Lindsey Stirling - Prism

  • Published on Oct 14, 2016
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    Song produced by Robert Delong
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Comments • 9 099

  • MrHeadnail
    MrHeadnail 5 hours ago

    "Prism - The Violindseys feat. Luna"

  • Tim Bond
    Tim Bond 13 hours ago

    I this video was a blast to make...and also extremely exhausting lol!! Mad to love to all the Lindseys in the video!!

  • amandasmith46991
    amandasmith46991 2 days ago +1

    Lindsey Stirling, thank you for your gift.. listening to your music calms my anxiety and depression. Wish I could dance like you.

  • Victor hugo
    Victor hugo 2 days ago

    You very beautiful 😍😍

  • Alarich Zhang
    Alarich Zhang 3 days ago

    hot violin....really.

  • Rachel Sarah
    Rachel Sarah 3 days ago


  • Antivirus Antivirus
    Antivirus Antivirus 3 days ago

    Is amazing !!!😍😍

  • iuna solar
    iuna solar 3 days ago

    Jaja, this song is still one of my favourites!

  • Hải Em Trần Lê
    Hải Em Trần Lê 4 days ago

    Linsey is like Meghan Trainor/ Harley Quinn, Linsee is like Katy Perry, Lin-Z is like Lady Gaga, Linsay might be Taylor Swift, Lyndsie is like a 90s actress
    All are Lindsey Stirling =)) I love your band!!! =))

  • 10022604
    10022604 4 days ago

    Change the speed to 1.5, you'll find a dope beat

  • Amana Yusuf
    Amana Yusuf 4 days ago

    I'm still feeling bad for the amount of editing it probably took to make this beautiful mv.

    Stirlingites FIGHTING

  • Brandon Chavarria
    Brandon Chavarria 6 days ago

    I liked your music, but I recognized the symbology of the video

  • TheBestYoutubeChannelEverTimesInfinity

    smart idea to use yourself as backup dancers, makes things so ,much more synchronized that way!

  • MoonLight
    MoonLight 7 days ago


  • Five butts and two mutts

    At 2:00 and 2:01 Luna latte is sooo cute :3

  • No Love
    No Love 9 days ago

    Didn't she also use the blue wig when she played Hallelujah in a train station?

  • Trang Le
    Trang Le 9 days ago


  • Phantom Fifth
    Phantom Fifth 9 days ago

    solo 7 miserables millones esta song tiene para más.

  • unicorn lover
    unicorn lover 10 days ago

    You inspire me so much Lindsey!!!

  • Matheus Morellato
    Matheus Morellato 10 days ago

    Love that music

  • Jaycie roberts
    Jaycie roberts 13 days ago

    This video is so Cute! 😫✨

  • lakeisha johnson
    lakeisha johnson 13 days ago

    This video is so insanely good it's Amazing!!!!!!!❤👍🌠

  • Erick Macias
    Erick Macias 13 days ago

    Formidable <3

  • Melisa Camel
    Melisa Camel 15 days ago

    Con ese tema me emocioné en él acto de Buenos Aires.

  • kat pape
    kat pape 16 days ago +1

    you should do the doctor who theme and i love all of you vidios

    • kat pape
      kat pape 15 days ago

      thx i love music and i think it would be a great idea

    • Taron D'Arcy
      Taron D'Arcy 15 days ago

      Good idea: Dr. Who Theme played by Lindsey... YESSSS!

  • Jon Anders Løkken
    Jon Anders Løkken 16 days ago

    I love you!

  • Robyn Cohen
    Robyn Cohen 16 days ago

    This is one seriously talented young woman,totally hooked now! Wish I could play the violin

  • tsundere Chan
    tsundere Chan 18 days ago +1

    I like it when Lindsey wears a suit in dat hair

  • Tiara Smith actress
    Tiara Smith actress 18 days ago


  • martazajac39
    martazajac39 19 days ago

    im like lindsey better because she is nice

  • laopro Лентяй
    laopro Лентяй 20 days ago

    облачный аталас

  • Mr nov
    Mr nov 21 day ago

    2:14 beat drop

  • Amethyst_ Lite
    Amethyst_ Lite 22 days ago

    3 things about lindsey
    1. She obviously likes to play dress-up

  • NKProductions2014
    NKProductions2014 23 days ago

    Multiple Lindeys?
    I dig that.

