We Hired a Real Hypnotherapist to Analyze Our Darkest Dreams

  • Hypnotherapy is the art of mental suggestion. This isn't the stage entertainment variety of hypnosis. This is real therapy to help people get in touch with what's bothering them deep inside.
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Comments • 80

  • Isabella DotyJenkins
    Isabella DotyJenkins 14 minutes ago

    wow the end really hit hard im sorrry you feel that way mark

  • Dr James Cipher
    Dr James Cipher 16 minutes ago +1

    Ethan: cutting a lemon with his mind
    Mark: Vietnam flashbacks

  • C Jackson
    C Jackson 17 minutes ago

    Me 33 seconds and I am crying 😂 I choked on my gold fish

  • Yeezy Yeezy
    Yeezy Yeezy 29 minutes ago

    I’m so fucking confused of how I smelt lemon

  • grace mabel
    grace mabel 33 minutes ago

    Damn this woman is better than any therapist I had in my past whom I had to pay for

  • 『 HorrorFreak 』
    『 HorrorFreak 』 2 hours ago

    Anyone else hear Liza wheezing? :D

  • c3po_ bby
    c3po_ bby 2 hours ago +1

    This woman is good at her job. She got Ethan into a deep trance without telling him what a deep trance even feels like. I like her tbh

  • Plazy ._.
    Plazy ._. 2 hours ago

    Say what you want about the actual hypnosis or whatever, I think the actual relaxation and introspection and words are therepy in their own right.

  • Christian Perez
    Christian Perez 2 hours ago


  • Liam Lim
    Liam Lim 3 hours ago

    22:50 tho

  • Lil— Marco
    Lil— Marco 3 hours ago

    Me trying to get the box of cereal down in the middle of the night 10:06

  • Selena Bauder
    Selena Bauder 4 hours ago

    I wasn’t watching the video but I was following along and kind of trying to follow what Ethan was doing. When she was talking about envisioning your younger self and making them feel safe, I started crying. I don’t quite know when, but when I came out of that state my cheeks were wet with tears and I just got hit with so much emotion. Gotta admit, did not expect to confront old trauma in an unnus annus video.

  • dbzhannah
    dbzhannah 4 hours ago

    23:55 this conversation made me cry. It hit real deep

  • Anwita Shankar
    Anwita Shankar 6 hours ago

    Im not afraid of dying im afraid how it’s gonna hurt

  • town on mars
    town on mars 6 hours ago +1

    "i'm slightly afraid- i don't know why."
    "...of the lemon?"
    "no, of you."

  • iDemon_Frog
    iDemon_Frog 6 hours ago

    That lemon thing threw me like I could picture the actual things she was saying

  • Lana girl
    Lana girl 7 hours ago +1

    When someone uses a word your defining in the defintion

  • Kelan Foote
    Kelan Foote 7 hours ago

    The start with the lemons just got me thinking "Live Gives Ya Lemons

  • Antti Pyykkönen
    Antti Pyykkönen 8 hours ago

    Damn now I wanna try hypnotherapy 😂

  • Mochi Bean
    Mochi Bean 8 hours ago

    When mark said is it about lemons, the meme when life gives you lemons came to mind lol

  • Darkovika Gaming
    Darkovika Gaming 8 hours ago

    Wow. This was beautiful. I’m so glad they really tried.

    ERFAN ERI 9 hours ago

    22:56 "when you know how to do somthing, you cant TRY"
    good advice

  • Christina Woo
    Christina Woo 9 hours ago

    the unnecessary effects on this video is everything tho

  • gamercoolytluke23
    gamercoolytluke23 9 hours ago

    i broke the system i drank s p r i t e

  • Erin McCarty
    Erin McCarty 9 hours ago

    I related to Ethan on a spiritual level this whole video

  • Sammy's Coffin
    Sammy's Coffin 9 hours ago

    Man Mark and Ethan do me making me cry

  • kittykatt27
    kittykatt27 10 hours ago

    I felt so bad for Mark the entire time xD

  • Nolan Purk
    Nolan Purk 11 hours ago +1

    Does she just put a different lemon there for every person like a whole crate😂😂

  • Cringe_ Man
    Cringe_ Man 12 hours ago +2

    When she started on the “try harder” and “squeeze harder” made me have a dirtier mind.

