Boris Johnson Vs Jeremy Corbyn BBC Leaders Debate 6/12/19 (Full)

  • Published on Dec 6, 2019
  • Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn head-to-head in Maidstone in the BBC's prime ministerial debate ahead of the general election on Thursday 12th December. Chaired by Nick Robinson.

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  • madharryspanner
    madharryspanner  Month ago +21

    6:25 glitch was my fault, lasts around 20 seconds.

    • A hc
      A hc Month ago +3

      It’s not you mate, it’s TVclip. They do that to most Channels that aren’t Cultural Marxist. Just take Steven Crowder’s Channel ( Louder with Crowder ) ?

    • madharryspanner
      madharryspanner  Month ago +1

      @A hc Thanks for feedback - Seems my choice of video title might be the problem as someone who reuploaded my capture ranks higher in yt search than i do.

    • A hc
      A hc Month ago +2

      TVclip Search, trust me mate, on TVclips Search Engine, you’re NOT the First on there.

    • madharryspanner
      madharryspanner  Month ago +1

      @A hc What & where were you searching? It's the first google result : & the 3rd google result & the 6th

    • A hc
      A hc Month ago +3

      Good on you for this Video, it took some searching to find it !

  • madzangels
    madzangels Month ago

    Boris won

  • Eduardo Wu
    Eduardo Wu Month ago

    Maybe Boris didn't win as much as Corbyn lost this. Labour has been nailed to the wall by the toxic cocktail of anti-semitism, terrorism, communism and treason. If they bring back this in five years time and they keep refusing to respect the referendum result; they will lose even more seats. Instead of reflecting, his antifa supporters are rioting in London against the election result.

  • john a
    john a Month ago

    The British leave voters didn't win. I think those leave voters who handed their vote to the tories mag live to regret that action. The reason being that no brexit candidates have been given the chance to keep check and make the tories accountable. We will before long find ourselves now being returned via the back door for not giving any seats to the brexit party. I am now expecting the back tracking' so start since Boris was not a leaver and never will be. On a positive note it is good that swinson is out and Labour have been shown you don't ignore the instruction given. I can hold my head up since I promised I would never vote Tory, so thankfully I wont be sharing the blame with Boris's leave plan keeping the UK under EU jurisdiction.......regardless of the promises.

  • kmkaks 2.0
    kmkaks 2.0 Month ago

    Meanwhile, their entire country is owned by Arabs, Chinese and Indians.

  • Hasaan Anjum
    Hasaan Anjum Month ago

    Borris using fear that he engineered by lying about Brexit in the first place to now try and win the votes..

  • Jimmy Little
    Jimmy Little Month ago

    Spoilers: Boris wins.

  • SuperBigwinston
    SuperBigwinston Month ago

    The presenter acted like a secret Labour supporter interrupting. He let Corbyn waffle on twice as long.

  • Jason Wong
    Jason Wong Month ago +1

    I think we should be allowed by law to punch Bojo in the face every time he says "get Brexit done".

  • Jason Wong
    Jason Wong Month ago

    Nearly 3 people clapped Bojo's smart alec Brexit jibe!

  • Jason Wong
    Jason Wong Month ago +1

    Boris Johnson even lies to himself!

  • Jason Wong
    Jason Wong Month ago

    That woman at 8.06 has the face of a brexiteer.

  • Joshua Medley
    Joshua Medley Month ago

    Why did they make the theme tune like Game of Thrones

  • samusaron1
    samusaron1 Month ago

    Why is anyone listening to this Idiot from Step Toe and son ? please get rid off him thank you ;-) Vote Boris the next Churchill

  • Robert Collier
    Robert Collier Month ago

    Jeremy corbyn your a fucking traitor. you go to court in support of the IRA terrorists. then expect the members of the public to trust you with the security of this country. we want the police to investigate your true connections to the IRA terrorists

  • samusaron1
    samusaron1 Month ago

    i.m sorry but here we go again honestly really? NHS is a boat with a Hole designed for UK Tax payers for free back in the day and now used by 500 million + EU using it free, How long is a piece off string? use it and plug the hole stop the free loading no brainer! How many hospitals are we going to need for 500 million +people wake up people!!

  • Suraj Ball
    Suraj Ball Month ago

    Did anyone spot the Russian narrative in this debate?

  • Glen Quinn
    Glen Quinn Month ago

    Vote brexit you can not trust liebour or tory help the brexit party holed the Torys to ther promises

  • kozanism
    kozanism Month ago

    Ending every sentence in every debate with 'Get Brexit done', Boris looks like a desperate and obsessed virgin adolescent trying to persuade his first girlfriend into sex.

  • bangroad
    bangroad Month ago

    another pro corbin audience scrap the licence fee now

  • Eje
    Eje Month ago

    After finally getting round to watching this leadership debate for the general election. I have concluded, the notion of the people's free will, WILL be played out (as prophesied) from individual to individual. Therefore I conclude, Boris Johnson has set himself to reflect that will in its present form but I suspect this position will shift seismically over the passing of time and they shall be left without excuse! ⏰⚖🕳

  • Markos H
    Markos H Month ago

    Aussies like me want to stay informed on the election, this upload helps a lot. Thank you!

