Corner Cam for Fury v Wallin is an absolutely incredible watch! 🤬 "Warn the referee!" 🤬

  • Published on Sep 20, 2019
  • #CornerCam takes you closer to the action than ever before. Tyson Fury and Otto Wallin went to war, but not without controversy...
    Ben Davison is the perfect match for The Gypsy King.
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Comments • 696

  • Shane Mc
    Shane Mc 19 hours ago +1

    12 round war with wallin 😂😂😂

  • Bob Tob
    Bob Tob Day ago

    Tojeet kig

  • Thapelo Mofokeng
    Thapelo Mofokeng 12 days ago

    I don't care who he is, the fight should have been stopped!

  • Bryan Johnstone
    Bryan Johnstone 12 days ago

    Davidson out of his depth. Spit bucket job at best

  • Justin Case
    Justin Case 13 days ago

    Fury and Davidson make a great team and Davidson is like a second father to Fury. Wallin is just a dirty fighter who should have lost a point for pushing his fist into fury's cut, it shows he's far from bright.

  • Daniel H
    Daniel H 15 days ago +1

    People underestimate Tyson's volume

  • suchasin
    suchasin 17 days ago +1

    Tyson was struggling with Wallin, got hit way too easy

  • MatrixBoi P.P
    MatrixBoi P.P 19 days ago

    The boxing wizard everyone

  • randy palla
    randy palla 19 days ago

    Tyson fury gypsy Queen check out the video

  • Lindsay Tur
    Lindsay Tur 21 day ago

    Maybe some of these Ben haters will shut up as he's proved himself time and time again, this was a mature and professional outing from Ben. Dunno why people want Tyson to change, i think Ben has done wonders.

  • Jako Flynn
    Jako Flynn 22 days ago


  • Nervous Content
    Nervous Content 22 days ago

    Tyson looks grey

  • Charlie Wright
    Charlie Wright 23 days ago

    Anyone know what song is playing after the fight ?

  • Real-Talk
    Real-Talk 23 days ago +1

    Lions in the camp looooool

    DEVON LARRAT 23 days ago


  • Elysian Tattoo Travel
    Elysian Tattoo Travel 23 days ago

    I dont care what people think.. Ben does a great job.. no one can argue that... will it be the best ever,maybe not... but he gave Tyson the fury back.. and that counts for something

  • 9EG
    9EG 23 days ago

    Wallin did a really good job, far better than I expected.

  • CapitalConnections
    CapitalConnections 24 days ago

    Wilder is gonna knock him out if they rematch.

  • Danny Jones
    Danny Jones 24 days ago

    There relationship is something else! Ben is one seriously good training who will go down as one of the greatest come the end of his career

  • david c
    david c 24 days ago

    Hope tyson gave the cut man a bonus helped win him that fight for sure

  • Ayup Meducks
    Ayup Meducks 24 days ago +2

    Lineal BS.

  • Super JSG
    Super JSG 24 days ago

    Chris Jericho

  • The Truth
    The Truth 24 days ago

    Get rid of ben as a full time trainer and keep him as a conditioning coach and get someone in more experianced. its ok losing weight and feeling good about yourself but i dont feel Furys skills are inproving at all. Hes exacrly the same fighter he was 4 years ago against klitchko, a man with his defensive abilitys should not be getting hit with that many shots even before the cut. Everyone saying Wallin was class, actually look at him, hes completely average. Put up a good fight but doesnt trouble any of the top 5 like he did Fury. Wilder AJ Ruiz Whyte Parker maybe even Chisora all beat Wallin comfortably.

  • byron elenica
    byron elenica 24 days ago

    Tysons fight against Klitschko should not be hyped up as a good fight. Klitchkp was useless. An amateur would not box as Klitschko did. I have never rated Klitchko. Tysons trainer must not get carried away with this win. Tyson has yet to meet real class fighters - Ruiz is class, despite his fat gut, he has a great record and he fights hard and knows boxing. Thankfully Tyson has matured and he thinks and speaks well. I want him to win.

  • byron elenica
    byron elenica 24 days ago

    Tyson used his Jab, in the proper boxer style, in all his fights before Mc Dermott and during both the McDermott fights. He blasts the Jab hard which sets him up for his power drive right hand. But later he adopted this silly style where his left hand is hanging by his knees and he keeps pawing with it in a gentle fluffy jab.. doing nothing!! This is NOT right and his trainer must stop this and put Tyson on the correct path with the proper use of the jab which is only one purpose - hard, smashes followed up by an even harder right hand KO punch. Tyson has exceptional height and exceptional reach - it will be easy for a good heavyweight to get inside and KO him - Ruiz could easily do this. This is because of this hanging left arm.. doing nothing and letting his opponent know if he gets inside, easily with a long reach guy - he will knock Tyson out. It is just luck the current fighters are not that good. But one day he will meet a class fighter who will KO him if he does not use that jab as it should be used.

