• Published on Dec 6, 2017
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  • Grace Montoya
    Grace Montoya 3 months ago +1

    Hey pixie so I just started watching your TVclip videos and I really really like them I wanted to ask you one question not trying to get into your dating relationship or anything like that I wanted to know if you still date girls or do you date guys or do you do both I want to know a lot about you because you do look like a very fun person and I want to watch more of your videos I love your Channel

  • mermaid daniellea
    mermaid daniellea 5 months ago +1


  • Ray Lamb
    Ray Lamb 6 months ago

    9:44 what r those called i love em

  • Kai The Bean
    Kai The Bean 6 months ago


  • Sara Mustari
    Sara Mustari 6 months ago

    Way behind the times, but I wanna see a pic of you and your BFF, rainbow and goth~ kawaiiii!!

  • ThatGuyWhoYoutubes
    ThatGuyWhoYoutubes 6 months ago


  • Lucie Murphy
    Lucie Murphy 6 months ago

    U make my Lil cute gay heart open with love hope u r gf loves her gifts 💜

  • flareontoast
    flareontoast 6 months ago

    Your hair is so beautifully vibrant in this video!
    I also enjoy picking out gifts for my gf. I wish I was rich so I could buy them. ALL THE THINGS. I'd buy them all the Milklim stuff they've been dreaming of.

  • Katy Anyan
    Katy Anyan 7 months ago

    what are the little baby bunny dolls and where can i get them owo

  • Cherry Dixon
    Cherry Dixon 7 months ago

    Pixie likes gabbie ? Yessss plz

  • Krazy KunicornYT :D
    Krazy KunicornYT :D 8 months ago

    Stop saying bad word because I love you video my mom say no bad video

  • Lauren Stark
    Lauren Stark 8 months ago

    i was drinking the candy cane crush tea while watching this omg

  • Florafaunus
    Florafaunus 8 months ago


  • mymelodythough
    mymelodythough 8 months ago

    who did she buy those mangas for? is that girl a youtuber she sounds interesting id watch her videos 😂

    • Kimmyfuzzy
      Kimmyfuzzy 7 months ago

      mymelodythough it’s maybe for her ex’s Girlfriend actually, as stated in the video or a friend of her’s

  • Jose cruz
    Jose cruz 8 months ago

    Are you bisexual or gay...we are all jw? 🤔🤗

    • Kimmyfuzzy
      Kimmyfuzzy 7 months ago

      Jose Torres maybe look at her “coming out” story

  • deeda
    deeda 8 months ago

    steal kerm

  • Madeline Beatrice
    Madeline Beatrice 8 months ago


  • MimiChu
    MimiChu 8 months ago

    Umm... "I wish I was always that happy and cute looking.", are you blind pixie? like rllyy!? gurll really???!?!?
    Oh btw you should drink some tea in a photo with that kermit... AAAAaAA that kermit is so cute! I want! Luh u~♥ xD

  • Trippie Lexx
    Trippie Lexx 8 months ago

    I would be so nervous people would peak !! Love your videos !❤️❤️

  • Float On
    Float On 8 months ago

    Ethan and Hila are the bomb ( so are you )

  • Mel Staton
    Mel Staton 8 months ago

    How long have you and mystery girl been together?

  • Fae C.
    Fae C. 8 months ago

    Ooooooh the Manga & Tea is my favourite gift. That's funny as I'm an ex Goth & these appealed to me. :)

  • alluvermin
    alluvermin 8 months ago

    Disclaimer made me spit snort my water. Thanks homie.

  • Jadyn Fortin
    Jadyn Fortin 8 months ago

    this is hella cute and also im happy because iv never seen a youtuber who lives close to me ( i love in Halifax)

  • xRebecckahx
    xRebecckahx 9 months ago

    OH MY GOSH its Gabbie's booookkk

  • marygrace
    marygrace 9 months ago

    you remind me of jessie paege just 10000000000000000000000x brighter

  • olivia •
    olivia • 9 months ago +1

    i literally aspire to be you

  • Alana Blankenship
    Alana Blankenship 9 months ago

    Where did you get the ADORABLE baby bunnies??

  • redsolocup _27
    redsolocup _27 9 months ago

    ♥♥how are u so nice? I can't even be this nice!♥ ♥ ♥

  • SleepHater
    SleepHater 9 months ago

    I love you so much you're awesome

  • enchantress 29
    enchantress 29 9 months ago

    I love your purple eye brows

  • Jimin’s Laugh resurrected me

    You should do a video with her

  • Days of Escaping
    Days of Escaping 9 months ago


    • Kimmyfuzzy
      Kimmyfuzzy 7 months ago

      Days of Escaping they kinda broke up and she wouldn’t do it anyway if she did

  • Karli
    Karli 9 months ago

    i'd love to see a girlfriend tag with you and your girlfriend (if you're both comfortable with that ofc!!)

