Would the Founding Fathers Have Impeached Trump? | The Daily Show

  • Published on Dec 7, 2019
  • Jaboukie Young-White uses his crystal ball to channel the spirits of the Founding Fathers and determine whether they would have impeached President Trump. #TheDailyShow #JaboukieYoungWhite
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Comments • 861

  • apolo kabali
    apolo kabali Month ago +1

    His own mother would have impeached him.

  • Bucky Pinata
    Bucky Pinata Month ago

    With what the Dems impeached on? Nope.....this is what the Founders warned against impeachment on

  • Russ
    Russ Month ago +1

    No your stupid Moron !

  • Michael Donovan
    Michael Donovan Month ago

    not only...hung him for treason, too...

  • Jorge Luis Cortez
    Jorge Luis Cortez Month ago

    Wtf ??

  • Colt 45
    Colt 45 Month ago

    Founding fathers would of buried the communist left party years ago..

  • Cotton Fiber
    Cotton Fiber Month ago

    orange man bad!!!

  • TokiBruchpilot
    TokiBruchpilot Month ago

    I _______ Shifty shiff ! Find the right Word and get a thumb up for free!

  • James Scott
    James Scott Month ago


  • Marc Victoria
    Marc Victoria Month ago

    Waste of the minutes watched

  • fire5479
    fire5479 Month ago

    The Founding Fathers would order the Red Coats shot on site, see ya democrats.

  • Carlos Rodriguez
    Carlos Rodriguez Month ago

    This kid is not funny at all.

  • Robert Rodgers
    Robert Rodgers Month ago +1

    Treasonous Trump for PRISON!
    Lock him up!
    Lock him up!
    Lock him up!

  • TJ Wilson
    TJ Wilson Month ago

    I believe someone would have killed, but yes, I'm sure the founding fathers would have gotten rid of him in a classy (not Trumpian) way.

  • Dennis Louie
    Dennis Louie Month ago

    No the Founding Fathers would not have impeached trump..THEY WOULD HAVE HUNG HIM FOR TREASON!!

  • Vette Vegas
    Vette Vegas Month ago

    Would the Founding Fathers have falsified evidence and committed a fraud upon the courts like James Comey did? I think not.

  • deez nutz
    deez nutz Month ago

    Not even close to funny

  • ron richards
    ron richards Month ago


  • ron richards
    ron richards Month ago


  • Zap Rowsdower
    Zap Rowsdower Month ago

    The hate is strong in this comment section.

    • Master Lodge-El
      Master Lodge-El Month ago

      People just tire of FOREIGNERS living lies...like we're all AMERICANs, how...pilgrims and there descendents are non AMERICANs and not indigenous to any part of AMERICA. They steal the land and the identity of the PEOPLE there robbing. How could PEOPLE be so comfortable living ánd teaching lies. Where do the black and white PEOPLE com from, a casting system used by the foreign Christian corporation occupying North America under the guise of government know as the U.S. democracy. People indoctrinated with lie they hold dear. How did Caucasian from other nations become white Americans? You are who your Ancestors were. Now you see why they didn't want us reading, it's easy to unravel the lies

  • Fun Stuff, Keep Munchin, Be Thankful

    seek Truth

  • serious
    serious Month ago

    He looks like Trevor's kid brother

  • Fred Jacobsen
    Fred Jacobsen Month ago

    Mussolini made the trains on time, Hirohito increased trade with China and Hitler provided full employment, yet each of them should have been impeached, but weren't.

  • An-T o-Ny
    An-T o-Ny Month ago +1

    Right just throw our history away, if the Dems ever get into office again they will just destroy America with no respect.

  • Dawn Sheree
    Dawn Sheree Month ago

    I think founding fathers would say rather than "Get Over It" "Get With It" Get with priorities. Fred Sanford would add, "dummy." (Get with it dummy.) It's what my dad would say less the dummy part. You really could consider not eating margarine hun. It's plastic. Health 101 1984 already known 36 years. Down with the imperial king already dah dah da dah! I'm just saying a factory makes that somewhere even if you love it. We all have to release attachments now hard as it is. If you put olive oil in the fridge it'll get spreadable. Saw you on hot wings. Remember say get with it, not over it, could add man, get with it, man. Or dude. But hippy man sounds better. Tomato twomatoe margarine or? Ghee lol.😜 From the land of the jolly hoe hoe hoe, should have a class or degree history of commercials and commercialism commerce capitalist leaders business tycoons self mades legal and not so much and and ah bio and autos of businesses like Heineken and Levi, is interesting actually. Indigo dye was actually a healing herb. Your clothes can be toxic oil or medicine. It's a choice. Billboards and Yellowstone park beautiful as it is, what do they both have in common? They stink bad, very bad. Badly bad. Same with peanutbutter and shortening too I think: the words of Dustin Hoffman in the movie the Graduate: plastic. Grease was the word you heard but was really plastic. You have my word. So I am god/dess. Word of...take my word for it. Get with it, get it on, get going, snap out of it, but get over it? No no. No no no. NO. Woman has spoken. Silence is golden, not silver. Figure it out. It's your assignment ha. Great job btw. Thanks for being a brave voice. Bravo.