  • Neyen Diaz
    Neyen Diaz 24 days ago +1

    Sorprendente música es la única que me gusta

  • Defiant Breanna
    Defiant Breanna 24 days ago

    🎻Take it from a 13 year old . YOU HAVE TALENT🎻

  • Night Fall Ask13
    Night Fall Ask13 24 days ago

    Hahahaha K-pop Lindsey

  • yisus 317
    yisus 317 25 days ago

    wow .. is fantastic

  • orii kun
    orii kun 26 days ago

    Is awesome 😍

  • Charley Brett
    Charley Brett 26 days ago

    One of the few issues with Lindsey Stirling: now my standards are too high for me to appreciate lesser music.

  • Alex Morales
    Alex Morales 26 days ago +1

    what happened to monday 😂

  • Vinny Leone
    Vinny Leone 27 days ago

    Ok so if they're making Lindsey clones now can I have one? Lol Between this and her coming out of a Christmas present in Christmas Cmon, Im disappointed she wasnt under my tree this year. Oh well Santa you KNOW what I want next year. And believe me if i did I would gladly forfeit every other Christmas present for the rest of my life! Lol

  • Daniela Melara
    Daniela Melara 27 days ago

    Hello lindsey Stirling

  • Daniela Melara
    Daniela Melara 27 days ago

    Hello how are you¿

  • Arianna Petit
    Arianna Petit 27 days ago

    Illuminati confirmed!

  • Jam Hopsey
    Jam Hopsey 29 days ago +1

    *V I O L I N D S A Y S*

  • elushkajop
    elushkajop 29 days ago

    this is just super cool.

  • PandaMaximum Gaming
    PandaMaximum Gaming 29 days ago

    The amount of times I've watched this is insane. I've been listening to this on repeat for so long. This has got to be one of my favorite pieces (of Lindsey's, or even just music in general) ever.

  • Noviaux Videojuegos

    *December 2017*


    Me encanta la música y la coreografía.

  • Evelyn Porcelli
    Evelyn Porcelli Month ago

    Love this song!!!!!

  • BeBe Reed
    BeBe Reed Month ago

    BEST Video ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Still Lovin it after over a year! You got it all in this one. It is Super fun!!

  • Jessica Escobar
    Jessica Escobar Month ago

    I love this

  • Teal Nation
    Teal Nation Month ago

    Looks like Katy perry

  • Eileen Pacheco
    Eileen Pacheco Month ago

    i like this song is unique and really cool. I like this sound.

  • Jacek Rużyczka
    Jacek Rużyczka Month ago

    Cyberpunk Lindsey <3

    JUANCHO YT Month ago

    amas del violin like si piensas lo mismo

  • James Martin
    James Martin Month ago

    This song and this video make me happy.

  • Imdaswagmaster Swaggy swag swag


  • Rebecca Congleton
    Rebecca Congleton Month ago +4

    Lindsey you proboly wont see this but... you have become a huge part i my life you music inspired me to strt dancing and quite frankly dancing has healed my scars my hurt and my doute in myself i was very sad and depressed for a short period (bout 1 mounth) because of my learning difference, i started to dance and i felt beatifull and smart like i could do anything. i havet told my family i dance (i don't think i will) but i just wanted to say thanks!!!!! :P :) :3

  • G. T. Void
    G. T. Void Month ago

    makes fun of Taylor "Illuminati" Swift-love it.

  • at39degrees
    at39degrees Month ago

    The more Lindseys I see, The more I love them

  • April Jones
    April Jones Month ago

    My favorite was Lindsee (black hair one), anyone else?