  • lance townsend
    lance townsend Month ago

    i didn't think they could do it but they have destroyed politics in England and they do not give a dam

  • shahid latif
    shahid latif Month ago +2

    Borris Johnson will sell our NHS off to the USA. Don't let it happen vote for labour..

  • shahid latif
    shahid latif Month ago

    I love corbyn please everyone in the UK let's make him our prime minister he's a genuine humble strong leader who deserves every right to be able to prove himself.

  • m b
    m b Month ago

    Sentences of 4 years or more (but not life) are subject to Discretionary conditional release (DCR), which means that the prisoner becomes eligible for release at the half way stage. IT IS NOT AUTOMATIC, but is at the discretion of the Parole Board. If release is approved, they are released on licence. If not, they serve two thirds of their sentence in prison and are then released on licence. The final quarter of the sentence is spent in the community ‘at risk’. If released on DCR licence they remain on licence until the three quarter point of their sentence. and they say the london bridge killer was automatic on a 16 year sentence what a load of bollocks

  • MaB
    MaB Month ago

    Thanks for posting the complete debate!

  • James 84
    James 84 Month ago +1

    Fair enough People are going to vote the conservatives to get Brexit done bit it don’t change anything just another 5 years of austerity
    And believe me I seen trumps face when he said he wouldn’t take out nhs if it was served on a silver plata he was 100% telling fibs could see it in his face

    • feelings Are Not Arguments
      feelings Are Not Arguments Month ago

      Trump doesn't want the NHS, if anything having competition in regards to drugs will lower costs..Outside of that I don't even see taking over the NHS would benefit either Johnson or Trump..

  • Phil Steel
    Phil Steel Month ago

    Huge thanks for uploading this programme, been searching over the weekend without any luck until tonight. Respect.

  • Thruns Guinneabottle
    Thruns Guinneabottle Month ago +1

    The outcome of this particular debate is not significant.
    What people should remember from dozens and dozens of historical examples:
    Socialism will be just as shit in the future as it always has been in the past.

    • Frankii Lynx
      Frankii Lynx Month ago +1

      Yeah I mean it's not like the democratic application of socialist ideology gave us the NHS or anything right?

    • feelings Are Not Arguments
      feelings Are Not Arguments Month ago

      Unfortunately the ability to use division and identity politics to gain power will always appeal to those who want power..

  • Pickle Rick
    Pickle Rick Month ago +2

    Corbyn questioned on 4 decades of him wanting to destabilise the EU, changes subject to talk about Northern Ireland. Why not press him on it, it's as if he's always on a platform he can dodge around things.

  • jaalmorrell
    jaalmorrell Month ago +1

    ignore your support of the IRA Steptoe but people will still remember it.

  • Grazikon
    Grazikon Month ago

    There are many causes to the rise in hate, and "not getting Brexit done" is not one of them. Especially considering this rise occurs in other countries and other times. Banging on about the supposed importance of immigration IS a cause of this rise in hate, when it would be better to focus on having a liveable environment to live, learn and work.

  • man 7747
    man 7747 Month ago +1

    21 percent corporation tax in USA

    • feelings Are Not Arguments
      feelings Are Not Arguments Month ago

      Yep and middle class incomes rose for the first time in decades, we have the most successful economy in a lifetime..Corps don't hoard money they reinvest in expansion, hiring more people..

  • mrmegabuckssongs
    mrmegabuckssongs Month ago

    Thanks. Why the hell haven't the BBC made this more easily available. Shocking. What are they trying to hide?

  • Accelerationist
    Accelerationist Month ago +1

    Boris Johnson said his manifesoto is progressive?! Then why the hell should conservatives vore for you?! What are social conservative voters supposed to do?! Why is there no mainstream reactionary party in the UK?!

    • Axs
      Axs Month ago

      Accelerationist I mean if you’re racist you could probably vote UKIP/Brexit party, no?

  • Sean Harnett
    Sean Harnett Month ago +1

    Thanks for the quick upload, very nice.

  • guppypügs
    guppypügs Month ago

    thanks for taking the time & effort to upload! those in power consistently make it as hard as possible for the people to be fully informed. good on you

  • Surya Kumar Rai
    Surya Kumar Rai Month ago +2

    labour will win this election

  • Raijin Enel
    Raijin Enel Month ago +5

    BOJO destroyed him

  • H PD
    H PD Month ago


  • H PD
    H PD Month ago

    one big giant twat or just a twat - you decide

  • Idiosarchy
    Idiosarchy Month ago +2

    It's scary how unanimous the UK media is when it comes to opposing Corbyn. I mean they won't even allow people to see the debates for themselves without first forcing a spin on it. Regardless of what you think of Corbyn personally, his policies are sound and we really can't afford to muck about, there's a lot more at stake here than people realise.

    • feelings Are Not Arguments
      feelings Are Not Arguments Month ago

      No his policy would cripple the UK..