  • Twilight Gardens presentations

    Why can I not like this dude?

  • Norm Johnson-Korbuly

    Excuse me the founding fathers would have hung pelosi , Schiff and nadler for treason...

  • Joe Smith
    Joe Smith Month ago

    This is MAGA country mdfs!!!

  • D. James
    D. James Month ago

    Nope. If you look at American history, this type of vitriol and discourtesy would have gotten him called out on the field of honor. They would have settled this the way Hamilton and Burr did.

  • Blue Star
    Blue Star Month ago

    They would have impeached Barry for sure. At least.

  • Purple Pick
    Purple Pick Month ago

    Ahhh, the wisdom of an idiot ! They do come high priced these days .

  • ZERO
    ZERO Month ago

    I like this guy

  • Sonny Bluff
    Sonny Bluff Month ago

    So now that the founding fathers want to impeach Trump-can you fascists stop tearing down monuments and destroying art?

  • Jaylockz 85
    Jaylockz 85 Month ago

    Hey Trevor. What happened on Gabriels tour bus. I want to know your side of the story.

  • dorian diddles
    dorian diddles Month ago

    Oh shit Jaboukie Young-White? HARD PASS.

  • dorian diddles
    dorian diddles Month ago

    Oh shit Jaboukie Young-White? HARD PASS.

  • dorian diddles
    dorian diddles Month ago

    The founding fathers would have cut chumps dick off and force fed it to his children. NO WAY they would have stood for this.

  • Pasquale Gelardi
    Pasquale Gelardi Month ago

    Is this Obamas brother ? Another useless Communist.

  • Ben Tapia
    Ben Tapia Month ago

  • Warshaddow
    Warshaddow Month ago

    Let's see how predictable Trevor Noah is. I'm going to guess what Trevor's answer is going to be to this question before I even watch the video. He's going to say "Yes. They would have." I will post an edit to this comment after I watch the video confirming or negating what my prediction was.

    Edit: Well to my surprise he never seemed intrigued in finding out the answer nor even guessing the answer for himself. He just took the opportunity to poke fun at the question and have a guy make racism jokes about the founding fathers. Very original indeed.

  • Christopher Hanson
    Christopher Hanson Month ago


    BVDD CHXD Month ago

    Founding fathers didn't want you feminist bitches to vote either

  • palimdragonmaster3k

    Link to his jacket?

  • dieknakkermetdathaar

    I still can’t stand jabouki.

  • J Herrera
    J Herrera Month ago +1

    Trump and Benedict Arnold running to Canada .George Washington hated traitors

  • Thomas Chappell
    Thomas Chappell Month ago

    Jakoubie Young-White does look young to me, but ...

  • Alex Carter
    Alex Carter Month ago

    Jaboukie really is lgbt+ culture ajkkdjakjf

  • rosa gilian
    rosa gilian Month ago +1


  • David Herrera
    David Herrera Month ago

    I thought I recognized him! LOL

  • Thomas Tamir
    Thomas Tamir Month ago

    What the hell do you know about the Founding Fathers?

  • Texas Made
    Texas Made Month ago

    I seem to remember a few months ago the Dumocrats write a letter asking Ukraine to help Mueller with his investigation. Its funny how when it comes to the Dems its always a double standard.

  • hereticpariah 6/66
    hereticpariah 6/66 Month ago


  • Kwon Cherry
    Kwon Cherry Month ago

    I see Jaboukie and I click.. Simple.

  • Randall Davis
    Randall Davis Month ago

    Mr. Young-White gets the Constitution far more than about 95% of Faux News contributors.

  • may wilson
    may wilson Month ago

    lmao no they would have shot him.

  • Mike IRL
    Mike IRL Month ago

    Kid is not funny.

  • TrueLife-Solutions
    TrueLife-Solutions Month ago

    This would be funny except when you actually do the research you find it is the new(socialist) democratic party that has twisted and lied to get rid of a duly elected president. one who is draining the swamp and corruption... of course they want him gone...because if elected again half of them will be in jail..this was a railroad and a kangaroo court...watch it and you will see...they are in search of a crime....that is NOT how America brings justice...and to all that think this was fair???? be careful because it could happen to you if the corruption is not stopped.

  • Dan Meyers
    Dan Meyers Month ago

    This idiot knows nothing

  • Red Ruby
    Red Ruby Month ago

    The answer is no, they had the same views as trump. They were slave owners and racist that wrote the constitution for whites and white only. America was not meant for people of color.

  • Jason Tempel
    Jason Tempel Month ago

    "Less we forget" DEC 20 Government goes broke...AGAIN