Neodymium Magnets React With Copper? Still Useful For Finding Precious Metals?


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  • Jagdish Kumar
    Jagdish Kumar Month ago


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  • adrian peirson
    adrian peirson Year ago

    The more tests you can do, the better, so The weight test, the magnet test and the ping test.
    Actually, my son has perfect pitch and was able to tell me what note a Britannia and an Eagle were.
    I forget which way round it was but one was F# the other was A#.
    I believe there are tuning instruments you can buy cheaply, which might be of use in evaluating the results from the ping test.
    Eg if an Eagle normally pings A# and you find one pinging differently, then that might be a good test.
    Anyway, I'm going to look in to it as another test.

  • sunny johans
    sunny johans Year ago

    can u tell me how can i make iron replusion ya tell me which materials replusion of iron

  • Nick Sos
    Nick Sos Year ago

    So you are going to be trading gold and silver when society collapses?

    • Kineg Salomo
      Kineg Salomo Year ago

      yeah - we call it stacking (media describes it as crazy hoarding) :))

  • Rcbif
    Rcbif Year ago

    Holly crap, what did that copper pipe cost!? I wonder what the largest scale anyone has ever demonstrated that effect on?

    • Muhammad Hussain Sarhandi
      Muhammad Hussain Sarhandi Year ago

      I bought copper pipe last week from Karachi, that copper pipe has 2 inch diameter, it costs Pakistani Rupees 250 per foot (equivalently its US Dollar 2.5 per foot).

  • Jared C.
    Jared C. 2 years ago +1

    Gotta love the enthusiasm!

  • SirWilliamDeHooton
    SirWilliamDeHooton 5 years ago

    The problem is both silver and copper are both diamagnetic. That is, they weakly REPEL the neodymium magnets. For me, this is not a good enough test to determine if a coin is solid silver or silver plated copper. What I am trying to do is put together a circuit which passes current through a sample coin like an ASE, and measure the electrical resistivity or conductivity of both a real and a plated ASE.

    • stephen todd
      stephen todd Year ago

      A magnet would be useful for detecting the fake Chinese gold coins and bars that are in circulation - they have a tungsten core with a precious metal casing

  • mcrfuse
    mcrfuse 5 years ago

    Yes it's still useful. The reason being is that Copper, silver, and gold all have different density. And yes copper does react the same way as gold and silver but if you compare the copper round to a silver round, they will not add up because copper is measured if AVDP ounce and silver in troy, they will be the exact same size but way different. So yes, I still trust the magnet test, because the copper will be off by a few grams. That's why when you fake silver you use brass and tugsten for gold

  • SilverStackerHD
    SilverStackerHD  5 years ago

    Yep, definitely some important knowledge!

  • greg williams
    greg williams 5 years ago

    Wow!! Amazing video...I didn't know the magnets reacted with the copper the same way as silver - Very interesting thanks mate :-)