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  • Published on Jul 14, 2019
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    Hey Adventurers!
    In today's adventure we take you back to the original 3 Hello Neighbor videos, they have been such a big hit that we decided to make them into a full length movie for you! This movie shows you the original OG Hello Neighbor videos that were posted on TVclip. We rented a house and played Hello Neighbor in 3 phases, daytime, evening and night. Each phase has a different level of mystery and suspense. It is easier to see during the daytime but the drawback is the Neighbor seemed like he could walk much faster (like he had more energy). In the evening phase the Neighbor changed the items and found some really sneaky hiding spots. Night time was kind of spooky to play because stranger things come out at night (like ghost in the graveyard). This house was fun to play in because there were many different levels and a lot of doors to enter or exit. The hiding spots were unique and we were sometimes successful in hiding and eluding the Hello Neighbor.
    Hello Neighbor is played by picking someone to be the Hello Neighbor and they have to put on headphones so they cannot hear the other players as they sneak through the house. The Hello Neighbor then hides 3 items and then starts to guard the house. Its the job of the other players to sneak into the house find the items and then exit before the Hello Neighbor can find and catch them.
    Hello Neighbor is a hide and seek type game, other games that are similar that we play on our channel are: Hide and Seek, Ghost in the Graveyard, Kick the can, Freeze tag, Granny, Baldi Basics, wolf, no bears are out tonight, and many many more. We hope you enjoy this video and remember to Make Today An Adventure!
    Disclaimer: This channel is monitored and managed by adults. All our videos, including pranks, are planned and staged for Entertainment Purposes. You should never attempt anything we do at home or assume that what you are seeing is real.
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    Thanks For Watching! Go Play!
    -The Adventurers
    -That YouTub3 Family
    Katie (mom), David (dad), Audrey, Jordan, Jake, Ty
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  • That YouTub3 Family - The Adventurers

    We hope you enjoy the original Hello Neighbor In Real Life games that started it all. We had so much fun creating this game and looking at how many people have loved and enjoyed playing this real life version.

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