10 Clever Habits To Look MORE ATTRACTIVE!

  • Published on Jan 19, 2019
  • 10 Clever Habits To Look MORE ATTRACTIVE!
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  • Aki Haru
    Aki Haru Hour ago

    Your long hair is gorgeous. 💖

  • Esther Loske
    Esther Loske 2 days ago

    Very glad to learn about Bio Sil !

  • Kytteh Wytchwood
    Kytteh Wytchwood 2 days ago +1

    I made it! Your hair is gorgeous, love the cut and styling. Jealous people will complain about the length since it takes such a long time to grow hair. It's so shiny and has a lot of volume. Great video! I learned new things, especially about always keeping hair trimmed for healthy hair.

  • Mary Quintana
    Mary Quintana 5 days ago

    Crap.. i pick my nails and skin on my hands... i gotta stoppppp. #3 stoppppppp

  • Quack Addict
    Quack Addict 8 days ago

    I tried using Apple cider Vinegar on my hair. I couldn’t smell it, but my ferrier smelled it while he was trimming the hooves of my donkeys! Called it ferrier repellent. People will smell it!!!

  • Lynn Rosacc03
    Lynn Rosacc03 10 days ago

    I made to the end!! I love your videos like this!! I try and watch them all. I really love 💕 your energy!! Thank you 😊

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    Made it. Good job

  • Do it Right now
    Do it Right now 15 days ago

    Love your hair. Coconut oil face body moisturizer, shiny decolletage, cook..!!! Swish mouth..

  • Cynthia Leaman
    Cynthia Leaman 16 days ago

    A.C.E.K..vitamins sooo important to us! You're a beautiful delight! To listen and watch you teach with such obviously real, positive energy is refreshing! I'm a New subscriber, substantially older, but your advice and info are timeless.. giving us our (C.A.K.E)🎂😁with large portions of tips, is very cool! God Bless sweetie🌹🕉

  • kitty whynot
    kitty whynot 17 days ago +1

    A really important thing is to feel pretty if you don't feel pretty you think you look bad trust me I would know

  • Laura Bolen
    Laura Bolen 18 days ago

    Made it! Definitely do a dress for your body type. Also I love your long hair...wear it proud girl!

  • Wen Bennett
    Wen Bennett 18 days ago

    Watched it till the end hahaha... very informative contents! Thanks for all the tips. 👏💖

  • Terry Lust
    Terry Lust 19 days ago

    Love your points - so many are specific & helpful!! ❤️

  • Cathy Williams
    Cathy Williams 20 days ago

    Made it

  • rozana ashraf
    rozana ashraf 21 day ago

    Girl I love your hair and I envy you for that as well... keep your hair as it is..

  • Claudia Dempsey
    Claudia Dempsey 21 day ago

    Do you rinse out the cider vinegar or leave it in?

  • Linda Twyman
    Linda Twyman 22 days ago

    Great tips. I love your hair.

  • Nora Dixon
    Nora Dixon 22 days ago

    Your tips are SOOO helpful. Thank you! P.S. Your hair is gorgeous and healthy. No need for going for short unless you just want to❣❣❣

  • Aubree Grelle
    Aubree Grelle 22 days ago

    I love your videos! Why do you only have a few years of long hair left? LOL!

  • Jess Onions
    Jess Onions 23 days ago

    Shae, I think your long hair is great! Don't listen to anyone who says that you should cut it. I personally also love my hair Long and thick and it's great!

  • Lola Rose
    Lola Rose 26 days ago

    yes yes video on body type

  • Sunset Hideaway
    Sunset Hideaway 26 days ago

    I made it!!

    • Shea Whitney
      Shea Whitney  26 days ago

      Sunset Hideaway that’s so amazing to hear!!! Thank you so much...truly!!!

    • Sunset Hideaway
      Sunset Hideaway 26 days ago

      Shea Whitney OMG I cant believe you responded!!!!!!!! You’re the best youtuber ever and your vids have really helped me

    • Shea Whitney
      Shea Whitney  26 days ago

      Awe yay!!! You're awesome!

  • Musical World
    Musical World 28 days ago +1

    I subscribed!!!!!!😀🙂😋

  • Yvette Novoa
    Yvette Novoa Month ago

    I made it ✨✨🌸 😊 also exercises keep you pretty and healthy! Thanks for your tips!✨✨✨

  • E Malski
    E Malski Month ago

    Why do you only have a few years left of long hair?!?!?!?! I don't get that!! I am 51 and have long naturally grey hair that I get compliments on regularly. Stop the ageism please!!! When you said about Diane Keaton that she looks younger and more attractive it really is ageism!!! You can look mature and attractive too!