  • fixy
    fixy 9 months ago

    LOVE YAA 💞💫

  • Jaiara Ranae
    Jaiara Ranae 9 months ago

    your intro is literally the cutest!😍😍💖

  • James Curfman
    James Curfman 9 months ago

    I think your dad will love the gift you got for him! Stuff like that always makes sense to have. Great job on your entire shopping, especially on being done so early!

  • KagomesSelf
    KagomesSelf 9 months ago


  • Alyssa Moses
    Alyssa Moses 9 months ago

    Makes me so happy when I get ads on one of your videos!!

  • Helena Cross
    Helena Cross 9 months ago

    Wait- I thought she was with a dude :0

  • Amber Greer
    Amber Greer 9 months ago

    Love the sailor moon mangas, davids tea, and the little babies. They are soo cute!

  • Claudia
    Claudia 9 months ago

    Where are the cute lil baby rabbit things from?

  • Irpa
    Irpa 9 months ago

    I just FREAKED out, when you held the kermit, I NEED IT OMG

  • Nima Begum
    Nima Begum 9 months ago

    Who is your girlll, GUURRLLL.

  • gothiclittlewitch
    gothiclittlewitch 9 months ago

    Im glad im not the only one who is ridiculously excited about the wrapping. I actually put it off so i can get super excited.

  • King Keisha
    King Keisha 9 months ago

    I love watching Gabbie Hanna or should I say The Gabbie Show.
    I love watching you to Pixie!

  • Mags Can’t Sing
    Mags Can’t Sing 9 months ago

    I love princess jellyfish!!!

  • Gemma Grace
    Gemma Grace 9 months ago


  • Yasmin Herrera
    Yasmin Herrera 9 months ago

    So is she lesbian?

  • itsyaboi me
    itsyaboi me 9 months ago

    Ughh I want pretty rainbow hair but im just not ready to bleach bleggghh

  • noticeme_s̶e̶n̶p̶a̶i̶_kage

    You are so generous and cute. X3 It's fun to see how excited you are about giving your gifts!

  • LJ.黄色的橡皮鸭
    LJ.黄色的橡皮鸭 9 months ago

    I saw the holiday Sephora eye shadow palette a while back and it does look pretty cute! I'm brown through so the colors weren't really pigmented on me 💀

  • YayaLovesSweets
    YayaLovesSweets 9 months ago

    Selfcare sets are such a great Christmas idea. Also long hair looks amazing on you! 😊😍

  • HannahSamina
    HannahSamina 9 months ago

    U are my ray of sunshine in a very dull world. (Forever wishing I was u lol) 💕

  • Elisabet Diaz
    Elisabet Diaz 9 months ago

    give the purple one to kenzie because its a gothy color and keep the white bear with pink ears

  • Silkworm
    Silkworm 9 months ago

    ok listen...i really LOVE the cute fluffy babies where can i get them?

  • Dal C
    Dal C 9 months ago +1

    Awww I am usually the queen of single people but now I want a gf a little more now lol I wanna give cutesy stuff and share cutesy stuff with a gf | PS where did you get that Kermit the Frog? I must know for reasons...

  • funghooul
    funghooul 9 months ago +1

    Haul..iday? Is that a thing

  • digimaui
    digimaui 9 months ago

    it's really nice to see all the thought you put into your gifts. it makes me happy

  • pinkdragoneyes
    pinkdragoneyes 9 months ago

    My dad collects pens too, lol are we related? :p

  • katie smith
    katie smith 9 months ago

    Are u going to do a video with ur gf in the future?

  • hay
    hay 9 months ago

    I haven't been on your channel in a while, but what happened to your other SO?

    • hay
      hay 9 months ago

      nekomewleta okay thank you

    • nekomewleta
      nekomewleta 9 months ago

      hay They broke up around 6 months ago

  • PhiaGirl
    PhiaGirl 9 months ago

    Oh my gosh my grandmother used to cut out the faces of stuffed animals and put doll heads in them all the time! They used to scare me a bit 😅😅😅

  • Orla Fox
    Orla Fox 9 months ago

    Love you pixie

  • k kay
    k kay 9 months ago

    Dads are just the worst to shop for

  • k4yl4
    k4yl4 9 months ago

    Whered you get the baby keychains? :00

  • no name
    no name 9 months ago


  • Sylvia S. S.
    Sylvia S. S. 9 months ago

    I also gave my mom a Kermit for Christmas some years ago!

