Markiplier Makes: An Egg Drop

  • Published on Mar 25, 2019
  • The boys and I decide to make an egg drop to relive and rewrite our childhood histories.
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    Tyler ►
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 15 194

  • lewis Doherty
    lewis Doherty Hour ago

    Im watching this whikst having surgery. Thank you for distracting me mark

  • Ya birb Snowflake
    Ya birb Snowflake 6 hours ago

    Ethan is me irl not gonna lie

  • Smaller_Amoeba
    Smaller_Amoeba 7 hours ago

    i dont hate puns i just hate wade- mark 2019

  • FandomGamer13
    FandomGamer13 9 hours ago


  • GhostFaceM8 Bro
    GhostFaceM8 Bro 10 hours ago

    2:40 spam this just try it

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ 11 hours ago

    13:03 “I owe an egg 1 million dollars”
    Bottom left of the screen

  • Mckenna Loftis
    Mckenna Loftis 12 hours ago

    MArk: I hate it
    2 seconds later
    MArk: I love it

  • Daniela Ortiz Rosa
    Daniela Ortiz Rosa 17 hours ago

    11:43 oml adorable

  • Daniela Ortiz Rosa
    Daniela Ortiz Rosa 17 hours ago

    11;43 omg this is so cute

  • Anthony Stewart
    Anthony Stewart Day ago

    The egg came first because of natural selection

  • Gabby R.
    Gabby R. Day ago

    Every boy virgin ever, 16:35

  • Gabby R.
    Gabby R. Day ago


  • Grace McKeegan
    Grace McKeegan Day ago +1

    Did know one notice that tyler is wearing a stand up to cancer t shirt

  • servo runner v1
    servo runner v1 2 days ago

    They call me dangerous. They call me a madman. They call me demented. They call me inhumane. Yes, these myths are true. I am dangerous. I am a madman. I am demented. I am inhumane? Why?

    I cheated during the egg-drop competition.

  • Lily Y
    Lily Y 2 days ago

    I swear for a full minute I was like ‘what is that ugly ass sculpture in the back?” And then I realized it’s a cat tower

  • saxy bandgeek
    saxy bandgeek 2 days ago

    0:03 what is this a wish title

  • Wiltedgurl •_•
    Wiltedgurl •_• 2 days ago +2

    I feel like the egg comes first because the egg is always inside the mother , even when their born!

  • Foxy The one
    Foxy The one 2 days ago

    I send virtual good vibes to you

    You cant stop them

    They are already coming

  • Arianna Phillips
    Arianna Phillips 2 days ago +2

    “I just want him to win because I don’t want to see him cry.” Great advice Mark. Lol

    • Arianna Phillips
      Arianna Phillips 2 days ago +1

      “The blood of your child is on my face!” *music* when u try ur best but u don’t succeed

  • Twistedwolfy266
    Twistedwolfy266 2 days ago

    Aww ethan being sad is making me very sad it breaks my heart to see him cry 😭😭😭💜💙❤🧡💚💛💖

  • Shawn Cash
    Shawn Cash 3 days ago

    Markiplier goes full Darkiplier on Tyler

  • Daniel Chvojan
    Daniel Chvojan 3 days ago


  • Glitché 665
    Glitché 665 3 days ago

    Markiplier make spaghetti pyramid.

  • Lucas Conley
    Lucas Conley 3 days ago

    Tyler is kinda mean since Ethan was about to cry and tyler just kept on laughing. How RUDE

  • The Potato Lord
    The Potato Lord 3 days ago

    For the next markiplier makes, see who can make the deadliest weapon and judge them by a fight to the death

  • Olenn Wall
    Olenn Wall 3 days ago

    Poor wade

  • Noah
    Noah 3 days ago


  • Klaire Grace
    Klaire Grace 3 days ago

    I don't hate puns, I just hate Wade.