  • Yondela Ngculu
    Yondela Ngculu Month ago

    I need to pay attention to my neck and my hands 🙆‍♀️ thank you shea 🙏🥰

  • Jessica Smith
    Jessica Smith Month ago

    Just love you!
    Hey Shea, I’m a hairdresser!
    Thank you,
    Jessica Smith

  • Shenise Fleitas
    Shenise Fleitas Month ago

    Where did u get the sweater from? I seriously have been looking all over the place for one just like that....please share🤗

  • Connie Havelka
    Connie Havelka Month ago

    Hooray for eating greens! I made it to end! A dressing for body type video would be great, even though the concept has been around forever new ideas are always good! Also, a comment you made about hair length..... What age should a women not have super long hair according to our societal beauty standards? I always thought if it looks healthy and not super thin/ stringy it can look good on any age 😁 but then again I usually do what I want fashion wise anyhoo.

  • Petra B
    Petra B Month ago

    I'm 47 and I have long hair and it's staying long, whenever I've cut it short I've regretted it,,I went to see my sons band play at a gig last week and was elated when he told me he was so proud to have such a cool beautiful mum!! (is he on drugs?) I dread the thought of looking like "mutton dressed as lamb"!! I say dress however makes you feel happy, but I do wish I'd drank more water in the past!! Great video and fab hair!!

  • Michael Volsky
    Michael Volsky Month ago

    She’s you are pure joy..giving a service to 679,000 followers..your diction and delivery is impeccable.. I would have to say the most important of all is HAIR for men, women, and children...if it isn’t so important shave your head for a month and you will see. Your non-medical medical advice is well done..and I am a physician.

  • Hala Osman
    Hala Osman Month ago

    I made to end will i get present

  • Lea Duffy
    Lea Duffy Month ago +1

    Do you wear hair Extensions.?I was just wondering your hair is beautiful but you do take good care of yourself.I love all your advice you can tell you do your homework.I work with horses and give riding lessons,I tell the girls I teach if I could tell them one thing I wish I could change would be I wish I would have taken care of my hands!!Wear gloves when you work in the yard anything that will be hard on your hands wear 🧤!Because I wish I could wear gloves all the time to hide my hands!Keep up the good advice you are so sweet and caring and sooo beautiful.

  • Robin Swangstu
    Robin Swangstu Month ago

    Number 7 yeppers oh yeah go for it

  • Jo Drew
    Jo Drew Month ago

    Yes for #10. Green leafy's are life. A little side bar, chlorophyll, the chemical that assists plants in photosynthesis and what causes the green color, is chemically very close to blood plasma which is why your greens are so essential.

  • Bathsheba Thayer
    Bathsheba Thayer Month ago

    Always from little girl my hand look like old lady...ugly my hands

  • Ivy Schneberger
    Ivy Schneberger Month ago

    Why would you cut your hair off? Short hair is rarely beautiful on anyone of any age.

  • Sabrina Grant
    Sabrina Grant Month ago

    I think you’re hair looks great and you’re absolutely right the greens is the way to go.

  • Juno Summers
    Juno Summers Month ago +1

    I made it to the 10 and I recently got a really good blender and will start to eat my greens regularly soon ☺️
    thank you for poiting it out again though.
    In general I really like your „10,9,7 things“ videos and I realized how easy it was to implement the ones that I found helpful to my daily routine.
    e.g. taking ten minutes every day to run around the house and clean everything possible during that time. It is so effective because you only take 10 minutes for cleaning everyday and you don‘t feel guilty for being lazy and get your stuff done anyway.
    I really appreciate you Shea, I think your videos are great and really fun to watch.
    thank you and keep on 🙏💜

  • Janie Tuvin
    Janie Tuvin Month ago

    I love you and your videos. You inspire and encourage..well done. Can you please tell me where did you buy your beautiful white top? I'm not seeing in the links below. Thanks ❤

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    I really love your content Shea! The way you describe everything is so exciting :D

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  • Mary Kimbro
    Mary Kimbro Month ago

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    Jessica Regan Month ago

    You forgot to mention her oscar winning role in Annie Hall...

  • Karen Pickett
    Karen Pickett Month ago +3

    Yes I made it to the end! And yes, I would like you to do a video on what to body types should wear what!!

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    Leticia Tomic Month ago

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    Valentina Ivanova Month ago +1

    I really hate that example with Diane Keaton. It's not nice of you to talk about that

  • Arielle Macuch
    Arielle Macuch Month ago

    I like that you included eat your greens!