  • apl_15
    apl_15 12 hours ago

    i love her :'))

  • Star’s trash can
    Star’s trash can 13 hours ago

    When life gives you lemons,

    Its not even there

  • jiggle jiggle
    jiggle jiggle 13 hours ago

    9:10 and farward is the funniest shit with mark from this video lol

  • Arcade
    Arcade 13 hours ago

    feel the lemon
    smell the lemon

    be the lemon

  • abragelboy
    abragelboy 14 hours ago

    As soon as she told Ethan to tell his inner child that he was good enough, I cried through the rest of the video. Powerful stuff.

  • Leila Monahan
    Leila Monahan 15 hours ago

    8:41 is about when it actually starts guys

  • Sarah Alaa
    Sarah Alaa 15 hours ago

    Mark’s facial expressions are everything

  • Marián Štolba
    Marián Štolba 15 hours ago

    Oh hi mark!

  • SwaySwo
    SwaySwo 16 hours ago +1

    I could feel that Mark didn’t like having another Cult leader in the room trying to take his follower

  • SwaySwo
    SwaySwo 16 hours ago


  • Elizabeth Fults
    Elizabeth Fults 16 hours ago +2

    When he said he felt like he was spinning, I remembered that every time I stand very still it felt like everything was shaking. Does anyone else have this happen to them?

  • Vaborator Master
    Vaborator Master 16 hours ago


  • Procrastinating Hobbyist

    When they started to talk about fear, I kinda got serious in listening to her.
    I have acrophobia and a mild thalassophobia! My acrophobia is pretty much like a natural coming as I have been scared of heights since I was a kid, but thalassophobia, I call it mild because it wasn't THAT serious and mainly because the reason I have thalassophobia is because of the thought of sharks, crocodiles, angler fish, the titanoboa, basically the harmful underwater creatures within the waters

  • Ty Clark
    Ty Clark 17 hours ago

    I have ADHD, so the imagination with the lemon is kind of hard. Attention distraction.

  • Reaper Shadow
    Reaper Shadow 18 hours ago

    this was an emotional episode for me because some of the things talked about reminded me of things in my past, the why mark was angry at himself and ethans self esteem i realy relate to

  • Flatbread!
    Flatbread! 21 hour ago

    I smelt that lemon juice

  • josue Trujillo
    josue Trujillo 21 hour ago

    I love therapy.

  • eccentricandangelicdoll

    Bruh I closed my eyes and shit to this and I spoke to my kid self. It was surreal and I had a tingly feeling too. I didn’t feel alright at all today for no known reason but now I feel better?? This was nice haha

  • LordDrainst
    LordDrainst 23 hours ago +1

    "You know have a cup, a lemon, a cutting board, and a sharp knife."
    "Now look down, and make sure you are not barefoot."
    *EtHAn ConFUSed lOok InTEnsiFIes*

  • Nelly Lenaj
    Nelly Lenaj Day ago

    "Keep the best. Dump the rest".... I like that. I'm gonna have to remember this website

  • Spyqui
    Spyqui Day ago

    When they said don't don't download i hoped it would be understood by everyone

  • IncInc _
    IncInc _ Day ago

    I seriously teared up when Mark said "he wasn't good enough" because literally I am in that position right now where I think of myself of not being good enough.

  • JY Art
    JY Art Day ago

    Therapist lady: *you* *have* *to* *give* *permission* *to* *be* *hypnotized*
    Same thing with corona virus, just say no and it can’t come in you

  • Taewithsomesugakookies withshipsplease

    when mark said he was mad at his younger self because he didnt think his younger self was good enough and then her response to him saying that made me cry cause i constantly feel like im not good enough for anything so when he said that it hit me hard in my feels

  • It’s Tatonka
    It’s Tatonka Day ago

    Watch 1: seeing their reaction
    Watch 2: consenting to hypnosis
    *Update: please reconsider before calling someone overdramatic or saying they’re overreacting. They may just feel things deeper than you do. That is all I ask

