4 Levels of Mac and Cheese: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

  • Published on Feb 20, 2019
  • We challenged chefs of three different levels - an amateur, a home cook and a professional chef - to make their versions of macaroni and cheese. And then we brought in a food scientist to review their work. Which mac & cheese was the best?
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    4 Levels of Mac and Cheese: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious
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Comments • 18 738

  • Patricio Cantú
    Patricio Cantú Day ago

    I swear anthony is just at this point reciting wattpad quotes what was the cAnt wAiT tO sEe hOw chEeSy iTt iS undErneAth this was a delight to watch lmaooo

  • Ethëreäl Möuntäin

    People hating on level 3 chef for using sugar, cream cheese, etc are probably the people who wouldn't put salt in chocolate chip cookies because they'd think it tastes weird.

  • Swizzle
    Swizzle Day ago

    Every time I watch one of these vids I want to eat the level 2 one

  • Nubia Lamane
    Nubia Lamane Day ago

    Sweet stuff on top of cheese no

  • Tracti0n
    Tracti0n Day ago

    Hope the SFX guy cleared his browser history

  • Rayyan Saleh
    Rayyan Saleh Day ago

    my school boils water adds pasta then add and canned cheese sauce after draining, the key is no flavorings and fake cheese

  • Felipe ST
    Felipe ST Day ago

    I just wanna say she's so pretty and confident and the white guy has a bit of murder face.... His stare is unsettling...

  • Kermit
    Kermit Day ago

    At least that annoying Lorenzo guy is not cooking.

  • Dadada Duck
    Dadada Duck Day ago

    I would love to have the guts to make macaroni like that

  • Jeanne Belrose
    Jeanne Belrose Day ago

    Oh, where'd Emily and Lorenzo go?

  • Dwayne Harris
    Dwayne Harris Day ago

    These are the worst looking Mac n cheese recipes I have ever seen

  • KudosG
    KudosG Day ago

    I rather see the chefs try each other's dish and share what they did different instead of listening to that stupid lady

  • Shiv kap
    Shiv kap Day ago

    Ok but why does the level 4 have a stick???!?!

  • Wool Puppy
    Wool Puppy Day ago

    I've had a couple of gourmet/baked mac and cheese, and I honestly like the box more. See the logic behind their recipes...

  • Icenflamesrush
    Icenflamesrush Day ago

    No wonder americans are obese.

  • Yasmine Ab
    Yasmine Ab Day ago

    Sound effects reminded me of that one vine 😂💦

  • Mermaid Atlantica

    Bouille = Roux.
    "Im italian"
    calls mascarpone *Marscapone*

  • Engi Achuy
    Engi Achuy Day ago +1

    Every Single Video
    Level 1: some dumb Young adult
    Level 2: a single Dad

  • Fran Frias
    Fran Frias Day ago

    Level 1: Ada
    Level 2: Anthony
    Level 3: Micheal
    Level 4: Food Scientist
    Level 53: Gordon Ramsey
    Level 99: Mum

  • Amber Reyes
    Amber Reyes Day ago +2

    Everybody is clowning the 3rd chef for having a sweet twist but honestly...try sweet cheese ITS BOMBBB

  • kateofthecity
    kateofthecity Day ago

    At least it wasn't langoustine...

  • Jaezeu
    Jaezeu Day ago

    I would love to see Gordon Ramsey reacting to this . Especially reacting to the level 3 Chef

  • Penelope Evans
    Penelope Evans Day ago

    Michel got his mac and cheese straight from the middle it bothered me

  • tony ornelas
    tony ornelas Day ago

    Step 1 go to store get mac and cheese box
    Step 2 cook it by following instructions
    Step 3 accidentally burn it
    Step 4 make ramen noodles

  • CookinginRussia
    CookinginRussia Day ago

    This is the worst episode of this series that I have seen. They are all bad for various reasons, but ironically the "amateur" produced the most authentic Mac and Cheese that you can be sure would have tasted the best.

  • Zerojellal Gaming

    I like the lvl 1 and 2 chef where can i follow them?

  • Javontae Black
    Javontae Black Day ago

    omg my dad cooks macaroni like level 3, proud of him xd

  • Moriririri_
    Moriririri_ Day ago

    *Pro Chef: Kraft Mac and Cheese*

  • Ashun
    Ashun Day ago

    I'm William and i'm an alcoholic.........

    oops wrong video

  • NewGoldStandard
    NewGoldStandard Day ago

    What level is it when you just use the powdered cheese packet that came in the box with the macaroni? Asking for a friend.