  • Kaylah of Gotham
    Kaylah of Gotham Month ago

    Its been a few years since I've watched you and you have gotten so big now! Congrats. I love when I see folk who have something unique to offer, make it!

  • Kq Ninja
    Kq Ninja Month ago

    at 2:49 One of the lindsey's shirt lifts a little

  • White Shadow
    White Shadow Month ago

    This was creepy.

  • Joel Tyler
    Joel Tyler Month ago

    I still remember seeing her for the first time on America's Got Talent a couple of years ago. Last year she had the #2 Top Dance/Electronic Album of the Year!

  • Monster Unicorn
    Monster Unicorn Month ago

    How ironic that in the background is a big buildboard for m &m's and you collaned with Eminem I think that's how you spell it

  • Stephanie Rayside Rayside

    she really awesome

  • Stephanie Rayside Rayside

    this really awesome in Japan

  • Evangelos Killer mike

    Lin-z gaga XD



  • Ginny Weasley
    Ginny Weasley Month ago +1

    The Linsey with blue hair looks like Niki from Niki and Gabi

  • Dania ryj xDD
    Dania ryj xDD Month ago

    EXTRA HAIR !!!! <3

  • Alondra Ramirez Gutierrez

    í lσvє ít ѕσ much

  • Teresa Pastore
    Teresa Pastore Month ago +1


  • Thomas Risner
    Thomas Risner Month ago +1

    LINDSAY all day and everyday! Yes please!

  • transponderX
    transponderX Month ago +1

    reminds some themes from "Black sails" :)

  • Loonatania Tausha May Henry

    I love how you use the inspiration of Japan and Anime. That's freaking awesome. I like the whole idea of Prism sequence.

  • AnimeFreak792
    AnimeFreak792 Month ago +1

    This is just my favorite! I'm sure a million of those views is just me killing the replay button. lol I want to learn the choreography for this song. It's just so great! Always has me dancing in my seat lol

  • Sage Sammoy
    Sage Sammoy Month ago +1

    better then kpop

  • amanda scott
    amanda scott Month ago +1

    this is the first time I've had music stuck in my head that I'm okay with. I got my husband and daughter to listen to Lindsey and they love the music we listen to at least three songs on the way to drop her off at school. and we never get tired of them either.

  • Joe Baldwin
    Joe Baldwin 2 months ago

    Does anyone else think the beginning of the song sounds like rosemary's song from The Giver?

  • Anna L
    Anna L 2 months ago +1

    So pretty and talented!!

  • cafer yıldırım
    cafer yıldırım 2 months ago

    Para adamı değiştiriyor.

  • Minecraft Explorer
    Minecraft Explorer 2 months ago


  • Unicorn World 27
    Unicorn World 27 2 months ago

    This is the best song from brave enough I’m obsessed thanks

  • Stacy the umbreon weirdo

    lindsey stirling is on tour im already going to 2 tours already rip

  • Reeve Plaza
    Reeve Plaza 2 months ago

    why does it have a japanese vibE?

  • Jerry Howard
    Jerry Howard 2 months ago


  • Fierce Fire
    Fierce Fire 2 months ago

    Excuse me but what is this? 0:49

  • Лерка конфетка


  • Rüveyda Kula
    Rüveyda Kula 2 months ago

    Kadin cok emek gosteriyo videolarina begeni hakediyor bayiliyorum Lindsey in sarkilarina

  • Griffin Brough
    Griffin Brough 2 months ago

    matrix much

  • Rafael Lima
    Rafael Lima 2 months ago

    Só eu sei o quanto você me ajudou e ainda ajuda, Lindsey <3

  • Connor Caldwell
    Connor Caldwell 2 months ago

    1:42 Is it just me or does that wig make her look like Jennifer Aniston?

  • Matthew Ashby
    Matthew Ashby 2 months ago

    idk why but I'm getting celtic vibes from this song


  • Sam Song
    Sam Song 2 months ago

    This video is so extra I love it

  • Beiron John
    Beiron John 2 months ago

    Fantastic as always =)