  • Megan Boone
    Megan Boone Day ago +1

    I love Mark and he deserves the fame he has, but I don't feel bad for him because Ethan is ignored a lot, even in this shared channel. When articles started coming out about Unus Annus, it was called Marks new channel, and no one mentioned Ethan or if they did they only called him by his channel name. This isn't going to scar Mark by being ignored for one video, especially when they are at an appointment for Ethan. They both deserve tons of attention, and I'm not saying Mark should be ignored, but this wasn't really about him. Also if you don't believe me about how Ethan get ignored, just look at the comments on this video. Most are talking about Mark, and not only during his turn, but also what he was doing during Ethan's turn. Also if you guys listened you would hear him say in the beginning that he is there to observe, so I think in the beginning she thought he was just there to help film, but then decided to have a session with her. It is her job to give her attention to her client, and I also think she picked up that Ethan doesn't feel all that important and wanted to show that she thought he was by paying more attention to him then Mark, who is a huge Internet celeb and has a lot of attention almost always.

  • kgb_general_0487

    The lemon the little lemon the little bumps on the lemon

  • Goldfish Gaming
    Goldfish Gaming Day ago

    Holy shit that was deep

  • Bunny Femboy
    Bunny Femboy Day ago +1

    Honestly, it hit me hard when Mark said he "was angry at himself" and that he "wasn't good enough". I felt the same way. I think about my past self and I just have disappointment and resentment. I hate my past self. For some reason, every time I think of myself from a year or more ago, it's just anger. I don't know why I feel this way but I do.

  • River 2603
    River 2603 Day ago

    When you try join in with your eyes open and mark keeps making confused facial expressions and ruining the vibe 😂. Cracked me up

  • Hex
    Hex Day ago

    binging unus annus collection...this one is booooooring to rewatch...

  • GAG's Gaming
    GAG's Gaming Day ago +3

    Mark: "he wasn't good enough"

    Me: *balling my eyes out

    That was a intense moment

  • FrozenPoptartz
    FrozenPoptartz Day ago +1

    when mark talked about his younger self, I cried. I honestly feel that now. I relate to It so much, and maybe that's why I cried.

  • Clarese P
    Clarese P Day ago

    Mark awkwardly third wheeling is a m o o d

  • Jahseh Onfroy
    Jahseh Onfroy Day ago

    If you spread it apart it says Hypno The Rapist

  • Strawberry Fields

    Mark is killing me this whole time LOL

  • hentaimaster123
    hentaimaster123 Day ago

    i felt mark on so many levels in this video

  • Amelia Bull
    Amelia Bull Day ago

    Now I feel like mark suppresses Ethan, let him share his ideas! 😂

  • さくらんぼ。

    I fricking tried to do it, too, and I didn't get the last one? Like... 🤨

  • lauren
    lauren Day ago

    this video is so interesting and i've learnt a lot from this. damn

  • Lilium Stargazer

    Bro that end had me crying

  • Star Link
    Star Link Day ago

    If i was there when she gives me the lemon id just bite it and eat it lmao

  • Phoebe Kaye
    Phoebe Kaye Day ago

    Mark in the corner has me deadddd 😂

  • Phoebe Kaye
    Phoebe Kaye Day ago

    In my body

  • Gabby Lodge
    Gabby Lodge Day ago

    wow that got intense

  • DancingPanda !
    DancingPanda ! Day ago

    I fell asleep to this and I had sleep paralysis

  • Elijah Lill
    Elijah Lill Day ago +3

    Fact checker from The Office: Are your employees happy on a daily bases?
    Toby: I don’t know. What is happiness?
    Fact checker:uhh-
    Toby: It’s kept Markiplier guessing for a while.

  • Sara Angulo
    Sara Angulo Day ago

    12:21 how bout if you're both

    Asking for a friend😗😗

  • 13 years old and no subs.

    Hypnotherapist to Mark: Are you ready?
    Mark: Oh! I'm ready, yes. What are we exploring?
    Hyonotherapist: nothing
    Mark: oh... 😐
    Me after this dialogue: 😂

  • Luivuttonthe1 Reyes

    7:30 she said you got 400 views 😂😂

  • Sam Adalsteinn
    Sam Adalsteinn Day ago

    This channel is tripping me the fuck out. What are the odds of me stumbling across a channel dedicated to hypnosis while I’m HIGH AS SHIT????