months ago +4

    Most are just figments that look like faces from camera angles or something resembling a face etc...
    The lights in the skyline, that remains to be explained.

    • Kai McIntosh
      Kai McIntosh Month ago

      And as humans, we try to identify faces in patterns

    • Jennifer Aliff
      Jennifer Aliff Month ago

      Which headlight there are hundreds of cars....Im blown..
      Since when do headlamps reflect in the skyMmm....been trucking fir years never ever seen that shit.

    • The Rodog
      The Rodog 3 months ago

      headlights reflections

  • Griselle Rodríguez
    Griselle Rodríguez 9 months ago +1

    Did somebody look the reaction of the little girl on the rigth? Something seems to hit her head!

  • Tony El-Khoury
    Tony El-Khoury 9 months ago

    Why do I watch these in the middle of the night?

  • Deidrewhakaue123 Whakaue
    Deidrewhakaue123 Whakaue 9 months ago +1

    That was so cool

  • Cheryl Bolen
    Cheryl Bolen 9 months ago

    Those "orbs" in the sky are actually wind monitors that determind the pattern & direction of the wind. Connect by a rope they are LED lights to a weather balloon

  • Jane Taylor
    Jane Taylor 9 months ago +1

    Eventually, they just ignore it never hapoened!

    • Sue Ogden
      Sue Ogden 4 months ago

      Because it never did.

  • Ohio Against The World
    Ohio Against The World 9 months ago

    3:38 yeah they used to sell those lights at Wal-Mart, dead serious.

  • Kevin Johnson
    Kevin Johnson 9 months ago

    the lights were pretty much the same in both news cast. truly there is something out there

  • Kevin Johnson
    Kevin Johnson 9 months ago

    what was behind the Prince shadows?

  • Lady Wolf
    Lady Wolf 9 months ago +2

    Very cool..
    New subscriber !!

  • Jeremy Hicks
    Jeremy Hicks 9 months ago

    Cool Koin 6 is my local news channel. :) I live in Vancouver, WA right near Portland, Oregon.

  • Blue
    Blue 9 months ago


    • Julie Schultz
      Julie Schultz 9 months ago

      All I see is what I assume are shimmery curtains. Shimmery fabrics can reflect light in odd ways.

  • Mary Sanchez
    Mary Sanchez 9 months ago

    I don't know the correct terms, but the first incident with lights on the clouds looks like the portable, powerful ground spotlights used to outline cloud ceilings for planes, also sometimes used for big social events like grand openings or movie releases, or award ceremonies.

  • Dane Hart
    Dane Hart 9 months ago

    film has some tech issues to cause a few things , man's brain when it was used to hunt , fills in gaps for outline of prey , for others things man just don't know about it yet . we will later

  • Angie Thomas
    Angie Thomas 9 months ago +1

    I would LOVE to think that was Princess Diana at her baby’s wedding 😌❤️

  • Oje Encarguez
    Oje Encarguez 9 months ago

    Whats that bright thing on the last

  • Benjamin Webb
    Benjamin Webb 9 months ago +2

    All but 1 identified the portal is a rocket.
    The rest very good evidence of, something.

  • arthurwaighorn frank
    arthurwaighorn frank 9 months ago


  • 97channel
    97channel 9 months ago +5

    The one with the football pitch, the mystery was solved a day or two after broadcast. The windows behind the pundits were fake, they were just TV screens. The image was pre-recorded and looped, and at that moment you see a fade between two different moments.

  • Kevin Green
    Kevin Green 9 months ago +1

    Great stuff

  • Margie C
    Margie C 9 months ago +4

    The one from Mexico was taken after an earthquake and rescuers are trying to get to people trapped in a school..That is a kid, not a ghost!

    • Kelly C
      Kelly C 2 months ago

      I can’t see anything in that one at all? Nor the royal wedding?....

  • Taylor King
    Taylor King 9 months ago

    What are we supposed to be seeing in the video of the after-the-wedding? I see some reflections but nothing else.

  • Mind Over Batter
    Mind Over Batter 10 months ago

    That thing at the construction site was a person! You could tell it was moving ever so slightly. Freaky!

  • Kristen Harral
    Kristen Harral 10 months ago

    The UFOs on the local news clips is the town I live in. Time stamps 2:30 and 0:14

  • David Bianchet
    David Bianchet 10 months ago +6

    Did anyone else see at 4:04 what appears to be red English words floating over that man's face?

    • pokemaster tv
      pokemaster tv 3 months ago

      Oh my god that is so spooky

    • fourierrocket
      fourierrocket 9 months ago

      That was the creepiest one of all.
      I can't sleep tonight.

    • quasarb77
      quasarb77 9 months ago +2

      David Unknown LOL u idiot but I'm the real idiot for re-l👀king

  • David Anderson
    David Anderson 10 months ago


  • craig79792000
    craig79792000 10 months ago

    Just lights reflecting off of lenses.

  • Biaknia James The aim man
    Biaknia James The aim man 10 months ago +2

    The fly is a moth

  • theguywithin
    theguywithin 10 months ago

    First one seems to be a reflection of the car lights. Note that both the cars on the bridge and the light in the sky follow a curve, although contrary to each other - but that's maybe another effect of a glass panel or lense or whatever. And both are flare up at the exact same moment (0:14).

    KICK 'EM IN THE KANGA 11 months ago

    I can't see anything at the Royal wedding ? Not sure what I am supposed to be looking for?

  • Tiana Nu
    Tiana Nu 11 months ago

    Lights in news rooms and green rooms moving and creating the UFO like effects, LED TV glitches repeating parts of the footage faintly across the screen creating ghost like effects and camera's not being able to catch up with certain objects due to focusing only on another thing and the shooting speed fps being slower for live broadcasts.

    KC LEACH 11 months ago

    you all need to watch documentaries about the brain and how easily we are fooled by illusion of light and colors! we live in a reality of many layers of illusions!

  • negadelph
    negadelph 11 months ago +4

    First one looks like a spotlight

  • Splendid Dwarf
    Splendid Dwarf 11 months ago

    Great video loved it

  • Andy Watts
    Andy Watts 11 months ago

    That last one looked very staged.

  • darklordojeda
    darklordojeda 11 months ago

    First one is blatantly obvious a car turning because you can see the headlights flash up at the camera and there's a curve in the road at that spot.

  • Milon Parkinson
    Milon Parkinson 11 months ago

    Pretty sure I've been seeing the same UFO in my backyard for a time now. I've only recently discovered it's existence, but ever since I caught eye of it, it has made appearances almost every night. I just wish I had proper equipment

  • toffleur18
    toffleur18 11 months ago

    Last one was fake but good video overall. Good portrayal of extra dimensional beings

  • Eric Cartman
    Eric Cartman 11 months ago +1

    The orbs in the sky clips looks like it could be the studio lighting reflecting off of the screens. No, it's probably aliens... It's aliens

  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith 11 months ago

    At 3:45 I've seen sounding rockets do this when they selfdestruct at very high altitudes at night time with the suns reflection hitting the debris cloud. Scared the crap out of me first time was right after Sept 11, 2001 we were camping and it happened.

  • EandDV
    EandDV 11 months ago

    What city is at 2:20?

  • HaveFun
    HaveFun 11 months ago +2

    Appears to be BALL LIGHTNING

    • SweetPea 4EVER!
      SweetPea 4EVER! 2 months ago

      Obligation4 Intellect like goodness gracious sweaty balls of fire?

  • vibhor Kryptonian
    vibhor Kryptonian 11 months ago

    Tgis is the first channel which don't show us old vids again and again

  • system connected
    system connected 11 months ago +2