Worst Reviewed Food Mystery Wheel Challenge & How To Eat Weird Foods Like a Taro Pancake

  • Published on Feb 9, 2019
  • Try not to laugh as Collins and Devan react to the 10 worst reviewed foods in their city in this mystery wheel challenge! Plus learn how to eat weird food like a purple taro pancake and silk worms.


    Last time brothers (not twins) the key bros competed in a do it yourself competition to make genius life hacks and test the best new art challenge. Today they’ll try to eat smelly fermented beans, squishy jelly fish noodles, weird stinky tofu, edible bug dishes like cricket quesadillas, crazy slime textured sushi, oddly satisfying sandwiches, and more. You’ll never guess how bad these dishes smell and taste, and at the end they’ll mix all the ingredients together to make the grossest, smelliest smoothie ever! It’s another awesome and funny viral video in this entertainment and education life hack compilation series.
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    Types of Cuisine:
    • American
    • German
    • Japanese
    • Chinese
    • Italian
    • Mexican
    • French
    • Thai

    Foods Tasted:
    • Taro Pancake
    • Honey
    • Sriracha Noodles
    • Century Duck Egg
    • Rice
    • Spicy Jelly Fish Noodles
    • Boney Tilapia
    • Cricket Quesadillas
    • Sushi
    • Fermented Beans
    • Kale
    • Quail Eggs
    • French Onion Soup
    • Garlic Snail Escargot
    • Squid Ink Pasta
    • Bone Marrow Risotto
    • Tripe Soup
    • Stinky Tofu
    • Ox Tail Soup
    • Silk Worms
    • Ham Hock
    • Cabbage
    • Pretzel
    • Egg Noodles
    • Head Cheese Sandwich
    • Liver Pate
    • Shrimp Scampi
    • Asparagus
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    FLORA_FGL _GLL 7 hours ago

    Can't you eat a makassar food

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    Gachevie 10 hours ago

    apparently in french, escargot is a snail 😂

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    Romario Fajardo 15 hours ago

    I have eaten a cricket

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    Liya Edewor 15 hours ago

    My mom makes oxtail and it is very delicious and my moms definitely doesn’t look like that

  • Sydney Schoonover
    Sydney Schoonover 21 hour ago

    Wow look at your faces

  • Cutie kitty Lover
    Cutie kitty Lover 23 hours ago

    Actually Talapia tastes really good bro

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    Matthew Haney Day ago

    Those smoothies look like cement

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    Sep 18??

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    Sushma Shakya Day ago

    Eat Minecraft herobrine

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    Ella Reyes Day ago

    Haha you have a lot of broken blender in your house shout out plsss

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    Jess Marie Day ago +1

    HA HA! O...M...G!

  • Zoë Kotze
    Zoë Kotze Day ago

    Try African food

  • Latrice Caligone

    You guys should make another worst reviewed restaurant video

  • anime overlook
    anime overlook Day ago

    Escargot is snail ewwwwww

  • Carly Samuels
    Carly Samuels Day ago

    Deavon did not like anything

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    raquel perry Day ago

    Y’all should do best reviewed restaurant

  • Sienna Rae
    Sienna Rae 2 days ago

    WHOOOOO. Collins and Devan you need to get plane tickets and go to Germany and try some REAL German food German food IS THE BEST 😍❤️ 😍❤️ 😍 ohhhhh and the bitta lemon mmmmmm

  • Sienna Rae
    Sienna Rae 2 days ago

    Devan: I don't know if this is normal but I see a vein Collins:: A what

  • Jeneth Gempeso
    Jeneth Gempeso 2 days ago +1

    Ilove the tilapia becues im filipino

  • Ayla Paylacool
    Ayla Paylacool 2 days ago

    Where do you live I live in Colorado

  • Ayish Zamrey
    Ayish Zamrey 2 days ago

    i love ur vids so much but pls dont have tattoo cuz tattoo are bad

  • HaileyandKaila Klein

    I love tilapia bc im filipino and i love to be fried

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    Jaspher Adi 2 days ago

    tilapia is a pilipino food

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    Keeper Squad

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    Keeper squad

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    I like 🍜

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    CyberAshe 2 days ago

    I feel like head cheese I just salami

  • CyberAshe
    CyberAshe 2 days ago +1

    Be careful man your flipping your noodles everywhere
    Collins- 2017

  • CyberAshe
    CyberAshe 2 days ago +1

    I feel like the bro count was off the CHARTS in this video

  • Chris Ami
    Chris Ami 2 days ago

    I've tried Stinky Tofu

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    Kiki Mellos 2 days ago +1

    Do greek food

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    Clebio Vago 2 days ago +1

    I won't you eat Brazilian food

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    Lucinda. Indy, 2 days ago

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    caleb Powell 2 days ago

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  • caleb Powell
    caleb Powell 2 days ago

    Like it please collins key😘

  • Gabdu superhero Chaudhary

    9:00 is the funniest part for me

  • fennec's the hero
    fennec's the hero 3 days ago

    And escargot is actually only snails but devan got it on beard

  • fennec's the hero
    fennec's the hero 3 days ago

    For whoever doesn't know what tripe is,well don't get excited because it's the inside of the cow.yes you heard me right organs of the cow

    NICOLE GUMMER 3 days ago +1

    I am half Thai so you are probably eating Thai food from Americans so next time get food from Thai people

  • Byron Veney
    Byron Veney 3 days ago

    Roses are red violets are blue AAAAAAAAAAA!!!

  • Denise Chu
    Denise Chu 3 days ago

    As an Asian. And especially Chinese. Some of these things are really common such as the century old egg. And of course the stinky tofu and tripe soup. Lol

  • Petko Bezuch
    Petko Bezuch 3 days ago

    I am alergic to seaweed

  • Shivangni S
    Shivangni S 3 days ago

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    I feel bad for devan he got all spicy food xD

  • Angie Gamerplayz
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    The one you called”Spider eggs” it’s actually very yummy and Japanese people eat it

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