    • Phil Steel
      Phil Steel Month ago

      Idiosarchy desperately attempting work out the anagram of your name and that of Corbyn.
      One word to answer your bilge delusional.

    • Accelerationist
      Accelerationist Month ago +2

      Oh please

  • Philo Anthropos
    Philo Anthropos Month ago +1

    thanks for posting :)

  • Jesse Hanson
    Jesse Hanson Month ago +2

    Thank you, ive been trying to find this since last night. I knew someone out there would of had to have recorded it.

  • Ammar Daker
    Ammar Daker Month ago +1

    thx for uploading, couldnt find it anywhere to watch it at 2x speed :)

  • Razey
    Razey Month ago +1

    God bless you son.

  • Preeti K
    Preeti K Month ago +2

    "As we have said many times, Brexit is a process, not an event. It’s correct that the UK will stop being a member of the EU if Boris Johnson’s deal passes Parliament and the country leaves on January 31 2020, which is just over eight weeks away. But that will not be the end of the Brexit process."

  • Talique Taylor
    Talique Taylor Month ago +2

    Thanks so much for the full upload man

  • Preeti K
    Preeti K Month ago +4

    curious why this hasn't been uploaded fully by the news channels like the previous debate... is it cause corbyn is making more sense than boris?

    • Preeti K
      Preeti K Month ago

      ​@MichaelKingsfordGray jesus christ. you're displaying the use of such hostile words to someone from one tiny interaction and that you claim to be younger than you. where do you draw the line?

    • MichaelKingsfordGray
      MichaelKingsfordGray Month ago

      @Preeti K "lol"??
      You have proven my point a hundred times over. I thank you, anonymous bloody infantile coward.

    • Preeti K
      Preeti K Month ago +1

      @MichaelKingsfordGray who's an illiterate coward to you? do you even know the meaning of the words? lol

    • MichaelKingsfordGray
      MichaelKingsfordGray Month ago

      Illiterate coward.

  • Ziolek2000
    Ziolek2000 Month ago +1

    Thanks for the full debate it was so hard to find!

  • Ziolek2000
    Ziolek2000 Month ago +1

    Terrible debate terrible questions and Terrible answers 🤦‍♂️

  • James Allsopp
    James Allsopp Month ago +4

    Lies, lies, lies.. Democracy is Dead. I’ll never vote for either of these two scumbags ever again.

    • Name Relevant?
      Name Relevant? Month ago

      James Allsopp voting BoJo is a right laugh I tell you.

    • James Allsopp
      James Allsopp Month ago

      @Name Relevant? Last Election but it was May not BoJo.

    • Name Relevant?
      Name Relevant? Month ago

      When did you last vote BoJo?

    • James Allsopp
      James Allsopp Month ago +1

      Preeti K I didn’t say I wasn’t going to vote, far from it. Just not for these two parties. Labour or conservative to be specific.

    • Preeti K
      Preeti K Month ago +1

      your lack of vote only gives them more power

  • Mustache You A Question

    You’re a lifesaver can’t believe I can’t find the full upload anywhere else

  • Rachana Raizada
    Rachana Raizada Month ago +2

    Thanks for the upload. Robinson seems biased against Corbyn.

  • Psycho with Superpowers

    Corbyn has been doing quite well in these debates and is getting better. He still comes off as far too coached and careful. He should take plays from the Bernie playbook and shoot from the hip occasionally. Boris is such a damn phony though. A reporter commented how one time he saw Boris mess up his hair on purpose before a public appearance, much like he has tonight. This is a clear attempt to distance himself from the spoiled Eton Rich-boy (which he is), to a goofy average Joe. He is an agent of the rich, and has not stopped lying since becoming Prime Minister.

    • Preeti K
      Preeti K Month ago

      wow... that's a really scary psycho thing that boris is doing if that's true

  • Iain McBean
    Iain McBean Month ago +15

    Corbyn lays out Labor policies and the whole room applauds. Johnson regurgitates his BS and one lone nutter claps like a seal.

    • feelings Are Not Arguments
      feelings Are Not Arguments Month ago

      It was pretty evenly split... Sorry but you're going to be really sad in a few days.. Corbyn will be destroyed by Boris and Nigel... They will likely force him to step down..

    • LegendLength
      LegendLength Month ago

      The actual policies are more important than idiots clapping.

    • Accelerationist
      Accelerationist Month ago +3

      The room is filled woth more biased audience members. Like always.

  • TheApollotd
    TheApollotd Month ago +1

    #BackBoris to #GetBrexitDone

    • TrXl
      TrXl Month ago +1

      TheApollotd dead in a ditch

  • Stephen Loxton
    Stephen Loxton Month ago +1

    Thanks for this! Steve in Zambia.

    • madharryspanner
      madharryspanner  Month ago

      You're welcome, don't forget to like, share and subscribe.

  • Tenac 300
    Tenac 300 Month ago +2

    fucken bullshit BBC can't even fucken upload the whole debate. Bloody bastards