  • Bob Tob
    Bob Tob 25 days ago


  • Ryu Ken
    Ryu Ken 25 days ago +2

    My opinion Tyson peak too soon for this fight he looked a bit flat at times ?

  • Anti Hate
    Anti Hate 25 days ago +3

    Omg the way he intentionally scraped his eye should disqualify him! That was clear cheating!

  • James Smith
    James Smith 25 days ago +2

    Love the fact that at the end they still announced “And still!! The LINEAL heavyweight champion of the world” they have to get that word in every time😂😂 way to wind the rest up 👍👍👍

  • Boxwith Straight Right

    Look Badu Jack had a cut just as bad and it totally effected him, Tyson had a easy fight with a few issues. Not looking for an rematch just let him heal and hopefully its Wilder, Ruiz or AJ. And the backlash is cause if all the stupid hype from the US, Tyson is not a god. And yes he is human and ik tiered of people saying Davidson is to young, he is a good coach!

  • Scott Geoffrey
    Scott Geoffrey 25 days ago

    Great corner work from Ben and the cut man

  • Dan B
    Dan B 25 days ago

    The ref wants to think about stepping in? Your fighter has a bad cut for 7 rounds

    JULIO QUINTERO 25 days ago

    No puedo creer que Tyson tiene 31 años 🤣 lo rodaron pinchado al wey

  • El sam West
    El sam West 26 days ago

    Definitely proving the doubters wrong 🥊

  • King Carter06
    King Carter06 26 days ago +1

    How was Wallin allowed to keep slapping Tyson’s cut

    • King Carter06
      King Carter06 25 days ago

      @David Flower cos hes the boss

    • David Flower
      David Flower 25 days ago +1

      King Carter06 how was Fury allowed to keep fighting with that savage cut?

  • Pepe Kuno
    Pepe Kuno 26 days ago

    5:00 then 5:09

  • Iko Mike
    Iko Mike 26 days ago

    Tyson Fury the Legend

  • Steven Wilson
    Steven Wilson 26 days ago

    I like Ben think him and Tyson will b good for each other

  • d p
    d p 26 days ago

    Well that was embarrassing for him

    PAUL ELLIS 26 days ago +1

    It aint just tyson in their what a team

  • byron elenica
    byron elenica 26 days ago +1

    Tyson has really matured as a person and this is shown in his fighting. I never rated him but now I do want him to be the champ.

    • Linda Jones
      Linda Jones 23 days ago

      byron elenica I couldn't agree more.hez growing as a man,a person as a boxer and as a roll model

  • byron elenica
    byron elenica 26 days ago

    I just do not understand why Furys left hand is hanging below his waist. If he jabbed properly he would KO this chap and all opponents.... not with the jab of course but as a clear set up for a hard right.

  • byron elenica
    byron elenica 26 days ago

    Not once was he told to use the jab properly.

  • Rick C
    Rick C 26 days ago

    Top class trainer

  • Moe A
    Moe A 26 days ago

    Bt done a number for his PR
    God knows he’s needed

  • jAmiE g
    jAmiE g 26 days ago

    Tyson isnt knocking out wilder fury is getting ko,d

  • the Sun and the Earth
    the Sun and the Earth 26 days ago

    a good cut man.

  • Rich Adam Budgen
    Rich Adam Budgen 26 days ago

    If only he could shout lions in the camp from time to time he'd be a potential great trainer

  • Mark M
    Mark M 26 days ago

    Fury won almost every round yet gets grief lol mayweather lost with cut to Castillo yet still won and didn't win by 10 or more rounds like Fury does and this was Furys most relaxed fight heavy on feet yet 99% he on point and wallin cheated so Fury is an amazing champion and boxer and art of fighting is adapt and win and he does that better than most ever can could

  • kakadots
    kakadots 26 days ago

    Minus the knockdowns, this fight seemed hardly for fury than the wilder one

  • Adrian Plackett
    Adrian Plackett 26 days ago +1

    He's got a massive heart!! Big love gypsies King x

  • Barry Brown
    Barry Brown 26 days ago

    Ben Davis is more than a coach to fury like a best mate

  • Rebel Wargaming
    Rebel Wargaming 26 days ago

    wheres the john fury rant bt?

  • TheGaffferrrr
    TheGaffferrrr 26 days ago +2

    Ben davidson looks a complete muppet with that headband on.

  • Adrian Proniewicz
    Adrian Proniewicz 26 days ago +1

    Omg Wilder will kill Fury :((

  • odhran Quinn
    odhran Quinn 26 days ago

    Fury has immense mental strength

  • J angel coronado
    J angel coronado 26 days ago

    Let him fight ruiz with one hand

  • michael patterson
    michael patterson 26 days ago

    Ben was excellent...simple.

  • Matt Bryant
    Matt Bryant 26 days ago

    This is a really good feature

  • Bigman
    Bigman 27 days ago

    Asian dude looks competently disconnected from what's going on. Too busy recording on his phone footage no one is ever gonna want to watch. Such a waste of a great seat.