  • Jay Bree
    Jay Bree 4 days ago

    ethan is my whole mood when i had to do this in school i feel so bad and keep saying awe

  • Elizabeth Beal
    Elizabeth Beal 4 days ago

    3:23 Mark: who would have THIS thing 3:24 Mark: oh tears a little sqid in it 😄 Ethan and Tiler :😑😐😑😐😐😐

  • Tequila MockingBird
    Tequila MockingBird 4 days ago

    20:10 is just so gif able

  • Bonnie D.T.
    Bonnie D.T. 4 days ago

    Poor Ethan

  • Bonnie D.T.
    Bonnie D.T. 4 days ago

    Mark: No one would like this
    Also mark: ooh there’s a squid in it!
    All three: * looks at squid with full interest *

  • Camden? Andy? Samuel? Liam? I'm just a poor boy

    Ethan, almost crying: one... small... victory...
    TVclip: *Toyota ad*

  • Wassa BB
    Wassa BB 4 days ago

    8:21 sir imma have to ask you not to make those weird noises because I laughed so hard that an entire chunk of Chocolate came out of my nose. *StAhP iT*

  • Łił-Nightshade øReØs

    Tyler:The hen legs lays them
    Mark:You didn't really reach conclusion there

  • Abstract
    Abstract 5 days ago

    Eggs came first

    • Abstract
      Abstract 5 days ago

      Bc a dinosaur laid and egg and it was a chicken and they were like "wot?"

  • Toxic_Tomb123 4
    Toxic_Tomb123 4 6 days ago

    The egg came first because evolution happens through reproduction and it evolved from something

  • King Toast
    King Toast 6 days ago

    19:51 omfg that may be the hardest I've ever laughed at a Markiplier video, holy shit XD

  • King Toast
    King Toast 6 days ago

    "Which came first, the chicken or the egg?" I say the egg because with the way evolution works (I think) the first modern chicken had to have had some sort of birth defect or strange genetic combination from its parents that made it truly a modern, domestic chicken rather than flightless jungle fowl or whatever.
    I'm not remotely knowledgeable about this kind of thing but it's the only answer I've ever been able to come up with. If anyone has thoughts, I'd be interested to hear (see?) them!

  • Aliensplanet
    Aliensplanet 6 days ago

    Is Ethan okay mentally and emotionally? Like holy shit lmao

  • zombie apocalypse
    zombie apocalypse 6 days ago

    Once wade watches this he will be mad

  • DonnaLee4
    DonnaLee4 7 days ago

    Wouldn't it be so much fun to make stuff with Mark?

  • AverageGamer
    AverageGamer 7 days ago +1

    is it just me or does tyler look like bradley cooper

  • Bailey Smith
    Bailey Smith 8 days ago

    1:58 Markiplier said a bad word. Egg-nig-ma

  • Bailey Smith
    Bailey Smith 8 days ago

    you need to do this again but use videos on the internet to give good ideas

  • derpykaichu
    derpykaichu 8 days ago

    I love how they teases ethan but also tries to be helpful and make him feel better xD
    True friends 😂

  • Dr_Willzore
    Dr_Willzore 8 days ago

    Try and make your own Halloween costumes

  • nala arias
    nala arias 9 days ago

    i love marks face at 8:47

  • Arianna Phillips
    Arianna Phillips 9 days ago +7

    “I don’t hate puns, I just hate Wade” lol

  • The Ocelot Channel
    The Ocelot Channel 9 days ago


  • Billies Avacado
    Billies Avacado 10 days ago +7

    11:45 why isn't anyone talking about mark gushing over Amy, he cute

  • SGT ButterFist
    SGT ButterFist 11 days ago

    Ethan is my mood every day

  • James France
    James France 12 days ago +1

    I swear Ethan picked up everything on that table and then threw it behind him

  • Jen Park
    Jen Park 12 days ago

    ethan crying made my heart crack slowly.

  • Thomas Harrington
    Thomas Harrington 12 days ago +2

    I couldn't laugh at this video when I noticed how sad eathan got

  • Lps Mimi
    Lps Mimi 12 days ago

    Markiplier makes Egg hold safety net basket tower pile egg drop catcher..... GOOD CONTENT

  • Socially-Inept Nerd
    Socially-Inept Nerd 12 days ago

    bad adhd day for eth, i think . i relate So Hard lmao

  • DolorBird
    DolorBird 12 days ago +5

    "You will never forget this day, this *this*-"

  • Kelsey Carpentier
    Kelsey Carpentier 13 days ago

    Ethan in this video is me every day🤣