  • io io
    io io Day ago

    Kraft Mac & Cheese!!!!

  • Xzphry
    Xzphry Day ago

    Dislike because they are black

  • D Jaquith
    D Jaquith Day ago

    Nope .. I don't like anything sweet on my Mac and Cheese. Topped with more cheddar cheese and baked where the cheese on the top just starts hardening.

  • Oscar Moussan
    Oscar Moussan Day ago

    So much cheese

  • Eleonora Lukina
    Eleonora Lukina Day ago

    level 0 chef (thats me)
    *grabs box for Mac and cheese*
    *puts some water in*
    *adds powdered cheese that came with box*

  • Lauryn_xo 3
    Lauryn_xo 3 Day ago

    is it bad that i don’t want to try the level 3 chefs mac an cheese😂

  • XxMarian GachaxX

    Those look good,I haven't taste Mac and cheese yet(Ik It's wierd)

  • Simulation Operator

    Let's just be glad that Emily wasn't the level 1 chef. She would have poured ketchup on her macaroni and cheese.

  • Professional Name

    0:02 OMG that’s what good Personality sounds like 😍😍😍

  • Chloe draws
    Chloe draws Day ago

    My favorite noodle are shells

  • Anders Hansen
    Anders Hansen Day ago

    I want them Food Scientist to make food

  • UwU Mom Hit me with a car pls

    level 3 chef looks high

  • Gacha RyRy
    Gacha RyRy Day ago

    Do you ever just look at a comment and think “ Damn! I wish I wrote that.”

  • bebored
    bebored Day ago

    I'm getting fat already by watching this video.

  • Happy Exceed
    Happy Exceed Day ago

    If shes a level 1 then im defenitly a lvl 0

  • Josiah
    Josiah Day ago +1

    Havent started the video but if this girl ada using kraft im disliking immediately

    • Josiah
      Josiah Day ago

      THank the lord

  • Shelaya On YT
    Shelaya On YT 2 days ago

    I actually did NOT want to try ANY of their macaroni. Wow.

  • The_ Abyss
    The_ Abyss 2 days ago +5

    Every Lvl 1: Always relatable
    Every Lvl 2: Always entertaining and fun to watch
    Every Lvl 3: Impresses you
    Me: Oh wow so I’m basically a mix of all 3 of them *wHAt DoeS THaT maKe Me!?*

  • Emiliano Hernandez
    Emiliano Hernandez 2 days ago

    There's no level 4

  • JJ Pie
    JJ Pie 2 days ago

    Coming from someone who grew up with a mom that made 10 cheese mac and cheese, every person in this video is an amateur.
    Also who adds sugar to mac and cheese?!

  • Perma Frost
    Perma Frost 2 days ago


  • Perma Frost
    Perma Frost 2 days ago

    They did my gurl dirty 😔

  • gg q
    gg q 2 days ago +1

    Well I just buy the ones at my store

  • Dat Le
    Dat Le 2 days ago

    ASMR *Approved*

  • QTee
    QTee 2 days ago

    definitely agree that the secrets in the cheeses... #secretscheeseingrediant

  • Baylee Fairchild
    Baylee Fairchild 2 days ago

    Notice how the level 2 cooks are always the cockiest

  • QTee
    QTee 2 days ago

    when i was a kid i thought that mac and cheese only came in a box, and i hated it... the makings of being 1st generation American. anyway, eventually the truth came to light and i finally made my own mac n cheese dish--- very popular at the office... yes they will ignore the other mac dish because mine is in the house! ouuuu 😄

  • Aatiqah Hussain
    Aatiqah Hussain 2 days ago

    rie vs level 3 chef

  • KineticPassion
    KineticPassion 2 days ago

    TIL that people bake mac and cheese. And that people want it to be crunchy? Presumably the same people who like crunchy peanut butter?

  • Rose
    Rose 2 days ago

    I like the level one chef we need her in more buzzfeed vids

  • Mikey D
    Mikey D 2 days ago

    why did you change the chefs boooo

  • Gacha Gamer101
    Gacha Gamer101 2 days ago +1

    Nobody in the world:
    Them: OR-EJ-EE-AH-NOU
    Me: its Ou-Re-Gahn-Ou

  • VeziusTheThird
    VeziusTheThird 2 days ago

    lol i have level 99 cooking in runescape fite me

  • Gacha Gamer101
    Gacha Gamer101 2 days ago +3

    Why do the amateur looks so good but the pro looks gross

  • Justin
    Justin 2 days ago

    3:40 is what good pxssy sounds like.