  • Kehbii Boo
    Kehbii Boo 9 months ago


  • Mariana Gibson
    Mariana Gibson 9 months ago +1

    Where did you get this little babies in those bunny costumes they are so adorable!!! *13:25*

  • alexmrocks10
    alexmrocks10 9 months ago

    please make a vid with your gf if it doesn't make you guys uncomfy
    Ooooof Christmas love is the best!!!!!

  • Dinah Octeau
    Dinah Octeau 9 months ago

    Dose anyone know the name of the bunny baby’s

  • Linda Fredriksson
    Linda Fredriksson 9 months ago

    can u do a thing like what u can get to your sister, brother,mum and dad but not something sparkny and glittery and oink thay all hate it 😘😂😂but my mum likes lila 😍😂😂

  • Linda Fredriksson
    Linda Fredriksson 9 months ago

    do your girlfriend have a youtube channel

  • gloomy brenda
    gloomy brenda 9 months ago +1

    In the future you should do a girlfriend tag

  • elizabeth esc
    elizabeth esc 9 months ago

    that little giggle when you had kermit was so adorable oh my goodnessss!!

  • Sneaky Monday
    Sneaky Monday 9 months ago


  • sparkle bitch
    sparkle bitch 9 months ago +1

    i saw girlfriend and thought, "great, let me guess just friends?" then i realized the thumbnail and that it was pixie and i got really excited lol

    • EmmyCorrigan
      EmmyCorrigan 9 months ago +1


    • EmmyCorrigan
      EmmyCorrigan 9 months ago

      heck my life LOL ok man.

    • heck my life
      heck my life 9 months ago +1

      EmmyCorrigan you aren’t actually her sister pls stop trying to start shit and get attention

    • Xana
      Xana 9 months ago

      EmmyCorrigan not the appropriate place to spread your/their private business

    • Xana
      Xana 9 months ago

      EmmyCorrigan regardless of your potential relation you're being tactless and sketchy by commenting all over the place

  • Anin Niddup
    Anin Niddup 9 months ago

    I looooooooove her background!!! Rainbow 🌈 licious !!!!!!!❤️!!!” Sooooooo pretty!!! Fun video 👍🏽!!!!!

  • libby connolly
    libby connolly 9 months ago

    AAAAA that’s kermit the frog is so cute and my girlfriend would LOVE IT thanks you pixie

  • Jill Seni
    Jill Seni 9 months ago

    ahh i’m a jill hello!!! you’re super precious c:

  • castiel smith
    castiel smith 9 months ago

    AWW so cUUUTE :):) !!

  • Lily Girard
    Lily Girard 9 months ago

    Can anyone please well me what those sweet bunny babies are? I need five.

  • Kai P
    Kai P 9 months ago

    I have the same goddamn kermit

  • Carol
    Carol 9 months ago


  • Heather N
    Heather N 9 months ago

    You are soooooo sweet💕🌈🌙

  • I'm Sillybillybee
    I'm Sillybillybee 9 months ago


  • Hanacchin
    Hanacchin 9 months ago

    ... Are the swear censors the first notes of "Catch You, Catch Me"???

  • Katen
    Katen 9 months ago

    Hold on hold on you have a friend named Kate? *MY NAME IS KATIE*

  • Katen
    Katen 9 months ago

    I never ever ever ever skip an ad on Jill's video. Especially if there's Kermit. And if Jill's happy.

  • S a v a h a n n a
    S a v a h a n n a 9 months ago

    Yesss H3h3

  • Dana Engwold
    Dana Engwold 9 months ago

    Jillian, have you done any videos with your girlfriend? She sounds adorable ❣

  • Tiffy Ri
    Tiffy Ri 9 months ago

    Love this!💗💗💗💗💗

  • Cris M
    Cris M 9 months ago

    I just discovered you and your channel and I love!

  • Amelie Anne
    Amelie Anne 9 months ago

    Youre just the best

  • Millie Stollery
    Millie Stollery 9 months ago


  • DividedByZero
    DividedByZero 9 months ago

    Are you lesbian?

  • krysta mathews
    krysta mathews 9 months ago

    Where is my cute little sugar plum princess, a goth grump queen needs a sparkly pink girlfriend 😭😭😭 besides the point Jill is so cute talking about her gf

  • vickilynn602
    vickilynn602 9 months ago

    Where did you get the tiny animal babies!!?

  • Lily Deadly
    Lily Deadly 9 months ago

    You should attach little notes to the lipsticks that say stuff like "Our love is everlasting" or "For my dreamer"