  • annika2437
    annika2437 Month ago

    About your hair, keep it long! If that's you like to have. Even really growing up woman, look good whit long hair 👍

  • Linda Curtis
    Linda Curtis Month ago

    I made it! Please do a video on wearing the right clothes for a body type. Love you Shea! 💗

  • Mama Turtle
    Mama Turtle Month ago

    Hi Shea greeting from Australia. Love love yr u tube channel especially on beauties! Just want to ask yr advise about hair extensions. I hv baby hair band which would not grow long at all n I am very frustrated. Wanted to do hair extensions on that particular part but was kind of scare ! What do u think pls ?

  • Chiquita
    Chiquita Month ago +2

    Liked suggestions to look more attractive; especially 9/10...ic

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    I love watching your videos and I learn a lot of hacks from them, but the one problem I have is that the things you link are not very cost efficient. In my opinion the point of videos like this is to share things that many people can also do/buy, but many things you put on here are not.

  • Branagh Hender
    Branagh Hender Month ago

    I love your hair!

  • shelly Lepera
    shelly Lepera Month ago

    Made it! Also, as another waist length hair owner suggest seeds and nuts, especially raw, to feed hair and skin. 51 Years old and blessed only 5 grey hairs so far!

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  • Carolyn Peters
    Carolyn Peters 2 months ago

    made it to the end. thanks . Also, eating greens helps prevent macular degeneration.

  • T M
    T M 2 months ago

    Apple Cider vinegar - it seems like you used a glass bottle. Not a good idea in the shower if it slips and breaks. Use smaller amount in a plastic bottle and keep the rest in the refrigerator until your spray bottle empties. It alkalizes your skin and protects it too so lightly spray your skin in the shower while still wet and pat dry.
    Good tips and I enjoyed a few of your videos. Good luck

  • Charlotte Rogers
    Charlotte Rogers 2 months ago

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    Phi Do 2 months ago

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    Sanjukta Chatterjee 2 months ago

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  • Isil Gurcan
    Isil Gurcan 2 months ago

    Oh My God OMG ! I'd kindly suggest you don't promote any supplements or the like....look at this for Biosil ( mcgill.ca/oss/article/health-general-science/can-biosil-really-help-thicken-my-hair-and-nails ) and this where it clearly says 'there is a possible safety concern with one of the compounds in BioSil' ( www.consumerlab.com/answers/does-biosil-increase-collagen-and-strengthen-hair-skin-nails-and-bones/biosil/ ). Stop using it yourself and tell your mom too. This is the problem in north America, you eat unhealthy food and seek salvation in synthetic pills. Throw away any processed ingredients and foods from your kitchen and start a healthy cooking habit just like in any european country.

  • sumayyah Islam
    sumayyah Islam 2 months ago

    I used to bite my nails so much when I under 10 (not sure of exact age). I used to spray perfume on my nails so when I would put them in my mouth it would taste gross and eventually I stopped. It also makes your hands smell nice. I’m not sure if this is healthy for your nails but it stopped me biting them and my nails look pretty good now.

  • Liuda Davidzenka
    Liuda Davidzenka 2 months ago

    Dear, thank you for everything.
    But your nails don't look attractive at all.

  • Caroline Lohmeyer
    Caroline Lohmeyer 2 months ago

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  • Jenny h
    Jenny h 2 months ago

    I pray that God will heal you

  • Jennifer Gieseke
    Jennifer Gieseke 3 months ago

    Thanks for all he helpful tips

  • Roe
    Roe 3 months ago

    How can you use the apple cider vinegar on your hair? I tried it once and I couldn´t wash the terrible smell off my hair for weeks!

  • StardustAshley
    StardustAshley 3 months ago

    Why do you have a few years of long hair?

  • ablurida
    ablurida 3 months ago

    The 3 main things that make anyone attractive to me, regardless of genetics, are:
    1. Hygiene. Always smell good. Carry what you must, deodorant, toothbrush, mints but always smell and look clean.
    2. Clear skin. Moisturise, SPF and tons of water, also an indicator of good hygiene and good health because simple stuff like eating well, not touching your face or changing your pillow covers will go a long way.
    3. Voice. You can be as put together as you like, but if you don't know how to breathe properly and speak with the voice you were given, it's over. Some people talk loudly but it doesn't bother me as much because their voice isn't nasal or high pitched. In fact annoying voices are often due to the person straining their vocal cords! And some men make their voices sound deeper than needs be, I find it ridiculous...

    So these are the 3 superficial things that make someone attractive in my opinion. Of course I didn't include personality traits, but those aren't necessarily first impressions, and of course they're a given!

    • Betty Davis
      Betty Davis 2 months ago

      What about the grown women using that little girl voice Candace Cameron. She sounds just like she did on full house😵

  • Emma Lillian
    Emma Lillian 3 months ago

    Made it! 💫