  • Peter Alexis
    Peter Alexis 2 days ago

    Now I feel so bad about eating KD

  • FLYCana2ian
    FLYCana2ian 2 days ago

    Who else thinks the amateur looks better than the expert

  • Izzy K
    Izzy K 2 days ago

    me looking at #3: Crack? Is that what you smoke? CRACK?!

  • Aidan Frevert
    Aidan Frevert 2 days ago +6

    you should have them taste each other's and give their opinions on each others

  • Pur
    Pur 2 days ago

    did they have to make the only white person the whitest person

  • BmorezHomeGurl
    BmorezHomeGurl 2 days ago

    Highly disappointed ☹️

  • Gustavo Souza
    Gustavo Souza 2 days ago

    Level 1 FTW

  • Vera Didenko
    Vera Didenko 2 days ago

    I seriously need the level 3 mac and cheese in my life.

  • Thomas The Tank
    Thomas The Tank 2 days ago +1

    who thinks the science part is boring

  • Motion
    Motion 2 days ago

    I feel like the 2nd chef should've been the level 3

  • Sturgeon
    Sturgeon 2 days ago +3

    In Canada a level 5 chef would just make Kraft Dinner.

  • Tatianna’s Same Partz

    Go vegan

  • angie btw
    angie btw 2 days ago

    Level 3 chef: I like to season my oven 5 days before I use it.

  • ImHoomanMkay?
    ImHoomanMkay? 2 days ago +1

    To me, my grandma is the best chef of all 😂
    But tbh her Mac and cheese and her apple pie is the bomb

  • KEM 77
    KEM 77 2 days ago

    All 3 are horrible 🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Laurry Carter
    Laurry Carter 2 days ago

    After eating this your poop will go up so many levels

  • Nichweek 66
    Nichweek 66 2 days ago

    0:11 hes just like frank

  • Plain Pickle
    Plain Pickle 2 days ago

    Someone forgot their coffee

    DONUTSLAYER 2 days ago

    The girl at the end only repeats what they have already said

  • lidette711
    lidette711 3 days ago

    I want the level 2 and 3 Mac and Cheese.

  • Marsha Slim
    Marsha Slim 3 days ago +7

    The level 3 one doesn't look like mac and cheese, more like mac and crumbs🤢 I didn't like how it turned out

  • Frosted Corn Flakes
    Frosted Corn Flakes 3 days ago

    honestly the level 1 one looks tee besttt

  • KKazuto xo
    KKazuto xo 3 days ago

    Level 1 Chef's Mac n Cheese looked gross. Not Cheesy enough, I want mine over cheesed? If that's a word.

  • Amira chan
    Amira chan 3 days ago

    Level 2 is my best

  • Niamyah Brown
    Niamyah Brown 3 days ago

    nah, this aint it. them recipes are Out Of Pocket. i mean the first is good, but it's simple and dry. the second one looked good👍🏾 the third one.. idek😂👎🏾

  • Brianna Cee
    Brianna Cee 3 days ago

    Who tf put graham crackers in Mac? This ain’t no got damn dessert

  • Beau Artzer
    Beau Artzer 3 days ago

    Ada used the right pasta

  • Big Boi Texan
    Big Boi Texan 3 days ago

    Why does the level 2 chef remind me of Ryan Reynolds but he is also a constant reminder he just isn't.

  • Wayne C Smith
    Wayne C Smith 3 days ago

    To ech his own BUT...my wife's mac n cheese would put them to shame...15 minutes to cook? I have never seen it that fast IMHO

  • Violet Julianne
    Violet Julianne 3 days ago

    e v e r y single one looks sooo frickin *g o o d*

  • Élianne Bossé
    Élianne Bossé 3 days ago

    Im a lactose intolerant. it was torture to watch

  • involuntaryanalysis
    involuntaryanalysis 3 days ago

    Hmm, I always used a mornay for my cheese sauce. (milk, and blonde rue, with cheese melted into it)

  • Zenaxia Xenxation
    Zenaxia Xenxation 3 days ago +7

    This level 3 chef looked like he smoked fancy weed before they started

  • Viq
    Viq 3 days ago

    Black people don't do crumbs on their mac n cheese.

  • Mary Jenkins
    Mary Jenkins 3 days ago

    I would like one skillet of level 2 mac and cheese, please!